: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Mod Hell or Stock?
  2. Can you reset the g-meter?
  3. Why can't tire shops be careful with my wheels? Just gotta vent...
  4. Can I make the Auto Door Lock Stop?
  5. Please report rear spoiler experiences
  6. change oil after a month? WTF!
  7. The V's Murdred stable mate..
  8. When to change the fuel filter
  9. Need Rear Bumper!
  10. V owners...how good are stock brakes?
  11. Cts-v logo merchandise - free shipping offer
  12. CTSV vs 2010 Camaro SS
  13. Rear wheel stud replacement?
  14. Katech short throw
  15. Passenger Heated Seat Not Working
  16. V-series logo merchandise - free shipping
  17. *#!% City!!!
  18. Best Plug Wires?
  19. NGK TR5IX or NGK TR55IX???
  20. Newest Latest and Greatest Navigation Disc
  21. My next mods. Headers, LS7 Clutch Kit, Retune
  22. CTS-V Friendly Shop in SF Bay Area
  23. Drivin' a V ain't cheap!
  24. Dashhawk retailer in IL?
  25. Seat Time @ Roebling Road...Possible V-meet
  26. Attn California V owners
  27. Christmas in March??
  28. Installed factory navigation, need your help to see if my dvd-rom drive is bad
  29. poor mans cam.....
  30. Im Pissed.....Assistance Requested.....
  31. How many times do you fill the clutch resivoir till you need a clutch
  32. Pretty Please!
  33. Huge Meet 3/29/09 in NJ
  34. Help! Car at the dealer for a coolant leak...
  35. Warranties are awesome!!
  36. need your help about CTS - DVD player, TV & Engine temperatuur gauge
  37. V Mechanic takin' a break
  38. nitto invo sizes... which to choose?
  39. Maxxis Tires
  40. GM Company vehicle?
  41. Service Your AC Message?
  42. Learjet in the Ditch
  43. Stuff for 07s ???
  44. Katech SS review and knob options, monster knob
  45. $2500 to spend on my V, what should I get??
  46. I did search, and I did read-- Please link me to the Ipod/iphone Aux cord
  47. Rear diffuser options
  48. Steering Rack Leaking. Have a question 04-V
  49. wheel hop anonymous...
  50. Free shipping cts-v merchandise & custom floor mats
  51. Homemade Jack Pucks
  52. Audio System EQ Settings
  53. Finally picked up the V!!!
  54. Oops. My car won't start
  55. any takers F/S LS7 ctsv
  56. Bondurant Teen Driving $595!!
  57. SHELL has the right idea..
  58. Fuel Pump went bad, & Balancer wobble?
  59. Nashville Meet
  60. Battery not charging notice again...after alt. replacement?
  61. I need some wiring schematics for the dash please
  62. Detailing clinic... come on out!!!!!
  63. Any advice on 06 windshield replacement.
  64. Dealer flashed my tune!!!
  65. Fs: 2005 cts-v katech 427 stroker!
  66. Rotorworks avoiding me
  67. Anyone had this Radio issue?
  68. LS7 Clutch kit - slave cylinder line / hose issue
  69. My door won't open
  70. Mallett CTS-V 427 C5-R, Penskes, Tubbed For Sale (DC Area)
  71. Any one with UUC Transmission mounts
  72. Critique my cam selection
  73. windshield replacement on 06, any tips
  74. 2004 Drivers power seat issue
  75. Could be yours for a cool $37k
  76. Best way to clean inside of wheels?
  77. Clutch feels slow to re-engage
  78. Brake Fluid Choice?
  79. Bridgestone RE-01R and other tire questions. Need some help.
  80. air lift bags = 0 wheel hop!!!!!
  81. I did the X pipe to go along with no mufflers
  82. anyone looking for sum extra $$$$$
  83. GMPP now and GM going poof! tomorrow
  84. $10 brushed solid aluminum shift knob, you bet!
  85. Dallas Cannonball Video
  86. Please offer pricing advice
  87. GM Performance Division Plate Holder
  88. Just Picked up my 2005 "V" Today
  89. Where to Buy & How to install the GTO/Holden/Monaro/Commodore shift knob/boot (pics!)
  90. Annoying sliding back and forth noise in your dash or console? Try this...
  91. March madness - free shipping cadillac merchandise
  92. Sell my two LS6s and build...?
  93. Got the muffler delete done... AND I LOVE IT!!! And way to keepbrake dust off wheels
  94. headlamp assymbly question
  95. Emblem Removal
  96. Corvette / V Meetup in So Cal?
  97. EBCM or EBTCM went bad ...
  98. pics request: Black Cts V Wheels and
  99. pic request: ground control w/ eibach on 19's
  100. Its been a looong day.
  101. Windshield Repair
  102. air filter help!
  103. Bolt missing
  104. Rear End gears?
  105. Hawk HP+ courtesy of Luke... Worth the noise?
  106. For people who are not clear on what the CTS-"V" forum is for...
  107. MD, VA, and DC V's
  108. Free Shipping Offer _ V-Series Logo Merchandise & Floor Mats
  109. Wheel Bearings
  110. any v owners going
  111. Florida V owners, chime in!
  112. a few more pics (better quality)
  113. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise
  114. V-series branded merchandise
  115. Please help! Lowering V/Stability Control Service, TC off, ABS off
  116. What about this look? (Pics)
  117. A good idea for the forum.....MOD STICKIES
  118. Picked up my V
  119. Muffler Delete or X-pipe, Poor kid wants a loud car.
  120. Front wheel alignment
  121. Any one wants to check out a car for me in "GreenLawn NewYork" ?
  122. Adding Subs and Amp
  123. Anyone heard of OBX mufflers
  124. anyone make test pipes for this car?
