: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Stability Control System Engaged Randomly
  2. Well Guys......Theloanman is out!
  3. Do the TPMS need to be rebuilt?
  4. Air Filter Suggestions.. NOT CAI
  5. Will 255/55R18's fit on the stock CTS-V rim?
  6. Spare Tire/Wheel in Dallas Area
  7. Out of warranty, High oil temp problem
  8. Show your Vanity
  9. More info on UUC Mounts
  10. Clutch Feel
  11. Competitive driving mode NOT working
  12. Been awhile since I have been here......doesn't mean the mods stopped!!
  13. 3rd set of sail panels in 11K miles
  14. CTS-V's in Connecticut Area?
  15. Cts-v On Speeders (tru Tv)
  16. Sacreligious to paint a V?
  17. Cadillac V-series Logo Watch
  18. Toyo T1R's.....
  19. WTB: 2006 CTS-V In NC
  20. Stock PCM Tune Issues
  21. selling my V
  22. I got me some new rims............
  23. how did I mangle my jack points????
  24. Centercap came apart. Warranty item?
  25. Holy Rumbling Magnaflows.......Batman
  26. Matched injectors, how do you know which is which
  27. Where did you guys purchase your B&B from
  28. CTS-V Grille
  29. DRKSIDE just got darker!
  30. Forum Member Discount On Cadillac Logo Products
  31. Header CAI Check engine light!
  32. Just In Time for Father's Day
  33. Call Me Action Jackson!!!
  34. Difference between 2005 and 2006 V's
  35. Nav assist
  36. Cadillac Dealership Doesnt Want To Warranty My Rear End A Second Time. I Want Help!
  37. Orange County Choppers' V
  38. TPM and Traction Control
  39. I just got inducted to the diff destruction club...
  40. Luke - I need help!!!
  41. 12500 CVC :/ uuugggghhhhhhh!!!
  42. Was this a good buy?
  43. Rockford Fosgate V...
  44. I need a new/used diff.....
  45. Who is racing up at Waterford Hills today?
  46. Are these factory options?
  47. V owners in Pittsburgh
  48. Certified Pre-Owned CPO warranty details?
  49. EACH of my wheels are pitting, peeling...
  50. CTSV_Rob
  51. Getting rear end replaced again
  52. who's car was at Lindsay's today???
  53. $75.00 for a tank of gas in my V today!
  54. Is it just me or does this forum
  55. CTS-V in longbeach $12000
  56. Track Brake Question?
  57. Specter Werkes SALE additional 10% off
  58. Phone Onstar Upgrade
  59. 2007 CTS-V Lease Transfer
  60. Custom fuel line fittin
  61. Service History Analysis
  62. Clutch problem? Moore Cadillac? No! Lindsay Cadillac... YES!!!
  63. Daily Driver Oil Suggestion
  64. August 18, 2008 - Autobahn Country Club with MVP Track Time
  65. looking to buy a cts-v....
  66. Going to change fluids.. Questions
  67. 15% Off** Cadillac Accessories & Apparel To All Forum Members
  68. 2007 CTS-V Test Vehicle
  69. Pressure Gauge Reversed & Performance School
  70. Off the wall dealer
  71. How critical is pushrod length
  72. Wrecked 07 CTS-V on Ebay
  73. AutoVation Pedal - What style do you have?
  74. Cadillac Gifts For Father's Day
  75. Florida V's... The Track Calls You
  76. Buying a V - More Questions!!
  77. What's the difference between a CTS and CTS-V
  78. Looking for CTS-V in Dallas area
  79. Today I pop my "service cherry"!
  80. AutoVation Pedal Group Buy Special Notice!
  81. Isn't anyone selling winter rims and tires?
  83. loose spring on clutch pedal?
  84. Dragon Video
  85. Regular Gas Usage
  86. Question about resale
  87. True Forged 3 Piece Speed 6
  88. Big Brothers Ss Walked Off
  89. Anyone have a stock deck sub for sale?
  90. Broken Diff Club's NEWEST MEMBER (pics)
  91. WOW, what a difference!!
  92. Black V on Chapell Hill Road, Douglasville, GA
  93. 15% Off** Coupon Code For Forum Members
  94. Rolling Fenders.
  95. Color Matched Headlight Thread?
  96. Brake change
  97. Dealer installed supercharger?
  98. Billet diff case
  99. Track time @ Pocono July 18, 19, 20
  100. The sum of all mods.... Almost
  101. Saturday Projects
  102. this is sickening
  103. 15% Off** Coupon Code For Forum Members
  104. "track" wheels and poly UUC mounts
  105. Feffman's Car For Sale
  106. Rear Upper Control Arms
  107. From an 04 Escalade to my new 05 CTSV
  108. V Track Day (performance brake upgrade sale!!)
  109. Calling Trekster
  110. Bay Area, CA July 26th-31st
  111. Oh No!!!!!
  112. Track thoughts...
  113. 2 problems (Tire and Suspension-related) - Need some input...
  114. V-SERIES Logo Apparel & Accessories
  115. Random Stability Control Engagement
  116. What Ill miss most before going to Europe....
  117. D3 Toyo Tire Special
  118. Who has had their pitting, flaking headlights replaced under warranty?
  119. Need help - front clunk
  120. Sevas Forged Group Buy - 6 lug available! - Lowest pricing of the year!
  121. Broke the shift trim ring clip...
  122. Need a bulb socket
  123. New brake setup - HPS, 2 piece, and GM perf.
  124. Not my week.
  125. Is the FAQ down?
  126. Calling StealthV...
  127. new wheel/tire question
  128. Summit Point Credit Card Bill Just Came in Mail
  129. LS6 on Ebay
  130. Having trouble with DIC Vehicle Personalization
  131. Whos actually running a group 78 battery...
  132. 4 those with Painted Calipers!!!
