: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. How are the V's holding up?
  2. The V is Gone
  3. Velose - this is for you...
  4. SW Florida V owners
  5. whiney getrag diffs not only on V's...and Magnum Hemi review
  6. pcm programming
  7. Just bought my V..Questions KarsIII and Nav
  8. for the record, fantastic vehicle
  9. Videos from the last Track Day 12.24
  10. Has Anyone Replaced Their Seats & Steering Wheel?
  11. 2007s Already at Dealer in South Carolina
  12. Vibration Trouble
  13. Life of Replacement Tires
  14. 05 vs. 06 Rear Diff
  15. Part # for F2?
  16. Rear view mirror vibration
  17. Interesting comment from my neighbor.
  18. Rust
  19. in car vid of no muffler sound
  20. 2.5 Months and still no magna charger, starting to get irritated
  21. Like New Lingenfelter CAI For Sale
  22. complicated radio?? LOL
  23. Vogue tyre Wheel Help
  24. Avon Tech M500 Tires
  25. Any lawyers or legal type people...I need help!
  26. ***HUGE Labor Day Sale Going On Now!!!***
  27. Alternate Optimal Tire Sizes
  28. Helmet suggestions.
  29. Stability System Issues?
  30. GC. collar adjustment?
  31. Uh oh....
  32. Need vette fuel rail covers!
  33. Check Coolant Level
  34. just called cadillac about mosport tickets
  35. Stock Rotors Pads up for grabs DFW area
  36. Input needed from So. Cal V Owners
  37. So lets poll peoples average mileage.
  38. Does anyone have pics of chromed OEM rims on a platinum V??
  39. Road & Track long term test - CTS-V
  40. Do you guys like the Lingenfelter windshield decal...
  41. Where those Aussies at?
  42. Paint Defect
  43. 07 Cts-v
  44. Two problems...need advice, going to dealer tomorrow
  45. In car video camera for track events.
  46. Oil?
  47. Kings of Incompetence - Crestview Cadillac (SoCal)
  48. looking to buy my first v
  49. anyone here have a 402 stroker?
  50. "Popping" out of gear at low speed
  51. Driving Instructions With the new Rear Diff
  52. Engine Light came on
  53. cts-v wheels
  54. Does your V black the oil?
  55. GC kit and stock shocks
  56. Super Soft Clutch @ WOT
  57. Front End "Shimmy" at 60mph
  58. help needed with ecm
  59. New V owner
  60. PermaStar Chrome
  61. thoughts on this stroker kit?
  62. Idiot...
  63. Still Here (ssmith100)
  64. Skip shift solenoid
  65. Sirius Tuner for CTS
  66. Playing MP3s in the V?
  67. Newest member of the Babyseat-in-a-V Club!!
  68. Anyone buy a new 06 with FG2's?
  69. North Gratiot Cruise, Detroit this Sunday
  70. Cleaning the Headlight's Clear Plastic Surface
  71. GM Rev it Up Racing this weekend in DC
  72. CTS-V DEALS?! - Add any leads to this thread
  73. How long must we wait for a LS2 Magna Charger
  74. Muirwood V
  75. Amber Parking lamps... When and how do they go on?
  76. CTS-V grill manufacturer
  77. Goodyear claim outstanding: F1 Supercar or GS-D3?
  78. Rear Bushing Squeek/Groan
  79. I have Bridgestone Potenza RE050A on my v and now that...
  80. iPod Kit version 2 instructions
  81. Will a Corvette CAGS eliminator fit on the V?
  82. 11 Second V ?????????
  83. stkshkr's record is safe for now :(
  84. New Cam to be installed this week
  85. reduce road noise? anybody try to reduce road noise?
  86. 2008 CTS-V Coupe
  87. First Mod
  88. iPod Interface Installed
  89. Question for Gearing and Math Gurus
  90. Frightening ride last night night...... 165mph!!
  91. Mods For All Tha V Owners!!
  92. From BMr to V - how do you shift these thing?
  93. Anyone have step by step instructions for GC kit?????????????????
  94. Help With Engine Code 420a & 430a
  95. CCW Wheel Poll for Velose's V...
  96. Florida Track event still open 9/3.
  97. Production Numbers
  98. New V Owners
  99. How far must a man travel for a V?
  100. General Motors Protection Plan - Smart Care
  101. Do tire pressure sensors need to be reset?
  102. Auto-X ?'s
  103. should i buy the "PINION SUPPORT BRACE"
  104. Will 22" Wheels fit the 05 V?
  105. 05 CTS-V 3rd brake light replacement
  106. I changed my oil. With 15w-50 mobile 1. And maybe its in my head but....
  107. Any florida peeps down south looking for cheap dyno pulls and a meet...
  108. Venom Gets Some Pub...Men's Luxury Toy Expo.
  109. Installing GC today! Any install advice???
  110. Tuning and Installation in NJ?
  111. Really sorry to have to say goodbye...
  112. Not So Great Pics on New Engine Bling...
  113. V Embroidered Headrest Covers
  114. My Cadillac bangs as i put it in and take it out of gear... what should i do?
  115. Gawd, I Hate These Threads...ATTN STEALTHV!!!
  116. trany trouble
  117. NEW Wrecked V avaialbe. Parts
  118. A small piece of me died this morning ...
  119. C.A.M. Tune on stock 2005 CTS-V
  120. What else can the factory NAV play?
  121. 806 hp twin supercharged V
  122. Ricky Bobby has a V
  123. Clear Bra 3m
  124. Advice on Aftermarket Wheels
  125. anybody install a meziere on their V??
