: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Repeated Stalling
  2. 2009 CTS-V at V-Day II
  3. Track day report: Pacific Raceways in the wet, 10/2/2008
  4. Wrecked V - Sorry no pic's...
  5. Lost all my Steering Wheel Controls After Header Install
  6. how many cts-v's made
  7. Clay Bar, Cleaner Wax, Polish, Sealant?
  8. Beautiful day for a cruise... (Pics)
  9. car pings (detonation) on premium fuel?
  10. CTS-V Apparel, Accessories & Gifts
  11. Picked up some Fikse's and F1's on Ebay. (pics)
  12. How many miles from Hawk Brake pads - daily driving only
  13. Oil Pans
  14. After a nightmare 500hp DD VW, plenty of research and Test drive, I have questions.
  15. Reset?? Very strange!!!
  16. Went to a road course event. Some Q & A
  17. What is the lapt time for a 04-07 cts-v at Nurburgring
  18. Noise Diagnostic Help Please
  19. BMR Pinion Brace/Wheel Hop Kit
  20. Going for a drive tomorrow (10/11) ME,NH,VT?
  21. Warranty coverage question
  22. V CPU question
  23. Where is this bumper from?
  24. Got ricer fly by'd by a Redline V today.
  25. Need help...Is this a CTSV bumper?
  26. Sad Baby-V story
  27. How many miles did you rack up this year?
  28. Making sure dealer doesn't reflash my PCM
  29. chrome cts v stock wheels !!!
  30. Close Call
  31. Differential issues, going to dealer tomorrow. Need pep talk.
  32. New V Owner (w/pics)
  33. San Antonio V meet cancelled
  34. Liquid sloshing noise at start up
  35. Who's planning on keeping their V1?
  36. Indicators of Clutch on the way out ??
  37. RPO Codes?
  38. CTS-V Folks don't have to feel so bad about the V's stock Diff anymore
  39. Nitto Invos FTW!!!!
  40. New Shoes on my V....
  41. Meguiar's Poly Sealant 21
  42. Custom one of a kind Ti Catback
  43. VII day Novice group? who is in it
  44. Got my w4m tune installed!
  45. Is it okay to throw my winter tires on now?
  46. E Brake Help
  47. Thanks for being patient
  48. K&N Air Filter 4 Sale New 04-07 CTS-V $25
  49. 400HP ho hum?
  50. V @ the white sox game yesterday
  51. Slow Start
  52. Would you buy this V?
  53. Look What I Found!!!
  54. Cadillac watches - 5 choices
  55. Anybody change a HID headlight yet?300 bucks for the bulb!
  56. 2005 V Transmission gear noise
  57. 05 Radiator Replace
  58. Went to VIR this weekend for the Redline/GTlive/koni challange. Look what I ran into.
  59. Cadillac Owner Service/Warranty Concern
  60. SoCal Track Day- Autoclub Speedway Roval-Nov 23rd
  61. Parrot Bluetooth
  62. Need Quick advice: Who is runnin an Exedy Twin Disc here
  63. Southeastern V Owners (second attemp)
  64. Does anyone have Bluetooth, IPOD Kit, and JL Audio CleanSweep?
  65. So Cal CANYON Meet & Drive - Pix
  66. Weeken wax (pics)
  67. Jersey Vs
  68. Salvage Mallett V
  69. Performance Shocks?
  70. Forked Road (NO MAGGIES HERE PLZ)
  71. Break Out The Popcorn.
  72. Pics from an awesome cruise today...
  73. rotors
  74. New "LUXE" Custom V-Series Logo Floor Mats
  75. changing the pinion seal
  76. HEY lollygagger8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. Removing Pinstripes
  78. 2005 CTS-V HID jitter
  79. 125+mph frontend feels loose
  80. tire pressure ???
  81. anyone no where i can find this?
  82. How can I find out when my car was bought new???
  83. This One Beats D3's XLR......
  84. Need some good advice
  85. Looking for some off-road connections
  86. V-Series Cars on FX TV Show
  87. Replacing Damaged Tire
  88. CTS-V console comfort conversion sale
  89. My V at Mosport International Speedway
  90. Cadillac seat towels - seat armour
  91. Rubber strip on bottom front cowl
  92. Need pics and advice for Rear Deck Sub Install
  93. Need suggestion for quite tires...?'s
  94. Calgary track day
  95. Taking vehicle in for first warranty work. Anything specific to look for in addition?
  96. Windshield question
  97. Trailer hitch on my V?
  98. V-Series Apparel, Accessories & Gifts
  99. speedometer doesn't work
  100. Question for the metallurgists and machinists here
  101. Snobbery and Unprofessionalism (or "Why I'm glad I didn't buy a BMW")
  102. Invisible 3M Bra ("Invisible Mask" brand?)
  103. Dynamat tips (for the budget minded)
  104. CTS-VR Hood Louvers
  105. Madman Rear redesigned for the V-beast
  106. Where to find B&B X-Pipe?
  107. jd03cobra
  108. Read ECU data with iPhone
  109. How Many Miles On Your CTS-V?
  110. V-series key chains
  111. Track video from 9/27.
  112. 1st gear, Low speed growl???
  113. Nice review of CTS V at Garage419
  114. cat-back for cat-back, what changed when going to longtubes?
