: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Slave cylinder on V???
  2. Who has the highest km on their V?
  3. Navigation system update (firmware)
  4. Any advice for a 04-05 V shopper??
  5. Diablosport Predator FS
  6. Knotera.. How do i disable?
  7. Repairing Curb Rash on Wheels
  8. Rear Bumper Damaged: What body filler is best for repairing dents?
  9. Warranty may not cover Diff
  10. Fascia Seeming To Sag
  11. LOL - Funny Ebay Ad
  12. Road Course Impressions and Racing Slick Question
  13. Magnacharger vs. Procharger
  14. Anybody using a GtechPro?
  15. Anyone have a uuc for sale?
  16. Modifications and Factory Warranty...
  17. Vinni from OCC selling his V
  18. Anyone need a spare?
  19. optional tire size for stock rim??
  20. Another Diff Problem
  21. For your viewing pleasure!
  22. In case you guys dont check the other board...
  23. whats the widest tire size we can put on stock rear
  24. Picked up my "V" (good news & bad)
  25. 20 x 10.5's seen it done
  26. New to me V, gotta think it was meant to be
  27. Just curious about gas mileage!
  28. Anyone have a set of stocks wheels?
  29. BEER call...no actually, car pics call, lol
  30. Cadillac Event in Atlanta- you are invited
  31. Is this normal?????
  32. TODAY-State Patrol Track Golden,CO
  33. Need Advice: V is nearing End of its Warranty: Keep or get New?
  34. Why no mention of the Fuel Pessure Regulator..
  35. ATT> all SWFL V's
  36. GC kit is in!
  37. FG2's Wanted......
  38. Program Nav destination while driving?
  39. accident ...DAmn
  40. Jersey/NYC meet feeler
  41. "V" logo shift knob?
  42. Upgrades Orange County, CA
  43. Help with the GC kit
  44. 1st Post.. Pick up my '06 V tomorrow!
  45. Any V's in the Phoenix Area
  46. Chrome wheels
  47. Warranty Work Should I Take Off My Pinion Brace And My Mpi
  48. Can I get your diff repair orders?
  49. And so the first stage begins....
  50. Pre-race checklist
  51. cts-v photo's JL
  52. Rotor question
  53. new motor is on the way!
  54. blew the #5 piston :-)
  55. Change engine oil exp 82????
  56. Pictures of V!
  57. Here is a pic
  58. Just bought '05 CTS-V
  59. Rocker/Threshold Item???
  60. Why Do I Keep Getting Signed Out?
  61. StealthWork.com.......Where are these people???
  62. DVD hack play while driving!?
  63. 04 and early 05 nav reflash
  64. Have WW spacers, now what!!!!
  65. My V is getting fixed and now I am spoiled by this damn DTS they gave me...
  66. Tire pressure Monitor trouble
  67. BMR Pinion Support + BMR Anti wheel hop bar for sale in classifieds
  68. Extended warranty??
  69. Cool dealership!
  70. And yet another diff replacement...
  71. Considering a V...Please answer my questions
  72. Anyone useing VHP's 170 thermostat..
  73. Got the wheel hop TSB done....
  74. is gto and V oil pan the same?
  75. Tire Pressure Monitor Question
  76. Rubber Windshield Seal
  77. Is this Normal... or is something going to go BOOM!!!
  78. Decisions, decisions......
  79. DC Area folks - Summit Point - FATT - November 17!!!!!!
  80. Nav Disk Update Still Out of Stock????
  81. Traffic Nav System and Front Fascia
  82. Had a run with another V last night, not all owners are like us I guess
  83. Shifting At Right Time!
  84. Slip & Slide Drift School/Practice V2.0 - Summit Point, WV, Planning thread
  85. Just another complaint....
  86. An interesting thread on depreciation
  87. charger srt-8
  88. Will the wheel hop TSB fix rear clunk???
  89. Missing part under front bumper?
  90. Predicted 1/8th mile drag times
  91. Whine with that chveese?
  92. Stock V rims
  93. 07 bumper on an 03???
  94. What Percentage of V Owners Are On This Board?
  95. dancing down the road -
  96. Bought A Hat & Some Soles...
  97. Iridium spark Plugs ?????????
  98. Will Lowering The "V" Really Help
  99. CTS-V cop car, tribal graphics, kind of neat.
  100. Quick Rear Diff Question
  101. Pm Box Shows Full????????
  102. Am I Possibly the Only Person on the Planet With This Mod?
  103. Kooks 1 7/8 VS. 1 3/4 Tubes
  104. GC kit missing parts!!!
  105. Raced a Z06 last night.
  106. GM originality
  107. Tulsa, OK / Springfield, MO
  108. Cadillac fuel gauges/senders suck. Ran out of fuel with 3/8 tank showing AGAIN
  109. DSP mode and new sound system.
  110. Engine Mount
  111. Met HushH today
  112. GC Spring Rates
  113. OMG--Throttle Body issue!!
  114. 245/40/18 Ps2
  115. Leased V's...How Much Are You Paying?
  116. StealthV - No Response on Email? Help pls.
  117. XM Radio ?
  118. Catch Can Question
  119. CTS-V plate
  120. Looking for side skirts/ front bumper
  121. Big thanks to AZ Power and Sound for their help today!
  122. Points...did I miss the boat or something?
  123. New Here
  124. B&b Cats Blowen Out
  125. Am I the only one...
  126. CTS-V Wheel Style Question
  127. Brake pad, Brake fluid, and Rotors. Whats best???
  128. I'm Going To Kill Someone -Please Advise!!!
  129. GM Now Offering 5 Year 100K Mile Powertrain Warrant On 07's!!
  130. Whos gonna be the first to do this to their V?
  131. Selling my EVO to get a CTS-V???
  132. new with a bunch of questions
  133. Denver Auto-X for V's September 24th.
  134. Exedy twin disc clutch group buy
  135. GM rep
  136. Leaking? Engine mount? Advice...
  137. A cool plate
  138. AMW Catch Can
  139. Hopefully cadillac will follow suit to this.
  140. AZ Power and Sound
  141. Need help deciding!!!
  142. a SAD day!
