: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Question???
  2. Anyone tried BFGoodrich KDW's? I've ordered a set
  3. Los Angeles V Meet: C'mon, You Slackers!!
  4. Any Tuners in SF Bay Area?
  5. Need to borrow stock V sways in S.F. Bay Area...
  6. PAGING Robert/Bob in Fremont, CA...
  7. 10 cyl, Hybrid-electric V for sale
  8. Ran the car last night at the track in Bradonton,FL
  9. Cold Weather and Tune
  10. After a Month and a Half...
  11. NoSlackCadillac
  12. Tune,NOS,Rear End
  13. UPDATE on Coilovers...
  14. I'm surprised at how easy it is to drive a V in the snow
  15. Unknown point of "clunk"
  16. Blew up my engine...
  17. V is in for work. They gave me an SRX...
  18. Where does the CTS-VR get tuned in New Jersey?
  19. Headlamp flicker
  20. HID's?
  21. dont try this again.
  22. V for sale
  23. I lowered my car but it didnt lower
  24. Stock License plate bracket
  26. Help with wildwhl mod please ASAP
  27. New Year, New Supporting Member
  28. You all see the Top Gear review for the CTS-V?
  29. What I love about the V and the forum...
  30. FEELER: 19 i-Forged wheels for sale
  31. Thinking of Selling the V
  32. Rear End Upgrade
  33. you tube and caddy
  34. my v will be at speedorama
  35. Differential Fluid Smell
  36. Plug wires...too lazy to search...
  37. ICE hits Texas.....CTS-V hits ICE.....then....
  38. Would the DTM be good for Cadillac
  39. Good or Bad deal???
  40. Anyone have V Sways for Sale???
  41. FG2 Shocks?
  42. "Next generation CTS-V"
  43. New Sport Spoiler Install
  44. Battery Warranty? Such a thing?
  45. Traction control Question???????
  46. New CTS AWD?
  47. Annoying Dash Rattles
  48. anybody know how much to replace a diff w/no warranty?
  49. Thought Another Diff Bites the Dust...
  50. Nav system freezing...
  51. We need a Cadillac FAQ sticky.
  52. Transmission fluid leak on new V
  53. V's Beware, Super Fast VW Bus!
  54. Any diecast fans out there? 1/43 CTS-V
  55. New Denniscars footage...
  56. Cadillac Apparel & Cadillac Merchandise
  57. Photoshop 2009 CTS-V?
  58. replacement air filter for volant?
  59. Factory Supercharging
  60. Cold and Wet in Texas, What what else would you do? New Mods
  61. StealthV tuning...
  62. Why do our Vs have 6 lug wheels? Why'd GM do this?
  63. GM finally announces rear differential fix for CTS-V's
  64. Who posted there V on Break?
  65. Non IRS?
  66. Decal Installer " I'm not "
  67. Fuel Filter Help
  68. I almost broke my V tonight (thank you stability control)
  69. Navigation Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. Partition for trunk(Between Seat and TrunK)
  71. All Kinds of Goodies Ordered
  72. Lease Assumption
  73. The "SEARCH" Feature (USE IT)
  74. Does The "G" Meter Reset Itself?...Ballast Blew...
  75. Navi Playing Dvd's
  76. Wheels Question....
  77. Sound off on best TIRES - tire research summary
  78. CTS Arm Rest
  79. Got some pics taken
  80. Didn't see this posted before
  81. USASpec IPod Adapter Installed
  82. fuelrail covers
  83. Dealership is letting me take a v over the weekend.
  84. EC Cowl Hood
  85. Rear End Fix?
  86. curious about hi mileage V's
  87. BMR Road noise???
  88. Yet another source...
  89. Staggard 19 Wheels On A V
  90. Looking to buy used CTS-V front bumper
  91. Great article for American car lovers
  92. Powdercoating Question
  93. How many of you think this V is lowered?
  94. oil monitor
  95. Sad News...but good for me too
  96. Really Worth
  97. New supporting member chiming in...
  98. CCW wheels/tires/sensors
  99. 4 V wheels...
  100. Kind Of A Creepy Coincidence
  101. CTS/CTS-V Meet In San Diego
  102. V-test
  103. Part number needed
  104. Need a power source in the cabin
  105. Anyone Seen This Vid?
  106. BMW ///M School
  107. Sunroof question
  108. caster settings
  109. Block Heater Part No.
  110. Any SoCal / Orange County V owners out there?
  111. CTS-V Manual Transmission Petition
  112. Personalization screen...where is it?
  113. Comparing the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S to the GS-D3
  114. Stock brake pads sure are tough!
  115. Some more V pics
  116. Todays ProCharger dyno results
  117. Clear Fog And Side Lenses
  118. Belt/Tensioner noise
  119. Anyone get Sirius installed through panel??
  120. Getting equalizer to remember setting??
  121. anyone want to trade 20" asantis for stocks & $$?
