: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. mm change time?
  2. HELP! Nav Unit Info
  3. Intermittent heavy clutch pedal
  4. Difficulty level of replacing horn????
  5. Car died during autocross
  6. oil catch can question
  7. Oil catch can with a maggie and LS2
  8. Where do you place your jackstands on your V?
  9. Navigation swapp v1 to v2 is it possible???
  10. Lowest Priced CTS-V
  11. bar
  12. ** New Wheels for my V Pics inside**
  13. Tire Pressure Warning stays on
  14. guys with Kooks and Cats - which way do your O2s face + dipstick
  15. Damn pinion shaft seal...
  16. Considering a personalized plate - 1BADCAD already taken... suggestions?
  17. How To Aim Headlight??
  18. Motor mounts install with kooks and maggie
  19. Los Angeles V shops + GMPP friendly
  20. Spring in my floorboard
  21. Automatic adjusting Drivers Seat Pissing me off.
  22. Newbie needs help please
  23. I got my car back from the shop
  24. WTB Stock Clutch and Pressure Plate
  25. short shifter
  26. GMPP work in Detroit
  27. Reputable place to bring the V for warranty work in Chicago?
  28. What to do?
  29. Free shipping on cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  30. Shifter Issue
  31. SPRINGS help please!
  32. Nitrous, do you want it?
  33. WOW, WHEELDUDE 19s *pics*, just what's going on w/ Alan F's V, motor mounts, axle???
  34. Are these just native quirks, or issues I should look into?
  35. Price/Value Opinions for a used 2007 CTS-V
  36. Hello (a n00b introduction)
  37. V Pride in Japan
  38. AC question
  39. FYI: Follow Brand Cadillac on Twitter
  40. $8ish peace of mind for summer
  41. purchased a 2005 CTS-V
  42. MN or WI Members - Rock Falls Raceway May 1
  43. HAHAHAHA I hate rat dogs (a V story)
  44. Millbrook Winery Tour (pics)
  45. Any V owners on MD's Eastern Shore & mid/ lower DE here?
  46. Map disc anyone?
  47. Steering Wheel Controls (programming?)
  48. Pinging using 92 Octane
  49. trans mount and engine mounts for 07 V?
  50. Turning off rear 02 sensors....help
  51. Got the racing bug again
  52. transmission mount - which one is the current favorite?
  53. Anyone have an old Nav Disk?
  54. Radio buttons still look good - any ideas on how to keep them that way?
  55. 2 CTS-V in Rochester Hills, MI in 1 day
  56. Widen stock silver wheels
  57. How to remove driveshaft????
  58. Wheel weight comparo:OEM,accessory, TD
  59. Really... I'll sell my V too!
  60. New here, need some info..
  61. Track Tires & Wheels--And More--For Sale
  62. Chicago V Meet - August 21st 2010
  63. Denton County bluebonnets drive
  64. V will not start not power to ing/coil fuse
  65. TC control
  66. Do you have to do anything with Stabilitrak to bleed the brakes?
  67. Broken spoke on powdercoated accessory wheels
  68. What's my 2004 V worth?
  69. vin check please? supporting member
  70. Cruise control issues
  71. Clutch/Synchros/Slave/Shifter issues?
  72. Diagnosing low rpm vibration and front suspension creeking...
  73. Free Access to Chiltons
  74. Before I install my Fidanza clutch?
  75. Insurance help guys!
  76. Next batch of trailing arms??
  77. Interior Dash Trim
  78. Car Shows? Where's the Vs at (TN,GA,KY,NC)
  79. First time down the strip
  80. MAPerformance Trailing Arm Install Guide
  81. Cam Position Sensor DTC and Door Locks
  82. Front Bumper
  83. New V owner with questions
  84. 3rd brake light not working...
