: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus
  2. My turn for a rear diff.
  3. Mounting Fire Extinguisher
  4. Please PM me if you currently have a CTS and CTS-V
  5. 5 or 6 point seat belt, anybody?
  6. When will the CTS-V be out of production?
  7. Stock CTS wheels and tires
  8. Need some Oil Filter Help-PF61 and PF58
  9. V up for sale
  10. 6.5 zenrin WORKS
  11. Anyone have stock rotors they want to sell?
  12. OK fess up, who else has bought the chrome oil cap??
  13. Chevy SSR - Any one have/had one?
  14. Soon To Be CTS-V Owner
  15. center armrest
  16. Crap...need shocks...
  17. What V Owners Were Awesome Enough to Own an SHO???
  18. Comparison between CTS-V and STS-V
  19. Still?...No Vids From Wild's New Ride? Inquiring Minds Want To See?
  20. Damaged V Bumper Wanted
  21. Variable Valve Timing question on GM V6
  22. Hey - CTSVFlorida
  23. How do you access the personalization screen on the NAV??
  24. automotive relay sources??
  25. LS2 Engine covers
  26. 2008 cts pics?
  27. GC: 500F/550R vs 600F/650R
  28. Engine shutters upon turning off...why?
  29. 2006 - 2007 Poll - interested buyer
  30. Good News...Bondurant To Get "V"'s...
  31. Anyone seen the 08 CTS pic?
  32. James, Thanks from 3000 miles away!!!
  33. I thought this was cool
  34. its alive, its alive, its alive!!!!
  35. Winter AS Tires: GY RSAs or Avon 550s?
  36. Hello My Name is Speedemon and I'm a Mod-Aholic
  37. Short Story
  38. Has anyone actually BROKEN an '06 Diff?
  39. 1/4 mile track day with free data logging
  40. Oil Drain Plug Gasket?
  41. Anyone else get a cramp/strain in right ankle?
  42. New here, saying hi....
  43. method and cost to black out grilles?
  44. CAGS on eBay - Free Shipping to Forum Members
  45. My Bluetooth Cell Phone Project Status Update
  46. 4th to second grind
  47. 04 Differential TSB - What #?
  48. Captree Park - Christmas Eve 2006
  49. Has anyone heard of these shocks?
  50. Newest pic of my V!
  51. ls2 will not fire up, any suggestions>?
  52. New member - love our Black Raven V
  53. hoskins contact?
  54. New Hotchkis Brackets - Here's the beef!
  55. Battery for Key Fob?
  56. Tire Siping
  57. Captree 12/17...........
  58. Well guys, time to say goodbye......sort of.
  59. shifting from neutral to 2nd - 40mph
  60. CAGS not on new V's
  61. Cadillac Shirts
  62. Newbie---Going to look at a V, What should I look for
  63. Nor Cal Track (Laguna Seca) Jan 8th spots avail
  64. Changing the final
  65. Gauging Interest in CTS/STS plant visit...
  66. More Chesrown CTS-V's
  67. Did I make the right choice?
  68. Cartek open on Saturdays?
  69. CTS-V in the snow!!
  70. Any one have a picture of these rims on a V (silver)
  71. Why do you like your Coilovers?????
  72. Can anyone check a VIN number?
  73. Ebay
  74. For those of you who've painted your calipers???
  75. Good Dealer Experience - Medved Wheatridge, CO
  76. video about GM's new LSx block
  77. New CTS-V Owner
  78. Spy video 2008 Cts-V
  79. miami people
  80. V has a new roommate in the garage
  81. Non-Runflat Owners Take A Look At This
  82. Stuck clutch pedal
  83. CTS-V owners in Austin, TX?
  84. Anyone have Onstar send them a report yet?
  85. Looking for Stock CTS-V Rims and Tires
  86. 2nd Gear Shift Popping Out
  87. Problems
  88. clutch problems!
  89. No it's not a V-12...
  90. Wow, who's selling the diff on ebay????
  91. Supercharger & Warranty
  92. Should I? ('06 diff replacement)
  93. V1 mounted in the V!
  94. Woo Hoo Got Me A V Baby!!!
  95. Sts-v For Ctsv $
  96. Iforged wheels...
  97. A Must Read... Head of GM speaks about the CTS-V's future!!
  98. Nice touch
  99. Car Alarm
  100. Too high mileage for S/C?
  101. Hertz Mustang at Track? Not at VIR!
  102. Where can I get modified CTS-V sound/video clips?
  103. Sound clips of V's with various mods..
  104. Typical owner?
  105. CAGS Eliminator's ?
  106. 265/35's all round on stock rims ??
  107. Magnuson Superchargers - End Of Year Special!
  108. Stability system going haywire??
  109. Clutch is gone!
  110. Test drove the 07, differences????
  111. Have questions think about buying a used V
  112. 275s in the rear...
