: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Caddy Wallpaper for your Blackberry Storm
  2. got PCM back and......
  3. Cradle bushing/washer size on a 2006 V - anti-wheelhop fix
  4. Anybody Running a Rebuilt Transmission?
  5. Auction called $5,500 for Car
  6. Anyone want to buy a set of W4m Bast@rd brake pads?
  7. How to scan error/convenience codes inside the car
  8. Catastrophic Engine Failure
  9. Hawk HPS pads... DEAL O THE DAY
  10. Thinking of ext. warranty any preference??
  11. Dexcool is never green right
  12. Brought My V In for its Final Warranty Service
  13. front end noise
  14. what tires to buy ???
  15. V-series logo apparel, accessories, gifts & gear
  16. LSX Shootout
  17. strut warranty?
  18. Attempted Theft
  19. to paint or not to paint?!?
  20. WTB BMR strut tower brace!
  21. Fs: Smd led light bulbs
  22. Car pulling to right
  23. Trim Assembly?
  24. Ebay factory wheels and tires
  25. Planning to buy 2004 CTS-V. First Timer.
  26. muffler delete (video)
  27. just installed specter bushings!
  28. My wife is telling me this is bad for my clutch (???)
  29. Anybody Used these Shocks? Monroe
  30. clean car.. new pics
  31. Where to buy underhood Trim/ mat with V logo?
  32. Damnit...got a coolant leak
  33. Pictures of 2006-2007 Rear Cradle?
  34. just installed B&M shfiter!
  35. couldn't wait any longer
  36. Help Please!! How to get plastic out of Oil Filler hole
  37. T/C question..
  38. Cadillac logo teddy bears for valentine's day
  39. Future V-day DISCUSSION Thread which will be removed if you spam.
  40. Ordered new parts!
  41. Dealer Install Quote for UUC Differential Bushing = WTH?
  42. This seems like a great item....
  43. FOD sliding around the center dash
  44. V-day III Monday June 29th
  45. Thinking about buying...
  46. Superchips Cortex Tuner Deal
  47. Rear diff info
  48. Who else has this?
  49. UUC poly diff bushings in stock
  50. Rear Spoiler template
  51. The ''V'' Series Banner is here!!! Get one while you can.
  52. Thinking about saving for the D3 body kit
  53. Underside of the hood
  54. 2005 CTS-V Navi Screen cleaner?
  55. Grille Emblem is Fading. Common Problem?
  56. Update on the Repairs of my 05CTS-V
  57. wheels and tires for snow
  58. Rear Spoiler pics
  59. filled/painted FRC's teaser pics
  60. To sell or not to sell ?
  61. strange noise on cold starts
  62. Ticking noise during acceleration
  63. What would it take
  64. You and your centercaps (pics)
  65. KSport Revisited
  66. Anyone out there with an aftermarket warranty
  67. Front O2 sensor part numbers
  68. Stock Photo????
  69. Wonderful Experience at Don Ledford Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Inc. in Cleveland, TN
  70. FREE Rubber Pedal Covers
  71. Clutch issues now (after spring)
  72. A big THANK YOU to BENB870
  73. Check out this supercharged V
  74. competition mode on CTS-V
  75. Pretty Funny
  76. Need Some Help....
  77. Any one in the Atlanta area with dragradials and some track wheels?
  78. Afterthoughts Auto Floor Mats?
  79. New V Owner with NOOB questions
  80. Received a new GM Nav Disc but Location?
  81. AMSOIL Tranny Fluid Recommendation (ATF vs ATD)
  82. v logo gifts for valentine's day
  83. Thinking about PC'ing wheels, Photoshop and ideas?
  84. Powdercoating Bandwagon
  85. anyone need some red Corvette Z06 FRC's rocker covers?
  86. In the Market
  87. SRX Tire and Rim on the V?
  88. Photo request: 275/35/18 back and 245/40/18 front
  89. Excessive vibration in reverse
  90. Craigslist - ATL - V bumper
  91. static and rear defroster
  92. Timing chain failure
  93. Question for CTS/STS-V owners..
  94. Anyone have a Cam Install how to for the V?
  95. WP #3 - Differential Bushing - Done
  96. Idle Shake
  97. How much cutting is involved on install FRCs?
  98. Need Opinions - Thinking about trade for C5 Z06!!!
  99. Side markers up for grabs!
  100. PCM removal
  101. CTS-V & STS-V Diff
  102. No!!! I Loved My V Until Today
  103. Tire Rubbing Question
  104. Powdercoating Group Buy
  105. Talladega Gran Prix Raceway on Feb20-21st.
  106. Where to purchase the 1-4 shift eliminators these days
  107. A few sets of TD "track" wheels and kooks in stock
  108. Staggered wheels on ebay.
  109. Radio won't turn on
  110. MY CTS-Vs Fuel Rail Covers...
  111. V2 3rd brake light
  112. Radio Antenna
  113. Thinking about running straight pipes
  114. PCM as it relates to the TC and Stability Control - Help
  115. TPI parts ??
  116. Lookin for Stealthv
  117. dtc P0315 need help
  118. impulse X-pipe install
  119. Lost my job today.. I have to sell at least on V!!
  120. Hey Polished knob guys... ever seen one of these for the V?
  121. DTS-V? Ha, I think not...
  122. Anyone Pay for Rear Dif On Your Own Dime?
  123. Picking up my V today
  124. Damn you Luke @ Lindsay!!
  125. Creaking Noise under back seat
  126. Newbie Needs Spare Tire Help
  127. Clutch Position Sensor
  128. Official TSB Thread
  129. want some opinions!!!
