: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. UUC shift knob installed
  2. Suggestions...and getting rid of them....
  3. 'nother TC question
  4. tm in your user name is bad
  5. Anyone have a RF Sidemarker Lens For Sale?
  6. Everybody Needs A V Watch....
  7. Ghostridin' a Caddy!
  8. ONSTAR rates going up-Reed is your Bluetooth ready for primetime?
  9. One TPS Needed!
  10. Anyone get the knob off yet?
  11. Dumb warranty question...
  12. rims wanted
  13. best quality drilled cyro treated rotors
  14. Used CTS-V Recs
  15. Sleeper V
  16. Update on rear end ratio change to 3.42
  17. Ls2 Owners How Do I Remove The Ecm?
  18. Names Of Pre-set Radio Stations
  19. Who'd a thunk it?????
  20. Anyone live close to Brighton, MI?
  21. CTS-V in Malibu today?
  22. Mallet Salvage on ebay.
  23. CAGS eliminator burned up!
  24. V Stitching and CTS console lid Looks Awesome!!
  25. Did the TC/Stability controls change in later models?
  26. All Hail Lindsay Cadillac!!!
  27. Will CAGS removal break the reverse lockout?
  28. Top speed limiter removal?
  29. Lug bolt broke off, how bad?
  30. Deposits on '09 V's
  31. i think this little slk-55 is faster than the v
  32. Returning Car to Stock---Goodies Inside
  33. A\C issues with Onstar also
  34. Tomorrow Is Saturday..........
  35. Lindsay Cadillac Parts SALE! omg buy now omg!
  36. Great World Challenge Photos...
  37. who's the oldest and who's the youngest?
  38. Meet at Road Atlanta for Petit Le Mans???
  39. Clutch peddle gets really soft with any kind of abuse...
  40. Modified Vs in Philly area?
  41. All V owners please read this
  42. Air pump for diff fluid?
  43. CTS V or Z06 Corvette
  44. Not all too impressed with the Falken 452's
  45. LS2 Edit or other ECU tuning in Northern California?
  46. CTS-V clear fog/HID bulb replacement procedure
  47. How to change a front blinker bulb - CTS-V
  48. Clear fog lens install
  49. Trunk Struts Failing?
  50. V on the block
  51. New keyless Entry remotes?
  52. Magnuson Supercharger's Powertrain Warranty
  53. Hell is Starting To Erupt...Install Abuse of Abuse of InstallEEEE?
  54. is this a rear end problem?
  55. DFW Mini Meet Videos, need your help
  56. Novous #2 polish
  57. What Can Be Improved On Your Car?
  58. New CTS-V Owner - Need Advice!
  59. Car keeps cutting off!!!!!
  60. Goodyear Eagle F1 All-Season tires
  61. Woodward Dream Cruise Open House at Specter Werkes/Sports
  62. Navigation CD
  63. 402ci ProCharger F1-A (almost done)
  64. Check Coolant Level?
  65. Rear Diff Service Visit
  66. SoCal Tustin Meet- August 26
  67. Recall on the CTS rear end???!!!!
  68. Uuc Steel Braided Brake Hoses
  69. Houston area V meet?
  70. I Just May Do It !!!
  71. *Audio Upgrade* with Link for V
  72. noobie radio/nav button Q?
  73. Vredestein - My next tire
  74. Help How do you take out front seat headrests?
  75. My V Experience
  76. Specter Works Cradle Bushings ... Opinions?
  77. Wierd Shifing Problem When Car Is Cold
  78. Photoshopped wheels, which ones are better for redline.
  79. DFW MEET SUNDAY AUG 12 @ Hooters
  80. need tail lamp wiring diagram
  81. aftermarket touch screen nav?
  82. had the car 21 days, just got my first ticket :(
  83. anyone SWAP out CRANKSHAFT pulley??
  84. I'm new here- Considering a V for my next car.....
  85. Anyone have a matte black V???????
  86. Camera Mount Testing....
  87. what brakes pads should I use?
  88. New V Owner Got some questions...
  89. Anyone running 18" front 19" rear or 19" front 20" rear RIMS?
  90. NY Times Dream Cruise article mentions V
  91. Whose selling the 1000hp TT 427ci V?????
  92. Any Ideas????
  93. CTS-V just made it on FOX news
  94. Loose Emergency brake??
  95. Took some pics w/ some modded M3's
  96. Help #2! Car will not stay running
  97. Silver V in MA Towing Jetskis...
  98. 07 dealer price quote
  99. CTS V rc car
  100. DFW mini meet this Sunday!!!!
  101. carfax
  102. Official V-series Logo Apparel 20% Off
  103. car doesnt like to start in the morning
  104. what is with my OIL TEMP guage?
  105. Anyone running TR224 cam?
  106. Electric fan ?
  107. Mallet h/c CTS-V; what do they run?
  108. What % of the general population even know what a CTS-V is?
  109. Car Wash .. Up My Car
  110. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S - Center tread wear
  111. Magnuson Supercharger Sale/Installation Special (8/3-8/17)
  112. Help diagnose new noise........?
  113. CTS-V 2005 very clean
  114. Here is what they did about my high oil temp/great service!
  115. Ebay spoilers
  116. 1meanv discussion. did he take your money?