  122. Little input please.
  123. Goodyear Does It Again
  124. High Pitched Whine (Not Rear End)
  125. Increase Range for remote unlock...
  126. keyless entry and TPM DOA Twice! Story inside
  127. ExotiCorso Las Vegas April 19-22 invite
  128. New 05 V Owner
  129. Just read and think....
  130. Another Chesrown V
  131. Parting out the V...Sorta
  132. Engine Vibration
  133. Hre Wheels For Sale
  134. 2008 CTS pics and info
  135. Clearing ecu codes?
  136. She's a Leaker - a Diff leaker that is!!
  137. AutoShow today...bye bye V
  138. Hotchkis collars and brackets install question..
  139. Misses V pictures
  140. How much $$$ for a 2005 V?
  141. Huge RACE/SHOW, for the kids! May 12th Raceway Park! Join us?!
  142. Has anyone seen the Traction Control engage on a 3-4 shift?
  143. PCM Tuning forum for Cadillacs?
  144. Pics taken today
  145. New V owner
  146. are all cts and cts-v under hood fuse blocks
  147. Feb. Motor Trend Mag
  148. I thought...
  149. CTS-V vs 6 speed M5
  150. driveline vibration in 6th at 70mph->
  151. Funny V post on Solstice forum
  152. need a trunk lid...
  153. Well there goes any thoughts i had of getting one.
  154. Dodged another bullet!
  155. New kid on the block
  156. Here's a new one
  157. Cadillac Apparel
  158. Status for Homer
  159. Detroit Auto Show Info
  160. Moderator help, please...
  161. tiny little holes in the side of each rear seat?
  162. need some rear end help.
  163. Got my V 1/4/07
  164. Traded in the V and Dealership wants to take to small claims court
  165. Plate covers
  166. How Long for the Brakes?
  167. Just dyno'ed 384RWHP...Want to compare to others
  168. Color questions
  169. RSA runflat milage??
  170. Any redline V's seen this
  171. TPS Ques
  172. Bye Bye V
  173. Anyone need an xtra engine cover(used like new)??
  174. Bumper Conversion
  175. Final Solution
  176. any word from the aussies?
  177. Selling the V, some parts need to go
  178. CAGS Algorithm update for 2007
  179. 2008 Diff
  180. Well.. Another diff bites the dust...
  181. Volvette
  182. stock battery info...
  183. Buddy's rear takes a dump
  184. Loaner CTS-V surprise
  185. NEED some help putting V back together
  186. Denniscars...heritage video
  187. Maggies Heat Soak???
  188. cadillacfaq.com links, suggestions, etc
  189. New KICKS at Night...
  190. Jan 8th (Monday) Laguna Seca Track Day There is Still Room!
  191. CAGS Connector
  192. Engine Cover.
  193. The Granatelli MAF Sensor...
  194. Need a stock trash can lid (engine cover)
  195. '06 halfshaft part #
  196. Help! dealer problems :(
  197. SW Florida CTS-V owners
  198. MSD's LS1 and LS2 Coils
  199. My 700HP CTS-V is officially going
  200. Tolerance for others opinions....
  201. How low?
  202. Why does my car not want to stop in the wet?
  203. Polished Headers?
  204. Dear GM: About that 2008 CTS-V...
  205. engine shutter at idle ifx???
  206. Blinder extreme laser jammer
  207. What could be the problem???
  208. Time lapse V engine build
  209. You guys think this may look good??
  210. Let the wife drive the V for the first time...
  211. What mods can you do to the CTS-V that wont void the warranty?
  212. Need these V parts, willing to pay for them
  213. IPOD Issue
  214. Attention whiners:
  215. Discount Auto Parts - $ALE!
  216. Did the John Lingenfelter Cateras inspire the CTS-V?
  217. Anyone own a regular CTS?
  218. Can't Drive My V
  219. Got a Speeding Ticket in Texas, need help...
  220. Happy New Years
  221. can i return a special order part from cadillac?
  222. Looking For A Set Of T2 Racing Sachs Shocks...
  223. questions on MSD red coils, red wires & aftermarket spark plugs
  224. Dead V Video
  225. February Motor Trend Spycam: 2008 CTS-V
  226. Someone stole my wreath
  227. New Year's Weekend Online Discounts To $600.00!
  228. I have a problem
  229. Best Dealership in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ?
  230. got my new transmission/driveshaft/ect...in today
  231. dash kits for CTS-V
  232. clay barred pics!
  233. Does the Traction Control induce wheel hop?
  234. My Would Be Nemesis
  235. Final leftover V item up for grabs.
  236. What pressure do you run in F1's for an even pattern?
  237. my loss is your gain sale
  238. Some guy documented how horrible his CTS-V is...
  239. Track day upate
  240. I thought waxing was good
  241. cts led tail lights ?
  242. Looking for some ones core
  243. the beginning of my lemon law saga - video
  244. Oil Cap
  245. WI and IL Members - 2007 Cruises
  246. An interesting problem
  247. wanted
  248. amp install??
  249. Finally, Officially a Supporting Member
  250. anyone from Lehigh Acres, FL or Fort Myers, FL?