: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. thunking noise from front end
  2. Anyone have a runflat fail?
  3. Alternative diff? Will a Holden fit? Will it survive?
  4. Need '04 V stock clutch and pressure plate
  5. Am I the only one that thinks the 2009 and 2010 CTS-V is ugly compared to the 04-07?
  6. Porsche Panmera sedan
  7. Back in the v game
  8. Have 2 Eagle RSA-EMT's for sale in classifieds.
  9. CTS-V at Chic-fil-a in Sherman Texas this weekend...
  10. Photos of my new spare tire in the trunk
  11. Anyone on here in Monticello, MN the other day?
  12. Engine tick at high revs after new cam and lifters
  13. High frequency buzz from dash, I searched, read TSB, etc
  14. Hello New soon to be V owner
  15. Hello, new V owner here.
  16. Best Aftermarket Warranty??
  17. LEO countermeasures...
  18. Driveshaft rubber coupler shot, anyone have a used one or custom driveshaft?
  19. Finally decide to tell my story (you'll wanna read this)
  20. Another diff bites the dust!
  21. Free Shipping & Delivery Schedule for Cadillac Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  22. Terrible noise at startup in cold weather!
  23. Strut Problem...
  24. Where should a tow hook be connected to our Vs
  25. Whats a 05 CTS-V with 68k worth?
  26. Code p0315
  27. 2010 MVP Track Time Track Dates
  28. Whens the next V & vette meetup?
  29. CTS-V in CT
  30. Can anyone tell me how to adjust/tighten my parking brake?
  31. CTS-V Pinion Nut Torque Spec
  32. Calling out.....
  33. 2005 CTS-V New Owner
  34. hendrix engineering
  35. Who has kept same springs and swapped to FG2?
  36. Another Racecar In The Stable.
  37. Rattle from driver door/fender area
  38. Transmission issue help
  39. What's this all about?
  40. Howling Noise 2007 CTSV
  41. Trouble With SLR Motorsports??
  42. Getting a Whistle
  43. Put 87 octane gas in my V by accident!!!!
  44. Should I be scared?
  45. Winter Driving - How much weight in the trunk?
  46. BMR bar for sale on ebay
  47. Cadillac CTS-V Used Oil Analysis - AMSOIL Signature Series 0w30
  48. She's gone...but welcome to 10-4!
  49. Symptoms of a failed uuc m.m.?
  50. Top Gear 2004 CTS-V Review
  51. New England V's
  52. the duties of a V owned by a family man
  53. 2006 production numbers
  54. Today I retired my V...
  55. V Dyno Day - Raleigh/Wake Co., NC - 12/12
  56. Free shipping on cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  57. excessive heat coming into car
  58. Cts-v on passtime
  59. If you are considering using Royal Purple Diff Fluid...
  60. Gas Cap
  61. Couple questions from potential buyer..
  62. NAV Override for watching movies
  63. Anyone Want to Trade Their Stock Exhaust for my Magnaflow?
  64. ipod hook up
  65. Front end "creaking" in cold weather over speed bumps
  66. What happened to mightymouse's lowering thread?
  67. New velourtex cadillac mats - $99.90 set of 4 custom made
  68. Anyone close to O'Hare Airport?
  69. Hello!!! New CTS-V owner
  70. Fastest CTS-V??
  71. Just checkin' in
  72. Holiday Specials...DPE, ADV.1, VMR, Forgestar, etc.
  73. Super Cheap Spare!
  74. Parts Car... LS6 W/Maggie, Trans, interior parts
  75. Those with bigger displacement engines
  76. No More Waiting
  77. Question: e46 M3 vs. Modified '04 CTS-V on roadcourse (HPR)
  78. KARS III in classifieds CHEAP!
  79. Thinking about tuneing up with some sparkplugs and air filter.
  80. Big Jim's Big Surprise
  81. Trans temps
  82. What options do I have for new struts/shocks ?
  83. Admins Help! cannot post in classifieds
  84. Calling All Northern California Peeps
  85. Liquid leaking into the passenger floorboard
  86. SF International Auto Show
  87. wheel hop washer mod
  88. car died on the highway
  89. NEW to the fourm and CTS-V
  90. Service air bag??? Help!
  91. Anyone Coming to Cars and Coffee in Plano, Tx??
  92. headrest camera mount
  93. CTS-V Logo Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  94. What do you think she is worth?
  95. Car Cover for the V
  96. Gearhead Black Friday Sale
  97. Looking for a couple torque specs
  98. Noise From Passenger Air Vent
  99. 9 New Cadillac Logo Key Chains & Fobs
  100. Ridiculously annoying...
  101. Saw 2 more V's at the dealer today
  102. driveshaft question, pics inside
  103. OK, who here knows a good welder??
  104. HID headlight ballast
  105. Road Atlanta with MVP Track Time 11/21/09
  106. How many put their V away for the winter?
  107. I accepted Delivery of my new V!!!
  108. Great Ceramic Pad Option
  109. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  110. RPM help please
  111. Any NY/NJ CTS-V Guys Up for a Cruise This Sunday?
  112. Value of 2007 V ?
  113. CTS-V Logo Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  114. Pics
  115. Does UUC Diff Bushing Intensify Diff Whine/Noise?
  116. For the Love......
  117. Engine could be toast
  118. Wtb chrome stock wheels
  119. NEW MEMBER: 2004 CTS-V Owner
  120. Windshield Wipers
  121. The Now Lowered Redline V and its Stable Mate
  122. Video input for NAV
  123. Part number for radiator shield = ????
  124. What is the 3rd Gen Differential Part Number?