  126. Advice? Body shop did something to my Sunroof...
  127. THAT'S IT! I'm Gonna Click On It!
  128. Shifting Into Reverse Problem Fixed :-)
  129. Event Data Recorders (EDR's)
  130. Even Better Pics...402 Magnacharger Set-Up Going In Now...
  131. Starting Irregularities
  132. Considering Purchase of 04/05 CTS-V
  133. Selling My V (ssmith100)
  134. V for Sale maybe? Feedback please
  135. Just hoping to get some love here...
  136. xenon headlights
  137. Tires in DC?
  138. I actually LOVE Hemis, and I'm coming clean to my V brothers...
  139. Need rear brakes..best place to buy?
  140. TOYO T1R Proxy---Review
  141. Check your Clutch Fluid!!
  142. The V Owner's Answer to Life, the Universe, Everything.
  143. Woodward Cruise, Detroit
  144. Battery Draining?
  145. Is this anyone's 1/4 time?
  146. Speeding Ticket - Lawyers chime in
  147. IS this the right stuff NIKON?
  148. Mazda Driving Event in DC
  149. Unofficial CTS-V Picture Thread
  150. Sunroof With A Mind Of Its Own
  151. Yay! First ticket in the V!
  152. Just so no one in Ontario misses this...
  153. 2004 CTS-V bone stock video...
  154. How about a vote for my V
  155. Compared to a V...03 CLK55 AMG
  156. Check Engine Light ON
  157. Pulled over last weekend
  158. Anticipation.....
  159. Mr and Mrs Smith CTS V
  160. All ONTARIO Members In Here!!!
  161. Whine & Clunk gone
  162. Can you help a V brother's rep?
  163. Help Ground Control install
  164. Chicago Area Meet
  165. General Consensus on Mods
  166. Different door handles!?
  167. PCM tuning
  168. Anyone selling their sways?
  169. Need Your Help//quick Question On Brakes!
  170. Spare rim and tire F/S
  171. Question about EG Classic spoiler....
  172. D/FW area V's: I'm done with my custom garage guy!!
  173. New To Cts-v
  174. help with side mirror
  175. Sunvisor Peeling
  176. Cadillac No. 4 in J.D. Power quality survey
  177. New CTS-V Owner
  178. Service Steering and Stabilization
  179. pulling the V motor
  180. Thanks for the Meet CTS-VPaco
  181. Whose V?
  182. 06-07 V and the dreaded "whine"
  183. Traded for an SRT 8 300C for a week
  184. Stock wheels, will sell individually.
  185. Hawk Pads, where to buy?
  186. Removing front head lights question...
  187. Reverse Sensor Malfunction
  188. Autox pics
  189. short throw shift
  190. Zoomer's on! Sound Great!!
  191. best tire pressure for kdw2??
  192. Specter Werkes hood
  193. Langka- Who's Used it and Whatcha Think
  194. Florida Boyz...Give Me Some Feed...(Non Car Related Question)
  195. Thunderhill Raceway (Anybody else driving this Friday the 9th)?
  196. Nor Cal/So Cal/Oregonetc... Laguna Seca registration opens Friday
  197. GM...doing better?
  198. Jack of Choice...
  199. Who would win?
  200. The Clunk and www.thedrivevegas.com
  201. CTS-V Tire Balance
  202. Can someone run a GM Inquiry Report for me
  203. WTF is wrong with my car.
  204. WTB carmotorsports LS6 emblem
  205. Insight on ASP Underdrive Crankshaft Pulley
  206. XM Intermittent.
  207. I am in the throws of V withdrawl...
  208. V trade in value
  209. OK, i'm going to throw an idea out there
  210. Throttle Body Bypass
  211. BMR Strut Tower Brace...
  212. CTS-V my first manual car ever, good idea??
  213. So That's Why I Had to Log In Today!
  214. Any Good Deals on XM Radio Renewals?
  215. need some help from someone in texas?? soon to be ctsv owner here
  216. ANYbody ever had their tire valve leak air
  217. WTB: Your stock brake pads
  218. Details on rubbing noise - still think flywheel?
  219. Finally installed - new GM anti-hop bushings
  220. Diablosport Predator
  221. My First Green "V" Sighting
  222. I pod in new cars...
  223. Transmission Problem - Anyone Else?
  224. What is a TSB?
  225. Just got back from road trip to Seattle
  226. Some Sounds From Venom...
  227. V Fender Badges Gone
  228. So I'm back to runflats...
  229. Are you scared????
  230. V logo Cross Pen and Heritage Emblem
  231. TBYRNE's Double Online Discount Weekend!!!
  232. Free to Good Home: New Car Cover
  233. it hums like a mazda...
  234. Clunk B Gone
  235. hmmmm
  236. Raptor Shift Light
  237. Azps Kooks Special!
  238. Air box MOD
  239. Regarding our problem with peeling radio buttons...
  240. Son of a !$%*@. Hood scratch.
  241. Wheel Stud Removal
  242. Ground Control Owners - Don't forget your nuts
  243. Ucc
  244. Bird Poop
  245. stupid question, but me nice
  246. I broke my rear end bolt....
  247. What Can We Make Are Nav T.V.'S Do?
  248. Question about B&B
  249. 245/40/18 ?
  250. CarFax VIN Check?