: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Whose V is this??? Nice cutouts...
  2. 2nd Annual Denver, CO Cadillac Owners Meet
  3. Smoke from the dipstick?
  4. new to CTS-V..been searching for info and need help
  5. This car has no room for a spare tire!!!!
  6. Whoa! That's low!!!
  7. Heading to VIR, you in? NC, VA
  8. Shipping Car
  9. Seems like a pretty decent deal...
  10. Anyone Have Geico Insurance?
  11. Motorkote?
  12. Not Quite Stock CTS-V (pics inside)
  13. blower motor stuck on high speed
  14. TriTech Rotors
  15. well that explains why my transmission sucks...
  16. V is at home in the garage!
  17. Help me price my V
  18. No Captree Park for me -- Mother's Day
  19. Spent the day at the GM Proving Ground in Milford
  20. Selling Brand New iPod Kit
  21. HELP ON MY CLUTCH! It's ticking
  22. best tire PRESSURE f?, rear? for dunlop sport maxx ??
  23. New LS2 Fuel Rail cover
  24. some was selling a silver V HOOD????
  25. Power Steering System Bulletin?!
  26. Are our cars supposed to have this?
  27. 30k inspection Price ?
  28. FOR SALE: 2 12" Subs, Custom boxes for space in cts-v pics
  29. Dealer says no 2006+ 1.5" half shaft exist...
  30. Redline Tires for V?
  31. Tranny Issue
  32. Washed, Waxed and Ready for Friday
  33. Just changed oil.. Oil smells like gasoline!!!???
  34. CTS-V Myspace group
  35. Pics of a platinum V w/ powdercoated wheels??
  36. Dealer Service
  37. heavy duty radiator?
  38. Possible Interior Upgrade?
  39. My Rear Differential... Good News & Bad News!!
  40. Got Me An Oil Company!!
  41. Domestic Driver Magazine needs submissions!
  42. Free ECU programmer?
  43. Clutch issues? Clutch TSB 05-07-31-001
  44. Broken front, broken rear
  45. Watkins Glen, May 7&8 (pic)
  46. Dead battery, Hooters and Crown Cadillac...
  47. Car handles funny with Ground Control setup! HELP
  48. What tire pressure for a 245/35/20 tire
  49. Warranty about to expire - question
  50. Kudos to Magnuson...
  51. falken 452 vs 615 ????
  52. CTS-V Radio Control Car 1:10 Scale Model
  53. Let's see your tan interior
  54. Do Uuc Bushings Have To Be Cut?
  55. Hd Radio
  56. DVD Audio Discs?
  57. bucket of fun i am having dealer look at so my car can get done
  58. problem shifting
  59. Widened stock wheels + 295s??
  60. No Problems Or Minor Ones...?
  61. Cadillac Remote Control 1:10 Scale Cts-v
  62. Last Set of 20 inch chromes left
  63. GM buying my car back - I have a V-knob to sell
  64. 07 Infiniti G35/G37 insight and CTS-V story
  65. Radios and More iPod/XM Direct Kit
  66. CCW wheel maintenance
  67. Leaking FG2's
  68. Damn V...
  69. G.D. It...wife is making me file for...
  70. Car Won"t Start Any Ideas????
  71. Colorful Autocross Videos
  72. Anyone at the Dragon this last weekend? :-D
  73. Newbee here with a few questions
  74. Lowering the V...Eibach or H&R?
  75. Dealership buyback.
  76. So I FINALLY put my summer wheels back on!
  77. TPS - where?
  78. anyone wear DRIVING shoes when DRIVING the v?
  79. how many MILES b4 oil computer says "change the oil"?
  80. Sunset V
  81. Watkins Glen Speed GT Cadillac Hospitality
  82. Reardiff/ Tranny service
  83. Double Online Discounts - Save Up To $400.00!
  84. Go Ahead. Stare.
  85. CTS-V Drifting [Videos]
  86. Denniscars chickens out
  87. A little driving mayhem
  88. XM radio is SLEAZY
  89. D1s Replacement bulbs...
  90. CTS-V Pace Car
  91. Rear Interior panel Disassembly help needed!!
  92. More pics of a freshly waxed car. Enjoy!
  93. Keeping the V!
  94. Brake upgrade...
  95. Need Some V Height Measurement Help - Please!
  96. Kooks Headers
  97. CTS-V registry
  98. odd noise...any help/input appreciated
  99. My car fell apart!!!
  100. Got some things sorted out!
  101. Navigation question - Download addresses
  102. Wind buffet (picky general discussion)
  103. Reno Fernley Track Memorial Weekend (TrackMasters)
  104. First time to the track in the V
  105. That had a mind of her own.
  106. V + mods = RWHP? Summer!
  107. Ignition Key With Built-In Remote?
  108. Your catch can nag is back
  109. OnStar dropping analog service
  110. where did u hook up lights in your boost gauges
  111. Broke a dash clip
  112. labor time to replace inner tie rod?
  113. Tires with a "Happy Ending"
  114. Is this a Rear Main Seal Problem?
  115. Hi-Flo Cat Fried a Connector
  116. Update on KW Coilovers...
  117. Brand New Vs Can't Be This Loud (bushings)...
  118. Goodbye Peter Cameron, Obituary. Supercharger expert
  119. Drag Radials for the V
  120. Dealer Services ext warranty?
  121. !CAGS replacement
  122. Corvette Shift Knobs.......
  123. Cheapest place to buy Falken Azenis RT-615?????
  124. 255/55's on stock rims?
