: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. need "family" car
  2. MT/WY/CO/NE V Owners and Track Days?
  3. Dealer reccomendation's in washington dc metro area
  4. What?
  5. Rear End Question
  6. Specter Werkes Cradle Bushings
  7. N/A V buildups. Who has done what?
  8. Radio Seek button function
  9. Cadillac key chains - new v logo items
  10. Baby Seat
  11. Aluminum dash trim--Good, Bad, Ugly?
  12. Do your hands sweat while driving the V? V Driving Gloves
  13. CTS-V Race Car on SPEEDTV
  14. Should i have an issue with these tires???
  15. Laying rubber in fourth gear!
  16. New Guy
  17. taking donations for Antivenom
  18. Does the Standard CTS Use the Same Rear Cradle as the CTS-V?
  19. Looking Again
  20. Stupid Question
  21. Stockers on Ebay
  22. I think the LS6 gave up today
  23. Threw a code last night
  24. Attention Redline V Owners...
  25. True Forged Custom Wheel GB 8/23-9/30
  26. You can add auxiliary and keep XM!!
  27. Dealer help!.....they suck
  28. PCV Breather?
  29. Recently moved to RP tranny fluid (concerns)
  30. Am i nuts
  31. The Vanity Plate Verdict
  32. adding pics to a post
  33. Firmware Issue or Bad Coolant Sensor?
  34. D3 Wheel Options
  35. buyer checklist?
  36. JFF and been gone for a week feels good to be back
  37. Car Wash Addicts
  38. Dealer Screwed up my GC!!
  39. Love My New MOMO
  40. Stinky, Smelly A/C
  41. Bulletins
  42. Q about ordering Navdisc from GMnavdisc.com
  43. Anybody run Fontana Roval?
  44. Rear view mirror auto dim...is it built in?
  45. V-series logo merchandise
  46. Coins behind ashtray
  47. Stupid ? whats the C in CTS stand for
  48. Anyone have set of new Stock Cradle Bushings?
  49. Questions about Rear end and tranny fluid
  50. Northwest Indiana Assistance Please...
  51. Installed my new UUC Motor mounts!!!
  52. In for service - clutch woes...
  53. FAQ question..
  54. pass rear airbag cover loose
  55. moderator help
  56. oil filters of all things (amsoil)
  57. Huge Warranty Hookup - Taking it in for final warranty service - ?'s
  58. how to separate Bellhousing from block
  59. 1st LS7 v for sale
  60. You Asked For It Magna Charger's on EBAY
  61. I think my V is crabbin~
  62. Rear Strut Tower Brace Install
  63. V-series merchandise on sale
  64. I know the factory did not use zip ties.
  65. Classic hot rod flames...
  66. Power Steering Issue?? Hard to Steer! + Ground Control Question
  67. cags
  68. About to buy my first "V-Bomb"
  69. CAI Dry filters
  70. new toy!
  71. What to do with poor service
  72. More wheels
  73. New Wheel Available. MACH6
  74. MY V with 19x8.5 19x10 True Forged Sebrings
  75. Where's Bigron?
  76. PCM install
  77. What else should I do before V-Day II?
  78. reset the oil % life meter
  79. Headlights
  80. Falken 452's!
  81. Cags installed but not working!
  82. Dropped my V / new flowmaster mufflers!
  83. Minor bumper warping (pics included)
  84. CTS-v for sale in Michigan?
  85. you guys think i changed these too soon?
  86. Autobahn Country Club 5-18
  87. where to start shopping?
  88. CTS-V RC car
  89. Happy 4th B-Day to my V, purchased 08/13/2004!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. Spare tire question
  91. Need your opinions
  92. REMAN Magnachargers On Ebay
  93. Hello from Afghanistan!
  94. Front Passenger Side Grinding...
  95. Escort G-Timer 2
  96. Rear end noise?
  97. Reverse slop...
  98. Left rear wheel noise
  99. V cluster question, need help!!!
  100. noob's 06 V
  101. Mud flaps, splash guards-whatever.. any pics?
  102. V-Series merchandise and accessories
  103. Ground Control with QA1?
  104. Front tow hook options
  105. Patience is vertue?!
  106. Has anybody completely removed wheelhop?
  107. New CTS-V!
  108. Clutch slave Cylinder question
  109. Heat from console
  110. My 2008 Hot August Nights Pics
  111. removed my mufflers..
  112. Looking For Stealthv!!!
  113. Lookin for a roll of dual mesh for project
  114. z06 Endlinks with Stock Ride Height?
  115. Anybody Have Any Shift Knob Install Tips?
  116. Travel/Temporary Registration HELP!!!
  117. Need your CTS-V for professional photo shoot
  118. So Cal CANYON Meet & Drive
  119. New Rear Diff needed, anyone have one for sale.
  120. Diff whine + tire pressure
  121. Magnacharger For V
  122. Chrome wheels on a Silver V
  123. Where to get used V parts?
  124. Help make a CTS-V the "Top Cruiser" of the '08 Woodward Dream Cruise.
  125. blown 7.0?
  126. New V-series Key Chain
  127. Who's kit is this on the faq site?
  128. Ohh well, I guess I'll introduce myself
  129. Another newb!
  130. Winter Driving?
  131. back to school sale (POLY engine MOUNTS)
  132. Oinking from rear
  133. competitive driving mode not working???
