: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. nurburgring question
  2. Another Goodyear Semi-Success story
  3. OK...So which one of you totaled the loaner?
  4. TPS with two sets of tires
  5. snapping sound when clutch pedal goes to the floor
  6. I took my V to a party
  7. Wife broke the UUC
  8. Paying my dues.
  9. Finally had a photo opp...Just a few Pics
  10. "V" Oil Cap...Ok...I Just Got Mine...Install Intructions Inside...
  11. WTB: Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS)
  12. Attention soon to be owners CTS-V
  13. Purchased a V
  14. Looking for top view picture
  15. Model Name Derivation
  16. 06 CTS-V Owner Looking For 2nd Opinion
  17. Weird Sounds and Feel from Clutch!
  18. Tires (I searched and searched)
  19. 2008 CTS-V 500+ Horsepower?!
  20. any palm beach ppl want to meet up sat night?
  21. SOCAL LA MEET on MARCH 17, Carson
  22. Anyone have a spare V emblem?
  23. Roof Rack...ski, bike, or otherwise
  24. CTS-V has a great lease program right now
  25. falling out of love
  26. Bose tech info and upgrades
  27. Considering trading ($) my stock chromed rims for stock rims!
  28. Kooks installed on Maggie'd car - results
  29. Miami CTS-V Owners??
  30. DC / Northern VA Performance Shop
  31. Does $350.00 sound right for a brake job.
  32. Free to good home, CTS-V rim
  33. It's raining - - - INSIDE my V!
  34. Some pics of my car fellas!
  35. Question about Lingenfelter CAI
  36. Kooks Long Tube Headers - FREE Shipping/Discounted Jet Hot Coating!!!
  37. Stupid Question...Remember, I'm Just A Cook...
  38. Cadillac Specific GM blog
  39. CadillacFAQ.com Survey 8. Lets get a HUGE response!
  40. CTS-V Battery Options??
  41. QA1 unexpected result
  43. engine oil cooler
  44. Where to buy performance parts?
  45. Uh Oh for some of us...............SRT8
  46. Engine Shake?
  47. New CTS-V Owner here :-)
  48. Of course its the mercedes people...
  49. Guys With 20" Wheels.....
  50. Can't Get Faq To Work!
  51. ebay
  52. On-Star Upgrade (UPDATE)
  53. new information about production of Vs
  54. Somebody Hit My New Car..........
  55. check oil
  56. Get your arse to the track
  57. Dnd Racetech Adj. Shocks.....
  58. Considering a V for DD, some concerns.
  59. Submissions for our online magazine
  60. Tinting and Navi
  61. Track Preparation - Master List
  62. Fuse Box Question
  63. Rear Spoiler..........
  64. Goodbye V I will miss you...
  65. How do I get front license plate bracket off?
  66. my first problem with the V
  67. "CLUNK" Be Gone (Ground Control)
  68. CadillacFAQ.com IMPORTANT thread
  69. OK we cant be outdone by a import...
  70. Ground Control Guys, Please Come In........
  71. Just Picked Up An 07, Mods Here I Come!!!
  72. Tps
  73. 163 - 0 how?
  74. Take me off the list of dead diffs...
  75. Looking to buy a V, have a differential question
  76. I want to get a cheap spare
  77. Wow, great shock option
  78. Looking for a Maggied V?? Just posted again on the classifieds
  79. (Fluids) Recommended for track use!!!
  80. Can you help identify these wheels?
  81. Feel the need for a good deed? Sponsor me for childrens cancer research
  82. Need two rear fe4
  83. New Here- A Few Questions
  84. Newbie with a question
  85. We should add a poll for how many times your wheels have been refinished...
  86. President's Day Weekend Sale!
  87. Power Steering Fluid
  88. WHEN will new cts/ctsv be delivered?
  89. More tire questions
  90. Cross Drilled Brake Rotor Part #
  91. CAI for the 2007 v??
  92. Onstar light is RED
  93. Interior help please...need parts
  94. Revisited: Are we ruining our own resale value?
  95. What a V and boat owner have in common
  96. Paul w/ the V Headrest
  97. Locked PCM???
  98. Used CTS-V vs. BMW 3-series (335i) or M3
  99. Getrag lands Navy contract..
  100. cruise cam
  101. MD/DC/VA V owners - Allsports GP - AWESOME DEAL
  102. Hey boys...
  103. Orange County Ca Aftermarket.......
  104. GM Rear Cradle Bushing Torque
  105. 2009 Cadillac V.....
