: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Ground Control squeak.....
  2. 205 Off All V-series Apparel
  3. Whew!!
  4. 04 Cutouts Video Clip
  5. Would you call 266 degrees oil temp excessive??
  6. Ashtray removal
  7. Cig Relay / Switched Power for 2007 V?
  8. 05 CTS-V Frying Alternators left and right!! HELP!
  9. Feeding the Mod Bug
  10. Last call on HID bulbs.
  11. Anyone have a contact at Cadiallac they can pass on...
  12. Track Junkies...Choice of Oil & Tranny Coolers...
  13. Woodward Dream Cruise 2007
  14. Fell off the wagon
  15. 2009 V Colors
  16. Number of V's Made Each Year...?
  17. New Clutch Break in Period
  18. whats wrong with my gears/tranny?
  19. 07 So Cal meet and bake off?
  20. 15% Off Installs During The Month Of July!
  21. Subwoofer upgrades?
  22. Cabin air filter question...
  23. A Few Brews...4th of July CTS-V Video...
  24. Do I want a V?
  25. Painting / Plating Rotors
  26. Fun with emblems...
  27. Happy 4th of July
  28. what a long strange trip its been
  29. Is there a nav map update for a 05 V
  30. At what point am I right to complain about the diff to the dealer?
  31. So I just got a New Diff....
  32. "SOULETR" IS ALIVE...Exhaust Clip...
  33. Decision of a lifetime...
  34. Question about CTS-V struts..
  35. North Carolina Area meet
  36. Nero Editing Users Help...
  37. Ground Control, Hotchkis bars and FG2 for sale!
  38. Need help with differential fluid change
  39. Cts Center Console Sale
  40. Front wheel lift- alarming!
  41. Performance shop in Toronto, Ontario
  42. 09 V more underhood pics
  43. Sale Price for a 2005 CTSV?
  44. How come theres no Vs in The transformers movie
  45. Your Choice For A Maximum Effort Project???
  46. Warranty Question- PLEASE HELP
  47. Max drop in rear with GC?
  48. Tower Brace Specs?
  49. Zaino ROCKS! (Pics)
  50. 2007 Cts-v
  51. K-sport Coil Overs And Cutouts Installed....
  52. Uniside damage
  53. Next CTS-V All Wheel Drive?
  54. TBYRNE Motorsports Store Wide Sale!!!
  55. Mp3
  56. Clinging sound - Video
  57. Functional armrest - $0, but priceless
  58. someone tried breaking into my V
  59. Cadillac V-series Logo Apparel
  60. WTB black/black cts-v w< 40K and $29K max
  61. Any places that sell diff colored shifters/knobs?
  62. Tee Shirts
  63. does the 05 CTS-V have bluetooth?
  64. Radar dector setup
  65. Got a Detail and a new Camera
  66. Anyone at Jersey beach this weekend???
  67. V drives like a Z/28?
  68. getting seats to look better
  69. Informative Crate Engine Articles
  70. Bondurant Racing School
  71. Which Differential fluid should I use??
  72. Who Likes to Eradicate Ignorance?
  73. Question: Signs of Abuse
  74. New Wing for the V
  75. Quick Question - Hawk Pads
  76. some info please.....
  77. Pix...427ci...Specter Werkes Hood..."SOULETR"...
  78. I know a couple people have been asking for these (stock chrome)
  79. Navigation Help???
  80. The new aluminum wing looks great!!!
  81. How much does are car weigh 3,800?
  82. Car is dead...
  83. Change the buttons next to the Nav screen?
  84. Just out of school need opinion
  85. Most Recent Best Priced Falken RT-615's
  86. Ontario CTS/CTS-V Gathering - July 2007
  87. CTS-V wheel & tire on ebay
  88. Anyone running 255/40/18 on stock rims
  89. QUICK...Nitto NT555 pics on stock wheels???....
  90. kooks--HELP!!!
  91. WTB : Ground Control kit - Fronts only
  92. Am I Just Lazy???
  93. Question about tuning...specifically StealthV
  94. Thinking of buying new '07 V
  95. need help lubing squeeky bushings!!!
  96. Who's Got More Beef...i.e. - Beefier Tranny & Engine Mounts...
  97. replaced outside temp sensor and temp still wrong
  98. Interceptor scan gauge
  99. Correct Tire Air Pressure For Non-Run Flats
  100. Strut Tower Brace Bolts....
  101. When will or when did the last 2007 CTS-V Roll Off the Assembly Line?
  102. If I was to buy a V
  103. 2007 SCCA June Sprints -- RACE REPORT
  104. Anything wrong with running
  105. NAV2Go + Alpine Vehicle Hub
  106. Anyone running a More Performance CAI??? Help....
  107. Pics of the V's completed garage (DUW)
  108. Any Chrome V wheels for sale?
  109. If You're Serious About Tracking Your V...
  110. Grill and front bumper cover = ???
  111. race fuel....your thoughts
  112. Curious Gauge Reading
  113. outside air temp sensor
  114. Dumb Question..Warped wheel cover under warranty?
  115. Great State of Texas V
  116. speedometer issue?