  125. Crabapples
  126. B & M short shifter..
  127. Does anyone remember......
  128. Differntial Diagram? Exploded Diagram needed...
  129. Rear Diff Used Parts - WTB
  130. Generals, Michelins, or Bridgestones?
  131. What Is Your V Getting For Christmas?
  132. SRT8 vs. CTS-V
  133. Root Cause of Differential Whine?
  134. 2005 Vs 2006
  135. Cadillac Logo Accessories, Apparel & Accessories
  136. Quick question about clock on GPS
  137. Have you noticed..
  138. Noise/vibration in steering wheel and pedals when turning at slow speeds
  139. Thought that a '05 diff would be replaced under warranty!
  140. Brake Rotor 101
  141. Steering wheel play
  142. Sad day...
  143. How long does it take to replace the bushings?
  144. Can Not Change State in Nav?
  145. Will 275 40 18 Fit?
  146. Headers and Corsa Exhaust Question
  147. Changing fuel filter?
  148. Would anyone be interested in a V day at Bondurant?
  149. Cadillac logo license frames & plates
  150. Brake pads
  151. Clip From V Day
  152. Rear Sub-frame mount...does this look right?
  153. Mouse Control
  154. Built some custom kicks and pillars for my V
  155. Blew the diff, any help on finding a replacement would great
  156. Interesting Oil Change
  157. GT500 vs 05 CTS-V
  158. A V In Good Company
  159. leaking transmission?
  160. 275/40 excessive wear in middle
  161. Carbon Fiber Hood GROUP BUY
  162. anyone who's powder coated stock wheels please help!
  163. Just a few drag racing videos of my V
  164. Going back to Stock
  165. is the ls6 valve covers threaded for an oil cap just like the filler neck?
  166. GM Vehicle History Report
  167. Leaky Diff
  168. Bose Subwoofer Not Hitting
  169. V hanging on the wall artwork...
  170. lookin' for an 04 dvd nav?
  171. Fo thebigjimsho>>>>SEMA 09
  172. CTS-V questions: crankcase breather, odd diff question, mystery rattle FIXED!
  173. Stock rims for sale.
  174. My cts-v is in a better place
  175. Thanks GM NAV!!!
  176. Who runs with no covers at all?
  177. Pics: Sema 2009
  178. Installed LS2 Fuel Rail Covers....
  179. V-Series: The number 1 Yahoo search phrase?
  180. Who is interested in a Salvage CTS-V 05-07
  181. hacking the NAV?
  182. Torque steer problem !
  183. Watch those wires with headers!
  184. V-series logo accessories, merchandise & custom floor mats
  185. Superstars 2009 Vallelunga Gara2
  186. WTT 06 TB SS AWD 3SS for CTSV
  187. Motor mount question
  188. Navteq 6.7
  189. Steering Rack Part Number
  190. Bled the clutch slave. DARK fluid?
  191. Out of warranty repairs
  192. talked to my neighbor who used to own a CTS
  193. 13.586 @ 106.98
  194. Cooling system flush?
  195. Starter Motor
  196. For those who have imported to Canada...
  197. Car Surveyers
  198. Clutch installers...Southeast Michiga
  199. Help!:Anyone have B&M Instructions?
  200. Looked at 2007 V, some rattles around car, info needed
  201. Cracked Rim causing the Slow Leak
  202. Minnesota V's
  203. Starting problem after maggie install?
  204. HVAC: Cold air driver side but heat on passenger side works
  205. WTT: My Low Miles 2005 CTS-V With Full Bumper-Bumper for C5 z06/C6 Under Warranty
  206. Heated Seat Not Working Drivers Side
  207. Ontarions: Any reccomended shops to have a V inspected?
  208. You Asked for Pics of the V2
  209. Shocking I know... :(
  210. Ipod to XM sound problems
  211. Arrested, V impounded, and still didn't get a windshield tint ticket lol..
  212. Ultimate Track Car Challenge
  213. First ticket in the V
  214. SRX 17x4" mini spare - it fits!!! (With some work, of course)
  215. Passkey 3 system questions
  216. Rear window not working, something snapped.
  217. CTS-V Logo Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  218. Toasted 2nd Gear Syncro
  219. Are 2006 CTS-V a safer bet?
  220. How Sweet It Is, added Borla exhaust
  221. Vertical scratches on drivers side window
  222. STS-V versus CTS-V
  223. anyone in PHOENIX wanna go to the track this friday? 11/6/09
  224. looking for a spare connector for the nav/cd unit.
  225. Strange "problem" with the V
  226. Houston Cars & Coffee This Saturday (7th)
  227. tap tap tap tap tap from P/S valve cover area
  228. Hendrix Econo Axle installed...pic included ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER!
  229. Looking into a Cts-v
  230. Hood popped open at speed!!!!!!
  231. new V owner with some ??s
  232. The V Is Gone --The New V Is Here
  233. Remember me as CAD4LIFE lol
  234. Crazy Grinding sound under car! Help!
  235. Is something missing here?
  236. Green liquid leaking
  237. $200 Rebate on Pioneer Navigation [Holiday Rebate]
  238. LS6 vs LS2
  239. Possibly getting a CTS-V next year, had some ?'s
  240. V-series logo gear
  241. B&M Picture Request
  242. One Piece Drive Shaft '04 V
  243. "A" pillar with airbag removal?
  244. engine shudder at shutdown...
  245. Service Stability System, dark screen??
  246. Cadillac logo hats
  247. can i borrow some tools?
  248. Oil Drain Plug
  249. New Cadillac Logo Products & Free Shipping Until 09/31/2009
  250. DC Area guys - anyone with B&B exhaust? I wanna hear it in person !