: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Sts/Cts-V mounting brackets
  2. So you want to tune your V?
  3. Broken Piston!
  4. ohio V
  5. Detailed the V (Pics)
  6. ANOTHER coolant leak!!!
  7. Nitto drag radials, Will 305/35/18 fit on rear of the V
  8. Jschmank - Lifesaver
  9. This looks like a great deal...of fun.
  10. See classifides for 2004 warranty till 2013/BB Headers
  11. OK, I did it...
  12. Crash!!!
  13. New update on Maggie's Bees
  14. New owner!
  15. How often should I change the air in my tires?
  16. CTS Low Coolant
  17. Casino Cash
  18. Near Dubuque, Iowa...Get $100 CASH EASY
  19. Video clip of my V with B&B x-pipe
  20. Problem with someone from forum not shipping what's paid for
  21. Black Powder Coated Grill (pics)
  22. vegas
  23. Friends don't let friends drive with bad motor mounts...
  24. How often should I change plugs and wires?
  25. Having differential case problems???
  26. Anyone have stock manifolds I can borrow in Southern Califonia?
  27. It's got an LS6 so it's a Z06.
  28. This should benefit everyone here (dealer visit overview)
  29. Almost ready to pull the trigger...
  30. MY 2005 Redline V for sale...
  31. SOULETR Goes To Bondurant...
  32. LS7 Has To Wait
  33. Want to buy a Tahoe, V lease is Up
  34. Which One of U Bast%$ds Did this??
  35. Pics Of my New MSD Coils installed
  36. Dyno today made 411HP on a Mustang
  37. Does Anybody Have Bfg Kdw Type1 Or Kd's On Their Car ?????
  38. Up For Grabs- Graphite Embroidered Lloyd’s Floor & Trunk Mats
  39. I want 09 CTS V info...but I don't want to read 170+ pages
  40. Help me decide
  41. NAV disc upgrade offer from GM NAV DISC CENTER
  42. Shifting from 3rd to 4th....big clunk
  43. The be all end all of everything Polls
  44. How is the V in snow with snow tires?
  45. new body kit for you fools
  46. Dealership is saying to put the suspension back to stock?
  47. Need a nav disk?
  48. New CTS-V Owner
  49. Bled the brakes out of order......seems to stop just fine...
  50. Misfire and bad cat - cause or effect?
  51. HA! Bleee could you be a little less obvious??
  52. Urb please leave this here. Im going to duplicate it on the other forum
  53. A Random Pic.. Why??? Because a CTS-V is in it!
  54. Time to let the V go, not an ad yet, but...
  55. Oil Pump Failure?
  56. I got my new wheels today!!!
  57. Old Nav DVD needs a good home
  58. This IS Your Last Warning!
  59. what are the TP Sensors Worth?
  60. Anybody have BFGoodrich: KDW1 (NOT 2) or KD tires on their car ????
  61. Track Day Revised Info
  62. spark plugs and NOS
  63. Arrgh! Door Ding.
  64. Anyone heard when the 2009 CTS V will be out?
  65. Comments on valvetrain combo
  66. Taking V back in again...
  67. I'm Looking at bfg kdw tires
  68. Fender mod
  69. 100000 Mile Certified...or Take My Chances?
  70. I Have 2 CTS-V Exhausts....
  71. Any Real Pictures of 2007 Thunder Gray CTS-V
  72. 11.85 121mph Tick Tick Tick
  73. telescoping steering wheel
  74. Are there Differences in the 2007 CTS-V over the 2005...besides 6.0L
  75. My car was broken into last night in Dallas
  76. !CAGS causing reverse lockout malfunction??
  77. Splash shield....
  78. Looking for Valentine 1 radar detector. V1.8 pop2. any for sale??
  79. Reno V owners Unite
  80. How to reprogram radio to cts-v so i can get into compitition mode?
  81. Help I updated Nav Firmware now stuck @ Los Angeles Airport-I live in Houston TX
  82. Need 2 9.5" x 18 wheels...Ideas?
  83. shell V power
  84. what is shelf life of mobil 1 oil???
  85. Can I still wear my V-emblemed clothing if I am driving a 08 CTS loaner?
  86. Looking for a set of Stock Cats for an 04
  87. CTS-V in the winter!?
  88. Build your own ODB2 to USB adapter
  89. Shaft mounted Rocker Arms
  90. Anyone want a cheap laptop?
  91. clutch warranty
  92. 1-2 Skip Shift
  93. Cadillac CTS-V Logo Apparel
  94. Winter Tires?
  95. Stocking Stuffer Special $100 off Specter Werkes Chin Spoiler
  97. TrueDelta reliability survey results - Cadillac CTS
  98. A question about Voice Recognition.
  99. Rear Diff Fluid
  100. anyone use ROYAL PURPLE OIL??
  101. This is fun! Check it out!
  102. Just put the eyelids on the V.....
  103. *How the heck does this bushing get replaced!!
  104. Purchase advice "new" 2005 CTS-V
  105. CTS Cargo Net
  106. CTS-V Stock wheel weight
  107. advice for buying CTS-V this weekend
  108. How many use your V as a daily driver?
  109. Anyone with a slow tire leak?
  110. What would you do?
  111. Hey Gordy I wanna see the Vee!!!
  112. PRICING for KW Coilover kits...
  113. Need new hood
  114. Black Grill on a Silver V
  115. Would you buy a V Wagon????
  116. Hard Braking...Pedal seems to stick?
  117. i wonder if this will fit
  118. Sonofa.......
  119. 2005 CTS-V 14,000mi 29,995
  120. Any V Owners Nyc Area
  121. Until we get the next V...
  122. Yet Another Set Of Inexspensive Fg2's
  123. The difference is astounding....
  124. LS7 Available - Should I get it?
  125. Suspension performance
  126. QA-1 vs FG-2?
  127. Whats up guys! Just got my V!!!!
  128. check coolant level warning mid turn...
