: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Headlight/Foglight Tinting
  2. Picked up my CTS-V this week
  3. Legalities of Private Property accident (carwash)
  4. Need help!
  5. Surprise in Diff fluid
  6. Red Brembos, need V Stickers
  7. Anyone have a spare front strut?
  8. Billy Boat and Vendors
  9. NEED WHEELS!! and whatever else!
  10. Want to Buy a New 2007 CTS-V, Silver/Black
  11. Black V in Calgary
  12. Anyone looking for a spare?
  13. Winshield Gasket Q?
  14. lights - how i drive :)
  15. Yahoo Messenger
  16. "Disc Error" with Navigation DVD
  17. Good Phoenix, AZ area dealership for service?
  18. Stereo upgrade...(woofer pics)
  19. Everyone who installed their own iConnect ---> help please
  20. wax on fresh paint
  21. smokin cadillac
  22. Rear strut braces in stock
  23. Is the alignment the same for FG2s and FE4s on the V?
  24. How to post pics?!!!
  25. Driving modes
  26. Lease extention
  27. Tyler Texas Anyone?
  28. GREAT service from Luke @ Lindsay!!!
  29. D3 CTS/CTS-V Body Kit
  30. Specter Werkes Cradle Bushings 04-05 Only
  31. Cold start whiring sound...
  32. Any Interest in Tour of GM Performance Build Center?
  33. My cat doesn't want to be removed.
  34. Spoke to Dealer and I'm first on list for 09 v
  35. Farewell for Now My V Brothers
  36. Free Spare Tires for CTS-V owners
  37. CTS-V Popcorn Maker
  38. corvette FRC for my V
  39. possible to retrofit the new cts-v interior/dash into a 03-07?
  40. Blowing the Cats out - Video
  41. Peter 2, Differential 0
  42. Thinkin about selling!
  43. Hairline cracks on top of Headlights
  44. What is the life of stock shocks?
  45. Battery Dead?
  46. Tinting 3rd Brake Light
  47. Kanye West "Good Life" video ( CTS V in Video)
  48. D3 Overstock Wheel Special
  49. Strange find about radio flaking
  50. Stealth Greys/LS6s are getting rarer!
  51. Side Marker Removal
  52. bang noise shifting 1st to 2nd
  53. What are these buttons for?
  54. Female V Owners-Any out there?
  55. 03-07OEM torque converter?
  56. Ready to buy. Opinions Please on this one.
  57. purrin like a kitten
  58. Do You Guys Watch SPEED Much Anymore?
  59. Any New Year's resolutions for your 'V' ??
  60. Update on V Build @ EPP
  61. Happy New Years....
  62. 06 CTS-V any good?
  63. Aftermarket header gaskets..
  64. Happy New Year To All Of Us ! ! ! !
  65. Cags
  66. Wheels
  67. I think the V would've been a better candidate for this role.
  68. My V...38k obo
  69. Paint codes needed
  70. Next Mod
  71. Cluster Guage Rattle
  72. Pics of my V; wallpaper candidates :)
  73. Check out this funny cat removal video!
  74. what do i LUBE creakin bush with??
  75. FS: SCCA T2 CTS-V Race Car
  76. V1 mount on the mirror post
  77. Bose Stock System.
  78. Rear Bumper Options and Pics
  79. PRO CUT For Disc Brake Rotors
  80. DC/MD/VA V owners ---- go-karting TOMORROW
  81. Spoiler Install?
  82. Paintless Ding Removal - South Florida
  83. NAV Replaced (Alpine W205)
  84. Mallet modified front spindles - wider tires?
  85. Benefits of wider rear tires
  86. CAGS Eliminator removal before dealership visit
  87. CTS-V License Plate Frame Sale
  88. Clutch Question
  89. Navagation
  90. my Girl Needs a Face Lift
  91. Left header clicking?
  92. Looks like this wont be the next car for me...
  93. Blizzaks Pass The Test
  94. is this a good price??
  95. On the 8th Day of Xmas...
  96. Said Good Bye To The V Today
  97. New Shift boot.
  98. Automatic seat problem?!?
  99. Brake Dust
  100. Someone here has installed the STS-V Diff......
  101. I purchased 2009 V !!!
  103. Aftermarket Clutch Question...
  104. bumper clearcoat problems
  105. 08 CTS Rear End
  106. Any tips on how to remove the battery tray?
  107. I screwed up
  108. Anyone have stock upper motor mounts?
  109. Not Christmas for the V, but Thanks to Luke...
  110. Santa came, now I gots some ?s
  111. Merry Christmas !!!
  112. Merry Christmas!!!
  113. Custom Backgrounds for NAV unit
  114. Need Paintless Dent Removal in Seattle
  115. Personalization Menu?
  116. Send Instant Cadillac Merchandise Gift Certificates Now
  117. Got to drive a MALLET V (Ernie's)
  118. Don't want to spend a lot on race slicks?
  119. clutch question
  120. Rudolph got replaced by a V...
  121. Yo Dudes with Custom Floormats
  122. Send Instant Cadillac Merchandise Gift Certificates Now
  123. Oil Life shows 0% with 600 miles on the last change
  124. Navigation Cd
  125. NewB - V is 3 Days Old
  126. Cadillac Logo License Plate & Frame Sale 20% Off
  127. C'Mon & Help The "V" Resale Value...Buy My "V"
  128. Bored after the bar....two V's pics.
  129. Another member from DFW Texas area.
  130. Some new pic's of the V with my new HRE 20's
  131. H.U.D. (Heads Up Display)
  132. Rear axle pinion seal recall
  133. 10.853 @124.929!!!!