  125. New ccw wheels and tires..
  126. Throwing p0833...one question
  127. Passengers side offset trailing arm mock up picks.
  128. Dashboard trim kit
  129. Seat Covers
  130. Georgia V owners? Any
  131. Pics(Got the wheels on)
  132. For those of you who use a radar...
  133. Diff leak..Got pics... need some help..
  134. Let's talk Pulleys, whose got one, what kind, how much power???
  135. Audio xm input
  136. time to start modding!
  137. Shifting/Clutch HELP!
  138. deal or no deal?
  139. Cts-v floor mats - custom made
  140. New to the site annd ctsv world
  141. DMH Switch install question
  142. my 'cradle crushers!' spacers wheel hop fix
  143. Crank relearn instructions with and without a scan tool
  144. Easiest way to change the alt?
  145. Will CTS-V wheels fit on a SRX?
  146. How do you store your tires?
  147. The silence has ended...fugg'n diff!
  148. Replacement Key Fob and Transponder Key on EBAY
  149. Dang I love a clean engine.... but that battery box has to go
  150. Suspension q"s
  151. 2006 steering wheel in 2004
  152. ls7 clutch
  153. I got douchebagged at the dealer today...
  154. New jersey V owners
  155. super fine crack in winshield
  156. 05 for sale not mine
  157. Stripped wheel lock
  158. Can any key fob be re-programmed?
  159. Proper down force for LS2 owners
  160. V-Series Branded Merchandise & Apparel
  161. Difference between early & late differentials
  162. Need rear cradle assembly
  163. Puzzled?
  164. Get this on a v
  165. anyone want to trade navigation faceplates? Have 07 woodgrain, want plain black
  166. What does a flashing check engine light indicate?
  167. New Tires? Pilot Sport SP2 or General UHP
  168. Another set of powdercoated wheels
  169. V Wheels
  170. V for sale.. (FAIL)
  171. Chef's V is for sale (again)
  172. Driveshaft bolt torque
  173. CTS Coilovers On A V?
  174. My second set of FRCs
  175. TONY'S CORVETTE SHOP In Maryland?
  176. where does your V stay at work??
  177. Battery not charging notice?
  178. Quick Help! Transmission advice!
  179. Brake option choice
  180. Woohoo! My new rotors got delivered.
  181. Need Help! regarding 2005 cts v
  182. Programming radio stations - Question
  183. Shifting Issues when Cold
  184. Camshafts vs. Gas Mileage
  185. Navigation Buttons-anyone know where to get replacements?
  186. Is it weird that im jealous of a supra?
  187. Anyone tried something like this?
  188. Cts-v logo apparel,accessories & merchandise
  189. pics of my new engine!
  190. Suede Headliner?
  191. PCM location 2006
  192. Holden Commodore knob+boot install pic
  193. V is no longer my DD - pics
  194. Why has no one done this with a V1?
  195. Going to PBIR track
  196. Cruise control on the fritz
  197. Tony appreciation
  198. Sad day
  199. New head light problem...
  200. Dont you hate surprizes
  201. Finally got it back, but still trouble shifting into 1st
  202. Stainless Braided Clutch Line?
  203. new owner, supportin member. warranty expires 03/05/09
  204. GOD I love the UPS man
  205. Have question reading my vin check
  206. Texas Cannonball (DFW)
  207. New V owner
  208. Appreciating your V
  209. Powder Coating Wheels
  210. headlight eyelid's? (pics)
  211. Drill size for Z06 endlinks
  212. Chinmotorsports HPDE Mar 21-22 Roebling Road
  213. Ghost Ridin the Whip
  214. Why do people need to park near my v????????????
  215. ...Because Snow doesnt stop us.....
  216. A few parts questions...
  217. FRC Cover Universal?
  218. sequential gear box
  219. $8.88 - Brake Caliper Decals
  220. any cts v owners here in atlanta area
  221. Pic Request! 2005 cts v with 2009 cts v wheels
  222. New pads and rotors
  223. Recaro car seats at Woot.com
  224. I need the measurements of the specter bushings please
  225. Questions about Hog's DIY wheel-hop fix
  226. North Texas Track Day Videos
  227. $8.88 - 'Ring Time Decals
  228. looking for the post w/pictures of the viper diff in the v
  229. Tuned Up!!!!
  230. Free shipping ends today - cadillac apparel, floor mats and accessories
  231. Doing brakes, need help?
  232. anyone running rocker arms?
  233. RAM Slave = no go
  234. Tips for removing the stock shift knob from the B&M?
  235. Those with Maggies..What is the best belt?
  236. Installing B&M and Need Help!
  237. Anyone have a pic
  238. Power steering fluid loss
  239. HELP... some tech help please
  240. 04 Finally Home!! Got a newb question.
  241. Can't believe I finally have one!
  242. Home made diff bushing puller
  243. Bleed the clutch?
  244. Coolant Leak
  245. my V is in the OR
  246. I think my Avatar is the BEST!
  247. ABS and TC lights are ON. Service stability system message...
  248. reduced power mode and rough idle
  249. Soon to be a New 2005 CTS V Owner, Have some questions about car!
  250. Straight pipes OK for Texas inspection?