: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. jacobwestvt, I'm trying to PM you but your inbox is full
  2. Is there a specific V part number for power steering pum?p
  3. Bady09 and E55bullet, tried to send you a PM...
  4. Clutch alignment tool
  5. competitive driving - error. wtf. excuse the language
  6. CA Bay Area peeps with stock mounts and exhaust?
  7. PA-15 Vette just died?
  8. 2004 Cts-v electrical qwerks...
  9. Rental cars...ugh
  10. The Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires September 7th, 2013
  11. Quick help with exhaust bolt size
  12. Does anyone have the tolerances for the parking brake drum I.D. and O.D. on the pads?
  13. Report spammers
  14. Lug nuts?
  15. Changing clutch fluid '06 CTS V
  16. Had a V photoshoot yesterday... (NSFW)
  17. Looking for "honest IMO's" please...
  18. Is it common for an FE4 rear shock to go out at 50k?
  19. Slight Tick / Rattle on cold Startup. OK - or go talkwarranty.
  20. V1 or that
  21. Sheared a differential bushing bolt today.
  22. New Trans + Monster Stage 2 Clutch w/ 28# Flywheel - Slight Grind into 3rd & 4th.
  23. Was the part number changed for the front FE4 shock?
  24. How do I disassemble my CTS center console?
  25. Anyone have issues with clutch pedal "popping" when pressed?
  26. Dropping the T56...Any tips for the process?
  27. Figured out what loud squeak was.. still need some help!!
  28. Can anyone tell me how to take the panel off under the steering column?
  29. Spare tire?
  30. Drivers side Catalytic Converter - anybody have one laying around.
  31. Power Outlet timer?
  32. New owner - pics or ban
  33. Key part number?
  34. No replacement crate engines available for our V's???
  35. Race Day!
  36. Pilot Super Sports vs. Pilot Sport 3
  37. Couple sunroof issues
  38. CTS-V found. breaks my heart. trying to buy it.
  39. Idle Issue - High Idle when cold, Increases when warm
  40. Trans Reverse Light Connector... Where?
  41. How much rwhp will a stock CTS V make?
  42. How difficult is it to replace the radiator?
  43. How do I pull out the trunk liner?
  44. new member just getting started with first v
  45. 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise Who's going?
  46. Mod Hell Weekend 08/10/13
  47. Interior felt?
  48. Road America HPDE - Oct 13th
  49. Stock Motor Mounts, How Long do they Last ?
  50. Driver steering wheel airbag replacement. HELP
  51. Anyone Ever Install a iSimple ISFM21 Bluetooth?
  52. Very low priced v
  53. Any reason why I should go with GM stabilizer links?
  54. Cool T-shirt (no affiliation)
  55. 2006 CTS-V PCM/ECU Location
  56. v2 steering wheel fitted on a v1...any info?
  57. Big electrical problem
  58. Super nice V1 for sale, here and on Craigs List. Pass it on to a friend!
  59. Front sway bar bushings
  60. Silver '05 V - DD/HPDE
  61. Throwout bearing/slave cylinder question
  62. Auto Lights not working
  63. Refreshing the radio
  64. Interior Lights Fuse Blowing
  65. does a skid plate exist for the V?
  66. service vehicle soon on the DIC, no codes
  67. Transmission Replaced... Would they have removed the wheels ???
  68. Sunroof frame part#
  69. New vibration since work and new tires...
  70. Found this searching for cts v t shirts
  71. Broken interior sail panels fix?
  72. Help im leaking coolant!
  73. Woodward Dream Cruise
  74. Middlebury IN, Every Thursday, Car Show at: Das Dutchman Essenhaus
  75. engine oil overheating
  76. New 2005 CTS-V Owner
  77. Brief Meet & Greet at Baker's Restaurant (Milford, MI) this Sunday anyone?
  78. Would You Buy A Salvage Title V?
  79. New Jersey Motorsports Park- NASA NE Time Trials (Aug 2-4)
  80. Jade Green 2004?
  81. You can enter the DFW MapRally!
  82. 2005 cts-v cursed?
