: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Another Photoshoot Thread...History Lesson Included!
  2. Couple Questions about 2005 and 2006 CTS-V's
  3. 100K mile bumper to bumper warranty denied at dealer
  4. Another subwoofer thread....
  5. Quick help with tailight tints
  6. Need Low Beam Headlamp for 04V
  7. CTS-V at Atlanta Dragway vid
  8. What u guys think?
  9. Acceleration feeling in Third?
  10. Who is the female V driver autocrossing every event in Columbus?
  11. Cts-v floor mats - you design them online
  12. 1/4 mile surprise
  13. Stupid tires
  14. Subwoofer enclosure options for 2) 12w3v3-2's?
  15. Anyone looking for a TBSS to compliment their V ???
  16. Official Cadillac Logo Merchandise & Custom Cadillac Floor Mats
  17. Plastic tub size for full-sized spare tire/wheel
  18. Recharging the air conditioner
  19. Houston V meet
  20. CTS-V Lloyd Mats - CTS-V Logo Apparel & Merchandise
  21. Michigan V owners: Anyone want to go cruising down Woodward Ave tonight?
  22. Good Buy For Someone...
  23. I did it....
  24. Power Steering Cooler
  25. Well, that was convenient. (Help needed!!!)
  26. CTS-V in the NE
  27. Got Back On Track...
  28. I Might have found a way to disable the Nav Disable while in-motion
  29. Looking for parts numbers or schematics? Check out this Ultimate Parts Resource!
  30. Back from Afghanistan!
  31. Any other option for Power wire through firewall?
  32. nice lil vid
  33. Hooking 2awg wire to Battery Terminal
  34. Goodbye To My CTS-V...I feel like a traitor.
  35. Price on "New" 2005 CSTV Purchase
  36. Specter Werkes Woodward Dream Cruise Open House
  37. Audio Install
  38. Sticky/Tacky Shifter Boot Moulding???
  39. 60k mile maint?
  40. Different tires on the front for track days
  41. Is the V considered a high maintenence vehicle?
  42. OldRoadDawg Infected Me with V2 Seed on Monday
  43. factory component crossovers
  44. When should I be worried?
  45. Question about cats...
  46. Ran out of gas!
  47. V owners in Bucks County, Pa.
  48. replaced NAV buttons - no sweat !! great procedure in the FAQ
  49. Passenger door sensor not working? Door always "open"
  50. RIM Rear Integration Module... do I need it?
  51. Tow Hooks for Track
  52. Odd faint groaning when turning
  53. Track day brake pads
  54. Its time to replace all the mounts. suggestions?
  55. Header Collector Gasket
  56. Leatherique and UltraSuede
  57. 05V, TPMS reading blank "---" ... any suggestions?
  58. Just a wash and Speed Shine...
  59. how to remove "V" and Caddy crest from engine cover
  60. First Real Challenge: M5
  61. at the staging lanes, VeryWhiteDevil
  62. The Definitive Drop Thread: Would you do it over again?
  63. New K&N CAI for 06+?
  64. Motor mount warranty question
  65. What's this popping noise I'm hearing?
  66. V2 metal foot pedals for V1
  67. Installing combination XM/Onstar antenna on an 04?
  68. Who here has widen the stock wheels to 10in Wide?
  69. creaking/groaning coming from front left?
  70. INTERESTED IN A TUNE(WAIT4ME) feedback please!!
  71. Help installing Motor Mounts
  72. Black Front Grills
  73. Tapping noise at low speeds, usually when turning left
  74. If I pick up a used diff, what can I do to upgrade it?
  75. Cars and Coffee DFW
  76. LS2 vs LS6
  77. graphic request (may get deleted I dont blame you if you do)
  78. HR spring rates
  79. V2 knob for the V1
  80. An Excuse To Widen My Rear Wheels
  81. awesome story - damaged my V and fixed it :D
  82. Wanna buy a new arm rest
  83. Driveshaft Carrier Bearing
  84. Big tanks to magnuson and lindsay cadillac
  85. New project... Fiberglass!!!
  86. Anyone Had A Starter Go Out?
  87. twin supercharged cts v
  88. Quaife Sale!!!
  89. Anyone with a stock engine cover FS?
  90. Wheel Sponsorship anyone???
  91. Clutch/Suspension Chatter
  92. 2006 STS-V vs 2007 CTS-V; what a tuff decision.
  93. Hail Damage Just an Hour Ago. WTF
  94. No Viper Diff... BMR instead
  95. Custom made v-series logo automotive mats - produced by lloyd mats
  96. Series 101 Battery finally died
  97. August 1, 2009 - Cruise to Quaker Steak and Lube - All WI and IL Members
  98. What a day!
  99. What do you think about this deal on an 04 V?
  100. need a midwest speed shop
  101. Free !CAGS Eliminator Raffle!
  102. FORGED COLLECTION: CTS-V 20" Wheel options, photos & special pricing!
  103. got the V at the dealer
  104. What does my warranty cover?
  105. So here it is (Pics)
  106. Ac system need help???
  107. My baby finally let me down
  108. XM radio died, battery died, XM comes back to life
  109. Another victim
  110. Another tire question...
  111. V at carshow party this weekend (pics)
  112. Service Vehicle Soon
  113. Stability and traction going on sporadically..
  114. Does angle of car affect diff fluid drainage?
  115. Magnavolt Mounting Location -- Engine Bay? Trunk? Other? Why?
  116. Brake light issue
  117. crank pulley wobble
  118. My 2005 V idles rough any tips?
  119. coated vs noncoated headers
  120. Need help with installing motor mounts
  121. No Windows working and Factory Navigation/Center No display... Any ideas?
  122. New guy here...2007 CTS-V
  123. 19hp CAI?
