: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Cts-v Nav Buttons
  2. Can I Change the idler pully?
  3. New potential CTS V buyer needs some info!
  4. 2005 CTS V, to buy or not to buy?
  5. Spare Flex disc....Needed
  6. Last Word on DIC Retention with Aftermarket Head Unit
  7. Serpentine belt slicing on dampener pulley
  8. New owner from Iowa... 2004 saved from the unknowing.
  9. Front suspension help. Makes ugly , ugly! noise
  10. Rear wheel facing the wrong way
  11. Broke my Glove Box, need replacement parts
  12. Positioning Two Post Arms for Lifting
  13. largest sensible tire
  14. Uh oh! found metal in my differential O.o
  15. Fuel Mystery
  16. 2005 V Removing the engine - proceedural question??
  17. Above normal coolant temps
  18. Whats up from KC !
  19. o2 sensor p0420 problem need how to change tips Please
  20. Introduction and some questions
  21. Amateur NAV Question(s)
  22. Time it takes to change? [Change what? Ooooooh, time to change a front strut!]
  23. rear diff gear options and results
  24. 2004 possible purchase, need opinions/insight...
  25. coolant leak
  26. anyone have a rear speaker they are not using?
  27. Random shut-off: engine, lights, everything
  28. 1st to 4th at 5k+ = grinding
  29. Codes
  30. Anyone ever had any luck compressing front springs with strut still on car?
  31. 1 & 2 driver not working all the time?
  32. Rear Diff Still Covered??
  33. Oh deer.
  34. Trunk leak question
  35. shifter problem
  36. Trans problem
  37. Drivers side motor mount bolts help
  38. Differential question 04v
  39. The Great Pumpkin Rally
  40. V Exhaust for sale?
  41. New V owner
  42. z06 water pump
  43. Typical water operating temperature range
  44. Broke T-56 Temperature Sensor
  45. How much do you pay for insurance?
  46. Had an odd problem today, need assistance.
  47. New V owner - Nav questions
  48. Car fell off jack, jackstand punched into floor panel
  49. PSA: Cleaner for Engine Bay & Window Trim
  50. 2005V rear door windows won't work unless thru driver switch
  51. Anyone recognize this 2005 CTS-V? Member here maybe?
  52. Something To Possibly Add To The **Look In Here First**, Aftermarket Driveshafts!!!..
  53. Subwoofer barely heard
  54. Loud click from passenger side of engine at idle
  55. PSA: Tighten Your Differential Bolts!
  56. Top speed followed by clutch problems...
  57. Swap LS6 With LSA?
  58. Does anyone have ramps you can actually drive the V up on?
  59. Lingenfelter Collection Open House
  60. New starter?
  61. 04 cts v price
  62. Need to Rebuilt a 2004 CTS-V motor
  63. HELP!!! STABILITY CONTROL problems
  64. Oil [viscosity questions]
  65. Loose shift knob
  66. Front / Rear Tire Wear
  67. Bolts in trunk floor
  68. Video from NASA at Watkins Glen (10-26 and 10-27)
  69. Mailbox and the V
  70. Fuel Rail Covers for Maggie'd LS6
  71. Modded CTS-V, opinions?
  72. Car wont Run..... No clue... need help
  73. stability control activates at high engine rpm.
  74. can't get the rear package tray out!?
  75. Cadillac going for World Challenge championship this weekend
  76. Which floor jack do you use with a lowered V
  77. Need parts help
  78. Pocono North pics and video
  79. S.E. Michigan Fall Cruise Vettes & V's Oct 19
  80. Ist Gear Pops
  81. 06 cts-v harmonic balancer removal
  82. Any CTS-V owners in Greenville SC area?
  83. How to for Front Shock replacement?
  84. Garage in Madison, NJ
  85. 04 Oil pump R&R in car??