  83. Can anyone give me a close up picture of the shifter bezel?
  84. How do I turn on competition mode?
  85. Can someone help me with a shifter, not sure what I have here?
  86. Motor Mount Bolts - Part Number?
  87. 2005 CTS-V no horn or steering wheel controls working?
  88. New to the LS community!
  89. Door panel and weatherstrip r&r
  90. New Owner of an 04 V.
  91. The recycle guy likes my car.
  92. theft system restart
  93. Mallett mini-tubs
  94. "Remote Key Learning Active" didn't exist for my 2004 CTS info
  95. Clutch reservoir help
  96. power steering problems
  97. Speed+windows down=bad
  98. Cadillac Dealership experience: McCarthy Roseville, MN
  99. My mod hell story - how two screws cost me $1500
  100. V classifies as: Tuner or VIP?
  101. HELP Cooling system
  102. Home from Transmission Repairs + New Monster Clutch - Have a few concerns.
  103. ZDDP modifier.
  104. S.E. Mich Milan track rental
  105. Indy V Meet August 24, 2013
  106. Surprise, Surprise another Noise thread.
  107. Night photoshoot
  108. Please Help! Young, Dumb, and need help with tune 05' V in Colorado
  109. Kind of a specific tire question... i know, boring.
  110. tires
  111. ls6 or ls2 cts v?
  112. New tires, Aggressive driving and now no more CDM?
  113. Craigslist exhaust
  114. CTS-V Garage Sale
  115. How can I tell which suspension I have?
  116. I'm alive
  117. Another Rear End Post - Something blew up on me
  118. Rear windows only work from front door wtf?
  119. Out with the Old V1 and in with the New V2
  120. rawr rawr rawr on deceleration
  121. Drivetrain noise
  122. DMH cutout issues. Is he still around?
  123. Ugghhhh reverse light lens
  124. Clunk when slowing down in 3rd
  125. Track Pics from Thunderbolt
  126. Headlamps
  127. 2004 Wheels are the same as 2005-2007, right??
  128. V Front bumper
  129. Online schematics
  130. Bad Transmission? Or Bad Synchos?
  131. 1/2 grind
  132. Tranny mounts
  133. clunk - I think it should be top of all threads
  134. Parts needed?
  135. 05 ctsv cranks but wont start after motor build.
  136. Custom Cadillac Logo Floor Mats
  137. V spotted in miami on 95 heading north sunday morning
  138. No Interior Lights
  139. Front End link and sway bar bushings need help
  140. 2008 cts-v?
  141. 2004 interior destroyed by my dog, need headliner and back seat - tan color
  142. Stock Mustang 5.0 vs cts v
  143. Rear Wheel Lug Bolts
  144. Gen 1 V as a modded Daily/ high modded in the future
  145. Engine cover repainting.
  146. Hit 100K this week!
  147. 69copo's '09 CTS-V?
  148. 2004 CTS-V - Intermittent Electrical/Start Issues
  149. Stock exhaust
  150. MN V's Cars and Coffee July 6th
  151. Issue with motor oil temperature, please help
  152. Anyone know the Part # or size # for
  153. Power steering pump whining, about to replace then suddenly stops and it goes away.
  154. Anyone have a 1st Gen CTS-V stock exhaust?
  155. NJMP Event - July 20-21st
  156. starter solenoid
  157. Mid Ohio V Corral
  158. Event Update: Lime Rock Cadillac Meet- July 5th
  159. Master of destruction.
  160. 04 V or new Camaro SS?