  143. Need two sets of tires, what would you get?
  144. Will SRX rims work for a "spare"?
  145. Anyone else notice.. STS-V Speedo..
  146. Dam road, Dam F1's....
  147. Whats better?04' or 06'?(ls6 or ls2?)
  148. 5th air pressure sender
  149. How to ship wheels & tires
  150. KC area V Owners - Buffalow Run?
  151. Chicago Meet THIS WEEKEND!!!
  152. Anyone see the "Trickle down performance" commercial?
  153. Stock Exhaust in Brooklyn "That Is All This Is About"
  154. Who Snapped This Pic?
  155. drag radials
  156. ***Road Course Drivers*** (VIR Oct October 14 & 15)
  157. parting with Fe4's?
  158. Any Word On After-Market Differentials?
  159. Another V owner (Silver) appears to hit 164mph
  160. need help P/N for the project
  161. C6 ZO6 vs. S/C V???
  162. 2007 V loses weight?
  163. NASA Track day at Moroso.(review).
  164. Another V traded but not the V's fault
  165. Lingenfelter CAI 2006
  166. Diff Cradle Bolts
  167. No Competion Mode; No "Everything Off" Mode
  168. Wheel Hop Gone, cost me 0$'s
  169. Super secret LS6 project motor pix....
  170. No more teasin' - Full Monty attached
  171. Have a new rear end
  172. Was "The Force" not with me yesterday ?
  173. anyone want to sell there homemade cai
  174. Is this a new version of the B&B Catback?
  175. Looking for a "V" specific Underdrive Pulley setup..
  176. Official Cadillac V-Series Logo Apparel and Merchandise
  177. Trade: My Volant for your stock air box.
  178. Snorkle removal
  179. Please help me determine what my V is worth
  180. my car got egged!!!!!!!
  181. 2006 CTS-V Shift Knob Removal
  182. Clanging noise under moderate acceleration
  183. Why you should think twice before modifying your car...
  184. Here's a tease
  185. Race day on Sunday
  186. Another Extreme Composite hood
  187. LR Strut causing squeaks?
  188. ??? For those who have switched from Run Flats
  189. cars going in next week
  190. New HAWK HPS Brake Pads for sale
  191. Fast Launch thoughts - C55 vs 05 V
  192. specs for exedy clutch for the v
  193. Sorry, but I just need somewhere to vent
  194. Upgrade your CTS-V to an STS-V
  195. CAI for 2006
  196. Water in my trunk lid.
  197. UCC + LASSTSS Bushings For Sale
  198. oil life gauge
  199. Anyone ever upgrade the stock fuel pump?
  200. Who sells aftermarket sub-frame bushings?
  201. What does the stock air box mod consist of?
  202. Looking for South Carolina V Owners
  203. Attn: Reed, ssmith, anyone who has wiring diagrams available:
  204. Holding RPMs, any ideas?
  205. My D3 experience in a nut shell.
  206. Remember this..
  207. More Rumors - CTS Coupes, Sedan and Crossovers?!
  208. More mods...
  209. DEBATE RSA's vs F1's
  211. Tires on 20's
  212. Driveshaft Change Anyone Do It?
  213. New variants on the CTS?
  214. GSD3s
  215. CTS-V in 'Vanished'
  216. How are the V's holding up?
  217. The V is Gone
  218. Velose - this is for you...
  219. SW Florida V owners
  220. whiney getrag diffs not only on V's...and Magnum Hemi review
  221. pcm programming
  222. Just bought my V..Questions KarsIII and Nav
  223. for the record, fantastic vehicle
  224. Videos from the last Track Day 12.24
  225. Has Anyone Replaced Their Seats & Steering Wheel?
  226. 2007s Already at Dealer in South Carolina
  227. Vibration Trouble
  228. Life of Replacement Tires
  229. 05 vs. 06 Rear Diff
  230. Part # for F2?
  231. Rear view mirror vibration
  232. Interesting comment from my neighbor.
  233. Rust
  234. in car vid of no muffler sound
  235. 2.5 Months and still no magna charger, starting to get irritated
  236. Like New Lingenfelter CAI For Sale
  237. complicated radio?? LOL
  238. Vogue tyre Wheel Help
  239. Avon Tech M500 Tires
  240. Any lawyers or legal type people...I need help!
  241. ***HUGE Labor Day Sale Going On Now!!!***
  242. Alternate Optimal Tire Sizes
  243. Helmet suggestions.
  244. Stability System Issues?
  245. GC. collar adjustment?
  246. Uh oh....
  247. Need vette fuel rail covers!
  248. Check Coolant Level
  249. just called cadillac about mosport tickets
  250. Stock Rotors Pads up for grabs DFW area