  115. headlights scratched to hell
  116. Making FRC's fit the V
  117. Brake dust!!
  118. Unit of Measure?
  119. LOL...Banned Again!
  120. Chicken Strap?
  121. Looking for a boost gauge - Ideas?
  122. Installed QA1's last weekend.
  123. Interior trim changed to black.
  124. 10% Ethanol
  125. Time To Let her Go, But I'll Still Be At V-Day
  126. Congrats to CTSVETT!
  127. 04-05 CTS-V/ Serwood 41 piece carbon fiber dash kit
  128. Damn! High Oil Temp and alarms? Here is a fix for it (page 7 post #98).
  129. Intermittent rough idle/hard starting issue
  130. One other question or possible prob?
  131. Looking for someone with gutted stock mufflers in the Baltimore area
  132. Cadillac CTS-V Gear & Custom Floor Mats
  133. WTB Red Z06 Fuel Rail Covers
  134. Rear Diff opportunity
  135. New member - General thanks.
  136. Cool Pic of My V
  137. NAV for base CTS vs. CTS-V?
  138. New V Owner and have a few Q's
  139. New pics of V with HRE's and GC
  140. Drove a Bone Stock V Today
  141. Tire Pressure Sensor Quick Q....
  142. I need winter tires & rims; 18" preferred
  143. Good Deal? Does it have the 06 diff?
  144. Today's V Photos
  145. clutch pedal spring
  146. V is in "reduced power mode" Help please!! I Have Codes!!
  147. Retrofit '06 Steering wheel & controls into an '05
  148. New Tranny Fluid = Deep Fried Hand
  149. Been a while since I posted pictures....
  150. wheelhop theory
  151. Wurth wheel paint - curb rash
  152. First mod on the way!
  153. Attn: Michigan V's - anyone want to go to the 1/4 mile track at Milan on 9/24
  154. GMPP warranty question...are old repairs covered?
  155. Another Newbie
  156. Looking for someone with gutted stock mufflers in the Philadelphia area
  157. Look What I Got at Lindsay Cadillac Today...
  158. GAS (no premium)
  159. Maintenance Questions
  160. Christmas comes early!!!!!!!!!!
  161. Average age of a V owner
  162. TMP Track Pics
  163. V-series teddy bear
  164. Clutch Sticking to floor
  165. Does the iPhone 3g work with any of the iPod kits?
  166. TD track wheels on sale
  167. Up comin Mods
  168. WTB: Rear Bumper ASAP
  169. Must see before and after the wind storm pics.....
  170. Racing seats
  171. Check oil level, comes on but oil level is just fine.
  172. Wheel discoloration
  173. CTS V Factory Rim Color
  174. Less drag = Faster right?
  175. New Member, New Car, First Question!
  176. Does anybody have pictures of Specter Werks Bushings..?
  177. LS2 FRC's
  178. Most significant cars GM ever built
  179. Throttle surge
  180. Ground Control Lowering more than 1" in rear?
  181. Post Track Day Question
  182. Tires.....Again......
  183. New updated pics of my beast...
  184. 2 sets of brand new HRE COMP93's for sale
  185. New England meet Sept 27-28th
  186. No Hot Air from my V
  187. Whining Noise from under car/hood??
  188. Looking at a CTS-V, but...
  189. New "luxe" floor mats - custom made
  190. F/S: CTS-V, Galviston TX
  191. Any SoCal V groups?
  192. What are gas prices where you live?
  193. got my plate today!!
  194. anyone want my 20" wheels?
  195. HID fog light Problems!! Help!
  196. A/C Problems
  197. TMP Track Videos
  198. Where is stealth v?
  199. P0300 code + voltage fluctuations
  200. Better Night at The Track
  201. Two clutches in two different cars in 11 days
  202. 04-05 CTS-V as a daily driver in snowy winters?
  203. Anyone have 100K miles on their car?
  204. Alignment Problems (Eibach)
  205. Quick Winter Tire Question
  206. Strange vibration
  207. I want one.
  208. Anyone need track tires ???
  209. Hello spoiler! Goodbye hideous exhaust! And the best photo to date...
  210. Single/compound polish detail
  211. Spark Plugs
  212. Let the V Scream!
  213. Anyone selling a MAF? PO102 code
  214. MAF Sensor Code Low Input
  215. V is here
  216. Road Atlanta - Petit LeMans Oct 1 - 4
  217. Lookin for canadian owner
  218. Cruisin' Ebay: This junk worth it?
  219. What are your feelings on these rims?
  220. Remote Clutch Bleeders
  221. How much should I pay to get my brakes changed???
  222. Lindsay Cadillac Testimonial
  223. GO Army comercial during Monday Night Football
  224. im stranded!
  225. 04 - 05 V Reliability
  226. Leaving the family...
  227. Need Rear Shock Spacers
  228. My V montage (Im bored at work)
  229. Missing brake vent tube
  230. 05 or 06...
  231. Cts-v merchandise & custom floor mats
  232. A/C Pressure Sensor
  233. Throttle body radiator bypass
  234. Track videos from BeaveRun 9/1/08.
  235. Detroit Guys: Come to Ann Arbor Car Show on the 14th
  236. V-series floor mats &merchandise
  237. My V is kinda like a buick
  238. Houston Vs
  239. HELP Anybody Know what this sound could be???
  240. Thanks from Motive Products - coupon
  241. Weak HID's ?
  242. Has to be a better way
  243. cts-v dvd override??
  244. State Farm Dropping Me?!!
  245. We do Have Different Front Shock Part #'s
  246. another new video!
  247. Tire installer in South Florida
  248. Another Nav Question
  249. Does anyone know what and why this wire is cut?
  250. Lightweight 3-piece forged wheels options (Images)