  130. Another V Withdrawal Thread
  131. XM Radio Antenna
  132. Leaving the V Overnight (gulp)
  133. Houston V owners
  134. Anybody want to get rid of their fe4's
  135. Any Miami area V owners?
  136. Dealer saw broken MM and didn't tell me
  137. Arizona CTS-Vs photoshoot
  138. Dealer can't fix the Clutch from getting stuck to the floor
  139. World of Wheels (chicago)
  140. What shocks to get?
  141. Cheap F1 GS-2's @ tirerack $98.00
  142. help with cts-v questions
  143. crankshaft position not learned??
  144. Free shipping offer - custom v-series floor mats
  145. Palm Beach SuperCar Weekend Pictures
  146. Winter Project #2 - Painted Calipers - Almost Done.
  147. And So It Begins... DIAL-UP BEWARE!!!
  148. Test Drive
  149. for socal racers..funny..
  150. Arizona CTS-Vs!!!!!!!
  151. "Light Out" Sensor?
  152. Thud in rear suspension?!?!?
  153. Texas People (Please read)
  154. Stuck in OH w/ a bad tranny.....
  155. E-brake problem...
  156. 06 CTS V Warranty Question?
  157. 06 CTS V Question?
  158. Wanting to buy a used 2006 V
  159. Help! want to buy my first V
  160. rear spoiler
  161. Blueteooth Integration?
  162. Cts V interior color code
  163. good/bad/ugly buy?
  164. Up to 40% off sale on driving racing schools!
  165. train horns on a V
  166. PICS Need advice on Powder Coating HRE Wheels>>>
  167. UGHH Got Tired of waiting for Street Warrior 5000
  168. Anyone install a Parrot MKi9100 yet?
  169. Fuel Tank Shield Pins
  170. CTS-V stock wheels $700 on Craigslist (Atlanta)
  171. anyones XM going or gone away??
  172. New tires in customs
  173. Knobs, Buttons, O My
  174. how much clunk is to much clunk---if a clunk could split a diff
  175. CTS Console - Great Mod!
  176. Any one else's V do this?
  177. Need Help on Chrome Stock Rim Question
  178. Photoshop Request?
  179. CTS-V Rearend on ebay.
  180. Tuneman
  181. Cadillac v-series apparel, accessories and gifts
  182. For those of you with Aftermarket Hoods (???)
  183. Cadillac and GM woes
  184. Extended Warranty - Buying In the US, Registering in Canada
  185. Replacing stereo receiver in 2005 CTS-V
  186. Is this worth 175?? (I really hate my front plate)
  187. Factory wheelhop bushings not covered under GMPP
  188. CTS V's in the Bay area
  189. Belt tensioner Squeak? Help?
  190. Need help! Headlight washer out of whack
  191. Possible new So-Cal race course
  192. $8.50 front plate removal/bumper plugs
  193. Most expensive option to get rid of the front liscense plate
  194. Kelly Cadillac in Chattanooga, TN !!! Beware !!!
  195. bleeding clutch
  196. Unsafe at any speed (actually just highway!!) - !! Need your help !!
  197. Super Bowl M "V" P ??
  198. Coilovers in Dallas?
  199. Accelerator Issue - Check engine APP Code???
  200. Cadillac merchandise store online
  201. Strange or normal?
  202. I like to drive my V......
  203. DMH Cutout Replacement How-To
  204. DIY Slave Cylinder - Pulling the Transmission
  205. I have a new(unopended) Navi DVD for sale
  206. Vibration after aftermarket wheelhop bushings installed.
  207. Replace DMH cutouts and now they only get power when parked???
  208. clunk clunk and tire psi warning
  209. trade your chrome stock wheels for my GM Accessory lightweights?
  210. All Texas V Meet: March 28-29
  211. water temperature displaying "---"
  212. Just about ready to buy ground control. Need some advice
  213. V vs. M5 resale
  214. Sticking Clutch
  215. Screeching Noise?
  216. Anyone have a part number for....
  217. Differential Cases??
  218. Finally Got My Car Back After Crash
  219. Only posted to ask about the rear suspension on this V
  220. Scam? Does anyone know this V?
  221. Warranty on plugs, wires and fuel filter?
  222. Wrecked my Car
  223. Low Coolant Warning
  224. Super Chip
  225. DEALER WARNING!!! Orange County, CA
  226. Katech 20% off Sale
  227. adjusting headlights
  228. battle on the streets
  229. Stability Control System---- HELP Will!!!!!!!!!
  230. 2010 Camaros and ZR1s at Bondurant Driving School!
  231. Need some suspenders!
  232. Stock Power Steering Fluid Temps
  233. UUC brake lines (problem)
  234. Slotted and X drilled rotors
  235. Digging out for a ride !
  236. im getting strange squeaks from a stop
  237. Like new 07 V
  238. gauges on Nav display
  239. sigh.. my ctsv dreams are gone (for now)
  240. HID Kits
  241. cheap jack kit
  242. Harmonic balancer/Pulley Backordered?
  243. Time for upgrades
  244. Road Trip
  245. Ss for trade!!!
  246. So Cal meet for feb 8
  247. Andy Pilgrim's new World Challenge Ride
  248. Looking For New Shoes
  249. Trans Fluid/ Diff Fluid
  250. 4th Gear Grinding When Cold