  125. what system works best for bleeding brakes
  126. Motor Trend mag mentions 2009 V
  127. Cadillac V-series Apparel
  128. Modded V on Ebay---Is this a forum member?
  129. anyone w/ SPORT MAXX on V experience??
  130. Light platinum v bumper
  131. Fix a Flat Bad for TPS????
  132. shift knob removal
  133. Lower fascia is missing? Lindsay help?
  134. Brake fluid?
  135. Where to buy TPS? Part # anyone?
  136. Worthless pic thread!
  137. stayed in the family!!
  138. Dynomax Mufflers
  139. Cadillac Racing
  140. Deactivating TCS and Stability control without...
  141. Tire Sensor and Stability Control
  142. T2-V for sale
  143. Supposedly new Stock Wheels on ebay
  144. Focus On The Driving Not The Cars...
  145. Cadillac Shirts
  146. Dead engine!
  147. So What the Hell is LW Radio???
  148. It CANNOT be done!
  149. Radio wont switch to XM????
  150. found a used diff, what fluid do i need to put in it
  151. Free performance 'mods'
  152. Another Tire Thread
  153. CTS-V on "Sopranos?"
  154. Cadillac V-series Apparel
  155. need good rear diff cheap
  156. High oil temp//damage
  157. Pulled on a 6.0 gto
  158. Question for you guys with blowers
  159. WoW!! Anyone have either of these rims, they look great!!
  160. Damn, I need a laser jammer...
  161. I guess I just have bad luck
  162. Got new nav discs from Cadillac
  163. Official LS3 release today?
  164. Kooks ordered. What other necessities are needed?
  165. ANyone running P255-45-r18s on their stock rims?
  166. Uuc Shift Knob
  167. Painted Calipers
  168. Magnuson Supercharger Group Purchase!
  169. C6 or CTS-V
  170. Rear Diff break in period
  171. Injector question
  172. Royal Purple for my DIFF
  173. 3d Digital model of the V
  174. Coolant loss...
  175. Running Temps
  176. dealer will not warrenty rear end
  177. Blew my rear
  178. U.S. Department of Transportation on CTS V REAR
  179. Parrot Bluetooth Install Guide
  180. well the car is done, rear end blown to pcs LOL
  181. NHTSA and USDOT requesting info on rear-end failures
  182. when will the 08 CTS-V be out?
  183. V stickers?
  184. Who's V was at Wicked in Dallas last friday?
  185. Couldn't Believe My Eyes
  186. Performance vs Wheel Question
  187. Lowering kit
  188. V Invite to Track Day
  189. Black > *
  190. You guys HAVE to see this (ricer wings)
  191. Cadillac License Plate Frames - Forum Discount
  192. 94 in a 65...
  193. Ground Control coilovers
  194. This guy owns a V, and he says this:
  195. Anyone have contact with BigAndyZV?
  196. Traded the car in...
  197. I think I fried my iConnect iPod interface...(help)?
  198. New Pix from Pueblo Motorsports Park on 3/27/07
  199. Awesome V with 408ci engine video...
  200. Got my V back
  201. Its my own damn fault.
  202. Thanks Reed! ... Got My Microfiber Towel.
  203. Look At What My Daughter Drove At Bondutant
  204. 20" stock rim look alikes....
  205. G-meter mod...would this work?
  206. Electric Cut Outs......
  207. Hotchkis Swaybar/Suspension Group Purchase!
  208. Interior noise poll!!! Please vote.
  209. opinions on installing shift light
  210. Feeler: Stock 18" Chromies w/500 mile old Nitto's
  211. BLUETOOTH INTERFACE- order now
  212. Stone Chips?
  213. V vs. 1935 851 Supercharged Speedster
  214. Installed Magnoflow
  215. V-series Logo Apparel
  216. Radio button swap procedure
  217. Stingy Dealer
  218. Not so perfect photo-op posted...
  219. My first caddy
  220. Oil temperature digital gauge??
  221. Ashtray experts
  222. Did I make a Mistake? (Buyback)
  223. Captree Park - Sun, April 22
  224. People say my car sounds like a "Stock Car"!!
  225. Engine oil pressure reading Zero
  226. Perfect photo OP missed!!! doh!!!
  227. My butt hurts again
  228. Vette
  229. 1 > 4 force shift gone?
  230. Just got my 22's installed!!
  231. Ferrari Maserati of Washington event at Summit Point on Monday??????
  232. Identify This undercar Hose
  233. Where to get "V" decals for calipers?
  234. Going to the strip Saturday what should i expect?
  235. Check Engine Light after CAI install question...
  236. Is there a limit to...
  237. 2009 Cts V
  238. Anyone in MD/VA/DC know of a decent body shop?
  239. The Mod Bug...
  240. What RPM are you Shifting Gears LS6rs?
  241. Scratches!
  242. 2 More Chesrown V's
  243. Watkins Glen, May 7&8
  244. WHERE is subwoofer amp?
  245. going 9.5's to 10.5's in the back
  246. So... Which are the good San Francisco area dealers?
  247. Denver V's?
  248. Zaino all in one Polish
  249. Cadillac License Plate Frames - Forum Discount Code
  250. Go-carting the 28th