  117. About to purchase but need a service record check
  118. Gauging Interest: CTS Plant Tour
  119. cts-v with a salvage ...opinions
  120. What gear lubes have everyone tried in the diff?
  121. Can someone run this VIN?
  122. whos black v at sarant cadillac
  123. Competition Mode not turning on?!?
  124. 3, 2, 1, ignition.....
  125. What Does Lindsay Cadillac Sell??
  126. Navigation disc don't work from dealer
  127. Replaced Windshield...Looks Sleeker...
  128. difference between Specter & extreme composites Hood
  129. Location of outside temp probe?
  130. new member. can i get a vin check!!
  131. Open track at Willow streets Aug 4,5
  132. Wheel Spacers
  133. Mid-Ohio September
  134. Do women notice the V... Yes they do!
  135. Lets Hear Your Valet Stories
  136. V Road Trips
  137. i ran a carfax, but can someone run my vin for service info?
  138. VIN Run plz
  139. Riced out V
  140. Used Oil Analysis - Factory Fill Diff Fluid - Sign of Trouble?
  141. linelock
  142. Where would you install cutouts?
  143. Last day of Painted Spoiler Sale 2 Left
  144. Help!!! I Need Technical Drawings For My V
  145. Wheel Prices....
  146. A 07 CTS-V or A 07 STS-V?
  147. Update on transmission problems - resolved
  148. Easiness of Mods
  149. V rear bumper
  150. New non-NASCAR TV Channel
  151. LS6 vs LS2 (05 -06/07)
  152. need a pic...Help
  153. Hey Northeast Guys, Ever Heard of This???
  154. Casual Drive with Some Exotics & The 1st 08 Lambo to it USA...
  155. Getting ready for first track day with V (@ VIR-full)
  156. Stupid Strut Brace Question
  157. Paint, detailing gurus assistance needed.
  158. Turbocharged CTS... a V?
  159. Test drove a v on saturday
  160. whining noise from passenger side
  161. Cruised with the big boys today
  162. Florida Meet
  163. This could be a cheap buy.
  164. Kinda funny story...
  165. Wrong Brake Pads?
  166. Cts-v Logo Apparel 20% Off For July Sale
  167. Please Help
  168. Chicks Dig Caddy's Too
  169. OTRCAI Done!!
  170. Grattan is a
  171. Can someone look up a vehicle history for me from VIN?
  172. Who could beat this regular (buick powered) cts ???
  173. One Year Old Today
  174. Attention UMStuning/ApexMtrspt
  175. I dont get why ppl are such haters, look.
  176. Update on rear end ratio change
  177. led taillights in cts-v
  178. New rear end
  179. just got a warning!! please help
  180. Auto leveling shocks in the rear
  181. Happy Birthday to me fugers!!!
  182. CTS at the Nurburgring article
  183. Update on 142 in 75 Reckless Driving ticket...
  184. 2 vs
  185. need help
  186. I killed a V today.
  187. Service Vehicle Soon
  188. Oil Cooler
  189. If I buy a CTS-V from an individual or without warranty..
  190. Check these out CB Valve covers
  191. Purchase V price - what'd other people pay?
  192. Ready to ship, Raven Black and Light Platinum Spoilers
  193. Fake V?
  194. To regulate or not to regulate
  195. Gray Cts Center Console Now Availible
  196. Reduced Engine Power Yet Again...
  197. Dash trim Paint Color ???
  198. Passing Emissions Test with B&B Headers and Xpipe?
  199. What? No wave?
  200. Kooks Long Tube Headers On Sale!
  201. Is Andy cool or what! Today's Feel-Good story
  202. New Tires today - RSA EMTs are gone.
  203. Msd-v
  204. Undercar wheelhop video
  205. the raio knobs
  206. Tuning ?
  207. CCW - Widest Front Tire?
  208. HELP--What size and length are the wheel bolts?
  209. New PB 1/4 Mile time
  210. jet dst
  211. Cadillac Meet,Tri-State
  213. I got spanked by a Mallet C6 ZO6
  214. New Shift Knob (Pics)
  215. Who Crashed the Silver V today? You ok?
  216. Trouble - 3 hairline cracks in stock rotor
  217. Dash Kit removal?
  218. Custom wheels, any idea of what these are?
  219. I don't know what I want for my B-Day <$300
  220. My new dyno numbers...
  221. BMR Pinion Support Brace
  222. Low Timing due to IAT Modifier table
  223. Does anyone have trunk photos?
  224. South Florida meet July 27....
  225. FLORIDA! Registration open. HURRY! I challenge modders...
  226. Possible to find exhuast and cai both under 1k?
  227. TC in the GLOVE BOX???
  228. Clutch Petal Pops...?
  229. C-pillar sail panel broke...again
  230. Atlanta Track day and Car Show
  231. Should a tire plug look like this?
  232. Lifting the V from the Rear Diff.
  233. Help with engine!!
  234. Fuel rail cover idea
  235. I don't know if I can do this...(squeaky bushings)
  236. DFW 04 CAM and Kooks Video
  237. Swapping the Sub?
  238. just picked up the CTS-V after list of repairs
  239. CTS-V wheel & tire
  240. 18's....or 19's...
  241. My friends made a good point
  242. Baby V...and a Baby
  243. Flipped the CTS-V for an STS-V....
  244. Mod Hell begins (once Neteller pays me)!!!
  245. Drift Caddy!
  246. .?..?..?
  247. Quality issues with my car
  248. Proper Gear oil for the Rear
  249. New to forum - Looking for tune
  250. meet in the tri state area?