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  1. To those that ordered Kooks from Luke/Lindsay Cadillac
  2. Ticking noise from drivetrain
  3. Does thebigjimsho live in MD?
  4. StealthV Answer you email please...
  5. True Forged Custom Wheel GB 3/6-4/6
  6. for those that hate front plates like myself
  7. XM Radio portion of the radio quit functioning.
  8. Seen A Flat Black CTS-V?
  9. Pics Of My HRE's With 295's
  10. TPS RESET, Saw Faq, Still Have One Question
  11. Cadillac Cts-V pioneered the chicken wire.
  12. Cadillac Gifts, Cadillac Apparel & Accessories Including Hats, Shirts, Jackets, Cadil
  13. 18X8 and 18X9.5 and tire options...
  14. Clutch question. will hold 550rwhp?
  15. Tps?
  16. True Forged Wheels!!!
  17. lowering the v
  18. Wheels for Truck - (Cheap wheel packages for the V)
  19. Enough of Winter
  20. Cadillac warranty and customer service
  21. Zaino Show Car Polish.
  22. I think this is installed a little wrong
  23. LS7 Clutch feedback
  24. Build Numbers and color ratio
  25. Anyone going to Sebring for the races?
  26. Post pics of your rims, what make they are, how much you paid, and where you got them
  27. 1st and 2nd Gear Issues.
  28. Ron Davis Racing radiators
  29. sways?
  30. Wierd "warbling" noise on decel or coast
  31. Blew my rear....
  32. New Guy On The Block
  33. in-car camera mount, track days
  34. Track guys, seat belt lock
  35. Lookin for complete drive-shaft assembly
  36. Summit Point Driving Practice....don't miss it!
  37. First Mods Done
  38. Can anyone get me niche f18's in black?
  39. Recent CTS-V purchase
  40. Stereo Complete (New Pics)
  41. Taking V back to Stock...
  42. Autovation pedal install
  43. Cadillac Hats
  44. Just some quick pics of my other toy..
  45. Installation Issues that need to be brought up
  46. Superchip/ECU flash
  47. Anyone From the Bradenton Fl. Area?
  48. too good to be true ?? need a carfax please
  49. New to the forum and the V I picked up yesterday....
  50. Another No Muffler Thread
  51. Cert Used 100k Warrantee Question...
  52. Cadillac Apparel, Cadillac Gifts, Cadillac Shirts, Hats & Jackets. Cadillac Logo Gear
  53. Flyboy must sell his "V"
  54. KW are you interested?
  55. Wheels.
  56. Rattles and Squeaks... Again!!!
  57. Strange Problem at the Track this Morning
  58. Did someone need a front license plate frame?
  59. Where to get stock rims widened???
  60. Thinking about Buying a CTS - V
  61. cts and srx shares chassis
  62. Nav Voice Guidance Volume...
  63. Winged Warrior IV: Performance Challenge and Car Show
  64. Tires
  65. Power Steering Whine
  66. 10% OFF BONDURANT DRIVING SCHOOL to Forum Members!!
  67. Diff 3 Dealer Issue
  68. best rear tire pressure for 1/4 mile runs at track?
  69. best shift points fro each gear for lowest 1/4 mile ET
  70. To Spare or not to Spare...?
  71. Corvette Wave transitions to the V
  72. Alright, whose kid is this?
  73. Question for TXSilverV
  74. UUC Brake Rotors
  75. Great service at Crown Cadillac - Dublin, CA...
  76. oops on the gas
  77. SIRGM-1 and .....
  78. CTS-V Pinion Support Brace
  79. Track only brake pads.
  80. Great experence at Mark Christopher Cadillac
  81. GM Buyback advice (anyone done it succesfully?)
  82. Bucking bronco phenomenon
  83. Bad experience at Sarant Cadillac
  84. Another FNG!
  85. Engine Torque Damper
  86. My V & I are mourning a great loss!
  87. Does anybody know 'Mallett-Vm'?
  88. Get the word out about the forum
  89. Title release question for you
  90. Sail Panel: What did you say???
  91. We Are A New Demographic - AWM
  92. Kooks Headers
  93. What should I do???
  94. Try this in your Cadillac!
  95. "new" CTS-V warranty questions
  96. CTSV Brake Caliper - Custom Powder Coating with Core Exchange
  97. Attention Redline CTSV Owners - Incredible Deal on One Brembo 2 Piece Rotor Package
  98. I might get machine shop to make mounts.
  99. Feedback from LS7 clutch users
  100. Cadillac Gifts Cadillac apparel and accessories including Cadillac logo merchandise
  101. Floormats???
  102. Anyone tried these?
  103. Delay/Hesitation btwn shifts
  104. Cts-v Logo Apparel & Accessories
  105. CTS-V Logo Apparel & Accessories
  106. HRE Competition Series 3 Piece Wheels - March Madness Discounts
  107. Anyone else have an annoying buzz/rattle coming from the back of the cabin? Found it
  108. Anybody try a hydrogen booster yet?
  109. Virginia, Maryland, DC V-owners
  110. CTS seat lowering?
  111. Another new V owner intro
  112. wheel shops?
  113. Wheels on a Redline V
  114. Englishtown March 1st
  115. Mods, Mods, Mods.....sooon to be installed. What next?
  116. Driveshaft carrier bearing squeal
  117. Audio Input
  118. 1st to 2d shift only clunk
  119. Accelerator Pedal Spring
  120. New 3 Piece Wheels
  121. New Owner of 2005 CTS-V
  122. 'Soft' Clutch
  123. Dallas guys - let's go visit the 09V in April
  124. How many here are either out of warranty or not under warranty due to power adders??
  125. engine power reduced????
