: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Why R32 race thread moved...
  2. ground control... How many threads do you have showing in the rear?
  3. Ocho Nueve seeTeeSwee test drive...
  4. STS Rear on the CTS-V
  5. Do you think the rear end will hold up?
  6. Whe can I buy? Rear windshild fin, stickers for headlights/taillights?
  7. L.I. Boys! Captree, Bellmore, Bald Hill, Oyster bay?
  8. End links question...
  9. Another use for the LS6...
  10. Michelin PS2 275/40ZR18 on the rear
  11. Incredible Tire Life on Goodyear F1's
  12. Official Cadillac V-series Logo Apparel
  13. New Nav Disc Available 8/1/7
  14. STS headlights in a CTS?
  15. Forza 2 has a nifty car editor
  16. UUC Installation Cost
  17. More Kudos to Lindsay
  18. To Buy Extended Warranty or Not?
  19. Rained out :(
  20. spare rim/tire won't fit..
  21. Mallett V
  22. cts-v cd changer
  23. Kooks Headers install Need help
  24. Widening stock wheels
  25. STS-V wheels
  26. Kooks headers install question
  27. ANybody willing to trade a good condition spare wheel for one that is peeling? + cash
  28. Painting stock rims??
  29. Anybody have black rims on their car?
  30. TPS and Replacement wheel quest
  31. brakes on fire
  32. Anyone here running 3.90:1 rear gears..
  33. DFW guys...does this work better?
  34. Warranty question.
  35. How does the car alarm work?
  36. TSB's and dealer reccomendations...please help!
  37. Someone jacked my rims!
  38. What is the Paint Code for our calipers???
  39. CTS V Cradle Bushings in stock
  40. Alignment w/ GC/FG2
  41. Help W/ Weird Noises
  42. Runflat tires
  43. V sighting in Atlanta/Marietta
  44. More Kone Killing Karnage
  45. changing crank sensor was a PITA
  46. My first "encounter..."
  47. Platinum V at the Delano i think in South Beach, Fl????????Anyone here????
  48. Power steering relay????
  49. Vehicle History Request
  50. Any new 09 V speculation threads will get deleted
  51. Pulling trigger on Extended Warranty...Help.
  52. StealthV please clear your private messages
  53. What type of paint is on the Factory Rear spoiler???
  54. New Gallery Pics, Whatcha think?
  55. [WARNING ON LINK!] Looks like the CTS-V can help to put cash BACK into your wallet..
  56. Good Pic Weather Here
  57. Will They Rub or Will They Blow...You Just Gotta Let Me Know...
  58. They Shipping My Babie Away In The Morning =(
  59. Here is some pics of my V
  60. Wheel Hop Kits...yeah, I'm lazy.
  61. OK...Easy Mods for the guys with basic tools
  62. Anyone from Memphis, TN (or near??)
  63. Speed channel right NOW!!!
  64. Well someone used their brains and.....
  65. Spring cleaning
  66. Center console removal
  67. Central Fl meet
  68. What TSBs? do I need?
  69. Could someone please run a service report for me
  70. Anyone in Midwest....
  71. New 2005 V owner.
  72. Goodyear dealer rip off?
  73. has anyone seen this cts-v
  74. Rear End Noise
  75. anybody see this b4
  76. Percy's header gaskets + header bolts
  77. "ALERT"...This Just In...Wild VS. Urby on Track Day Caught By An Odd Looking Groupie.
  78. My Chronic Mod-itis is acting up again (Headers + Cam results inside)
  79. Clutch resevoir leaking
  80. Dunno if anyone is as anal about tire pres. as I am (good deal)
  81. Is there an o-ring or anything in the tps sensor???
  82. Big 3 is a Big Find
  83. What do u guys think?
  84. My car wash doesn't do so well...
  85. Goodyear Credit
  86. Get on this wheel onebay. Ends soon!
  87. Mid Ohio SCCA National June 2-3
  88. B&B X-Pipe????
  89. Spare ECU...
  90. Understeer
  91. Let Me tell you a little story about a man name Luke..
  92. Car Audio Question - Subwoofer
  93. Cadillac V-series Logo Apparel
  94. Question as far as speed/times for you FI V owners
  95. Kooks, Dynatech, Stainless Works, JBA and SLP Headers On Sale!
  96. Fuel rail cover question
  97. Underdrive Pullies...........
  98. Here are some of my latest pics.
  99. Spare Wheel ebay Firesale!
  100. 09 V
  101. Since We're Using Bandwidth on Pic Threads...
  102. Anyone trade black factory centercaps for silver??
  103. Do we have an "in cabin" air filter?
  104. Volvo Photo Caption Contest -- 3 month mbrshp to winner
  105. Spring clean, yep more pics
  106. wiring issue all windows dont work
  107. latest car & driver?
  108. Latest Nav DVD Data Disc
  109. Altamont Speedway Videos May 27, 2007
  110. Battery Life
  111. diff additive
  112. Anyone have stock rotors they want to sell?
  113. Should I buy this 2004 V? Service history NEEDED :)
  114. Whos redline V at limerock yesterday?
  115. Need HELP!Cant pass emissions with kooks and high flow cats.
  116. Lingenfelter CAI Pics
  117. CTS-V Remote Control Car
  118. Brake Heat Mitigation + contest!!
  119. Clunking noise while shifting
  120. I may take the V badges off
  121. Just joined the club
  122. Some of my nicest pictures yet....
  123. Some new pics.
  124. Happy Memorial Day ! ! ! !
  125. First week with the V
  126. Few More Pics of Totalled AIR FRC 1
  127. Can someone pull the history of a V I'm looking to buy?
  128. Zaino: How long do you leave on?
  129. Where's the OBD Scan Tool Plug In?
  130. Early Impressions of the PS2...
  131. lost my V
  132. Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit
  133. Hitch for bike trailer
  134. Help straighten me out...thinking about another V
  135. Have any of you guys got all bugs out?
  136. 3 pics from Hooters' - Dublin CA...
