: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Differential Questions. Is SRX or STS the same?
  2. So what year you guys think this car is?
  3. T56 Transmission
  4. An accident with no damage? Boy did I get lucky
  5. Quality GM
  6. shift knob ideas anyone
  7. LSX forum?
  8. possible to purchase warranty for used with 60K+ miles?
  9. Anyone got pics of V on lift?
  10. Look what I bought
  11. started on my V today!
  12. Bad Vibration At 1500 RPM....
  13. Battery replacement and nice surprise
  14. Photoshop request (V1/V2 hybrid)
  15. 2006 CTS-V with LS6
  16. Drivetrain Vibration at 70-80 MPH
  17. u guys wont believe what happened to me.
  18. "R" indicator while driving?
  19. New V owner !!!!!
  20. How many miles on your V for 2008?
  21. Service Theft system??
  22. Those four buttons on the right side of the steering wheel
  23. Tiny Mod
  24. CTS-V Fatality
  25. New V Owner
  26. New V owner to board
  27. Off to the body shop
  28. NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) 2009
  29. eibach or hotchkis sways?
  30. My V got totaled :(
  31. Extra CTS-V Grille Emblem
  32. GMPP junk or what
  33. Changed gear oil after dealership screw job
  34. Happy holidays from autoprideconcepts.com
  35. Thoughts on factory chrome wheels?
  36. ipod adapters for v...
  37. Anybody see these??? Black speedlines STS-V
  38. Purchase Dilemma - Opinions Please
  39. Oil cooler "kit"
  40. Good Deal or Bad Deal?
  41. 118k mi 2005 V for $15k - good deal?
  42. Help me with rim color choice PLEASE!
  43. Extended warranty saving for cadi owners???
  44. LS6 plugs?
  45. Lockpick/GM Solutions
  46. dvd while driving
  47. trifecta performance
  48. Rear ended by a damn tow truck!!!
  49. New CTS-V owner
  50. Pics of spacers for the Fe4's (question about clunk)
  51. Harmonic balancer
  52. Just pulled my cats off...
  53. Question about Slave for LS7 Kit
  54. Nitto Invo Review [video]
  55. Happy Holidays!
  56. Bad Vibration Through Tranny
  57. New V owner
  58. Hyper Silver/Black wheels
  59. just crashed my V
  60. valet and parking brakes
  61. Clutch pedal click
  62. Locking Header Bolts
  63. *sale on magnachargers****free shipping!!!
  64. buzz/whine when it's cold out?
  65. First post (after much reading) 06 or 07 ???
  66. Charlotte Speedway... Just a couple "V"'s goofing off
  67. CTS-V Ice Pop
  68. Wheel Upgrades
  69. Newbie Needs Advice
  70. Cadillac log floor mats - free shipping offer
  71. FNG, do I get a 04-05 or 06-07???
  72. So I've had my V for 8 days now....
  73. XM NAV TRAFFIC Problem
  74. Help the new guy?
  75. STS-V rims on a CTS-V?
  76. Introduction
  77. CTS Super V to be sold....
  78. Anyone need some awesome brake pads or replacement rotors?
  79. psst....hey V guys
  80. How to Pull off the Front Bumper of a 2004 CTS
  81. New Style Wheels from D3
  82. tires
  83. Just saying hello from a new vendor
  84. OK i have tried to contact a few people so someone help me out
  85. This might sound stupid and crazy.
  86. Question on winter tires and size
  87. V-series logo apparel, accessories & gifts
  88. Selling my 05V, hoping for an 09V
  89. Pics with GC installed
  90. New brakes!!!!!
  91. Disabling XM Satellite radio
  92. Sellling my custom stereo system for the CTS V
  93. Power steering doesn't like the cold?
  94. Cold Start Noise
  95. Auto door lock
  96. Welcome to my nightmare
  97. Delivery notice - cadillac gifts
  98. New CTS-V Owner Checking
  99. wooooweeeee
  100. V-series gifts in time for the holidays
  101. Anyone have a front plate holder?
  102. Last minute Gift ideas\Specials from Bondurant Driving School!
  103. V-owner On tv last Night
  104. Are Z06 end links a solid upgrade or not worth it
  105. What wheels are these?
  106. TVS Supercharger upgrade?
  107. KW Coilovers...
  108. Rad went out again in less than 1 year?
  109. Somebody's gotta do it
  110. first trip to the dealer
  111. Battery or Alternator
  112. Are these motor mounts bad?
  113. Feff, when is this going to happen?
  114. Synthetic transmission fluid
  115. Shock replacement when installing GC?
  116. front struts need replaced?
  117. Tons of warranty work--> Yikes!
  118. general CTS v questions
  119. Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles??