  106. 12-Click Adjustable Shocks for CTS-V
  107. Track prep - Best Practices?
  108. On Star (Digital) Upgrade
  109. Track days coming. Brake line/fluid upgrade worth it?
  110. What Parts are needed for a 383 Stroker kit
  111. Need T2 Race Sachs Shocks Or Similar...
  112. March Motor Trend: 2008 CTS Article; V Speculation
  113. Schroth Harness Update
  114. V Themes for your Blackberry 71xx
  115. Went back to stock!
  116. spare tire info needed
  117. 1k RPM 2 GO
  118. Anyone willing to swap interior, for light grey suede inserts??????
  119. Which octane level to use?
  120. who makes a bigger crank pully
  121. 6.0L iron block motor mounts for V
  122. I cant get my knob off!!!
  123. Still cant drive my V
  124. De-screening the MAF.... Yes or No?
  125. how about these
  126. Has anyone replaced their radiator themselves?
  127. I love to pull on this knob
  128. Stock Wheels - WTB pref powdered black
  129. Cool V Pic
  130. New ctsv for me and a new srx for her!!
  131. I need options
  132. Vibration in 6th
  133. Top speed
  134. First look - CTS-V.R gets a paint job
  135. Magnuson Supercharger Price Increase!
  136. coolant levels
  137. Trunk Lid opens randomly?
  138. Check out my new business cards
  139. Grinding on 5-4 Downshift
  140. Pic of me V in motion
  141. beating a dead horse
  142. Stiff Clutch Pedal When Cold
  143. Radio presets - simple work around
  144. Praise the Lowered Please Help
  145. What ever happened to Voodstock???
  146. FG2's worth the $$$
  147. Buying a V1
  148. 6th Gear Low Frequency Vibration
  149. Sat in 2008 Pontiac G8; would CTS-V owners be interested in this car?
  150. Power Steering Pump on National Backorder
  151. Another stability control problem
  152. How to paint new cross drilled rotors
  153. Problem with local dealer
  154. Ok, it's a little corny, but I like em!
  155. ATI D1SC Procharger do it yourself kit available now from EPP!!!!
  156. wierd nav problem
  157. Anyone from Buffalo??????? PLEASE
  158. I love my V
  159. Reality check
  160. Who Would Want A Carbon Fiber Hood?
  161. New V Owner in Atlanta - How Many More?
  162. clunk from front end
  163. Clutch or synchrows
  164. Who in the Western States is tracking their V
  165. CTS-V has great lease specials for North Central region till Feb 14th.
  166. Strange Noise At Startup (Extremely Cold)
  167. Vanity Plate
  168. V-owner looses cool in parking garage...
  169. Picking up my '05 V on Thurs!
  170. Extended Warranty Questions
  171. Wheel well tub removal
  172. Pure Sex
  173. Grill material?
  174. Up Date on the Clutch Pedal
  175. Missed a chance to chat with Andy Pilgrim
  176. 04 fuel rail covers...anyone?
  177. Dallas Meet Confirmed March 14-18
  178. Aftermarket 06 V engine covers
  179. Will 245/30/18 Hoosiers Fit the V?
  180. Skip Shift Eliminator Installed
  181. New website up, need ur pics
  182. Here's A Good One! I See Srt8 Leaving Dlr
  183. Question on oil pressure???
  184. Funny GM Commercial
  185. False Start - Ground Control
  186. Clutch Pedal Squeak
  187. Demographics of a CTS-V owner. Input please...
  188. Just got a brand new V
  189. Cosworth powered V?
  190. What,s up with my Clutch Pedal???????
  191. Wtb Ccw 505a
  192. Utility of the bar in the spare tire tub
  193. OEM stereo/nav gone - great results- PICS added
  194. FSM (Factory Service Manuals) Holey Cow!!!
  195. Amp connecting to RAP circuit
  196. Looks like I am here to stay! now a supporting member for 1 year!
  197. Supporting Member, Again
  198. '05 and earlier vs. '06 and newer Change in rear suspension geometry and ls-6 to LS-2
  199. 100% true speculation on 08' CTS V
  200. Great Pic of V overtaking M5 at VIR
  201. Cat Bypass Pipe for a 2007?
  202. Shifting the powerband up
  203. Clutch Replacement only?
  204. New Supporting Member
  205. Update on NEW Coilovers and Sways for the V...
  206. Thinking Of Buying A Certified Used CTS-V?
  207. Eibach Pro Kit
  208. What do you all think about this trade...
  209. Great Pic of V overtaking M5 at VIR
  210. Fuel Filter Replacement
  211. 2 More Chesrown V's
  212. Cts-v Bumper Diagram
  213. Goodyear Credit Issue
  214. CTS-Lease Specials for February
  215. V License Plate Frames
  216. Body kit and vents
  217. Super Bowl Commercial Filmed At CTS-V Plant
  218. Anyone having "edit" problems?
  219. Damnit....
  220. The FAQ needs HELP!
  221. Turn signals
  222. body colored grills on a redline V?
  223. Any one here from Covina CA (first name starts with a B), I have your radio...
  224. Brake Squeal
  225. amber turn signals?
  226. Two tone reverse light lenses
  227. Navigation problem
  228. Betting pool: When will Urb hit 10,000 posts
  229. My radio cuts out every once in a while...yours?
  230. Winter wash techniques?
  231. how do i get ahold of rick at stealth?
  232. Front end noise broken strut?
  233. Can someone post a car for sale for me in LS1Tech.com
  234. Detailed V's...anyone on here own them?
  235. A few vids from this weekend
  236. New Hotchkis Brackets - Certified for autocross
  237. V Themes for your Blackberry 87xx
  238. Binder Laser Jammer Install
  239. I miss Kimby...
  240. will this fix the cts-v, are the part #'s the same?
  241. Hydraulic clutch oil
  242. Find car history and mfg date from VIN number?
  243. Can someone post links to WW fog and marker light installs?
  244. SPEED World Challenge Caddy
  245. A-pillar Wind Noise
  246. V @ the TPC Scottsdale
  247. Protecting flaking radio buttons
  248. Wheel polisher in San Diego ?
  249. My car just arrived in Arizona
  250. Winter Storage for snowed-in V's