: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Stealth V !CAGS killed more than SKIP SHIFT
  2. GM program cars?
  3. hey all newb here, thinking of a cts-v
  4. V Drive
  5. Props to V in Temecula
  6. Paint Code?
  7. LS6 vs LS2
  8. Good Deal??
  9. Eibach & 255's in the front???
  10. Selling my 20" Asanti Wheels and Nitto Tires
  11. Ran the V at the track today, 12.39@116mph
  12. WD40 on wheels for brake dust?
  13. MD,VA,PA Events
  14. Taking Delivery on 2006 V
  15. How to remove the cadillac emblem from the grill?
  16. Hoods and wings and suspension
  17. List of Official 2007 Changes
  18. Check your fluids!!
  19. Foose 20" Wheels with BFG's For sale
  20. Torsen T2-R differential?
  21. Thanks for the $1,286 credit Goodyear.
  22. My CTS-V featured on SVC website
  23. Tire rotation question
  24. Getting the dealer to install the latest ECM firmware...
  25. Be Proud - CTS-V @ Trackday Summit Point FATT
  26. If you maggied your V
  27. Paging wildwhl
  28. relocated fuse box
  29. First kill. Well, he sort of chickened out.
  30. Want to Buy some Floor Mats
  31. AutoVation CTS/CTS-V Racing Pedal Install Pics...
  32. Velocity Stack on order.....
  33. Good Guys Car Show - Pleasanton, CA - March 25th
  34. Line Lock for a CTS-V
  35. Time to sing the praises of UUC
  36. 18" Wide Wheels
  37. Parkers V on the Road ??
  38. FREE Kooks Long Tube Headers with Magnuson Supercharger Purchase!
  39. CTS Super V?
  40. Can someone run a VIN for me?
  41. Movies While Driving?
  42. semi-urgent install question
  43. What's your biggest V-OCD
  44. Cadillac Considers Super "V" Series!!!
  45. Tire warranty deal GSD3's good deal? and do you like em?
  46. Throttle BODY Stop MOD......Free up a few extra H.P. !!!
  47. 05/06 differential swap?
  48. Looking for stock lower billet grille
  49. Tracking the car, anyone install a harness?
  50. Part # for driving lights(bulb)
  51. What Tire Pressure are you running?
  52. pic of my 06 cts-v
  53. ls6 vs ls2 model rear subframes
  54. 18's vs 19's
  55. V Alignment
  56. V on the Prowl
  57. Found Out Something Interesting About The NAV
  58. V-1 Install Question
  59. FYI: For those wanting RT Cats.....
  60. Stainless Steel Brake Lines Feedback...
  61. I'm getting a 06 in the morning!
  62. Whoever's had the new TSB Clutch installed...Step Inside
  63. Respectable or dispicable
  64. 275/40/18 tires fit on the rear?
  65. Got Stone Chips?????
  66. Problem with UUC?
  67. Spare tire idea
  68. Lug Nut Covers??
  69. Need shop recommendations in Houston
  70. I had the stangest dream last night......
  71. Bang noise from rearend, and "no" its not the parade clunk.
  72. My 2 kills today
  73. Clear Bra...Where Can I Get One?
  74. LS2 and/or LS7 Corvette Clutch/Fly/Plate
  75. FG2 Group Buy - any interest?
  76. wildwhl spacers needed...
  77. Odd problem-paint at rear center light...
  78. Anyone had a nav disc get stuck in the player?
  79. O-ring cracked on TP sensor. Replace O-ring??
  80. How Much HP Can LSx SB Handle?
  81. Posted this on m3 forum.com - Should I sell my Caddy and buy an M3?
  82. B&M and Bushings
  83. New Goodyears
  84. Suspension Experts - I Need Help!
  85. Clean Sweep??
  86. So Cal Track Day April 7th
  87. Had my a$$ handed to me, but
  88. Stock wheels,RSA's and sensors
  89. XM sound quality from factory tuner?
  90. Who owns the record for most miles on their runcraps?
  91. How NOT to break in your new 4 post lift....
  92. Well, my first compliment after one day
  93. Moved from CTS to the CTS-V!
  94. Katech-powered Corvettes, Sebring spoiler
  95. Leaking Tail-Shaft Seal...3rd time!!!
  96. Going to look at an 05 V
  97. 2004 Car Cover Question
  98. V owners lighten up - some of you
  99. St. Patricks Day can Suck My White Bum.....
  100. Rattle when sunroof is tilted
  101. Scuffed Wheels...
  102. OK....dig this trade in/trade up....
  103. Looking For An Accurate Dyno/Tuning In Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler or Tempe Area?
  104. Keylock sticking midway during turn off.
  105. Looking for extended warranty advice...
  106. Chrome Wheel Question
  107. differential additive ornot?
  108. Katech-powered CTS-V , Sebring **spoiler inside
  109. Good Guys Car Show - Pleasanton, CA - March 25th & 26th
  110. Caddy Dealership In Phoenix,Scottsdale,Chandler that Knows our V's?
  111. Throttle delay
  112. Nice CTS Video on Google Videos
  113. Chrome Stock wheels just installed
  114. new tires....toyo t1-r'z review (long)
  115. ? for autox'ers, stability control.
  116. A positive service experience
  117. UUC and New Bushings
  118. Sewell Cadillac Dallas Texas
  119. Alil blast from the past. Remember last year
  120. If we do a V calendar, should it be...
  121. Tires for 20" wheels
  122. ? about onstar..
