: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Getting Headlights/Taillights painted with black body paint?
  2. Group Photoshoot from a few weeks back
  3. Having a problem...
  4. My V's throwing this code: P0443 HELP
  5. CAPTREE Sunday?
  6. Summit Point Video (from another car)
  7. So You Like GS-D3s but Like RFTs too??
  8. Northwest V meet
  9. Chicago/Milwaukee V mechanic
  10. Will a 04 engine cover fit on an 06?
  11. Car wouldn't start this morning
  12. Double Online Discount Weekend - Save Up To $400.00!!!
  13. LS6 Fuel Rails
  14. Newbie in Tinseltown!
  15. Clutch Fluid
  16. Brembos + a win
  17. Wheel Spacers
  18. Just some pics of my V...
  19. Feedback wanted on Red CTS V
  20. car shutting itself off?
  21. Dealer Changed my oil - But used a different brand
  22. Motor Mount Part #?
  23. how often do i clean k and n ??
  24. Synchromesh VS. Mobil 1 Transmission Fluid
  25. Sunday
  26. How difficult is it to install the BMR Anti Wheelhop kit?
  27. Hotchkis...Where to buy?
  28. New wheel deal possibly --Fikse USA
  29. An Irish Gas Station
  30. Oil change 5w30 to 10w30 Interesting...
  31. k and n on a 2007
  32. Another good tire deal
  33. Need Tire For 2006 V
  34. nav buttons
  35. What are these wires under the dash??
  36. Track Tires and Octane Booster
  37. Smartphone CTS-V wallpaper
  38. I need to buy a V WHEEL
  39. Lite Platinum Color code ?
  40. Stock CTS-V Engine Cover Availiable
  41. Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX deal
  42. I'm looking for an OEM V grille
  43. HELP!! Cadillac Delaership says "No way will 275/40/18 mount to the factory rim"!!
  44. Check out the V watch
  45. Will this hurt the resale value?
  46. Bumper Plugs
  47. Just Bought a Raven 07 V
  48. Pictures of my Raven V....
  49. I Need A Spare Rim
  50. GS-D3's 90% left for sale
  51. Anybody know a good performance tuner Orlando Florida
  52. Anyone Near Valdosta Ga. Racing On 3/23
  53. Great Service Story
  54. Another Chesrown V
  55. Thoroughly Disappointed (yet another V value thread)
  56. Is Magnuson Warranty Worthwhile?
  57. It's strange, but the car feels so much better!
  58. How Rough is Rough Idle
  59. Another Chesrown V.
  60. Rear end leakage.
  61. SO CAL Smog - Please Help
  62. getting rid of V mufflers??
  63. Speed Gt 2007 schedule
  64. Survey Results
  65. What is CVMS use???
  66. Carbon Fiber Look Engine Covers for the CTS-v...
  67. Another V done...
  68. stole my car...
  69. more 09' V rumors
  70. Custom Helmet Designs
  71. Need a V front bumper
  72. LT1 and 04 5.7 swap
  73. Trading the 2007 V for a 2007 Range Rover Sport SuperCharged..
  74. Is Hawaii Paradise…or HELL?
  75. What are WW spacers every1 keeps talking about
  76. (new to the site) has anyone painted their headlights to give it the vette look?
  77. Wooo Hooo..Won a set of GM Optional Wheels!
  78. Suspension/Ride Height Questions
  79. Watch out for Gt500's - Read This!
  80. Battery died 2nd time. Some input?
  81. Nail in Tire
  82. Paint my grilles.
  83. BMR Gear
  84. Cadillac Spoiler Installed
  85. ISO stock engine cover
  86. CTS-V Speed World Challenge GT
  87. Looking for Stock Engine cover
  88. My V purchase and a quick review
  89. Does someone actually make this engine cover?
  90. Need Caddy Power To Vote For Me For Best Local Chef...
  91. misc views from car show
  92. No CTS-V for 2008?
  93. Dealer Problem/My Problem Now
  94. Advice On This Ding.
  95. Looking for used rear CTS V bumper
  96. Cadillac Watch Collection
  97. Cadillac gave me new F1s, what should I do
  98. Ticking sound
  99. It's Late - Please Help!
  100. Wanna-V(Not A Cadillac???)
  101. DIY 3-piece wheel inner barrel replacement?
  102. Check out these Carbon Fiber Valve Covers...
  103. Check Engine Light/Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  104. Who's V is @ High Ridge Pk, Stamford, CT??
