: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. help ASAP please
  2. rims
  3. Problems with my CTS-V
  4. Anyone Tried The Ceramic Hawk Pads?
  5. My interior lights stopped working. Help!
  6. FG2'S - Anybody interested?
  7. 305/45r18
  8. My V is done! So if your selling let me know!
  9. Last minute get together??PA,NJ,DE FEB 2nd!!!!
  10. Buying a cts-v, Is this a good deal?
  11. Anyone seen this reworked ls3?
  12. Lateral G Meter
  13. New V Owner
  14. Need help with iPOD after searching and FAQ
  15. CTS-V Linelock ?
  16. Its finally done
  17. Cadillac Gifts For Valentines Day
  18. Modified Luxury & Exotics...Black Menace...
  19. And they get even rarer...
  20. LS7 clutch in CTS-V
  21. CTS center console conversion
  22. CD Player Issues
  23. I was bored, so I snapped some shots of the V..
  24. Had the V 2 weeks, Love my new toy!!
  25. Speaker Grill Question
  26. Air Filter Replacement
  27. My diff story
  28. Blown LS2 (vette) crashed by Carolina Auto Masters
  29. Poll: Will StealthV ride again, and if so, what
  30. Tired of crappy rubber motor mounts
  31. Buying an 04 cts-v, need advice
  32. Track Day At Pacific Raceways, Know This Car?
  33. Brake Duct Kit Pricing
  34. Question stealth v tune
  35. Cadillac Owners Event Coming Soon (Save the date!!)
  36. One Less V for the World
  37. High Performance Brake Lines
  38. Forged 3-piece wheels (CTS-V Application)
  39. Should i expend my warranty?
  40. Supercharging an 07?
  41. 5th gear
  42. Lookin for wheels
  43. Track junkies set up?
  44. Selling my 2004 cts-v with only 15,000 miles.
  45. Two trips in the V
  46. GM racing endlinks worth $85 (front only)
  47. Cadillac V-series Logo Apparel & Accessories
  48. Funny story
  49. coilover, BBK
  50. New owner of CTS-V.....dealer rant and advice! LONG
  51. Gauging interest in selling stock rims
  52. Is BigJim lost in the mountains of Mass?
  53. New owner of a CTS V
  54. Just Spent $11,000 On The V Today!
  55. 09 Race car
  56. 2nd rear end done
  57. which style do you prefer???
  58. no navigation?
  59. cheap CTS-V wheels
  60. Tea anyone?
  61. Need a helmet for summit race
  62. Any feedback on Lindsay body shop?
  63. Reccomendations for BRAKE DUST cleaner ??
  64. Rear Axle Fluid Leaking?
  65. Who Makes The Best Aftermarket Diff Front Bushing??
  66. anybody have paint issues?...especially silver Vs?
  67. Differential failure mode
  68. Was in a wreck -- dammit
  69. Just got her back
  70. Pic of a 5-lug V!
  71. Our toys....
  72. Video of my V going 12.8@111mph
  73. momo steering wheel
  74. Whats the best place to look for rims???
  75. EFI LIve Tune 07 V With Headers and no Cats
  76. 265/40/18 for the rear. Will they fit?
  77. What tune after headers?
  78. First Blown Rear !!!!!!
  79. V's in Germany
  80. V totaled value and buy back price
  81. Anyone live around Buffalo Grove, IL?
  82. 2006 Clutch problem update.
  83. Should I hook up the NX? Yes or NO???
  84. For you guys selling your car - Get an STS-V!
  85. Heated seats....wanna disable the bottom cushion.
  86. My Detroit pics and my cars! (Comparison)
  87. V goes to F-stock in SCCA
  88. Hardwiring Radar Detector
  89. Anyone close to Cleveland?
  90. Nav system Address Book?
  91. 2009 Pics from Detroit Auto Show
  92. Need clutch! I'm on my 3rd cluth.
  93. Lindsay Comes through Again and Again !!
  94. Total CTS-V Production?
  95. Dash Kit / Interior
  96. Anyone near Lansing, Michigan?
  97. front plate rivots :(
  98. Backpressure Question??
  99. Whats a realistic asking price for my Mallett?
  100. For those with "clunk" in the suspension
  101. Swaybar removal...
  102. URGENT catalytic converter Question for CTS-V. Please Help
  103. Illinois winters suck! (vroom vroom)
  104. In appreciation of our troops
  105. Thanks Lindsay !
  106. My window was sandblasted by Mother Nature
  107. any one got an extra set of ww sidemarkers???
  108. Newbie needs some info
  109. WTB: Left Front CTS-V Rocker ASAP
  110. Brakes/Rotors covered under Warranty??
  111. Oil ??
  112. I'm sellin too... feeler...
  113. bumper plugs
  114. SO my thoughts on the v vs the cts
  115. Useful information
  116. Tell me I'm not CRAZZZy!
  117. New CTS Concept Car (2 door).
  118. World Challenge Series 2 Piece Rotors for your CTSV
  119. Is this an 06 Rear
  120. How long does it take
  121. Replacement Tires at Lease Turn In
  122. Interested in a BRAKE DUCT KIT??
  123. Any CTS -V in Ashburn VA?
  124. 2nd annual midwest meet!
