: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Anybody using these?
  2. I don't want the 'Droning Lisa'
  3. How can i make my grill shine again?
  4. V Diff again
  5. Velose at Thunderhill-First Session of the Day
  6. Cryo treating Rear ends???
  7. V-owners' opinions on an idea
  8. A question for B&M owners
  9. urgent question on Ground Control install
  10. Bumper Plugs & Wheel Chroming
  11. Took my V to the Track
  12. Quick Brake Help...
  13. Accessory Power Switch -Off
  14. Clutch Fluid add
  15. Sirius SIR-GM1 Installed (Pics Attached)
  16. OK, The BEST Story EVER!!!
  17. More Ramblings...Less Pointless
  18. I have my V back- Happy days!
  19. New Clutch came with a Clunk .
  20. PAC Ipod integration kit idea
  21. New rear trunk emblems...
  22. Lock and car icon on left side of cluster?
  23. NAV radio buttons....
  24. Is that the jlakowicz V on eBay?
  25. Parts stuff
  26. Has anybody else had poor customer support from TPIS???
  27. Biohazards in V
  28. New 07
  29. Hey BBV, I can't PM you.
  30. Going road racing.. Road trip, race then party
  31. D/fw Area V Owners
  32. 2,300 posts! YAY
  33. Open track day at Pueblo with Andy Pilgrim
  34. Denver Auto-X September 24th
  35. How many of you have this mod??
  36. Survey 6 results....
  37. Pointless, Stray Ramblings...
  38. 1,000,000 Posts!!!!!
  39. New Rumor
  40. FG2 side effects....
  41. What In The????
  42. Take over lease on V
  43. Bought Winter Tires
  44. GTO shift knob and boot?
  45. rear windows down = broken interior
  46. Tire pressure on non-runflats?
  47. where to get these rims???
  48. any computers under carpet in front area?
  49. Cross country in the V
  50. 402 Magnacharger Project Underway...Pics Here!!!
  51. What are the differences between the LS-6 and LS-2?
  52. Less Cheese = Less Whine???
  53. Vendor recommendation allowed?
  54. Paint or Powder coat
  55. V feels flat after mods
  56. stock wheel part #
  57. 2006 V tuned by L.A.P.D.
  58. Screw in my new tire! Plug or replace?
  59. Need help, Los Angeles area Goodyear dealer that can prorate & has our F1's in stock
  60. How recent is v6.0 of the nav DVD?
  61. Need V Parts/but need VIN#
  62. Got Ground Control
  63. another warrantee question
  64. Raptor ShiftLight
  65. new IPOD kit... cutting out
  66. Help, @#&% scratch on the bumper...
  67. Turn On Speed Channel Now
  68. Who's up for a Vegas meet??
  69. New Ipod installed, does anyone
  70. different type of tire warranty issue
  71. New V Owner in WI
  72. Is there any chance of getting a wheel like this for a V?
  73. superchip retune...hp gain???
  74. Cabin Filter Replacement opinion
  75. Group Buy Asanti
  76. Got a new shirt :)
  77. Cracked winshield replaced...made a mess!
  78. Silver On Black
  79. reality TV opportunity
  80. What do u think about SuperBuys new Exclusive wheels?
  81. Nero 7 Ultra Edition...Film Gurus Help!
  82. Hotchkis bars on ebay
  83. SUPERBUYTIRES. New vendor for wheels and tires.
  84. so $600 later.some 285's
  85. V Logo needed
  86. Calling MD/DC/VA CTS-Vs for video shoot August 5th
  87. Will be a future V owner
  88. Can someone recommend a dealer/service advisor in Washington State area?
  89. Hawk Pads And Now Have Squeak!
  90. Couple of questions for someone getting ready to mod.
  91. Got the hots for a CTS-V and have ?????
  92. For M-Car and AMG owners, CTS-V is a four-letter word
  93. R&T 50,000 Mile Review(Not so great)
  94. Detailing Products
  95. My Food For Thought...Cover Shot and Article...
  96. 800 Mile Road Trip Observation - WOW!
  97. CTS-V on 22's
  98. Weatherstripping at the top of the windshield...
  99. I need to fix an annoying problem ...
  100. Attn Dreamin can't PM you
  101. Future "V" owner!?!?!
  102. Loaner
  103. Cracked Windshield
  104. Denver event with Andy Pilgrim?
  105. Best Way to Clean Rims?
  106. Ran out of gas 1 mile away from my house
  107. Trading the V (maybe)
  108. Question on lowering part 2.....
  109. Had my V detailed today (Pics)
  110. Why no auto's for CTS-V?
  111. got my IPOD adapter in, problems, problems...
  112. 2005 OnStar Antenna on 2004 ?
  113. Spoiler Alert - Results-Utah Speed World Challenge
  114. Hey Homies whats up.. long time :)
  115. Sunroof Rattle
  116. Where do you guys shop for parts?
  117. Looking for a spare
  118. Summer Time Cooling Kits....
  119. Question about lowering
  120. Does anyone have pics of a bodykit they installed?
  121. 2006 Woodward DreamCruise
  122. JD Power 2006 Customer Service Index
  123. Removable Front License Plate
  124. Preview of my CTS-V drawing.....
  125. Sick of high gas prices
  126. Does the auto industry have the equivalent of Beta testers?
  127. Has anyone swapped out the NAV for a Touch screen?
  128. Is it possible to get this part overnight?
  129. Anybody lease their V?
  130. UGHHH! Car went LIMP!
  131. Oil Report...Heads Up...
  132. Blown Speaker Rattle?
  133. Strange Rattle
  134. Question on race temps...
  135. Weight of our wheel?
  136. No cats and still passing emissions testing!!
  137. Most stock longblock rwhp/rwtq, then H/C/I rwhp/rwtq?
  138. Anyone want to sell their V?
  139. Another set of tires!
  140. Stock V Wheel Tire And Tps 4 Sale
  141. That thing got a HEMI?
  142. top speed in 5th
  143. Hey N. CO V's, I'm on the road again.
  144. Quad Tips For Upcoming V?
  145. Trunk Release
  146. Is there a damn bleader valve on our cooling systems??
  147. 06 Rear Diff. vs. earlier..... (fixed or not?)
