: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Power Cable from the battery too close to manifold
  2. Kinesis Motorsports wheels and tires on Ebay
  3. Replacement Rocker Panel/Side Skirt
  4. Bluetooth!
  5. What the Heck is this Ground control "Thunking" Noise...?
  6. Cannot check voicemail using Onstar phone
  7. CTS-V newbie what-to-know and Gotchas
  8. Valets in Laughlin
  9. Are all CTS-V 50 state emission certified?
  10. over heated?
  11. NOOB here. A few questions...
  12. Can anyone help with a VIN# check for warranty work?
  13. Brake warning?
  14. handheld tuner for 07 ctsv
  15. Getting a CAM? Consider these lifters
  16. Run Flat blues
  17. PowerSlot Rotors & Dealer Info
  18. Some of the Captree Boyz....
  19. Pics of undercarriage
  20. NOOB needs advice/help
  21. Does anyone have this?
  22. Quick Tire Q
  23. Exterior Maintenance
  24. Predator Performance's twin procharged CTS-V
  25. Which oil is the best?
  26. Almost died while idle!!!!??????????
  27. Just Bought A Cadillac!
  28. 2 more Chesrown V's
  29. What is the wheel torgue setting for our V's?
  30. Need Solution to Rear License Plate Rattle
  31. V 3d front plate?
  32. Rear License Plate Bezel.
  33. 800 hp CTS-V
  34. Where To Buy Hotchkis Sways?
  35. Tools to remove rotors??
  36. How do I improve the seat bolsters?
  37. What Chevy Nav Disc is compatible with the CTS-V
  38. Ipod adapter and aux inputs! PIC...
  39. Hood rattles, dealer pissed me off
  40. Just got hit....
  41. Jimmie Johnson chooses CTS-V for SPEED GT Race
  42. You think your resale is bad
  43. Tire Size w/ Comments
  44. Dallas Meet Attendees...
  45. New RWTQ record, I think
  46. Txsilverv
  47. Looking to buy my first Caddy Vseries...
  48. WTB Stock catback
  49. i saw you
  50. How do you tell FG2 from FE4?
  51. New diff and 'Is it really bad to drive w/ a blown shock?'
  52. Bose subwoofer replacement - Info request
  53. We can make DVDs work, but can we crack the NAV?
  54. Just bought my V! Where do I find a Volant Cai?
  55. What Do You Guys Think???
  56. TV antenna module (TV tuner module).
  57. FG2 shocks for sale
  58. What Can I Do To Tighten Up The Steering?
  59. Uh Oh!
  60. Trade my B&B catback for your stock
  61. Gc Guys, Spring Rates From Mark.....
  62. Front shock part#?
  63. Fuel pump
  64. Snow Performance Boost Cooler
  65. 8 piston callipers for the v
  66. dont tell my wife, im getting sum new
  67. what vendors do you guys use for brake parts... pads, fluid, and ss lines...
  68. Pictures of LED Interior Lights...Come Inside!
  69. What would you pay?
  70. Trunk Release Advice?
  71. Pull ahead, Lease Purchase or Extend Lease…
  72. XM rant.
  73. CAGS Eliminator for V?
  74. What Hood Color Should I Have Sprayed?....
  75. Damn! First Ticket in the V
  76. Hood Install...Scanned the FAQ's But Did Not Find...
  77. ATL-JC Auto Show
  78. need o2 part numbers
  79. Need clutch stuck on floor TSB. document. Please help!!!
  80. Insurance
  81. can we see pics of cars lowered
  82. Shocks with separate bound/rebound adjustments?
  83. Poll: Are your shocks leaking?
  84. Anyone Make Drag Bags for the V?
  85. Baby-V is in the shop again :(
  86. Why I recommend...
  87. traction on cold asphalt?
  88. Can we talk Brake Pads????
  89. pulling the triger on ground control... what rates are you guys running?
  90. Need Subwooofer Install Help
  91. Tuning question
  92. How to remove the upper and lower grille
  93. Heel and Toe down shifting Video
  94. What's going on in Oregon & California?
  95. CTS-V wheel hop reduction - a higher tech alternative?
  96. Consumer Reports on the new CTS-V
  97. Does anyone know how to make the WW spacers
  98. Long island, NY owners come forth, please........
  99. Need A Set Of Spacers!!!!! Quickly!!!
  100. I'm getting my car back, I'm getting my car back!!!
  101. CTS-V friends, CARFAX help?
  102. who painted callipers red
  103. changed the crank pulley
  104. Are you looking for FRC's and a Catch Can?
  105. First V-Nightmare
  106. In Praise of Lindsey
  107. Review of "Dyno-Proven GM LS1 thru LS7 Performance Parts" by Richard Holdener
  108. Peeling Radio Buttons ... Dealer Refuses to Change Them
  109. Weird Noise Some Opinions Needed???
  110. North GA cruise
  111. Any V guys going to the Tampa meet?
  112. lowering soon!! what size rims?
  113. Floormats
  114. Is there any loophole anyone has found to take the V to a regular dealer? like chevy?
  115. LS-6 V owners. Will you trade up?
  116. How Much For The Stock Set Up?
  117. Curbed rims
  118. THEBIGJIMSHO: Problems with thread?
  119. Uploaded some pics and bored...
  120. Weird clunk when shifting while stopped
  121. Electric supercharger
  122. Care of Black V's
  123. Need your thoughts on this purchase
  124. pics of my baby
  125. check this out! ran into some test cars!