  133. What to look for in a used CTS-V
  134. Warranty Issue
  135. Cadillac Shirts: 9 Cadillac Logo Shirts
  136. Going with MagnaCharger- Question
  137. Engine shutter when turning off car?
  138. V-series Logo Apparel & Accessories
  139. One of the worst days
  140. |||are You Looking For A Wheel Sponsorship Let Us Know|||
  141. Can someone tell me if these prices are reasonable or not??
  142. Oil Pressure reading over 100
  143. ||| New pics of Kranson Forged KS101 KS501 wheel's beautiful |||
  144. GTO rear end
  145. First time this happened to a diff
  146. Hello from Vegas- IT'S COLD!!!
  147. My answer to the "what mod should I do first"
  148. oil pump pick up tube bolt missing
  149. V-Day II date!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Clutch Reservoir Line
  151. DALLAS/FT WORTH V Meet Ideas.....
  152. Tire Pressure Gauges And Tires
  153. CTS-VR Speed World Challenge results from UT
  154. Cts-v Logo Gifts - For Father's Day
  155. Who Has the Bug Repellant?
  156. stop shouting
  157. Lap times at Summit
  158. Cadillac Hats
  159. Another set of inexpensive FG2 shocks
  160. My life stinks
  161. My Vette is history!
  162. Met up with a STS-V. Sorry only cell phone pics.
  163. Modification Questions
  164. How to search FAQ????
  165. Lambo Doors
  166. Question regarding 3piece repair
  167. Take a guess
  168. Hey Mr. Aye-talian V driver in MA...
  169. Tires cupping >>>
  170. CT Auto Festival
  171. Summit Point Question.
  172. Tuner in Bay Area?
  173. Tuning who is looking for tuner?
  174. V tuner in St. Louis area
  175. Connectors for LS2 based CTS-V
  176. C'mon Jimmy. Do you REALLY think your gonna get $39K for this?
  177. Clutch question...
  178. Tires.
  179. Maybe moving to Toronto
  180. Hey Nutz....
  181. selling
  182. AFR all over the place at idle
  183. Looking for MC2 center caps.
  184. Oh the clutch woes continue.......
  185. My Buddy at KW is picking up his V tomorrow...
  186. Having problems with BMR rearend kit...
  187. BMR vs Specter Werkes Bushings
  188. Post mods comments
  189. Need motor mounts!
  190. V-Day II, sooner than you think?
  191. Front Diff. Bushing Install Price
  192. Plugged line. Clutch.
  193. V-series Logo Watch Now In Stock
  194. V burns up Nurburgring in less than 8 min
  195. OMG, what did I just do??
  196. 160* stat, wouild it work???
  197. Has anyone used pcmforless?
  198. Specter "works" bushings (bonus video inside)
  199. 05 vs 07 (purchasing used)
  200. About to buy CTS-V-Advice please?
  201. Year One - Road Atlanta
  202. V-Day II, which track?
  203. Anyone selling their GC kit? Or
  204. Thunder Gray/Redline Hybrid is born
  205. A (late) thanks to all involved with Summit Point
  206. Is this bad...New Upper Mounts and Shocks
  207. 06 SRX Differential = 06 CTS-V Differential ???
  208. I stirred the pot yesterday!
  209. Sunroof Inop
  210. Finally took a trip down the strip.
  211. Car Died
  212. Going to St. Louis Saturday night thru Monday?
  213. Yo New Yorkers!! And New Englanders!! And New Jerseyers!!
  214. Vanity plate ideas?
  215. Central Ohio V's
  216. New Cadillac Watches
  217. Redline V in Clarendon/Arlington
  218. Calling Calling for cags!!!!
  219. Now that Summit's over...Are you an Addict?
  220. Track Time Companies
  221. Prices - Products is this a deal?
  222. 1FASCAD, Potrero Hill, San Francisco
  223. Video: Cadillac CTS-Vís Record Breaking 7:59.32 Nurburgring Lap
  224. 2005 CTS-V w/ 6yr/100k warranty for sale
  225. Cadillac Performance Experience Video
  226. V-series Logo Floor Mats - Custom Made
  227. Testing 1...2...
  228. How to play DVD's while driving???
  229. Chromed Wheels from OEM
  230. Certified Luxury Warranty vs. Bumper to Bumper
  231. Estimate on $$ of Cars @ Summit
  232. Shipping a hood
  233. Finally pulled the trigger.
  234. Wanna Retrofit a V2 item into a V1! SHADDUP!!!
  235. Hi temp Plug Wires
  236. Shifting problem solved (supposedly)
  237. Driverside right seat bolster seems to be failing at 20k miles.
  238. V Photoshoot in Tampa area Sat May 24th? Need Vs and location!
  239. Why does my V run so hot around town?
  240. V-Day...thanks everybody
  241. wooooooohooo So I got me a V
  242. Shift Knob on Ebay
  243. Post your Summit Point Videos Here
  244. Cadillac V-series Gifts For Father's Day
  245. 3-Piece forged wheel offerings Cadillac CTS-V
  246. Cadillac CTS-V 3-piece wheel offerings
  247. First time posting video of Summit for qqik4u
  248. Couldn't Wait For The 2009 CTS-V.....
  249. Trans Temps
  250. Ideas on header rub