  148. Upcoming CTS-V
  149. Getting the V appraised for trade-in
  150. CTS-V Volant Intakes
  151. Maintenance Questions - Oil Change and Squeaky Freakin Car
  152. Took the new V to the track
  153. GM Replacing my V with Z06...Selling the Z06. Suggestions?
  154. SIRIUS converter -- finally!
  155. OEM V Rotors
  156. wow the british actually like a cadi!!
  157. Carbon Fiber Engine Cover...
  158. New V's Down Under
  159. Socal Race Track?
  160. traction control button in glove compartment?
  161. Where do you enjoy your V the most?
  162. NEW 2006 - 300C SRT-8 = $38,500 loaded+++
  163. Twin SuperCharged CTS-V!
  164. So. Calif. CTS/CTS-V/XLR get-together 7/15/06 Pictures-BBV is crying
  165. Who's Car Did I See
  166. Another sweet V
  167. A Sad day
  168. I know everyones impartial to handhelds BUT LOOK AT THIS!!!!!
  169. Help!!! 3rd Tailight Appears to have been burned by a chemical!
  170. Differential showing signs of fatigue
  171. Power Seats not working.....
  172. Anyone need an amp? Alpine MRP-M350
  173. Info needed on CTS-Vtxi
  174. Got a New Dif - CVP33 & Forest Gump Are Right!
  175. I win....
  176. So I was talkin' to the parts guy at my Chevy dealership...
  177. LS2 or LS6?
  178. what tire pressure for rt615's?
  179. Watkins Glen 7/17 & 7/18
  180. CTS-V Fanatic Needed
  181. New CTS V Owner, I'm Loving It!!!!!
  182. CTS-V in spy video....
  183. Crazy CTSV
  184. Plug Questions???
  185. competative mode doesnt engage
  186. Just picked up an 05 V...looking for a stock rim
  187. New CTS-V interior shot?
  188. Anyone need a virtually new F1 (punctured)?
  189. Input needed....Strange noise at 4500 rpm or higher!!!
  190. What gas do you put in your V?
  191. 30k Miles Maint
  192. Jacking pucks...
  193. Question about Personalization...
  194. What's the best/cheapest way to lift the V to work on it???
  195. Cool video on drag racing
  196. Just a thought...maybee a easy fix for the peeling radio buttons???
  197. door locks for sale?
  198. Am I the only one!!!
  199. Buddy Can You Spare Tire & Stock Wheel?
  200. Strange Shifting Problem. Anyone else have it too?
  201. OEM Chrome Wheels for sale in Classifieds
  202. Sold the beast. Many thanks.
  203. "They all do that"
  204. Will an extra quart of oil in the crankcase hurt???
  205. FS: Diablosport Predator
  206. Need to reprogram the PCM based on tires?
  207. You just can't trust lasstss
  208. Cali. North and South, Nevada/Oregon/Arizona too!
  209. Colorado V Mystery Tour
  210. Front Struts are worn out? Who makes new ones? Who has QA1?
  211. how do i know if i have new differential
  212. 2008 new spy shots...
  213. V Wheels
  214. 1st EVER Bunny Ranch Meet during Hot August Nights...
  215. Who Sells The Chrome Wheels for the CTS-V
  216. Swaybar endlink clunk question
  217. Sold Tha V... :(
  218. Removing storage compartment in trunk?
  219. Cam shopping for the LS2
  220. What would you pay for a Heads up display? If possible.
  221. Radio paint flaking - again
  222. Long Island Meet Who Is Local?
  223. StabiliTrak going crazy
  224. Question for Stealth.
  225. dead battery issues.. finally a fix for those with this issue
  226. Good Reading....
  227. oil life
  228. Is the crest in the 3rd brake light glued on or bolted???
  229. CTS-V life span
  230. Warped Rotors
  231. cleaning
  232. 2008 CTS Snippet
  233. Sold CTS-V. Orig.Wheels/New tires available
  234. So I've been racing my CTS-V
  235. Need nite shades help, I made em too dark...
  236. Performance Testing Comparo to Audi S4/RS4
  237. Quiet at 80mph and 160mph
  238. Possible V for sale
  239. CTS-V Wheels
  240. New New pics now with crossdrilled rotor goodness...
  241. Daily Driver "G" Readings...Not Track...
  242. Refuse to drill holes for front plates...
  243. When buying a used V
  244. Should I install these Specter cradle bushings?
  245. Socal meet July 15th
  246. Calling ALL Chicago Area V Owners
  247. New CTS-V Owner Survey (Number 6)
  248. 18" millies and brand new ta kdw's $650!!!!
  249. Bought a new car, probably gonna have to lose the V. :(
  250. Dealer won't give me a new NAV disk NEED HELP