  113. Hey... StealthV Torque Master!!
  114. my mini me V
  115. V for Sale, advise please...
  116. cts-v vs gto
  117. Just realized how much dough goes to the V
  118. Pictures of my ride finally posted.......
  119. Phoenix Area Tune and Dealer Help
  120. You Gotta See This
  121. Jesse At Captree
  122. Curbed Wheel
  123. More diff woes!!
  124. Captree Tomorrow (December 10th)
  125. For those of you who've removed your front license plate........
  126. Clutch Hesitation Question
  127. Now that it's cold
  128. New V Owners check the classifieds...
  129. just got my 07 cts-v wow
  130. Air/Fuel wide band Gauge
  131. Wrrrring sound during cold start up lately
  132. V-Series Logo Merchandise And Apparel
  133. Stock Cts-v wheels and tires for sale!!
  134. Stocking stuffer V
  135. Wheel Wax
  136. V skirts from GMPD
  137. Comp Driving Mode
  138. Reduced Engine Power = The Worst Thing Ever!!!!
  139. Does it really Matter.. Sniffer Pipe or Weld in Bung
  140. Need crash course in Replacement Brake Pads..
  141. So this is what Thunder Grey looks like...
  142. This new device I found that bypasses the muffler
  143. CRAZY Friday Specials!!!
  144. Water Pump TSB Question
  145. Finally a "supporting member..."
  146. I can't believe it's not butter!!!!
  147. It wasn't burning oil after all...
  148. Finally - GOT MY V!!!
  149. Clutch TSB question
  150. Is the cts-v forum getting too big for its own good...
  151. How is your 1-2 shift?
  152. Potential CTS-V owner with question between '04 vs '05
  153. Burning oil
  154. Am I Losing My Mind Here?
  155. Which MSD coil....
  156. Oil change frequency question...
  157. Finally going to pick up V
  158. Misc. Ramblings...GM execs, I hope you are listening
  159. what's my V worth?
  160. louvered backup lights
  161. Discount Tires Refused Taking My Tire Sensors Out..
  162. Paint flake on audo buttons
  163. Something interesting we found today
  164. New (to me) V Staying in the Forum Family!
  165. Motor Trend Article about V and Race V...
  166. service manual
  167. Tire question
  168. Input needed: No Oil Pressure
  169. Your car is bugged from the factory!
  170. Breaking Half Shafts out of Warranty?
  171. V-series Logo Apparel & Merchandise
  172. 2 MOD Questions - Pre-install...
  173. New emissions reflash?
  174. Ran out of gas today!!
  175. Steam from the front
  176. Has the GC Kit rear end clunk been solved yet?
  177. Looking for V Rear Bumber Cover
  178. Chats at a traffic light..
  179. Want to know what a front bumper assembly costs?
  180. How do I get GM to buy back my CTS-V?
  181. Dealer ruined wheels - who do I notify?
  182. My Scratched Rims From Goodyear On Ebay; I Think
  183. question about Hotchkis Sways and front end clunk
  184. Crank Pulley/Underdrive Pulley Kits...Who's Done It?
  185. COOL Pic
  186. If You Can Make The Trip To Lindsay Cadillac; Do It!!! James P Is The Best
  187. Effects of Supercharging
  188. Vents above NAV system
  189. Is This Guy Ridiculous Or What?
  190. Track Special at Buttonwillow
  191. My V was smashed
  192. Oil extractor?
  193. New V owner with some questions..
  194. Brake Duct Project Finished
  195. clear lense install
  196. Is There a V for Me?
  197. NAV Systen Must Be Haunted...
  198. Noisy power steering pump, belt noise ????
  199. FG2 Shocks on Ebay......
  200. My V in big car show!
  201. lemon law help?
  202. CTS-V At Supplier Pricing
  203. About to Purchase a V
  204. Another Goodyear success story
  205. CTS-V profile/blueprint?
  206. CTS V "Featured car of the month"
  207. New Curtisbuilt LSX GEN III 1.75:1 Rockers in recent magazine..
  208. Your friendly catch can nag is back
  209. Found a V (I Hope) - Q About Repairs?
  210. Spun Caddy-V into Ditch - Help
  211. clutch..& story
  212. heading coast to coast baby!!
  213. V-series Logo Apparel & Forum Discount
  214. Cts-v 2007
  215. Sunroof ripple
  216. 06 Rear End installed Today
  217. Exhaust Burbles, Torque Management & MSD Coil Packs.. Oh My!!
  218. Still more power!
  219. Got my hotchkis collars in + some spacers...
  220. Tire Sensors...If Yanked Do We Still Have the Traction Control Settings?
  221. No 34 psi Displayed
  222. Next Gen V may have a Cast Iron Diff that we can retro fit
  223. Where to get wheels?
  224. Only 2 days left
  225. Looking for a V - What's a Sunroof Worth?
  226. I read an interesting blurb
  227. Track Junkies....SS Brake Lines...6 Piston Calipers...
  228. Any V owners in Bethesda, MD?
  229. Tail Lamp Assembly removal
  230. Oil Change Service message
  231. My Engine Compartment is Filthy Dirty!
  232. Americas Fastest Cars, CTS-V #9
  233. How long did your brakes last?
  234. X-pipe
  235. Clearing out some stuff...
  236. Lease Special on CTS-V
  237. For those with Kids & need another reason to buy a V
  238. Shifted 2nd to 3rd at 6,200 TC Message on NAV Screen...
  239. Forum Member Discount On Cadillac Merchandise
  240. Selling 2004 CTS-V
  241. 160 degree thermostat
  242. GM extended warranty question...
  243. Like a bad dream
  244. Instrument Cluster Removal?
  245. Reduced power mode......
  246. Road Course Tires Needed ~ Which Ones?...Attention Trackers...
  247. Do i need a dyno retune after hi-flow cats...
  248. Tunes ?
  249. My CTS-V is finally Lemoned!
  250. lets convince gergreg to keep the V