: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. PCM location 2006
  2. Holden Commodore knob+boot install pic
  3. V is no longer my DD - pics
  4. Why has no one done this with a V1?
  5. Going to PBIR track
  6. Cruise control on the fritz
  7. Tony appreciation
  8. Sad day
  9. New head light problem...
  10. Dont you hate surprizes
  11. Finally got it back, but still trouble shifting into 1st
  12. Stainless Braided Clutch Line?
  13. new owner, supportin member. warranty expires 03/05/09
  14. GOD I love the UPS man
  15. Have question reading my vin check
  16. Texas Cannonball (DFW)
  17. New V owner
  18. Appreciating your V
  19. Powder Coating Wheels
  20. headlight eyelid's? (pics)
  21. Drill size for Z06 endlinks
  22. Chinmotorsports HPDE Mar 21-22 Roebling Road
  23. Ghost Ridin the Whip
  24. Why do people need to park near my v????????????
  25. ...Because Snow doesnt stop us.....
  26. A few parts questions...
  27. FRC Cover Universal?
  28. sequential gear box
  29. $8.88 - Brake Caliper Decals
  30. any cts v owners here in atlanta area
  31. Pic Request! 2005 cts v with 2009 cts v wheels
  32. New pads and rotors
  33. Recaro car seats at Woot.com
  34. I need the measurements of the specter bushings please
  35. Questions about Hog's DIY wheel-hop fix
  36. North Texas Track Day Videos
  37. $8.88 - 'Ring Time Decals
  38. looking for the post w/pictures of the viper diff in the v
  39. Tuned Up!!!!
  40. Free shipping ends today - cadillac apparel, floor mats and accessories
  41. Doing brakes, need help?
  42. anyone running rocker arms?
  43. RAM Slave = no go
  44. Tips for removing the stock shift knob from the B&M?
  45. Those with Maggies..What is the best belt?
  46. Installing B&M and Need Help!
  47. Anyone have a pic
  48. Power steering fluid loss
  49. HELP... some tech help please
  50. 04 Finally Home!! Got a newb question.
  51. Can't believe I finally have one!
  52. Home made diff bushing puller
  53. Bleed the clutch?
  54. Coolant Leak
  55. my V is in the OR
  56. I think my Avatar is the BEST!
  57. ABS and TC lights are ON. Service stability system message...
  58. reduced power mode and rough idle
  59. Soon to be a New 2005 CTS V Owner, Have some questions about car!
  60. Straight pipes OK for Texas inspection?
  61. Where do you buy?
  62. My 05 CTS was delivered today!
  63. your problems are characteristic of that vehicle
  64. NIB Kooks 1 7/8 Stainless Longtubes with NON catted connection pipes
  65. SRP Billet Pedals, 20% off
  66. Crank Relearn Procedure for 06' PCM
  67. Best Source Hotchkis Sways
  68. ? about rolled fenders
  69. Cts-v merchandise - free shipping offer
  70. Anyone in or near Suffolk, Long Island?
  71. Does the 2005 model have an alarm?
  72. Cali to Colorado Road Trip
  73. Nitto NT05 sizes for Cadillac CTS-V now released [see sizes]
  74. Tire Rack closing out Bridgestone RE-01R
  75. Pinion Bolts for BMR support
  76. Who's V?
  77. Ipod in the V????
  78. Diablosport Predator and Fuel system
  79. No PS squeal +9F -Redline Synthetic
  80. free shipping ends this week
  81. 2004 cadillac cts audio system install
  82. picked up my wheels, waiting on tires!
  83. Lowered V for Track
  84. Maybe switching to Ground Control....Question
  85. Who wants a custom hood? interest thread
  86. Decoding Your VIN
  87. Steering wheel control menu - nav replacement
  89. Different idea for lowering
  90. Embarrassing question - garage door opener...
  91. HID bulb still out after changing? front end off now?
  92. Diff oil drain and fill plug size and pitch?
  93. My Mini V
  94. Would like pics of the carbon fiber radiator cover please
  95. Morning all. New here.
  96. Raised my hood with wiper blades still up :(
  97. Tires
  98. Madman Rearend - Thinking of Selling Car
  99. TPMS = lame..
  100. V-series floor mats - free shipping
  101. V With New Decals
  102. 2004 Differential Upgraded ?
  103. Alpine Subs..Alpine Avic D2...Remote Start
  104. Free shipping on cadillac logo products
  105. Looks like no more V-series...and GM Performance Division
  106. GM Cancels All Future High-Performance Vehicles
  107. Getting a new rear diff put in!!!
  108. UUC rotors (solid slotted and 2 piece floating)
  109. *attention peedeerooster*
  110. Would there be any interest in this.
  111. Who was in Bridgeville, PA @ 7:00 this morning?
  112. I am looking for a part, hoping a member has one laying around.
  113. How an ebay user / business stole $800 from me
  114. Finally finished up my fuel rail covers....
  115. PICS!!! A pillar gauge pod progress. Not dial up friendly
  116. CTS V Stock stuff for sale
  117. Stu fly?
  118. So I pulled the trigger on a 05 cts-v
  119. Free shipping offer for forum members
  120. Difference between 04/05 and 06/07 CTS-V?
  121. Sayin' Hi. Showin' my V
  122. Check out this great deal on tires
  123. Windshield wind noise
  124. PICS...New tires 275/35 and 245/40 lowered with Eibach
  125. courtesy lights stopped working??