  124. Quick Q - Sub Replacement
  125. My offroad edition V is no more
  126. Whistling V
  127. Is this the "one" from V day
  128. Considering an 05 V
  129. "Stuff" For Sale
  130. V-series logo apparel and merchandise
  131. Updated navigation Disc
  132. Billet Radio Knobs Update !! and "V" Parts for Sale
  133. Motor Mount issue?
  134. ls2 cai
  135. Oil Use
  136. Engine Bay Cleaner
  137. How often do you get asked??
  138. Moving to Kennewick WA
  139. V-Spotted
  140. Poor dealer experience and a question
  141. K&N CAI for 2006-2007 V's
  142. Amost new CTS-V owner; What do I check for when I get it?
  143. Members in the Houston Area!
  144. V-Day Ruined Part II
  145. Cadillac logo merchandise & apparel
  146. Hotchkis Sways $379 shipped - Found this deal if interested
  147. Thinking out of the box e85
  148. Lost my brakes...That wasn't fun at all!
  149. Competition mode not displaying on Nav
  150. MAF connector?
  151. $390 free ship for Hotchkis sways good?
  152. diff leaking problem!!!
  153. Styling cues from bneal1022!
  154. To replace the whining differential again?
  155. Quick laugh for Monday
  156. Fuse box schematic - under hood
  157. Bleed that Clutch!!!
  158. Spark blow out from N2O
  159. buying 2005 CTS-V for dad - advice please
  160. Strange problem? (Service Theft System, ABS/TCS/BRAKE)
  161. Trailering CTS-V - Straps?
  162. Heat Shield Rattle
  163. 360 Forged CTS-V Photoshoot!
  164. Thoughts on "Race Day Photos" .. I dunno my disk was delivered damaged.. twice!
  165. Detroit Guys: Baker's this Sunday, July 12th, at 1 PM
  166. DFW Track Day 8-8-09, Anyone in?
  167. Rocker arm preload?
  168. radio replacement
  169. Team dynamic wheels back in stock
  170. What Should I do?
  171. Denver (CO, WY, SD, MT, NE) V Track Day / Meet (8/14/09) - Who's got the huevos?
  172. Boooo, got a ticket
  173. never thought i would say this but...
  174. Flat black 07 on ebay
  175. Who else is rough on floor mats?
  176. Complete UUC bushings/mounts front to rear
  177. Check Out My QA1s...
  178. Changed My Transmission and Diff Fluid Today
  179. Need help removing Navigation before turning the Lease in Southbay Area CA
  180. Homemade diff support bushing installed
  181. Door Parts
  182. Front DRL out
  183. Oil filter part #?
  184. Took some pics of the V
  185. Where to get 4 new GM polished accessory wheels for $920!
  186. Brake pads
  187. Brake Light Flasher Mod
  188. Need OE Front Emblem part number
  189. So Cal V meetup
  190. 414ci LS3 V in Dallas? Who?
  191. anyone in Syracuse, NY????
  192. July 4th Detail of my 2005 V
  193. Wheel stud stripped, cant take off rim
  194. Opinions on wheels and tires?
  195. Going from M3 to CTS-V
  196. Driver's Side Brake Duct write-up with pics
  197. NASA/PDA Grand Slam HPDE @ Pocono Raceway, July 17-19
  198. NEW Nitto NT05 on my V.. PICS INSIDE!!
  199. ABS epic fail
  200. I absolutely LOVE junkyards!
  201. Who wants to go back to Summit Point (Main) July 14th?
  202. Did I miss something?
  203. WTB Spare Tire Tub ASAP Near Indianapolis!!
  204. Nav / DVD Fix
  205. 05 Red/Tan w/49k
  206. Cts-v logo gear - free shipping offer
  207. Ground Control Problem
  208. Florida, Alabama Meet
  209. This would be fun to have!!
  210. Updated Pics Of My V with Eibachs and Black Grill!!
  211. About to take GC kit off and throw in the woods!!! Please help.
  213. MOD HELL starts in the morning....
  214. Who's widened stock 18x8.5" wheels?
  215. are cts-v fenders the same as a stock cts?
  216. 2 stainless brake lines leaking at rigid line connection, any fixes for this?
  217. Aftermarket Fuel rails??? Need pics?
  218. Tire Comparison: Nitto Invo vs. Nitto NT05 vs. Nitto NT01
  219. Anyone looking for FE4 shocks ?
  220. Reduced Steering Feel
  221. No XM with NEO???
  222. Spark plug change = blood on driveway
  223. Cadillac cts-v: Apparel & merchandise
  224. Interior paint, Stuck!!! The rubber crap.... Help~
  225. Wtb cts-v,2005-2008
  226. Spare Wheel??
  227. New Hydros Still shifting issues experts inside please!
  228. New Lens for the Camera + a Sunday Detail=
  229. Anyone upgrade speakers and use factory amps?
  230. Anyone added high def. radio?
  231. Knob popped off
  232. 05 V questions and maybe VIN run if possible
  233. Pic request of a CTS-V with GC
  234. Put my accessory wheels on today!!..... and took them back off
  235. Service Lights!!
  236. Props to Coulter Cadillac & Glenn in Tempe, AZ
  237. If I'm in there, is it a no-brainer to do a new throwout bearing?
  238. Need a part number please
  239. Transmission problem help plz?
  240. NEW to 06 CTSV help
  241. Ported my Throttle Body and made a home made CAI Today. Really woke the V up.
  242. Thanks and Props to UUC
  243. Has anyone ever used "GM Pass Through"?
  244. My V day plans were cancelled so.....
  245. My V-Day Ruined
  246. lumbar leaking
  247. Tires
  248. FG2s at GMpartsdirect?
  249. 0-60 times anyone?
  250. Have I mentioned how hard it is to trailer these things...