  134. Custom Tune Via SCT?
  135. Has anybody tried UUCs urethane motor and transmission mounts?
  136. Stability Control Won't Shut Off
  137. Lowering My V
  138. ATTN EVERYONE: Cadillac placed a warranty stop on my V bc of DMH Cutouts
  139. New V owner
  140. Tire Load Rating Questions BFG KDW 2
  141. cam sensor driving me insane!
  142. Wheel Question
  143. Southeastern V Day
  144. Is there a way to "hack" the radio?
  145. Andy Pilgrim at V-Day II
  146. How Do I Find Out How Long My Warranty Is Good For?
  147. Computer Silliness
  148. Dead V in DFW on I-30 in construction zone near Ballparks and Six Flags?
  149. Power Steering Cooler upgrade?
  150. WTB Red Z06 FRC's ?
  151. Dead Temp Gauge: AC Disabled
  152. Stability control flaky ness
  153. Securing sub box
  154. Who's in San Antonio?
  155. from turbo'd 06 Si to V hopefully w/ pics (56k go take a nap)
  156. August 9, 2008 - Event #5 - Kelly's Bleachers II
  157. Sold my car
  158. Top Gear
  159. new rear diff for me...
  160. warranty ?
  161. What do you think I can REALLY get for it?
  162. New V Owner
  163. Scheduled maintnenance for diff. & tranny?
  164. Cags Elims. Who needs them?
  165. How to change the rear seat cover on the part that folds down???
  166. Got One...
  167. Help! V1 hard wire mirror install
  168. Garage Sale - Cts-v Merchandise
  169. Sheared a bolt on the rear diff yesterday
  170. Ground Control Issue? Hard to steer right.
  171. Aftermarket Fuel Pump?
  172. My Wheels are DONE. Powdercoated Access. Wheels
  173. V coming back from Madmans next week
  174. Texas V saying HI!
  175. rear spoiler options??????
  176. buying a V need your input
  177. Wheels to run 275/35/18 BFGs
  178. Nav system ?
  179. Please Help
  180. 4,200 RPM Clutch Drop VIDEO!!! & No Wheel Hop!!!
  181. difference between 04,05,06 V
  182. 05 w LS2?
  183. Survey time: 40psi Oil Pressure at Idle?
  184. True Forged Speed 6 Wheels.
  185. Lug Nut Thread Pattern
  186. First Photo Shoot dramas
  187. CTS-V in army commercial
  188. Anyone In Nj Or Ny With Oem Chrome Wheels
  189. Dealer changing pads...
  190. Track Wheels
  191. Huge Thank you to Cadillac Tony & Plaza Cadillac Service
  192. White gauges
  193. Seat rubbing center console
  194. Which Warranty to get?
  195. Clunk/rattle from Hotchkis, FG2, Z06 endlinks?
  196. Rims - question about sizing
  197. Aftermarket Navigation Swap
  198. Not to bad of a deal...
  199. 4 Cts-v Tires. Make Offer - Connecticut
  200. Blue Calipers
  201. How to remove grilles from bumper/chrome trim
  202. RANT HELP Ken Batchelor Cadillac in SA TX SUC$S will not program VIN in PCM
  203. The Aussies do it better....HSV style
  204. fuse
  205. Top Gear preview for next week
  206. Ultra Cool Rides
  207. How to play a burned DVD with .mp3's on it?
  208. tuning the V?
  209. K&N CAI Review
  210. To the guy who left half of his rims on the curb
  211. 3m Clear Bra Fair Price?
  212. PLEASE HELP - Bose sub without power, but working...
  213. oil change question
  214. new V owner - flowmasters for cts-v? also lowering question.
  215. ATTENTION a notice from dealers service
  216. dmh cutouts
  217. new cts-v owner question
  218. Pics From Our Bay Area V-Day Meet
  219. B&B 3" Front Pipes
  220. Hand Held Tuner Results
  221. V left me stranded
  222. NAV Disc for international buyer
  223. Question, What bushings are in the picture?
  224. Setting State on Nav
  225. got me some P-ZERO's
  226. Long distance call for StealthV
  227. Signs of failing slave cylinder
  228. Pads and Rotors from Ebay...
  229. Are there any Shops in Seattle / Tacoma Area you can Recommend?
  230. Oil Temp?
  231. Pcm Change Help
  232. Need to extend the seat track for leg room
  233. Anyone Used 3M ClearBra?
  234. Most HP & Torque w/stock rearend
  235. please help!! Just bought a 2005 cts-v- clunk between 1-2 shift dieseling at shut off
  236. WRX to CTS-V
  237. got new wheels, need TPMS
  238. Check KRANSON FORGED new Ks502 on new Z06
  239. Caddie ROCKED at Pocono
  240. What's the most G's you have gotten on G-Meter??
  241. Spare Tire
  242. Is this a good deal??
  243. any PHX V's around?
  244. Tires: Goodyear F1 A/S vs. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
  245. What bushings to replace to make drivetrain feel like a Cadillac again?
  246. What am I suppose to do with the Center Caps??!!
  247. "Honeymoon Over" Update
  248. Aftermarket MAFs
  249. Tow hook ideas - for the track day junkies!
  250. **Group discount on Dyno Tune in Toronto**