  125. Drive a V? Like UFC? Mini-meet in FL this weekend!
  126. Specter Hood
  127. Where can I buy cool looking engine covers?
  128. power wires in mirror?
  129. Good Bye Ol friends
  130. 04/06 V Parts for sale in the Cadillac Classifieds
  131. Looking for best body shop in Philly!
  132. V Coupe far behind?
  133. wanted cts v feeler
  134. Diff Number 4
  135. 07' throw-out bearing and diff issues
  136. jack points (floor jack) and jack stands
  137. Feeler: Anyone interested in a stock 04' Black on Black 24K miles around May?
  138. service help
  139. Is the 04 a good car and worth buying?
  140. Dealer search for Dunedin, FL
  141. It's the Service Writer - STUPID!
  142. I always take the long way... in my V
  143. Ebay value vs. real world/dealer value on a v?
  144. asymmetrical half shafts?
  145. Re: LS7 clutch install in Vegas??
  146. So what is this recall all about? Confused...
  147. CTS Recall
  148. Post Pics With Aftermarket Whels
  149. What do you think it could be?
  150. Wtb Upgrades For My 06 Cts-v.
  151. So who stole these?
  152. How does Stabilitrack work? (CTS-V)
  153. Some questions before I go to dealer tomarrow
  154. Service AC System
  155. Headlight problem
  156. ZR1 slutions for CTS-V problems
  157. 2006
  158. Update on V @ EPP -"it will be back soon"
  159. I need new rubber... any recommendations??
  160. Well, I took her out to the dragstrip, and guess what happened?
  161. V on the GO Army Commercial
  162. 2004 "v"
  163. Reasonable?
  164. Certified 04 V for 24,900?
  165. Cost to Certify?
  166. Loud rattle under drivers side dash
  167. Found a new 2007 V with "Paint Work"
  168. GM/Cadillac live chat
  169. Adding 2.6 pulley! What to do and how????
  170. HELP my V lost it's growl!
  171. avg time in shop per visit?
  172. Finally started her up again...
  173. Fun with service
  174. Not covered under warranty?
  175. Diff, Trans, Clutch & Brakes
  176. Clunk from front driver side suspension
  177. Cadillac V-series Logo Apparel & Accessories
  178. Blowing cats??
  179. Wanted: Stock Brake Line
  180. Changing State in NAV issue
  181. Deleting any 2009 thread posted here so quit doing it
  182. Brakes F/S
  183. Lower Control Arm TSB
  184. Moore Cadillac in Chantilly, VA -- Stay Away!
  185. Pullin' the trigger, but I need Maint records
  186. New Rotor with Break Pad Change?
  187. 2009 Cts-v
  188. 07 V w/New Nav Unit SWC all messed up
  189. First Look: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
  190. Please help I might buy a v this week
  191. Who documents mods/maint/etc?
  192. sirius vs XM
  193. Anybody in Ft Lauderdale ????
  194. Who drives their ctsv daily in a northern area?
  195. Brembo 8 Piston Front Caliper & 2 Piece Rotor Options
  196. Lovin' my Toyo T1-Rs
  197. seat swap or just cover?
  198. Lowly CTS guy lookin for hand me downs (WILL PAY!)
  199. Am I expecting too much from the FG2s?
  200. V ate my snapon tools - HELP!
  201. Dallas Area Racing?
  202. Looking for a stealthV tune
  203. Does this Ohio V look familiar?
  204. hawk pads installed
  205. Screensaver and/or wallpaper
  206. Putting the garbage behind me....
  207. Tune
  208. Rotor Mod
  209. R1 Concept Rotors
  210. D3 CTS-V Road Test
  211. Anyone interested in black ctsv bumper light damage?
  212. Must see TV! SPEED Channel 1/9/08
  213. Possible Drivetrain Problem w/ O6 V
  214. Considering purchase of CTS-V
  215. "Get in line for some Blue Light Specials"!
  216. Headlight/Foglight Tinting
  217. Picked up my CTS-V this week
  218. Legalities of Private Property accident (carwash)
  219. Need help!
  220. Surprise in Diff fluid
  221. Red Brembos, need V Stickers
  222. Anyone have a spare front strut?
  223. Billy Boat and Vendors
  224. NEED WHEELS!! and whatever else!
  225. Want to Buy a New 2007 CTS-V, Silver/Black
  226. Black V in Calgary
  227. Anyone looking for a spare?
  228. Winshield Gasket Q?
  229. lights - how i drive :)
  230. Yahoo Messenger
  231. "Disc Error" with Navigation DVD
  232. Good Phoenix, AZ area dealership for service?
  233. Stereo upgrade...(woofer pics)
  234. Everyone who installed their own iConnect ---> help please
  235. wax on fresh paint
  236. smokin cadillac
  237. Rear strut braces in stock
  238. Is the alignment the same for FG2s and FE4s on the V?
  239. How to post pics?!!!
  240. Driving modes
  241. Lease extention
  242. Tyler Texas Anyone?
  243. GREAT service from Luke @ Lindsay!!!
  244. D3 CTS/CTS-V Body Kit
  245. Specter Werkes Cradle Bushings 04-05 Only
  246. Cold start whiring sound...
  247. Any Interest in Tour of GM Performance Build Center?
  248. My cat doesn't want to be removed.
  249. Spoke to Dealer and I'm first on list for 09 v
  250. Farewell for Now My V Brothers