  126. Tunin with Road Runner
  127. StealthV phone number?
  128. Spare wheel Tub
  129. wheel damage at dealership
  130. Low Coolant Temp Warning
  131. Navigation User Manual
  132. How to add Auxiliary Video Input on 2007 CTS
  133. Tire pressure sensor calibration
  134. Time to change cars. V will be missed
  135. Will GM Replace Seat Covers?
  136. V-Series Sub-Forum Thread Suggestion
  137. Minor vibration under light braking
  138. Strange Radio Problem
  139. Chrome repair..is it possible?
  140. Passport G-Timer?
  141. Am I making a big deal over nothing??
  142. Well it's been a while since I last been here...
  143. Traffic lawyer in Dallas
  144. Lingerfinger Kit!!! I Have Questions Can Someone Answer?
  145. Crazy exploding cats video.
  146. Would it hurt to run a 245-40-18.....
  147. Looking to put a diff cooler on the new steel diff, need suggestions
  148. New guy from Texas, I just bought an '05 CTS-V
  149. Went to the drags & my cat litter story
  150. BMR Panhard Rear Chassis Bar - For Sale
  151. Blackouts
  152. Anyone have a spare wheel to spare?
  153. Stealth where are u ?
  154. Buying CTS-V
  155. Newbie 2005 V
  156. Cadillac Apparel, Accessories & Gifts
  157. South Florida Track Day
  158. Take II...Blue Light Specials
  159. A Strange Virtual Reality Tale That Became True
  160. New Guy Posting Pictures
  161. Dustball
  162. Keep the LS6 or Upgrade to LS2
  163. Whine + RearDiff = New Rear Diff = WHINE? Need Advice
  164. watch out
  165. Extra Set of Wheels
  166. Will GTO seats fit in my '06 V?
  167. What are you waiting for?!?!?!
  168. Whats my ride worth? anybody want it?
  169. Nav Disc for Middle east
  170. Stability Supsension. Diff done? Help
  171. Tomorrow Saturday, Irvine, Cars n Coffee 7am ish.
  172. Front Plate
  173. 2 Sets of GM racing rear upper control arms
  174. Two 04' Vs for sale in classified's.LOOK!!!
  175. Just curious.... diff repair costs????
  176. you KNOW theres something wrong with you...
  177. A Useless CTS-V Fact
  178. Need advice on 05 CTS-V pricing..
  179. Anyone From North San Diego
  180. New guy CTS-V shopping with 1 question about an option...
  181. Lutz Jr.??
  182. Tunin from LS6 to LS2
  183. CTSV-R's will be back in 08 SWC
  184. I now know the V of love
  185. Differential issues?
  186. Lindsay Cadillac...
  187. OK, dammit, I miss her.
  188. 2006 Recall ?
  189. Let's Talk About BOOK VALUE! =)
  190. Can We Talk Cats
  191. Cadillac Hats
  192. Spilled "a little" water in the back seat floor
  193. Anyone in Los Angeles want to meet this weekend?
  194. can i stop the annoying bongs?
  195. whats a good price for a V with...
  196. is additive included in seal recall?
  197. WTB Old/Used Motor Mounts
  198. Delays Delays Delays
  199. cheap wider wheels for track use?
  200. Quickest launch setting?
  201. Highest G Meter
  202. Found something wrong with my new V
  203. Dean gone--no more dean400hp
  204. 'Michigan V' spare tire for winter
  205. dealership fluid changes (?)
  206. 1200+ horsepower
  207. Finally a first
  208. CTS-V and D3 CTS-V pictures from Chicago auto show (yesterday)
  209. Recall Notice
  210. Have a code. Which part should I buy????
  211. Hard to steer and makes loud groaning noises when cold
  212. Hey I wanna make a V-series Montage video........
  213. looking for Lastss Radio knobs...
  214. Urethane Motor Mount?? (I'm new, be gentle)
  215. Any differences between late production 2004 Vs and 2005 Vs?
  216. EBC rotors and Green Stuff pads. Anyone tried them??
  217. Service Stabiltrack Light???
  218. Any setup tips for track day/road racing?
  219. Center Console Vibration
  220. Place Your Bets!
  221. Anyone else notice the V on CNN Friday?
  222. 05 Brake Pads & Fluid
  223. Windshield banner(pic), yay or nay?
  224. Largest Tire for Stock Rims
  225. Good Spare Rim/Tire Available?
  226. pic request?
  227. Cadillac Keychains
  228. keyless entry, 08 CTS
  229. 600+hp now in garage
  230. Tire rub problem
  231. Does Anyone Else Have This CLUNK???
  232. Any interest in drilled slotted cryo rotors???
  233. You Guys Are The Coolest!!!!!!!!!!
  234. Widening Chrome Stockers?
  235. Does anyone have Gc with fe4's??? can we start a GC faq thread??
  236. Pics of a Black Raven with powder coated wheels and spoiler
  237. **Selling off some mods here**
  238. Dirty Rims!
  239. Rising Speedometer While Standing Still?
  240. My new Idea for rims
  241. copy of oil temp TSB?
  242. What is the name of Your V and others
  243. do not buy off ebay from this guy
  244. Cadillac Gifts For Valentines Day
  245. Has anyone had belt problems?
  246. Specter Werkes Spoiler Special
  247. Sub just went out??? Options
  248. Anyone wanting to sell a highly modded V?
  249. KW Coil Over Kit
  250. NHTSA investigating Rear Diff Issues