: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. My Motive brake bleeder headache....
  2. Need some quick audio help
  3. 2 more payments
  4. Spring Rates F/R for Eibach Pro Kit?
  5. Rubbing noise on slow right turns
  6. DVD Play?
  7. Not going to believe, new/used 2005!!!!!!
  8. Headlamp-washer motor/pump
  9. noobQ: jack recommendations
  10. How high can a non boost V go? 450? 475?
  11. Trunk Bin
  12. $50 Shortshifter, Thanks Norm
  13. CTS-V Hood video
  14. So my V might be down yet again....
  15. Dallas
  16. Brake calipers turned gold
  17. Got my headers and cats installed...
  18. spring rates please throw in your advise and set-up
  19. Service Airbag System .. ?
  20. SRX fog lights
  21. Watch that tune.
  22. VIN decal inside of driver door missing - Hot?
  23. Has anyone taken apart 3 piece wheels?
  24. Interior C-pillar panels loose -
  25. Consensus on pads and rotors
  26. What to use to polish accessory wheels!?
  27. Finally got my car back...
  28. $225 for a windshield?
  29. Oil question! Please help!
  30. V Would not start
  31. BMR Trailing Arms Install
  32. CTS-V LS6 tuners in WISCONSIN
  33. thinking of buying an old school convertible :/
  34. Clutch / Shifting Issues
  35. What year CTS is the most reliable?
  36. I'm @ It Again - Aftermarket Hood Idea (both CTS-V & CTS)
  37. May 23rd Open House / Dyno Day - Bridgewater Mass.
  38. Another tough day at the Autocross
  39. List of Common V Warranty Issues
  40. Extended Warranty
  41. Painted my rusty rotors today.. see inside
  42. Official gm licensed v-series logo merchandise
  43. So Cal friday night meetings
  44. Pumped with the V right now....
  45. Special part request
  46. TV Tuner in the V?
  47. FG2 to QA1, anyone? Anyone?
  48. 2006 CTS-V PCM Pinouts and Engine Wiring
  49. Detail Products
  50. Recommendation on a 10" free air subwoofer
  51. Reed is like famous and Stuff! (GAGS Delete)
  52. Ladies cadillac logo apparel & accessories
  53. how often do you guys change your oil?
  54. 2 problems after taking to the dealership
  55. Tire Rack Specs
  56. 1st gear fix?
  57. in shop for viper diff
  58. Got bored and put some vids on youtube of my V
  59. *sigh* what is the best rear end replacement solution
  60. iPhone Integration
  61. Tires slipping on rims??
  62. Finding Coolant Leak
  63. stock chrome wheels
  64. I thought I was a crazy driver in a V
  65. STAGEUP tune and 160 t-stat, what is your engine temp???
  66. Difference between early 2005 and late 2005 CTS-V's
  67. Ebay grill?
  68. Coolio and My V
  69. what's my car worth?
  70. New guy with a question about Back up lights
  71. Warranty Questions
  72. Worth it $$$$$ ?
  73. New CTS-V Owner: Smile a mile wide!!
  74. Free Shipping Offer - V-Series Floor Mats
  75. ! Drive Shaft Rubbing Gas Tank Heat Shield !
  76. Just sold the V
  77. UUC Rotors Installed
  78. V-Day in SHANGHAI (very cool cadillac stunt driving show)
  79. DVD playing while moving
  80. Any info on the spring set up here?
  81. nj upholstry???? i want suede steering wheel
  82. Pcm installation failure...
  83. SRP two-tone pedal install (pics)
  84. Nav radio buttons peeling, I have them. How do I replace them?
  85. Navigation Buttons Chipping/Cracking.
  86. Help: DVD Platyr dioes not recognize any DVD's
  87. Engine Pic in GM high tech
  88. hey audio junkies....
  89. cts-v bluetooth solution??
  90. TSB vs Warranty
  91. Quick warranty question...
  92. Where can I buy Fuel Rail covers?
  93. Custom Floor Mats - Free Shipping Offer
  94. My Clutch Nightmare
  95. Anyone Ever Had To Replace Air Bag Control Module
  96. Tire Pressure Sensor
  97. Free Shipping - Custom floor mats
  98. Oil Pressure Drops to 0 at 60mph
  99. HELP! Charging System fault!!
  100. Thunder Racing roll call
  101. Differential problems on The V
  102. Does K&N CAI fit for 2006 or 07 Ls2 CTS V's?
  103. V got DIRTY and needed a good scrubbing
  104. Warning on Harland Sharp rockers.
  105. Rear diff for sale on Craigslist 32k
  106. Engine Temp????What does yours run at??
  107. Anyone install their own motor mounts?
  108. D3 made poly Lowering Spacers
  109. I think I am an idiot......
  110. Cadillac ladies apparel & gifts
  111. Buying... What to look for?
  112. SOB not another worthless wheel&tire thread!
  113. My car is still broken. =(
  114. Thanks Luke @ Lindsay!!!
  115. Lug Nuts
  116. biggest rear tire on stock rim?
  117. Howto: Disable Horn Honk on Lock/Unlock?
  118. any V guys up for a 3day rally?