  126. Cadillac: Cadillac shirts
  127. GMPP paid for!!...1st dealer visit
  128. ZR1 wheels on the V = sexiest thing ever
  129. wheel pics..
  130. Crunchola'd V for sale on E-Bay (catastrophic <LOL)
  131. Is there a spring install tutorial anywhere?
  132. Joining the ranks - Help needed on buying a used V
  133. Looking for Black/Black V
  134. Show Me Your TIPs !!
  135. Just got the V back!
  136. OnStar -- Someone convince me it's worth it
  137. Specter and UUC rear dif bushings...
  138. Fastest Street Tire V recorded
  139. DD Died :-( Which Snow tire should I get?
  140. Jacksonville Meet Up
  141. Help getting a part! Funny/Catastrophic Story Inside.
  142. Open Track Day at Eagles Canyon, north of Dallas, TX
  143. Seats
  144. And it's with a heavy heart that I bid you adieu
  145. Sorry BMR, but Im making them better.
  146. Cadillac shirts
  147. Caliper Weight?
  148. Hit an irrigation system.
  149. question about warranty..
  150. CTS V Stock rim for sale
  151. SCCA solo
  152. JL 13w7 Subwoofer Install with stock Nav Unit...
  153. Part number for keyless entry fob?
  154. A pillar gauge pod???
  155. Custom cts-v floor mats - new choices
  156. SeatBelt option 1
  157. weird electrical problem ... car won't start
  158. UUC Diff Bushing Installed and Road Tested......
  159. only Black V's in Houston??
  160. Driveshaft indexing Blue dot???
  161. Anyone Burned Through Kooks Cats? (pics) Not screwing around
  162. stock wheels
  163. 06 LS2 V with a Flat spot... help me
  164. 09 SC Crate Motor
  165. 05 warrenty issues
  166. Randy...Did you get yer wheels??
  167. Help with buying price
  168. look what i just bought!
  169. Differential bushing
  170. TC troubleshooting... not in service manual
  171. Replaced Upper Shock Mount....Still Squeaking
  172. Clock problem
  173. Ground control install without lowering
  174. Shift Boot, where to find one?
  175. And The Subframe Breaks (lucky me)
  176. Specter Werkes Track Pack Specials
  177. Got my new rear end put in !
  178. CTS-V on the TV Show 24
  179. Interested in 06-07 Cradle Bushings?
  180. Spare tire size? Will 15" work?
  181. Burn DVD's & CD's for 2005 CTS-V
  182. Driveshaft flex disc/rubber bushing. anyone know of a good replacement?
  183. Please stop screwing around (in this forum) guys
  184. New Rear End
  185. 04V Make trunk pop when car running?
  186. Is This a good deal?
  187. Caddy Wallpaper for your Blackberry Storm
  188. got PCM back and......
  189. Cradle bushing/washer size on a 2006 V - anti-wheelhop fix
  190. Anybody Running a Rebuilt Transmission?
  191. Auction called $5,500 for Car
  192. Anyone want to buy a set of W4m Bast@rd brake pads?
  193. How to scan error/convenience codes inside the car
  194. Catastrophic Engine Failure
  195. Hawk HPS pads... DEAL O THE DAY
  196. Thinking of ext. warranty any preference??
  197. Dexcool is never green right
  198. Brought My V In for its Final Warranty Service
  199. front end noise
  200. what tires to buy ???
  201. V-series logo apparel, accessories, gifts & gear
  202. LSX Shootout
  203. strut warranty?
  204. Attempted Theft
  205. to paint or not to paint?!?
  206. WTB BMR strut tower brace!
  207. Fs: Smd led light bulbs
  208. Car pulling to right
  209. Trim Assembly?
  210. Ebay factory wheels and tires
  211. Planning to buy 2004 CTS-V. First Timer.
  212. muffler delete (video)
  213. just installed specter bushings!
  214. My wife is telling me this is bad for my clutch (???)
  215. Anybody Used these Shocks? Monroe
  216. clean car.. new pics
  217. Where to buy underhood Trim/ mat with V logo?
  218. Damnit...got a coolant leak
  219. Pictures of 2006-2007 Rear Cradle?
  220. just installed B&M shfiter!
  221. couldn't wait any longer
  222. Help Please!! How to get plastic out of Oil Filler hole
  223. T/C question..
  224. Cadillac logo teddy bears for valentine's day
  225. Future V-day DISCUSSION Thread which will be removed if you spam.
  226. Ordered new parts!
  227. Dealer Install Quote for UUC Differential Bushing = WTH?
  228. This seems like a great item....
  229. FOD sliding around the center dash
  230. V-day III Monday June 29th
  231. Thinking about buying...
  232. Superchips Cortex Tuner Deal
  233. Rear diff info
  234. Who else has this?
  235. UUC poly diff bushings in stock
  236. Rear Spoiler template
  237. The ''V'' Series Banner is here!!! Get one while you can.
  238. Thinking about saving for the D3 body kit
  239. Underside of the hood
  240. 2005 CTS-V Navi Screen cleaner?
  241. Grille Emblem is Fading. Common Problem?
  242. Update on the Repairs of my 05CTS-V
  243. wheels and tires for snow
  244. Rear Spoiler pics
  245. filled/painted FRC's teaser pics
  246. To sell or not to sell ?
  247. strange noise on cold starts
  248. Ticking noise during acceleration
  249. What would it take
  250. You and your centercaps (pics)