  126. what is SHELF life of TECHRON??
  127. predator v 800hp
  128. VIDEO: 2006 CTS-V With Major Engine Issues
  129. Mushy Brakes in cold weather
  130. Extreme Composits hood & wiper nozels
  131. Anyone have chrome rims for sale for V
  132. Track Junkies...Question For You...
  133. Chrome rim exchange
  134. Considering an 2006CTS-V
  135. Paging Stealth V...
  136. Anyone thinking of selling there Magnacharger?
  137. New V owner
  138. Thanks!! Pics of my V modded with your help.
  139. Wheels
  140. Found This Under My Clutch Pedal ... ?
  141. Results from my second engine oil analysis:
  142. Need rear rotors for '04 V
  143. Anyone using a Z06 clutch? Who's experiencing clutch hydraulic issues?
  144. Predator Performacne 800 HP CTS V
  145. How in the hell..............
  146. Graduate School Survey on 2008 Cadillac CTS-Please help!!!
  147. OK, I really gotta slow down....
  148. My extended warranty is about to expire
  149. Has Anyone Here Built Their Own Car?
  150. has anyone sold their v?
  151. fiberglass cowl hood for sale?
  152. Your friendly catch can nag is back
  153. Anyone ever follow you to tell you off?
  154. CTS-Vs with an automatic?
  155. Stock subwoofer replacement
  156. What are people using for Hotchkis Lube?
  157. Wide Body V
  158. nurburgring question
  159. Another Goodyear Semi-Success story
  160. OK...So which one of you totaled the loaner?
  161. TPS with two sets of tires
  162. snapping sound when clutch pedal goes to the floor
  163. I took my V to a party
  164. Wife broke the UUC
  165. Paying my dues.
  166. Finally had a photo opp...Just a few Pics
  167. "V" Oil Cap...Ok...I Just Got Mine...Install Intructions Inside...
  168. WTB: Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS)
  169. Attention soon to be owners CTS-V
  170. Purchased a V
  171. Looking for top view picture
  172. Model Name Derivation
  173. 06 CTS-V Owner Looking For 2nd Opinion
  174. Weird Sounds and Feel from Clutch!
  175. Tires (I searched and searched)
  176. 2008 CTS-V 500+ Horsepower?!
  177. any palm beach ppl want to meet up sat night?
  178. SOCAL LA MEET on MARCH 17, Carson
  179. Anyone have a spare V emblem?
  180. Roof Rack...ski, bike, or otherwise
  181. CTS-V has a great lease program right now
  182. falling out of love
  183. Bose tech info and upgrades
  184. Considering trading ($) my stock chromed rims for stock rims!
  185. Kooks installed on Maggie'd car - results
  186. Miami CTS-V Owners??
  187. DC / Northern VA Performance Shop
  188. Does $350.00 sound right for a brake job.
  189. Free to good home, CTS-V rim
  190. It's raining - - - INSIDE my V!
  191. Some pics of my car fellas!
  192. Question about Lingenfelter CAI
  193. Kooks Long Tube Headers - FREE Shipping/Discounted Jet Hot Coating!!!
  194. Stupid Question...Remember, I'm Just A Cook...
  195. Cadillac Specific GM blog
  196. CadillacFAQ.com Survey 8. Lets get a HUGE response!
  197. CTS-V Battery Options??
  198. QA1 unexpected result
  200. engine oil cooler
  201. Where to buy performance parts?
  202. Uh Oh for some of us...............SRT8
  203. Engine Shake?
  204. New CTS-V Owner here :-)
  205. Of course its the mercedes people...
  206. Guys With 20" Wheels.....
  207. Can't Get Faq To Work!
  208. ebay
  209. On-Star Upgrade (UPDATE)
  210. new information about production of Vs
  211. Somebody Hit My New Car..........
  212. check oil
  213. Get your arse to the track
  214. Dnd Racetech Adj. Shocks.....
  215. Considering a V for DD, some concerns.
  216. Submissions for our online magazine
  217. Tinting and Navi
  218. Track Preparation - Master List
  219. Fuse Box Question
  220. Rear Spoiler..........
  221. Goodbye V I will miss you...
  222. How do I get front license plate bracket off?
  223. my first problem with the V
  224. "CLUNK" Be Gone (Ground Control)
  225. CadillacFAQ.com IMPORTANT thread
  226. OK we cant be outdone by a import...
  227. Ground Control Guys, Please Come In........
  228. Just Picked Up An 07, Mods Here I Come!!!
  229. Tps
  230. 163 - 0 how?
  231. Take me off the list of dead diffs...
  232. Looking to buy a V, have a differential question
  233. I want to get a cheap spare
  234. Wow, great shock option
  235. Looking for a Maggied V?? Just posted again on the classifieds
  236. (Fluids) Recommended for track use!!!
  237. Can you help identify these wheels?
  238. Feel the need for a good deed? Sponsor me for childrens cancer research
  239. Need two rear fe4
  240. New Here- A Few Questions
  241. Newbie with a question
  242. We should add a poll for how many times your wheels have been refinished...
  243. President's Day Weekend Sale!
  244. Power Steering Fluid
  245. WHEN will new cts/ctsv be delivered?
  246. More tire questions
  247. Cross Drilled Brake Rotor Part #
  248. CAI for the 2007 v??
  249. Onstar light is RED
  250. Interior help please...need parts