  117. Strange Noise???
  118. DVD Full of Music in DVD Slot?
  119. Navigation system making noise
  120. Anyone have photos of there Black "V" with the Specter Rear Spoiler..
  121. Pulling the trigger on a cam.
  122. A Couple of Interesting Vs in Mass.......
  123. WTT 2002 Camaro SS conv for Black CTS-V
  124. Hotchkis vs. Eibach
  125. Went to the Local Vette meet w/ the V.
  126. CTS-V420 + 04CTSVFLA pics
  127. cts-v problems
  128. TBYRNE Motorsports $1000.00 Giveaway!!!
  129. Paddleshift or Manual?
  130. Im a Picture WHORE! This time Gulf of Mexico
  131. Pics from yesterday's CTS-V group at Car Show in Cartersville
  132. Permanent jacking pucks from the Vette work great!
  133. Aftermath from the Track Friday....(&track pics)
  134. Just Picked Up A New CTS-V Today
  135. Now that I have a V...
  136. Aaah...High Power HP "V" Owners...Slave Cylinder...
  137. Neither a kill story or a race vid....
  138. Changing State in Navigation
  139. What to Drive...Decisions Decisions....
  140. diff q newbi
  141. CAPTREE Sunday morning! I'll be there early! Anyone else?
  142. Any SC or highly modded V's for sale?
  143. Oil Capacity on CTS-V
  144. Steel Braided Brake Hoses
  145. O.K. who's going to do this with a V?
  146. 2004 Silver CTS-V for sale $31k
  147. OH The Shame!
  148. new tires (size question)
  149. Dealer said I need a new diff & it's covered!
  150. Denver V Owner's Meet / June 24th / Park Meadows Area / Champps Americana / 1:00 PM
  151. Adding an auto looses anti-theft device
  152. First track day for the V
  153. Do you believe in periodically running fuel injector cleaner??
  154. Don Massey Cadillac (Plymouth, MI) ROCKS!
  155. full throttle cutting out/ lagging
  156. WTB - Cadillac CTS-V (look inside. find me one and i'll pay you)
  157. Looking To Buy A Few Things
  158. Post Ground Control andThe bodyshop jacked my embzz...
  159. Specter Werkes/Sports Extractor Hood. One Available Now!
  160. Aftermarket Support/Tunability - LS6 vs LS2
  161. parting car out
  162. Have you seen the "V" logos inside the XLR???
  163. Tire pressure reads zero, then goes back to normal?
  164. Can't find the answer, easy question.
  165. Dyno'd my 2005 CTS-V
  166. What would cause "engine power reduced"?
  167. Im Back II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. Is There A Sensor for "Fuel Used"?
  169. Question for Magnacharger owners
  170. Need Advice about Selling Car
  171. My First Differential Leak!
  172. Heater Core Leaking? Pics....
  173. Adding Spare Tire...Part Unavaliable..Help!
  174. UUC Install
  175. Shocks
  176. Glamour Shots.....V, SS's, GTO
  177. 2007 SCCA June Sprints June 22-24
  178. BMR Trailing Arms
  179. Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  180. How often to change spark plugs?
  181. new tire player for the CTS-V????
  182. wtf, my thread has vanished
  183. His And Her Cadillacs Pics
  184. Finally...A proud Kooks member!
  185. My newest V project
  186. Anyone with a broken diff to supply for evaluation by vendor?
  187. how much do the sail panels cost?
  188. Happy Father's Day
  189. How many former Z06 owners here?
  190. Tried turtle wax 'Ice'.....
  191. Dallas (DFW) V owners....HELP.....
  192. New guy says "hello"...............
  193. Who's Black V in Van Nuys?
  194. E-brake kinda sucks
  195. Stuck At Work Sale
  196. who is from il with the v
  197. Mod My V & Newbie Questions
  198. Some pics from Gurnee IL
  199. Some Advice on New tires ?
  200. Shift Knob removal: is this normal :)
  201. Ran the V last night...120.22 MPH with bad clutch
  202. Who warms up their car before driving off?
  203. How rare are Vs?
  204. F1 race at Indy....Anyone going?
  205. Touche' Team Corvette
  206. Wow - CTS-V Customer Not Happy
  207. How fast can you chew up oil life?
  208. Anyone have a wheel bolt break off??
  209. I blew my rear!!
  210. Coolant Leak
  211. Pinion Brace
  212. Where did you get your [used] V?
  213. Yeah, me likey...
  214. FYI- Externally Threaded Wheel Locks
  215. Stock rims
  216. We just picked up another 07 V
  217. Differential fill plug under pressure upon loosening..
  218. Very frustrated with CL posting of CTSV help
  219. Baby Got New Shoes
  220. Does your seat feel...loose?
  221. Checking Differential fluid level...
  222. New V Owner, Ready for Upgrades...
  223. Need Help! Gc Install!!
  224. Brand New Speakers never installed for V, don't need them
  225. V rim stickers on a MB wheel (classy)
  226. Is there a FAQ/Thread about the CTS-V downfalls?
  227. Torque Stick: How Do They Work?
  228. Dealer to most-likely replace my '04 Rear-end with '04 parts??
  229. Positive Remarks For Big 3 Performance
  230. V - Basic Formula For A Little Dragun!
  231. Do Kooks headers have to come off to install new motor mounts?
  232. Ok, Bellmore On Friday, Anyone Going?
  233. Blowout price on Pioneer In-Dash DVD Multimedia Reciever
  234. Whats YOUR personalized greeting?
  235. Extreme Composites Cowl Hood
  236. New NAV Disc Forsale
  237. Is it bad to leave tires out side?
  238. DFW guys --> Sewell in Grapevine great work!!
  239. End links for the back?
  240. Ate At Kai...Chefs Restaurant
  241. What's She Worth
  242. p0336 still coming after cranksensor replacement
  243. A Real Spare Tire (pic's)
  244. Those With K-sport Coil Overs/mine Just Got Here......
  245. SEATTLE Auto-X
  246. 07 V with vibration
  247. I Need A Lift!
  248. anybody who's gotten new tires for their Goodyear F1 EMT Runflats...please help!
  249. Nitto DR 285/35/18's Anybody use them?
  250. 40mph wind noise concert in 05 V