  134. First Ticket!
  135. Merry Christmas to Luke!!! One class act.
  136. Got rear diff bushings replaced for Xmas
  137. Interesting Article On Clutch Problems
  138. I Hate Slushboxes!!
  139. Anyone dropped an LS7 based motor in yet?
  140. Well V guys
  141. A new low for my CTS V
  142. V's on Google Maps Street View
  143. Just became a supporting member
  144. Anyone looking for a CTS armrest?
  145. Tach wire
  146. How do i check the clutch fluid reservoir (and how would i possibly add to it)
  147. Is your V a Daily driver???
  148. Anyone know the TSB# for squeaky front suspension bushings?
  149. Lifetime XM WX TRAFFIC
  150. kooks opinon
  151. I took my V in today for whining noise.........
  152. My first thread... and it is about a "whine" (yes I did a search)
  153. CTS-V T-56 question ?
  154. Maybe official 09 CTS-V pics on Edmunds
  155. Hotchkis Swaybars/Suspension Year End Discounts!
  156. lowered susp
  157. Got rear ended...Guy has no insurance
  158. Getting an 08 CTS AWD
  159. Single bolt Wheel Hub
  160. Great State of Texas Part 2
  161. Finally I Got a V!!!!!
  162. leather seats cracking and pealing
  163. CADILLAC GIFTS - CTS-V Apparel & Accessories
  164. Windshield "Maintenance"
  165. Dealership Woes
  166. RIP Dan Fogelberg...
  167. Summit Point Participants
  168. weird temporary 'loss of control'
  169. Pics Of The New V (from Lunarx With A Few Changes)
  170. New member with pics
  171. Widest rear tires on stock wheels?
  172. macattack
  173. Cadillac Apparel And Cadillac Merchandise Gifts
  174. What would you pay for this V?
  175. Cadillac Apparel And Cadillac Merchandise Gifts
  176. Buying a V, odometer help!
  177. LS3 GMMP Crate Motors-Plug n' Play!
  178. Hate'n on the weather!
  179. Aftermarket Nav what Harness do you have
  180. Plethora of CTS Parts for sale on CL!!!
  181. Kook's owners.. got a few questions
  182. Clunk
  183. Thanks Darren! (onebadcad)
  184. Deal Or No Deal
  185. Any boosted or high HP guys having tranny issues?
  186. I hate ebay.
  187. Pick it up Saturday!!
  188. Problems with SST Brake line install - Help
  189. Transmission on 07 V - Problem?
  190. New Jersey Motorsports Park
  191. Spied a V for 19k, what do I need to know?
  192. Has Anyone changed a rear diff. out themselves here?
  193. CADILLAC GIFTS - CTS-V Apparel & Accessories
  194. WTB stock manifolds
  195. 06 CTS-V With ignition solinoid problem!?
  196. HELP, need to lose XM and ONstar bits
  197. Poll on Wheels
  198. To all of those snow/winter driving questions...
  199. Upgraded Rear End Question
  200. Rough Idle Question
  201. driving in snow
  202. Cadillac Logo Teddy Bears- Cadillac Logo Products
  203. At least we don't wheel hop like this...
  204. Extra Rear Diff?
  205. Send me your money...
  206. I gotta say...
  207. HELP bad diff leak
  208. winter tires and wheels
  209. Production '09 V pics
  210. DFW meet in Plano Dec 15
  211. pressure washing the engine bay
  212. Selling my highly-modded 2004 LS-6 V!!!
  213. Clicking/ticking from engine when starting up?
  214. Changes in 2006-07 cars?
  215. Car Covers
  216. Any CTSV owners in the D/FW area with a Lt. Gray interior ?
  217. Accident.... Body shop recomendations?
  218. tires... again :-/
  219. No TC or ABS
  220. Detail....
  221. CADILLAC GIFTS - CTS-V Apparel & Accessories
  222. I cant believe Chef's sellin the V...
  223. Show me some Stealth Gray V's
  224. At Track, Need diagnosis: non uniform high speed 'wobble'
  225. Qa1 shocks, anyone using them ?
  226. GM accessory spoilers
  227. dual gauge pod
  228. water in trunk
  229. Looking for Accessory Wheels with tires
  230. How to Connect MP3 in 05 V
  231. Eibachs or GC's
  232. Someone in frisc leaving Baylor Medical Center?
  233. Unmasked 09 V shots and article
  234. Ebay offers
  235. Car & Driver Calendar Irony
  236. Wow, bone stock z06 on run flats run's 10.98
  237. Is $29K a fair price for
  238. Brake job cost at dealer?????
  239. If you wanted a V would buy this car?
  240. For Sale
  241. What ya think of these wheels for the V
  242. CTS-V caught NAKED!!!!!!!
  243. Need help ASAP: Does Mobil 1 diff oil need the friction modifier?
  244. When will the new V be in showrooms?
  245. Anyone need a magnavolt?
  246. Requesting a Photoshop of these wheels...
  247. kooks vs b&b Q
  248. Dean wont leave you guy's! VIDEO!!
  249. How much off the sticker??
  250. GM Accessory wheels on Ebay