  86. Reverse gear problems, what next?
  87. Superchager Cam
  88. Service Stability System
  89. ls7 clutch part list
  90. P.O.S. CD player DIC
  91. Need a differential!!
  92. Think this is a blown shock?
  93. Left bank lean
  94. Track Pics and Videos from NJMP 9/23/13
  95. Car wouldn't start this morning... any suggestions?
  96. Cutaway of stock mufflers?
  97. Top rad hose
  98. 04 CTS-V Engine Removal
  99. Does anyone have a schematic of the fog and head light relays?
  100. Whine found not the diff
  101. Ls2 vette harness in a 2006 ctsv
  102. Obnoxious whining
  103. Headlight assemblies
  104. Rear Interior Panel Clips
  105. Power steering Pump pressure line Seal Part number ?
  106. Plugs and wires
  107. Anyone have the TSB number for the high oil temp electrical issue?
  108. Michigan V Owners - Let's go to the track!
  109. UUC shifter bushings..
  110. I'm in love with my CTS-V!
  111. rattle at shifting
  112. More V1 1/4 mile times
  113. Safe to drive to a muffler shop?
  114. How long do the tire pressure senders [TPMS sensors] last?
  115. What to look for when Purchasing a used CTS-V?
  116. Shop Video - Cadillac CTS-V / Suzuki Hayabusa / GSXR 1000
  117. Any DC area V drivers?
  118. Changing Top o2 Sensors
  119. Stock V1 1/4 time
  120. Clutch Master Cylinder - ? before installing
  121. Bringing car parts/tools to work
  122. Euro style aspheric driver side mirror (wide angle view) ?
  123. power door locks inop with remote, left side front and rear
  124. Does anyone reconise this gm fitting . Its on a self leveling shockabsorber
  125. Drive shaft rattles on exhaust pipe in heavy rain
  126. What's it worth?
  127. Coolant Temp INOP (Sensor changed) ;/
  128. Radiator leak. Help identifying thin rad in front of main.
  129. Cabin filters
  130. Cadillacs & Coffee at D3 Facility September 14th, 2013
  131. Intake manifold removal help
  132. sized axel splines to wheel bearing
  133. Wipers
  134. Anyone use the ebay V emblems?
  135. Disappointed by GM's lack of customer service
  136. Found a V
  137. Brake Clean Warning! Everyone should read.
  138. Northern CA Cruise To Bodega Bay, Nov 10, 2013
  139. Shops in Miami
  140. The usual Rear Diff Question
  141. Body Roll And All Kinds Of Noises
  142. How Much?
  143. Which clutch master cylinder? 4 to choose from.
  144. Track Pics from Lightning
  145. Clutch/Slave issue
  146. What's making this chirp? (video)
  147. get ready to puke a little bit
  148. Tour to the Tombstones Rally
  149. Choose the CTS-V racecar colors for the final race
  150. Turn signals and cruise control not working
  151. Darkman, your inbox is full. Please read
  152. Hopefully a new V owner
  153. Tire dilemma, looking for ideas
  154. Vintage CTS V race car
  155. caliper torx size
  156. Steering column help.
  157. Nashville Cars & Coffee Saturday 9/5
  158. MN V's Cars and Coffee this Sat Sept 7
  159. Stroker CTS V What do you guys think
  160. 2014 #Cadillac #CTSVsport recorded a lap almost 6 seconds faster than the 1st gen
  161. Random youtube find, is this you Lollygager
  162. Idle drop after start
  163. Recurring lean codes (bank 1 and 2) after K&N filter "recharge" (clean & re-oil)
  164. Rattling sunroof
  165. New CTS-V owner....questions
  166. Brake light on, traction control off
  167. When to replace driveshaft
  168. intermittent starting issue once car is warmed up
  169. 2 Trackdays at NJMP Lightning 9/23-9/24
  170. where to get black center caps?