  129. Interested In A Track Day??????
  130. CTS-V Fuel Mileage
  131. lost my keys, now what???????
  132. New Zenrin Nav Disc out anyone test?
  133. Any Reviews of this Tire
  134. what mods & tuning would u suggest?
  135. Where to tap in for power for Fuel and Boost Gauge?
  136. Turn AC On Today & White Smoke From Mod Hell Emerges ....
  137. Track Tires//Good find u might like!
  138. Excessive F1 EMT Tire Wear - Reference Thread
  139. Why does fresh lube make diff quiet?
  140. Smaller pedals...anyone make them?
  141. Help!!
  142. V went to the Dealership
  143. 84 in a 70 Need a Traffic Lawyer in Missouri
  144. Sighting
  145. Diffs covered under warranty?
  146. Well, I am luVinn the V
  147. Cradle Bushings back in stock, only 1 set left!
  148. I am sorry, but GM sucks
  149. Air intakes and Mileage
  150. L.E.D. tailights for 05 V ????
  151. Diff broke. What a joke
  152. DAMN Squeek
  153. Dealer damaged my car
  154. oil usage
  155. StealthV LS2 Fuel Rail Covers
  156. HELP..Confused (Bluetooth)
  157. How important to get alignment done right after swapping in FG2's?
  158. Do wider tires (275/45/18) affect stability control?
  159. sema cars cts
  160. New engine mounts and carrier bushing - WOW!
  161. Singing Rear Differential - Anyone have a quite one?
  162. Central Ohio V owners
  163. Who daily drives their V? Does the 6-Speed get annoying?
  164. 2008 CTS Sport at SEMA - shades of 2009 CTS-V?
  165. Bassani Cat Back...
  166. OK! Who was it I saw Jersey!
  167. Wanted stock or any 18" wheel for CTS-V winter tires
  168. Anyone gotten excess tire wear covered under warranty?
  169. what can you expect a stock V to run in the quarter?
  170. Looking to Buy a V - Got a few ?'s
  171. Miller Bros Cadillac treated me right!!
  172. Medical Expenses May Force Sale--What Should I Ask?
  173. How do I remove my hood
  174. Ground Clearance? At least 4 inches?
  175. I was feelin a little frisky last night
  176. How do I save my audio settings for each channel?
  177. Advice Needed
  178. What Nav is this???
  179. My Cad up for sale...
  180. two transmission questions
  181. Irreproducible clutch failure
  182. What kind of diff is used for replacement?
  183. Question on Wheel tire fitment
  184. Specter Cowl Hood Prepped and Painted CHEAP!!!!
  185. Does the 05 V have an AUX video in ?
  186. My subs wont hit!
  187. All season tires for a -V
  188. 162 MPH And That's It!
  189. Cadula
  190. ADS - Thanks Steve, Dave & John....Brake Line Re-Route..
  191. wheel paint issue.....
  192. At long last....
  193. How do you mod Z06 fuel rail covers???
  194. No, Everything is on the Up-and-Up Here...
  195. Track tires/brakes upgrades
  196. CTS-V: What to Look for and Best Years
  197. LS7 V install
  198. Newbie with new to me 04 V
  199. StealthV Tuned, informed, and dangerous!
  200. My New Personal Best!!!
  201. Track day!!!!
  202. c5racr1-delete your message box, please!
  203. No alarm on the CTS-V?
  204. Wildwhl is a Pr*ck - snowtires/wheels $???
  205. These wheels look VERY familiar...
  206. New here, looking for basic upgrades
  207. Remember back so long ago when I got a new rear end?
  208. Some nice HRE rims on ebay
  209. Rear Strut Brace
  210. On Star Equipped 2005-below No Longer Functional...scam!!
  211. Sema
  212. Anyone in/near Orangevale, CA spare some time to look at a V for me?
  213. who's V is on the bottle?
  214. Tires, tires, tires.....
  215. Lowered V & wheelhop?
  216. Noob Here...UUC Install Questions
  217. Just purchased FG2's, can i re-sell my FE4's?
  218. Underdrive pulley
  219. Clutch Gravity Bleed
  220. Better price/performance option for Shocks?
  221. Serious grind/clunk when putting it into reverse
  222. Learned a valuable lesson today!
  223. Saw a Corsa'd V on 167S this AM
  224. Yet another set of inexspensive FG2's
  225. Transmission Whine
  226. Nav Disc
  227. What upgrades to add while V is in the shop?
  228. My V seems to wander on the highway above 60mph
  229. looking for a curbed stock wheel for a spare cheap
  230. Anyone here in Shreveport, LA??
  231. Finished off the season with a new PB
  232. Aftermarket coilovers
  233. New (to me) Dyno #'s
  234. What are the chances...
  235. Out of gas. Cop helps push.
  236. Reverse Lockout?
  237. StealthV Tune w/ CA Emissions...?
  238. V Developed a Whine Today ... Only It Is In The Engine Bay Not The Diff - Any Ideas?
  239. My Boring Vid...Old Blown Ls6 Snips & a Little New Stuff From Last Week...
  240. New wallpaper time...
  241. nothing to do with cars, just girls...
  242. Cts-v Cowl Hood??
  243. Where can I find Clear DayTime Running Lights and sidemarkers???
  244. How To Remove....
  245. CTS-V tearing it up on the track
  246. Lancaster,CA
  247. Caillac V-SERIES Logo Apparel
  248. Clutch Fluid Life
  249. When (what mileage) did you replace their clutch for the first time on their V's?
  250. 2005 CTS-V cooling