  105. Bondurant offering CTS-V's
  106. I made the impossible possible- 20mpg!
  107. Need GMVIS record for my V. Help Please !
  108. What would 20's do to my 1/4 mile...
  109. Can I use any LSx clutch in the V??
  110. So I was at Milford PG today...
  111. CTS VR's at Sebring today - diff pics and more
  112. differences in specter works spoiler VS Cadillac version
  113. New Michelin PS2's - WOW...
  114. Basic Maintenance Kit
  115. How Much Should My 05 Hood Cost?...
  116. 4 Mallett Cadillac CTS V's in stock
  117. FIRST EVER NATIONAL MEET Des Moines, Iowa May 18th-20th 1/4 mile golf drinking food
  118. Spare Tire And Rim
  119. Anyone else have a seat memory system with a mind of its own?
  120. Now Read This!
  121. Need some help deciding
  122. Dallas Area Road Race
  123. Need black front bumper and upper grill!!
  124. Checking and clearing codes
  125. Key fog reprogramming
  126. Photo of V on Track??? Anyone?
  127. Why Car Batteries Are Dying Young
  128. Z06 LS6 vs CTS-V LS6?
  129. Anyone considered trading V for a C6 and not done it?
  130. Factory bose amp location????..others...
  131. Will a real 17" spare fit inside the spare hole in an 04 CTS trunk?
  132. Car Motorsports is AWESOME!!!
  133. Transmission TSB?
  134. Cadillac V-SERIES Apparel
  135. Left rear tire sensor not registering...
  136. Ipod Kit, Majority rules
  137. Who Went To The So-Cal Meet?
  138. Read this Cadillac Service Story
  139. Anyone looking for a spare? replacement?
  140. Pedal setup for Heel Toe racing
  141. What is the p/n for the Shift Knob & Boot Assembly?
  142. any Lawyers please chime in, i need help
  143. Anyone know of a 10" free-air sub that can handle 500rms??
  144. Power Cable from the battery too close to manifold
  145. Kinesis Motorsports wheels and tires on Ebay
  146. Replacement Rocker Panel/Side Skirt
  147. Bluetooth!
  148. What the Heck is this Ground control "Thunking" Noise...?
  149. Cannot check voicemail using Onstar phone
  150. CTS-V newbie what-to-know and Gotchas
  151. Valets in Laughlin
  152. Are all CTS-V 50 state emission certified?
  153. over heated?
  154. NOOB here. A few questions...
  155. Can anyone help with a VIN# check for warranty work?
  156. Brake warning?
  157. handheld tuner for 07 ctsv
  158. Getting a CAM? Consider these lifters
  159. Run Flat blues
  160. PowerSlot Rotors & Dealer Info
  161. Some of the Captree Boyz....
  162. Pics of undercarriage
  163. NOOB needs advice/help
  164. Does anyone have this?
  165. Quick Tire Q
  166. Exterior Maintenance
  167. Predator Performance's twin procharged CTS-V
  168. Which oil is the best?
  169. Almost died while idle!!!!??????????
  170. Just Bought A Cadillac!
  171. 2 more Chesrown V's
  172. What is the wheel torgue setting for our V's?
  173. Need Solution to Rear License Plate Rattle
  174. V 3d front plate?
  175. Rear License Plate Bezel.
  176. 800 hp CTS-V
  177. Where To Buy Hotchkis Sways?
  178. Tools to remove rotors??
  179. How do I improve the seat bolsters?
  180. What Chevy Nav Disc is compatible with the CTS-V
  181. Ipod adapter and aux inputs! PIC...
  182. Hood rattles, dealer pissed me off
  183. Just got hit....
  184. Jimmie Johnson chooses CTS-V for SPEED GT Race
  185. You think your resale is bad
  186. Tire Size w/ Comments
  187. Dallas Meet Attendees...
  188. New RWTQ record, I think
  189. Txsilverv
  190. Looking to buy my first Caddy Vseries...
  191. WTB Stock catback
  192. i saw you
  193. How do you tell FG2 from FE4?
  194. New diff and 'Is it really bad to drive w/ a blown shock?'
  195. Bose subwoofer replacement - Info request
  196. We can make DVDs work, but can we crack the NAV?
  197. Just bought my V! Where do I find a Volant Cai?
  198. What Do You Guys Think???
  199. TV antenna module (TV tuner module).
  200. FG2 shocks for sale
  201. What Can I Do To Tighten Up The Steering?
  202. Uh Oh!
  203. Trade my B&B catback for your stock
  204. Gc Guys, Spring Rates From Mark.....
  205. Front shock part#?
  206. Fuel pump
  207. Snow Performance Boost Cooler
  208. 8 piston callipers for the v
  209. dont tell my wife, im getting sum new
  210. what vendors do you guys use for brake parts... pads, fluid, and ss lines...
  211. Pictures of LED Interior Lights...Come Inside!
  212. What would you pay?
  213. Trunk Release Advice?
  214. Pull ahead, Lease Purchase or Extend Lease…
  215. XM rant.
  216. CAGS Eliminator for V?
  217. What Hood Color Should I Have Sprayed?....
  218. Damn! First Ticket in the V
  219. Hood Install...Scanned the FAQ's But Did Not Find...
  220. ATL-JC Auto Show
  221. need o2 part numbers
  222. Need clutch stuck on floor TSB. document. Please help!!!
  223. Insurance
  224. can we see pics of cars lowered
  225. Shocks with separate bound/rebound adjustments?
  226. Poll: Are your shocks leaking?
  227. Anyone Make Drag Bags for the V?
  228. Baby-V is in the shop again :(
  229. Why I recommend...
  230. traction on cold asphalt?
  231. Can we talk Brake Pads????
  232. pulling the triger on ground control... what rates are you guys running?
  233. Need Subwooofer Install Help
  234. Tuning question
  235. How to remove the upper and lower grille
  236. Heel and Toe down shifting Video
  237. What's going on in Oregon & California?
  238. CTS-V wheel hop reduction - a higher tech alternative?
  239. Consumer Reports on the new CTS-V
  240. Does anyone know how to make the WW spacers
  241. Long island, NY owners come forth, please........
  242. Need A Set Of Spacers!!!!! Quickly!!!
  243. I'm getting my car back, I'm getting my car back!!!
  244. CTS-V friends, CARFAX help?
  245. who painted callipers red
  246. changed the crank pulley
  247. Are you looking for FRC's and a Catch Can?
  248. First V-Nightmare
  249. In Praise of Lindsey
  250. Review of "Dyno-Proven GM LS1 thru LS7 Performance Parts" by Richard Holdener