  171. Cheap craigslist V
  172. UUC vs Creative Steel tranny mounts: which one is softer?
  173. shifter end bushings
  174. How to fix fried alternator wires - connection?
  175. Rear end rebuild
  176. Next Vehicle Purchase
  177. How to Replace Antenator 2005 V
  178. "Wub-Wub" sound on tight turns from rear driver side...
  179. Gathering info/evidence for H&R Springs Complaint re: too much drop
  180. New member long time lurker/ owner: want to inform others about the 50-60 mph shaky
  181. RevShift Disc Coupler
  182. valve cover ft/lb specs?
  183. New Ls2 in my 07 V
  184. Flywheel question?
  185. Speedometer and Stopping Question ?
  186. Would vibration problems caused by driveshaft be fixable with poly guibos?
  187. Price Check - 04 Supercharged CTS-V
  188. Body Flex when cornering ?
  189. Competitive Driving Mode - doesn't engage
  190. Can you reset the TPMS WITHOUT a key fob?
  191. Clutch Master Cylinder - Does this article apply to us ?
  192. Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolt / Missing
  193. jacobwestvt, I'm trying to PM you but your inbox is full
  194. Is there a specific V part number for power steering pum?p
  195. Bady09 and E55bullet, tried to send you a PM...
  196. Clutch alignment tool
  197. competitive driving - error. wtf. excuse the language
  198. CA Bay Area peeps with stock mounts and exhaust?
  199. PA-15 Vette just died?
  200. 2004 Cts-v electrical qwerks...
  201. Rental cars...ugh
  202. The Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires September 7th, 2013
  203. Quick help with exhaust bolt size
  204. Does anyone have the tolerances for the parking brake drum I.D. and O.D. on the pads?
  205. Report spammers
  206. Lug nuts?
  207. Changing clutch fluid '06 CTS V
  208. Had a V photoshoot yesterday... (NSFW)
  209. Looking for "honest IMO's" please...
  210. Is it common for an FE4 rear shock to go out at 50k?
  211. Slight Tick / Rattle on cold Startup. OK - or go talkwarranty.
  212. V1 or that
  213. Sheared a differential bushing bolt today.
  214. New Trans + Monster Stage 2 Clutch w/ 28# Flywheel - Slight Grind into 3rd & 4th.
  215. Was the part number changed for the front FE4 shock?
  216. How do I disassemble my CTS center console?
  217. Anyone have issues with clutch pedal "popping" when pressed?
  218. Dropping the T56...Any tips for the process?
  219. Figured out what loud squeak was.. still need some help!!
  220. Can anyone tell me how to take the panel off under the steering column?
  221. Spare tire?
  222. Drivers side Catalytic Converter - anybody have one laying around.
  223. Power Outlet timer?
  224. New owner - pics or ban
  225. Key part number?
  226. No replacement crate engines available for our V's???
  227. Race Day!
  228. Pilot Super Sports vs. Pilot Sport 3
  229. Couple sunroof issues
  230. CTS-V found. breaks my heart. trying to buy it.
  231. Idle Issue - High Idle when cold, Increases when warm
  232. Trans Reverse Light Connector... Where?
  233. How much rwhp will a stock CTS V make?
  234. How difficult is it to replace the radiator?
  235. How do I pull out the trunk liner?
  236. new member just getting started with first v
  237. 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise Who's going?
  238. Mod Hell Weekend 08/10/13
  239. Interior felt?
  240. Road America HPDE - Oct 13th
  241. Stock Motor Mounts, How Long do they Last ?
  242. Driver steering wheel airbag replacement. HELP
  243. Anyone Ever Install a iSimple ISFM21 Bluetooth?
  244. Very low priced v
  245. Any reason why I should go with GM stabilizer links?
  246. Cool T-shirt (no affiliation)
  247. 2006 CTS-V PCM/ECU Location
  248. v2 steering wheel fitted on a v1...any info?
  249. Big electrical problem
  250. Super nice V1 for sale, here and on Craigs List. Pass it on to a friend!