  123. Lasssts Ashtray Gauge Pod
  124. Lakeshore Wheels & tires, reliable?
  125. CTSVETT - Any Bluetooth info. ?
  126. New owner-- didn't realize the stock Bose is so bad!
  127. Thinking of Buying a V (2006) & Wheel Hop
  128. Hungry for a C5 Z06 again...or a C6
  129. BMR Pinion Support Brace
  130. 06 V, Spectre bushings won't fit
  131. Northern Advice Needed
  132. Track Rental @ MIR
  133. Cts-v Fairwell
  134. Help! Need An Answer and Don't Have a Manual Yet
  135. Gs-d3 Emt?
  136. Car Motorsports floormat issues?
  137. 2005 CTS V w/550 miles, Price???
  138. recommended installer in dallas metro
  139. The Best The V Can Handle?
  140. Help finding CTS-V in Canada!
  141. Wanted: V-Sways
  142. looking for 2006 CTS-V Magnacharger
  143. Wheel Hop
  144. can someone run my VIN ??? to see when my warranty expires ???
  145. My Husband Has Lost It!
  146. Row, Row, Row your boat
  147. Wish me luck!!! E55 AMGs, here I come!
  148. So what else do you have programmed on your V's garage door opener?
  149. Anyone have two 275/40 or 285/35 tires FS
  150. Any of you knucleheads up for autox
  151. What's the deal with Caddy and VINs?
  152. excuse me!
  153. New V Owner Asking a Newbie Q
  154. Shocks / Struts for the V ?
  155. MD/DC/vA Dyno Day: Interest?
  156. Foose with TPS
  157. How much is a 2004 V
  158. Can you have a TPM in a full size spare?
  159. Goodyear RSA Tire Pressures
  160. trade my ccw's for your stock wheels & tires
  161. More in the V or a Track Beater?
  162. optimum coats of wax???
  163. hotchkis gp , anyone receive the goods yet?
  164. $87.06 for an oil change!
  165. '06 Dyno
  166. CTS-V Hood // Vented
  167. Weird issue: Tire rubbing
  168. Are the GSD3's unidirectional?
  169. Finally Installed
  170. Drilled/Slotted Rotors for CTS-V
  171. V vs. Quattroporte
  172. Which wheels?
  173. Oklahoma, Black V with plates "BADCAD"
  174. Should I Get A V???
  175. So whats the deal?
  176. Stepping Up To A V
  177. group buy cts-v wheels
  178. Few FAQ questions: Windshield and undercoat
  179. OEM Engine cover kit
  180. Differential
  181. Interested in a Watkins Glen track day?
  182. Navigation Disc Needed
  183. Spring Rolls?
  184. Sears Point Outing Wed 4/19....
  185. Nav problems
  186. Coil Over Help..
  187. Specter Bushing Install & Torque Specs
  188. For Sale: OEM CTS-V Wheels
  189. Simple V Fun!
  190. What's up?
  191. Selling my floor mats.
  192. What's the Big deal about an E55?
  193. Had to lay the smackdown on a TL!
  194. Does anyone have Simple Fog Light Installation Instructions?
  195. Consumer Reports
  196. Where is the MAP sensor?
  197. New Nos System Nx Express Wet
  198. Nosense Timing and IAT Readings
  199. Throttle Program Bypass?
  200. Just Had My Tires Evaluated By Goodyear
  201. Electrical question
  202. WOW... Just noticed DVD MOVIE volume lower than everything else..
  203. Vinnie at OCC gets Supercharged!!
  204. Need help with Nav program issue
  205. New Radio/Nav - now can't get into Comp Driving mode
  206. Solid Kill this am
  207. Supercharged CTS-V in Super Rod mag
  208. V on car crazy on speed channel last nite
  209. Sidewall stiffness
  210. CTS-V has 505 hp Z06 engine?
  211. strangest thing, my car sings when turing the wheel!!
  212. Fuel Injectors!
  213. Contact For Stealth V
  214. Forget about Atco guys
  215. Forgeline SO3P's with Toyo tires
  216. 2005 CTS-V Lease Assignment
  217. "Clunk" oh now I get it! But is there a fix?
  218. New '06 V Finally Home in LA
  219. Image Dynamics 10" Subwoofer (Pics)
  220. Differential problems huh?
  221. my baby is back.....new diff
  222. New Tranny Delay?
  223. So I now have a $1560 credit towards any Goodyear tires
  224. OEM Brakes and Warranty
  225. what woild you do?
  226. Headlight Protection
  227. Sold my V, best to all.
  228. any aftermarket battery that fits?
  229. How to do the calipers
  230. *Selling my Noah "V" cover.....
  231. Taking the V out of hibernation
  232. Autocross videos
  233. A Newbie Two Weeks Ago & Now Severely Doomed!
  234. Optional GM CTS-V wheels
  235. Burning Oil
  236. Foose 20 x 8.5's
  237. SC install question for those who did it themselves
  238. Ipod integration help (radiosandmore.com kit)
  239. Anyone want my GSD3's???
  240. For the 1000th time. Cradle bolts and Spectre Bushings
  241. Atco Raceway this weekend
  242. cts-v guys web storage space
  243. Titanium Ceramic Coated Brake Rotors
  244. Supercharged V
  245. Biggest tire for Mille's?
  246. How long should stock CTS-V tires last?
  247. Done Deal.Took the V home today!
  248. The V Forums are getting rediculous...
  249. NOOOOO!!!!!! When trying to update my avatar I can't upload new ones!
  250. purchasing question