  120. Need Help with Audio Controls
  121. How to play DVD on the factory screen while driving
  122. Hmm that V looks awfully familiar but I just dont know were I've seen it before.
  123. new V
  124. 2009 SPEED World Challenge schedule
  125. Popped my V's snow-cherry ;)
  126. On the Hunt 4 FG2's
  127. Chrome STS-V wheels on CTS-V (Pics)
  128. All orders that contain floor mats
  129. Navigation DVD HELP!!!!
  130. Help with P0500 code...misfire and no R now.
  131. It's cold!
  132. Navigation DVD Disk questions
  133. Thinking of becoming a vendor for Canadians
  134. Aftermarket front diff bushing
  135. XM shutting off...
  136. Installed Ground Control today!
  137. Free shipping on custom floor mats
  139. Anyone need stock front brake pads
  140. Alright, who hacked into my V?
  141. Cadillac gifts for v owners
  142. 2009 cts-v
  143. foglights will not turn off!!!
  144. 2004 cts-v
  145. NAVI - owner name setup
  146. Aftermarket Fuel pumps
  147. Save 20% on 3-Piece Wheels!!!
  148. squeaaaaak
  149. Factory HID bulb replacement help
  150. Great v-series logo gifts
  151. If u can live with all-seasons-check this out!
  152. V won't start after a long drive
  153. Starter problems
  154. So what's next for the 1st gen CTS-V owners...?
  155. Bondurant Driving School ZR1 2 Day Course NOW Enrolling!
  156. 2004 CTS keyless entry remote programming instructions
  157. Stock Tires - Best Place To Buy
  158. GM accessory wheels
  159. mgscustomtune - clear your inbox :) (Apologies for the bandwidth wastage)
  160. V-series logo merchandise,accessories & gifts
  161. A big thanks to plaza cadillac
  162. Rim recommendations??
  163. Window Vent Shades (air/rain deflectors)
  164. Vette FRC Feeler thread (who wants a set)
  165. rear center light bar
  166. Some stock stuff for sale
  167. Bone stock
  168. I have 1400hp in my driveway
  169. Kyb Shocks
  170. V Flags 2
  171. V Flags
  172. New to the board
  173. Battery warranty
  174. Good Tuner around Austin,TX?
  175. Dead battery and A/C smell?!
  176. Whats this plug for???
  177. 2.6 pulley and no belt slip!
  178. Trailing Arm Wanted! Anyone Have One?
  179. Reverse lockout solenoid replacement
  180. Sign Up For V-Mail
  181. Value Question - Would You Buy?
  182. Any word on installing the 09 suspension on V1?
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  184. Extended Warranty Help (GM Troubled Times)
  185. ford 9''
  186. Specter Bushings
  187. Clunking.. 2 weeks after new diff?
  188. Lowering vehicle questions
  189. StealthViggen...please contact me about the mufflers?
  190. How to install sunroof switch.
  191. V Flags
  192. Foose wheels
  193. 07 V with no sunroof????
  194. Any Vendors here having a Black Friday internet sale?
  195. New to CTSV
  196. Rim, tire, and jack needed
  197. Service Stability Control System?
  198. Flickerin Passanger Light
  199. Anyone selling a Volant?
  200. Good Price on a New Rear?
  201. Free shipping offer on cadillac merchandise
  202. Headrest embroidery...who does it?
  203. Back to the Dealership..Trying a New One!
  204. Video Camera Help
  205. Battery concern
  206. External "ambient" lighting under rearview mirrors?
  207. Speeding Ticket
  208. New Tires and new issues
  209. ANOTHER Broken Trailing Arm!
  210. XM sounds better since merger?
  211. My Quest to 500 HP, the right way...
  212. Clunk is gone...
  213. With this information: Would you buy this car
  214. Clutch Fluid Flushed + CAGS Eliminator Installed
  215. has anybody had the same prob wit the backup lens
  216. Clutch adjustment
  217. Dropping out of first
  218. Rear Diff Fluid LSD additive
  219. Some Piece dont swear in thread titles hit my parked V
  220. Shift Knob Options?
  221. Electrical issues???
  222. new diff "leaking" fluid??!!!???!!!
  223. why won't my car go into 1st gear????
  224. Gmpp?
  225. Which is it? 6 qts or 6-1/2 qts?
  226. From the other side of the world...
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  228. Strange NAV Operation
  229. Watch Out For This Police Car!!!
  230. New Hood Idea (Cervini's Stalker II)
  231. "V" emblem replacement
  232. NEED HELLPPPP feeler for sale
  233. Auto Locks Question
  234. '04 V front end spoiler piece
  235. Will OE '06-'08 STS-V wheel fit '05 CTS-V?
  236. Sdr
  237. Longevity of Hawk Pads?
  238. Rear Diff
  239. Pretty much the most random thing ever
  240. Dunlop Winter Sport Tires Installed - Pics inside
  241. What cam are you running?
  242. V-ingenuity...No More Flyin' Quarters !!
  243. Advice on Brake costs
  244. It's gonna be a loooooooooonnnng winter :(
  245. a lil help please...
  246. 6th Gear Synchros...
  247. nail went through my tire and WHEEL! Help
  248. How wide can rear tires go?
  249. Transmission issues
  250. Bushing extractor