  161. Frustrating XM!! Help Please
  162. Question about AC Repair
  163. Shifter sticky (side-to-side) when hot
  164. 8 years and 4,778.045 gallons
  165. What happen to the "V Stuff Wanted" sticky?
  166. Rubbing with forgestars?
  167. V gone, anyone near Pittsburgh PA today?
  168. Oil pan gasket
  169. Any V owners goin to the Summer Food Festival at the Grove/LA this Saturday?
  170. Finally got on a dyno, Cam, Longtubes, CAI, Tune
  171. AC issues- any good shops near Boston?
  172. V night photoshoot
  173. Exhaust, clutch, shifter, bushings woooo!
  174. 2006 CTS V Performance Displayed on GPS?????
  175. Skip-shift Check Engine Light please help!!!
  176. Help me choose a custom plate
  177. Sunroof air thingy
  178. Cts-v lower grill
  179. Transmission grind under hard accel
  180. Livin Life a 1/4 mile at a time...
  181. Mid Ohio Cadillac Corral - August 2 ???
  182. Rolled over 55k - neat pic
  183. Charging System Diagnosis...
  184. Vibration / noise at certain RPM
  185. Help please
  186. Cadillac Challenge at Laguna Seca next weekend (June 29th, 2013)
  187. cat delete turn on check engine light
  188. Couple of Problems. Leather Seat Cover and Trunk Lid
  189. 2006 CTS V transmission fluid drain/fill
  190. 1955 Cadillac DeVille CTSV
  192. 2007 CTS-V in a 1955 Coupe Deville body
  193. Parking brake issue/Revshift
  194. Fathers day in the V
  195. Random DIC/Message Center question
  196. Rear Pass wheel hub problem
  197. Service Airbag?
  198. Weird TPMS activity
  199. STS-V Hood on CTS-V?
  200. Power steering pump issues
  201. New Bushings but still shakes, any ideas?
  202. Just bought an InfraRed 2006 CTS V with 2,000 Miles
  203. Spacers for lowering the rear!!!!!
  204. How Much Time Do I Need?
  205. EPS cam, wait
  206. Fuel line disconnect tool for '06 CTS V
  207. What's the difference between a cactus and a BMW?
  208. Eastern PA Cars and Coffee July 14th ???
  209. Quick help with a A/C part...
  210. Meet Cadillac Racing drivers at Lime Rock Park (July 5th and 6th)
  211. 2006 CTS Please Help! Electrical Problems???
  212. Any fellow Chicagoland V owners out there?
  213. Phone antenna?
  214. DFW: Clear Blue Sky Rally announced
  215. Just bought my first V
  216. Pilot Super Sport autox PSI?
  217. Removing CTS badge
  218. S.E. Michigan Dyno Day Sat June 15th
  219. Free OEM clutch/flywheel setup or Monster (not free)
  220. anybody have a paint matched lower grille?
  221. 2 concerning events in a 5 minute drive
  222. Close calls...
  223. Remote Clutch Bleeder - which one should I get?
  224. V won't start- *click*
  225. Strange sound from both wheels in front *please help!!!
  226. Little Fun with the Video Camera.
  227. Anyone near Fairfield County, CT? - Need a favor.
  228. Grattan Raceway Track Day video Fly-by
  229. How To Burnout for Dummies?
  230. Clutch switch
  231. 04 V - Won't Shift into 1st - bent shifter fork?
  232. coolant temp artificially hot?
  233. Woot! she said yes!!!
  234. Erratic oil temp
  235. LS6 Oil Leak Passenger Side
  236. Grinding when shifting into 3rd
  237. Vehicle history - 04 CTS-V with maggie
  238. cts suspension chassis same as cts-v suspension control arms, tie rods ect
  239. Another wheel hop thread
  240. New guy here!
  241. Retaining DIC with aftermarket head unit
  242. Orlando Cadillac Meet July 27!
  243. Rear Diff???
  244. Brake Sticks
  245. Koi Orange
  246. New Revshift Motor Mounts and Trans mount insert
  247. Sail panels
  248. Heat Wrap, on exhaust around the diff.
  249. lunarx
  250. What does your speaker look like?