: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Shift Knob Options?
  2. Electrical issues???
  3. new diff "leaking" fluid??!!!???!!!
  4. why won't my car go into 1st gear????
  5. Gmpp?
  6. Which is it? 6 qts or 6-1/2 qts?
  7. From the other side of the world...
  8. If you are looking for V-SERIES Logo merchandise, please check out our site
  9. Strange NAV Operation
  10. Watch Out For This Police Car!!!
  11. New Hood Idea (Cervini's Stalker II)
  12. "V" emblem replacement
  13. NEED HELLPPPP feeler for sale
  14. Auto Locks Question
  15. '04 V front end spoiler piece
  16. Will OE '06-'08 STS-V wheel fit '05 CTS-V?
  17. Sdr
  18. Longevity of Hawk Pads?
  19. Rear Diff
  20. Pretty much the most random thing ever
  21. Dunlop Winter Sport Tires Installed - Pics inside
  22. What cam are you running?
  23. V-ingenuity...No More Flyin' Quarters !!
  24. Advice on Brake costs
  25. It's gonna be a loooooooooonnnng winter :(
  26. a lil help please...
  27. 6th Gear Synchros...
  28. nail went through my tire and WHEEL! Help
  29. How wide can rear tires go?
  30. Transmission issues
  31. Bushing extractor
  32. 9" upgrade for GTO's wonder if they could do some thing for the V
  33. Nothing to do with a Cadillac but......
  34. Interest in larger diameter half shaft?
  35. WTS 5 V Wheels w/tires
  36. Info on how the 09V solved the axle hop problem
  37. used 05 cts v issues
  38. Any Richmond va V's
  39. Tire width comparison 245 vs 265 .. snow .. summer ... some pics ...
  40. JBCTSV, empty your PM box
  41. Dealer installed the new rear!
  42. Changin the TPS warnins
  43. Cts-v logo gifts
  44. Powder Coat Rims in N. VA
  45. Track Day $20/day @ Eagles Canyon outside Dallas, TX
  46. Any V Owners in Louisiana?
  47. Questionable Track Times at Englishtown (with Video)
  48. Rocker Panels for a Black V
  49. Anyone need new tires?
  50. Might sell?
  51. Sad News From Summit Point
  52. Cts v Tuner
  53. Auction bought
  54. Awesome, I broke the rear.
  55. Help...Front parking lamps not working
  56. I LOVE my V but...
  57. two tone (and i like it!!)
  58. New to the forum
  59. 1st and 2nd gear lag
  60. Is this a slow time??
  61. New nav DVD available
  62. Dynamat FTW!!
  63. I think I have made a cam decision...finally
  64. Front Diff Bushing Part Number?
  65. I need new floormats
  66. 1st-2nd-1st Drag Mishap...Non V (thankfully)
  67. Two thumbs up to this dealer!
  68. V-Series Merchandise - Free Shipping Offer
  69. Need submissions for Domestic Driver Magazine 2009!
  70. O2 Codes
  71. Lost keys!
  72. Please help me sell my car!
  73. Good news from the Dealer!
  74. Thrown Codes Ahoy!
  75. EPP airbags for the V to help with wheelhop
  76. Power Sounder Fuse: What is it?
  77. Best Place to Buy HID Headlamp???
  78. Choosing the best dealership
  79. Tire Pressure?
  80. Irregular Tire Wear / Excessive Pad Wear on Track
  81. Fun with the Trash Can lid
  82. couple of tires available
  83. Going to Bondurant!!!!!!!!!
  84. Brake & clutch fluid capacity
  85. Dealer overfilled oil
  86. No. VA Tuner needed - Help
  87. warranty ending soon...
  88. speedo says im going, but im not!! also i have a cluch question.
  89. +1 For Runflats
  90. Heads up - New V on Top Gear (S12E02)
  91. Traction control comes on intermittantly and jerks the car to one side.
  92. sloppy, noisey, clunking drivetrain... help
  93. My car has 842 HP!!! but it stinks I need help
  94. Cost of Differential Bushings w/o warranty?
  95. Double discount - cts-v products
  96. ***need URGENT REAR DIFF. advise***
  97. 2004 to 2007 CTS-V Drivetrains?
  98. Anyone in SF Bay area?
  99. Really Wierd ATC
  100. Good deal on craigslist San Diego for brakes
  101. Knoxville TN Meet, Nov. 22nd
  102. "Service Vehicle Soon" on Nav
  103. Component Speakers
  104. Some pics from SEMA
  105. URGENT: car keeps running after turned off.
  106. New V owner
  107. Vibration/Rattling Noise from dash
  108. Diff Bushing replaced, clutch serviced... And she feels like a new car
  109. I love my V!
  110. Look for 2 stock rims....ASAP
  111. Are these two cars the same color?
  112. driving aids on road track???
  113. Finally some pics.
  114. Diff Part numbers
  115. Saturday, Atlanta GA - Shootout!
  116. Noobie with problems. Help and advice greatly appreciated.
  117. Mini dvd playback
  118. Crazy Cheap V!?!??
  119. Ewill I need some Specs
  120. Coolant Leak
  121. Might have to sell my V
  122. Pics from Tail of the Dragon
  123. someone tried to break into my V!