  137. Redline Tires on Redline V (like em or hate em?)
  138. why when i slam 2nd......
  139. AIR FRC 1 Recommissioned
  140. Anyone subscribe to Onstar?
  141. Any probs with head lights?
  142. Great Car Tunes....In Honor of BigJim's Music Videos...
  143. basic needed mods...newb
  144. V's Value goin up?
  145. Gettin' my ride back tonight!!!!!!
  146. Stock radio question
  147. And the project begins...
  148. Charlotte Speed World Challenge GT results inside **spoiler alert**
  149. xm not showing up under radio sets??
  150. HAHA You HAVE to read this craigslist CTS-V listing!!
  151. Finally got my new GSD3's for $0!
  152. CTS/CTSV Tuning for ALL Applications
  153. Those that owned Vettes, T/As, GTOs and Camaros
  154. To all my Customers whos cars i am working on...
  155. Tuners in Eastern PA?
  156. Talked to GM-500+ hp
  157. Taking off sun visor airbag stickers?!?
  158. Late notice but I'm GOING TO MOROSO tonight
  159. Is my V running right?
  160. Bridgewater Fuddruckers
  161. Ricer Boy Yesterday...
  162. Any great tire shops in Miami or near there.
  163. Max Tire Size w/stock rims & ride height?
  164. Is there a sign on my forehead?
  165. WTB FE4 Rear Shock Spacers !
  166. Jimmie Johnson gets a V
  167. Help, Catless now, need advice on tune
  168. 245 to 275 Rear Tires: Before and After Pics
  169. Need Help With Labor Prices?
  170. Vent Tube For Rear Replaced Today. Tsb?
  171. Clutch pedal banging??
  172. Gtech pro RR
  173. Car and Bike Show in Cartersville, GA on June 23rd
  174. Black rubber "accordian" in clutch reservoir
  175. Saw a black/orange 2-tone V in Spokane, WA
  176. B&B TriFlo Exhausts - 10% Off And FREE Shipping!
  177. Back for the first time......
  178. What's this guy smokin'!?
  179. Our NAV only takes Palm OS. Now Palm OS is dead (pretty much)
  180. Mid-Ohio, July 20-22, 2007 (CTS-V Meet)
  181. Why Six Lug Wheels... There A Big PITA!!!
  182. Tire Sponsor
  183. XM Radio Is Having Problems
  184. after a week w/ the V
  185. Tire rotation positions?
  186. Tranny/Clutch Issue HELP!
  187. Cts-v 1:10 Scale Radio Remote Control Car
  188. Performance chip question
  189. Powder Coating cost?
  190. Premium versus Mid-Grade...
  191. I want my car to be quiet, have dynamat, quick question
  192. Help: No ignition, no dash, no windows
  193. Would this work...
  194. New Differential.... How long before i can go on the dyno
  195. Does the 05 cts-v play mp3s?
  196. BFG KDW 2's...finally had em out in a rain storm
  197. anyone have any stockers for sale?!
  198. How accurate is the g-meter, I hit 1.04 G
  199. 142 mph in a 75 mph...I need legal advice!
  200. New Body Car On My Car It Came Out Pretty Sexy Looking
  201. Sunroof Vinyl Decal
  202. Not just V's
  203. Buying tires off the internet
  204. Vibration at ~2k revs
  205. Anyone need a Motor?
  206. Brake Pad revisited
  207. red tag/ employee price history?
  208. A new V "must-have" item on eBay.
  209. Need an Old Beater Wheel for a Spare & Will Give Away Old Tires
  210. good lord changing rear diff fluid = PITA
  211. Plate Poll
  212. Warning Accumsump cost me Viper engine
  213. In need of a bent or otherwise undrivable rim
  214. College kid needs $$$$$$
  215. Anyone got an OEM wheel laying around :P
  216. Tire Sensor/s re-program
  217. bose subwoofer FOR SALE
  218. UUC/Lindsay Bushing Install
  219. Having Trouble shifting into 2nd gear - CTSV
  220. Another tires tread, but with a twist.
  221. My Shift Knob keeps coming off
  222. 2004 CTS V for Sale
  223. Creaking noise
  224. Aftermarket shocks?
  225. Do any D/FW Owners attend these events?
  226. Useless, yet funny drive-thru story
  227. Got my V back from the shop today, still lovin' it.
  228. 275/45/18
  229. Specter Werkes/Sports latest CTS V project (pics inside)
  230. Stock Wheels - A Magnet for Road Rash?
  231. Well...that Sucks...
  232. CTS-V tires
  233. ANyone Running High Performance All-Season Tires
  234. Brake Fluid leak at Master Cylinder Cap
  235. Question Widened rear wheels
  236. Thinking about a 2005 CTS-V
  237. Extra V badge
  238. New Noise Coming From Rear
  239. Ontario Meet - Vote For a Location
  240. This defies all logic
  241. So I got hit today
  242. Corsa's "Bubble and Pop"
  243. DELMARVA Owners -NASCAR Meet up?
  244. Speed/Performance Shops Near Philadelphia?
  245. Need clarification on 07 rear diffs
  246. How much heavier are the STOCK chrome V wheels?
  247. Whose V is this??? Nice cutouts...
  248. 2nd Annual Denver, CO Cadillac Owners Meet
  249. Smoke from the dipstick?
  250. new to CTS-V..been searching for info and need help