: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. 3 Blink Lane Change Signal
  2. GM Closes High Performance Division--Bye, Bye Vs?
  3. Removing plastic by air filter for more airflow?
  4. How Reliable?
  5. Everyone Please Read This
  6. Cts-v floor mats free shipping offer ends 04/30/2009
  7. 2007 sunroof delete V
  8. 3-Piece Forged Wheel Sale!!!
  9. Paint and Powder guys come on in.
  10. Bedding Hawk HPS pads
  11. Video? why was it taken off
  12. Anybody running these wheels
  13. Does anyone make brake duct screens?
  14. Sight Seeing in Florida
  15. i need some help
  16. AZ - Muffler Shop Recommendations
  17. maintance & More..need help please
  18. Cadillac Hot Laps at NASCAR w\ Bondurant!
  19. Cracked tail light on 2004 CTS-V
  20. STS-V rims on a CTS-V
  21. Meet May 3rd at Baker's in Milford
  22. $13 data logger program for Ipod/Phone
  23. reverse gear is grinding BADLY
  24. New Pics with V knobs and V headrests
  25. New Owner, Supercharger in 05?
  26. Questions about the CTS-V
  27. New 2005 V owner here!!!
  28. Disappointed in Passport 9500ix
  29. Shifting into reverse at 70mph
  30. BEST site to purchase 04-07 CTS-V
  31. Carlsbad Cars April 25th/Wicked Corvettes 4/26
  32. 09 Z06 engine for sale
  33. HAWK HP PLUS save $ and free shipping
  34. Any black V's in NOVA willing to help me out?
  35. RPM gauge flutter
  36. Need help with a decision 04/05 vs 06/07 - Plz try to be civil ;)
  37. To Ming or not to Ming?
  38. Got rear ended yesterday *$#*Ouch#*$*
  39. gotta give the runflats some credit today
  40. Any Canadian V owners out there?
  41. Changes in coverage on CPO cars?
  42. A.B.S. Fails on track Video
  43. First life after 7 months!!!!!
  44. Drag Racing Event
  45. Ballast igniter is busted. Time for a HID conversion?
  46. V Tee Shirts
  47. My foray into Mod Hell
  48. Houston V Owners
  49. Quick Clunk Questions
  50. GM proving grounds road course show up on V's navi
  51. New Possible Brake Cooling Duct?
  52. Tri-State Area Meet, THIS weekend (April 25th)
  53. Knoxville, TN Meet 5-23-09
  54. Fish Tail
  55. P0113 Water Leaking into engine bay from windshield area
  56. Some Cool Hi-Res Photos
  57. Trade in value of the V vs. the CTS...
  58. Noobie needs help!!!!!
  59. Ipod integration help
  60. Free Shipping - V-Series branded products
  61. I've searched and cant find an answer to this
  62. North Texas Track Day May 9th
  63. Grinding sound????
  64. 2004 CTS-V with 70k Miles for $15k Good deal?
  65. those pics and status on diff swap
  66. GMPD T-SHIRT blow out (sale)
  67. Used V for sale next to my place
  68. Broke my power steering pump this weekend :(
  69. Who had the Red 05 Supercharged from Cary, NC area?
  70. Wheels and tires
  71. Paint question
  72. Tire pressure monitors
  73. Broke my rear cv joint on the driveshaft
  74. CTS VR build
  75. Motor Mount Feeler...
  76. New 2006 V owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  77. Last Thread from Naf
  78. New V Owner Saying Hello with Questions from Buyers Who Bought Used
  79. How to use FAQ?
  80. Took the V to the dragstrip for the 1st time
  81. Dean wants info on 07's
  82. Dean is freak'n back!!!!!
  83. Mr sham - custom ontario plates
  84. Great Customer Service from one our vendors.
  85. Billet Prototypes Catch Can
  86. Cradle Bolts?
  87. Yet another scoop thread...
  88. Some QA1 front shock mount pics for tbjs
  89. Preparing for V-Day 3
  90. My V is getting close to completion!
  91. rlj5's CTS-V video from Exotic Performance Plus
  92. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  93. Thought you V owners might find this funny...
  94. When is a Header Leak Good News?
  95. How do I convince the dealer that my battery needs to be replaced?
  96. Looking for Service Bulletin on 6th Gear Vibration/Resonance at 75 mph
  97. gears not shifting smoothly :(
  98. free cags!
  99. Radio Preset Labels keep changing
  100. LS3/LS7 Clutch install clarification...
  101. Stuck Clutch Bleeder Screw
  102. Cts-v logo merchandise & custom v-series floor mats
  103. I'm backkkk!!!
  104. Pinion Seal Leaking
  105. Ah, the joys of finding bolts that are just about to fall out
  106. what type of alloy is the stock wheel?