  124. Any V owners close to me?? Lebanon, VA 24266
  125. Any idea whats up with this engine
  126. Newest Addition to the Caddy Family
  127. Rear body part numbers needed
  128. XM Radio Question
  129. Highly Recommended Tire Changer in S. Florida
  130. Just got engaged!
  131. Dana 44 Viper Differential? Hyme joints? Blown CTS-V, huh?
  132. Calling on the Veterans...Vehicle Operation Concerns
  133. Methanol Injection Question
  134. Odd dimming"surging" from dash instruments at night.
  135. Oil Pressure Running 129 psi
  136. CTS-V Electrical Problems Resolved
  137. Early adopters: how well were you taken care of?
  138. Boston Area - anyone with old brake pads they want to get rid of?
  139. Cts-v merchandise - free shipping offer
  140. How much is acceptable rear gear whine?
  141. GMPP noob. School me please.
  142. clutch bleeder valve
  143. First Time Posting Pics of the Car.
  144. UUC Motor Mounts installed...
  145. Photo Shoot Take two
  146. Trip #2 to the Drag Strip (better weather)
  147. billet door locks or radio knobs?
  148. Broken Front Tie Rod Beware
  149. Get on a road course for $50
  150. Winter Storage
  151. New Clutch
  152. anyone else had problems with paint on bumbers?
  153. Clutch Issues II
  154. Fuel Gauge Issues... LS2
  155. Clutch issues
  156. Any V's in the ATLANTA area going to the Varsity?
  157. V back from dealer
  158. V from behind
  159. Anyone have a stroker ls2, 427, Katech or Mallett V they want to sell?
  160. LS9 Crate motor available from GM
  161. Fire sale on fire extinguisher brackets!
  162. CAM Swap How-To Guide?
  163. Impromptu Jersey Meet 11/01/08...
  164. CTS-V Merchandise - Free Shipping Offer
  165. where to buy tires
  166. Motor differences
  167. 05 V HUD - what do the symbols mean?
  168. Clutch reservoir low fluid level?
  169. 2007 Backup Assist Mirror Question, Please Help
  170. Mini DVD Playback
  171. V-Bra
  172. K&n cai installed!
  173. X-Pipes (where, why and how much?)
  174. Tires for an '06 - Want to buy
  175. 427 Motor swap. Opinions?
  176. What would be your dream V1 combination money is no object.
  177. Ok bigjim and cvp, now you can tell me "told you so..."
  178. 2006 CTS-V Mods?
  179. Questions:about what to look for before buying a V
  180. After Two BAWs, Still Sometimes Get a GC Clunk
  181. Yes or No: Do I need to turn in my lease V with run flat tires?
  182. Where is signature on engine
  183. Thinking about trading to a V
  184. New Owner of '05 Stealth V
  185. CF hood
  186. Remove OnStar antenna on '04
  187. V II Day - Video from outside view: Enjoy
  188. "Low Range" on a full tank?!?!
  189. Sneak peek 40%OFF BONDURANT!!1
  190. New odd noise/rattler
  191. Possible Stolen Black V Crashes! DFW
  192. Another New CTS-V Owner
  193. Blown rear differentials 7 + 1
  194. Center console arm rest, are they worth anything?
  195. Who else will be at SEMA?
  196. Starting problems...
  197. How much room do you have in ur CTS V????
  198. New guy. Looking to buy 04-07 cts v. Have questions???
  199. Newer Cts-v owner
  200. ZR1 and 2010 Camaro along with CTS-V at Bondurant Racing School\GM Booth, Barrett LV!
  201. Low Mile, Maggied V on eBay
  202. Grab the popcorn - V-Day II vids.
  203. little Coolant leak please help
  204. Name This Spoiler
  205. Custom Hood Idea (RamAirII)(please be easy on me...)
  206. Show Me V-Day II!!!!!
  207. FS: 04-07 CTS-V Sachs T2 Racing Shocks
  208. Aerodynamics
  209. Chromed Emblems
  210. Mobil 1 Fans - Stock Up!
  211. 9.5 inch factory wheel?
  212. Losing power?
  213. Cold weather starting
  214. 2005 V with Nav looking for low level outs to add amplifier
  215. I havent had my V in two months!!
  216. What time is everyone going to the track tomorow?
  217. V Day II helmet help
  218. I cant make this stuff up...one last claim FTW!!!
  219. Disable Tire pressure monitor
  220. Crank pulley came loose!?
  221. Englishtown this weekend; who's coming?!?!?!
  222. Zaino Effect - Lots of Pics Inside
  223. Not Going to V-Day II
  224. Navigation Issues
  225. Aeroforce Gauge Installed in Ashtray Housing (pics)
  226. Can I run 265/40 GSD3 all around with stock setup
  227. New proud owner of a Cadillac CTS-V here
  228. new owner, new to board,
  229. Where to find 12v switched power?
  230. How to remove ashtray housing?
  231. New...
  232. Shake at idle
  233. whats this?
  234. Unofficial V-day II Photography Information
  235. Has anyone else run into this??
  236. V Train from NY to V-day II
  237. Balky start on maggied V
  238. Las Vegas Barrett Jackson
  239. Clutch reservoir sediment / contamination
  240. Headrest DVD
  241. it appears heavy was out driving his Z
  242. New spin on the old gas price threads,,,
  243. Ontario Fall Cruise - Who's Interested?
  244. First post, first problem... Radio buttons
  245. 2008 SCCA National Championships
  246. What sidewall hieght with 265 PS2?
  247. Halloween Wheel Sale!!! Special $avings
  248. Meet up for Northern Virginia Drive to Summit Point V-DayII
  249. WTB: FG2 asap
  250. FG2 Feedback