  119. Oil Pressure Sensor Sender Failure
  120. UUC 1 piece slotted and drilled and slotted rotors are here
  121. So m V is at the dealer again
  122. Dyno day tomorrow
  123. CTS-V rubber "spoiler" same as CTS?
  124. New parts and new pics
  125. Any of you chromed your stock wheels?
  126. Miscreant please help me.....GM12 Audio Input
  127. Just for fun..New donut Video see inside!
  128. FINALLY got a set of accessory wheels
  129. Diff in Challenger is similar to ours
  130. My 2004 V - A.K.A. "Midnight Rider" - Lots 'o pix #1
  131. gumball 3000 cts-v2
  132. AZ Vs - Firebird Tonight? (May 2)
  133. alternator... $509 from dealer and I need one
  134. what tires size and brandto get just orderd 19" stagerd rims
  135. From your original picture whore...
  136. anyone running a different underdrive pully
  137. Got The Wheels Powdercoated Agian!!!
  138. Spoiler issues...
  139. Uuc 2 piece floating rotor pictures
  140. i dont remember this
  141. Houston V meet
  142. The Good and Bad of my last Dealership Visit
  143. Best tires on rim, size?
  144. Rear end Advice please Help appreciated
  145. Need Urgent Help
  146. Recommend Paintless Dent Removal in North Jersey
  147. 6 lug to 5 lug
  148. Cheap Steel Rear Diffs
  149. Just bought an '05!
  150. Who in Houston has the Black '04 V downtown?
  151. Water leaking (i think)
  152. V let down
  153. Free shipping offer ends 04/30/2009 cadillac merchandise
  154. Trunk Organizer
  155. "wicked V" ny plate owner...
  156. Driving school specials!
  157. 3 Blink Lane Change Signal
  158. GM Closes High Performance Division--Bye, Bye Vs?
  159. Removing plastic by air filter for more airflow?
  160. How Reliable?
  161. Everyone Please Read This
  162. Cts-v floor mats free shipping offer ends 04/30/2009
  163. 2007 sunroof delete V
  164. 3-Piece Forged Wheel Sale!!!
  165. Paint and Powder guys come on in.
  166. Bedding Hawk HPS pads
  167. Video? why was it taken off
  168. Anybody running these wheels
  169. Does anyone make brake duct screens?
  170. Sight Seeing in Florida
  171. i need some help
  172. AZ - Muffler Shop Recommendations
  173. maintance & More..need help please
  174. Cadillac Hot Laps at NASCAR w\ Bondurant!
  175. Cracked tail light on 2004 CTS-V
  176. STS-V rims on a CTS-V
  177. Meet May 3rd at Baker's in Milford
  178. $13 data logger program for Ipod/Phone
  179. reverse gear is grinding BADLY
  180. New Pics with V knobs and V headrests
  181. New Owner, Supercharger in 05?
  182. Questions about the CTS-V
  183. New 2005 V owner here!!!
  184. Disappointed in Passport 9500ix
  185. Shifting into reverse at 70mph
  186. BEST site to purchase 04-07 CTS-V
  187. Carlsbad Cars April 25th/Wicked Corvettes 4/26
  188. 09 Z06 engine for sale
  189. HAWK HP PLUS save $ and free shipping
  190. Any black V's in NOVA willing to help me out?
  191. RPM gauge flutter
  192. Need help with a decision 04/05 vs 06/07 - Plz try to be civil ;)
  193. To Ming or not to Ming?
  194. Got rear ended yesterday *$#*Ouch#*$*
  195. gotta give the runflats some credit today
  196. Any Canadian V owners out there?
  197. Changes in coverage on CPO cars?
  198. A.B.S. Fails on track Video
  199. First life after 7 months!!!!!
  200. Drag Racing Event
  201. Ballast igniter is busted. Time for a HID conversion?
  202. V Tee Shirts
  203. My foray into Mod Hell
  204. Houston V Owners
  205. Quick Clunk Questions
  206. GM proving grounds road course show up on V's navi
  207. New Possible Brake Cooling Duct?
  208. Tri-State Area Meet, THIS weekend (April 25th)
  209. Knoxville, TN Meet 5-23-09
  210. Fish Tail
  211. P0113 Water Leaking into engine bay from windshield area
  212. Some Cool Hi-Res Photos
  213. Trade in value of the V vs. the CTS...
  214. Noobie needs help!!!!!
  215. Ipod integration help
  216. Free Shipping - V-Series branded products
  217. I've searched and cant find an answer to this
  218. North Texas Track Day May 9th
  219. Grinding sound????
  220. 2004 CTS-V with 70k Miles for $15k Good deal?
  221. those pics and status on diff swap
  222. GMPD T-SHIRT blow out (sale)
  223. Used V for sale next to my place
  224. Broke my power steering pump this weekend :(
  225. Who had the Red 05 Supercharged from Cary, NC area?
  226. Wheels and tires
  227. Paint question
  228. Tire pressure monitors
  229. Broke my rear cv joint on the driveshaft
  230. CTS VR build
  231. Motor Mount Feeler...
  232. New 2006 V owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  233. Last Thread from Naf
  234. New V Owner Saying Hello with Questions from Buyers Who Bought Used
  235. How to use FAQ?
  236. Took the V to the dragstrip for the 1st time
  237. Dean wants info on 07's
  238. Dean is freak'n back!!!!!
  239. Mr sham - custom ontario plates
  240. Great Customer Service from one our vendors.
  241. Billet Prototypes Catch Can
  242. Cradle Bolts?
  243. Yet another scoop thread...
  244. Some QA1 front shock mount pics for tbjs
  245. Preparing for V-Day 3
  246. My V is getting close to completion!
  247. rlj5's CTS-V video from Exotic Performance Plus
  248. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  249. Thought you V owners might find this funny...
  250. When is a Header Leak Good News?