  107. LS6 tune options?
  108. Differential Fluid
  109. Different trailing arms for wider rear wheels
  110. Racing Seat Opinions
  111. Lowering spacers
  112. GMBOUND, ronr, slothv: Clean out your PMs!
  113. Rejex on wheels
  114. At dealer, need help ASAP
  115. Signal Light Problem
  116. Suggestions/Pointers for Buying a 2005 CTS-V
  117. Kicked out of gear
  118. V-series logo merchandise and custom floor mats
  119. Help me diagnose diff or tranny noise.
  120. 2007 CTS-V Changes, improvements from past years?? What value does a salvage title
  121. Looking for stock cts-v rims mint
  122. What do you all use for Navi
  123. TPMS question
  124. So Cal Canyon Meet and Drive Aug. 16
  125. My rotor diagnosis (~long)
  126. Somebody tell this dork these are NOT CTS-V wheels
  127. Pic Request 255/45/18 tires on a bone stocker
  128. FG2 Shocks Sold Out?
  129. Help me decide please subaru vs caddy
  130. Anybody interested in my wheeldude Rota Torque commitment?
  131. Sad EASTER Weekend
  132. Value of 100K+ Mileage V
  133. Hi res (1920X1200) shots of my 05 from the weekend...
  134. Can we shave our rotors...?
  135. Who's car did I buy?
  136. Track Day
  137. Failed inspection, no check engine light
  138. No more drying the V.
  139. Yay track parts! (holding G 1.02)
  140. WP #6 Done - Install B&B X-Pipe.
  141. WP #5 Done - Change Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate.
  142. Think These Will Work Well with the QA1s??
  143. Where do I order GC'S from?
  144. UUC Diff bushing installed.
  145. az V meet 04-11-09 (pavilions)
  146. Anyone out there w/ black stock rims wanna swap back to stock color rims??
  147. Almost done with all my mods (for this year).
  148. Viper Diff for cts v
  149. Moved to AZ... help with finding a dealership
  150. 3 more hours....
  151. GM Performance
  152. cadillac v-series logo apparel,accessories & custom V-Series Floor Mats
  153. I need help removing 3rd brake light
  154. Who knows what this is?
  155. Cts-v vs. ?
  156. Only 3 FG2 Shocks Installed!!?
  157. Meet/Cruise to Wildwood Car Show
  158. Do I have to use a tech II to unlock anti-theft?
  159. Greetings all, Noob checking in
  160. New York Road Courses?
  161. Just dropped the V off at the dealer
  162. look what you could buy
  163. is this the updated rear?
  164. New rotors, pads, and lines :)
  165. Just got my V back from the dealer...
  166. Wheel Weight Issues
  167. anybody in the tristate area
  168. My V was molested today.....
  169. polishing the grille
  170. Bob Bondurant teaches ZR1 Corvette driving school
  171. Happy birthday heavy!!!!
  172. Just About Ready to Powdercoat the Wheels
  173. Clear Side Marker Price
  174. Nitto NT05's are on! 245/40 and 275/40
  175. Gto frc's
  176. I'm a complete dumbass. Anyone want to swap a 2.8 for a 2.6 pulley?
  177. Florida OWNERS NEED YOUR HELP!!!
  178. Brake Bleeding Issues
  179. Photoshop Request for my Green CTSV
  180. rattle can painted v-wheel inside
  181. 14.5" front rotors?
  182. What year V should i get?
  183. What about these stock wheels looks different?
  184. headrest monitor for stock dvd
  185. New owner Question about performance parts
  186. New Owner: passenger lock/unlock and window up/down don't light up at night
  187. Need ideas for engine cover
  188. Selling my BMR anti-wheelhop kit
  189. Request: Pics of Black V with accessory wheels
  190. 5 hour spark plug change
  191. What to look for when buying?
  192. built my own engine mount
  193. battery compartment
  194. 2007 CTS-V, 16k miles, black raven, good price??
  195. Need help with adjusting BMR toe rod
  196. Painting Front Grill Tips Anyone??
  197. New rear diff, new problem need your help
  198. Cts=v logo merchandise & custom floor mats
  199. Tire Poll
  200. Any Pics of Team Dynamics Wheels on Silver V
  201. Official Diff fluid thread
  202. Postpone Brake Bedding?
  203. Is BMR only option for anti-hop kit?
  204. 2006 buy back for sale
  205. 04 Or 05 Questions
  206. broken motor mount?
  207. Transmission Question
  208. Another V Bites the Dust - Not Mine
  209. nav unit on ebay
  210. LS2 cam questions
  211. MVP Track Time Update - 2009 Events
  212. Cadillac CTS vs Infiniti G35
  213. road trip to Houston
  214. Cts-v logo custom floor & trunk mats
  215. Ordered some parts today
  216. Just to make the page fit again
  217. Over protective??
  218. Lower your V...
  219. Question: clutch slave covered under warranty?
  220. Will STS-V rims fit on our V's?
  221. Albuquerue Blows...
  222. Pic request Black Chrome accessory Wheels
  223. ebay deal of the day?
  224. Will GM Protection Plan warranties survive the bankruptcy????
  225. Drag radials or not
  226. Click and appreciate....
  227. It time to get out of the V game and do my part
  228. son a caddy?
  229. Last night For Our Free Shipping Offer
  230. Axle/Differential seal protector tool?
  231. Free Shipping Offer Last Day - Cadillac Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  232. Removal or bypass Cats
  233. Congrats to the New Moderators
  234. Headlight leveling??
  235. Found 05 - 19k miles for 20k... Too good to be true?
  236. best price on rbf600?
  237. Water in trunk lid
  238. All IL & WI Members - May 9, 2009 - First Event Roll Call
  239. Need Assistance in buying a V
  240. Need information on working/broken rears and/or antiwheel hop kits
  241. Texas Mile - March 09
  242. Different seat belts?
  243. So Cal meet on Sunday 3-29
  244. Had a run in with Bambi!!!
  245. Rotors Rotors Rotors
  246. Anyone going to the V-Day from the Northeast?
  247. Looking For Black Leather Rear Seat Head Rests
  248. New Motor Mounts
  249. New Radio and Nav Buttons from LUKE
  250. Cut your Brake Bleeding time in Half!