  85. CTS-V in Germany
  86. P0343 Cam Position Sensor Code....Ideas?
  87. Newbie - Motor Mount Install Issues
  88. Meet the first Cadillac V
  89. I'm in the header club now!
  90. black V emblem on stock rims
  91. Cadillac: Cadillac logo hats
  92. Officially a part of the 13 sec wheelhop club!
  93. I am about to buy a V on Tuesday, I want feedback please.
  94. Bluetooth and Aux in
  95. Got Starter-Clutch Interlock Defeated
  96. high res picture request: trunk V badge
  97. Oil pressure not reading
  98. Headlight washers randomly popping out??
  99. Anyone else having trouble getting on the board?
  100. Alternator replacement?
  101. Are your Dyno #'s SAE Smoothing 5 or STD Smoothing 5 ?????
  102. Maggie guys...Noise: whinning....help
  103. Orange County CA Mechanic Recommendation?
  104. This is what I see as I leave work to get in my V.
  105. Come on down to the Cadillac Casino!
  106. Quick Nav Question
  107. A word of encouragment to those lowering or changing shocks!
  108. Rear Deck removal HELP!
  109. ABS/Stability Control issues???
  110. RPM spudder between 1400-1650
  111. Spark plug gap?
  112. Water stains on rear airbag pillars
  113. Anyone in Phoenix wanna go play in the twisties this Sunday?
  114. How many golf bags fit?
  115. New Member on 2nd CTS-V
  116. One thing after another
  117. Cadillac/V owners gathering Cleveland, Ohio June 4,5,6 2010
  118. Shift lights
  119. No longer a lurker. 04 V in the garage. Pics & Questions here...
  120. Need Help, Insurance question...
  121. Question to install techs - how much time to install a differential bushing
  122. Should I remove exhaust before selling???
  123. Bodyshops in ATL
  124. Anyone here drill thier master?
  125. Looking for paint code
  126. Bmr pinion mounts?
  127. GoodGuys Car Show Pics
  128. V Dies on Interstate When Low on Fuel
  129. V died while driving at 100, then works fine after
  130. Lindsay Cadillac - Standin by the V.
  131. just recieved a used diff - what should i assess?
  132. CTS-V Hood Questions
  133. Oil Temp Wires Help
  134. New Sacramento V Owner
  135. Clutch bleed FAIL
  136. Help me source all the new goodies to help fix up the V! :)
  137. 19 Vs at Dallas Meet *please post pics here*
  138. New owner with a few questions
  139. New England Dragway!
  140. I did the mm mod and then the V got hit by a truck
  141. This the one? 05 CTS-V, 59k
  142. Source for "childproof" rear seat cover?
  143. Good Deal 06V?
  144. cruise control
  145. New Member : New Car : Allow me to introduce myself!
  146. Low coolant sensor located?
  147. TPiS Headers, High Flow Cats, Ported TB, Dyno Tune
  148. 18" ctsv rim question ??help needed
  149. Headliner sag
  150. Torque Spec for Pinion Nut 2005 CTS-V
  151. Cadillac V Day in Shanghai
  152. The cheapest way to do...
  153. 1st Dyno Pull ever in my 06 V
  154. Specter vs. OEM Rear Cradle Bushings
  155. Getting some work done
  156. 3/31/10 Blacked out V sighting on US-10, WHO?
  157. 2010 Events - All IL and WI Members
  158. People think you have your brights on? Headlights too bright or high?
  159. CTS-V wagon unveiled
  160. *PRISTENE/LIKE NEW* Cts-V wheels for sale
  161. Doing the MM mod need some advise!
  162. Extended gmpp plan
  163. wheels widened in Md,Pa,Va,areas
  164. Who says the diff is the weakest link???
  165. Looking for V-stock exhaust
  166. Maggie - Magnavolt wires (motor died)
  167. Resetting classifieds to sell stockers
  168. Fans Won't Turn On
  169. Vib/Shake...
  170. Front End Problem
  171. EVAP Issues - P449 Trouble Code
  172. Lifters Clicking
  173. I took a weekend trip, my cruise control started acting up
  174. Got Pulled Over
  175. Navigation Screen on 2007 CTS-V
  176. Boost lines with a Maggie
  177. new motor mounts/still dieseling
  178. Thoughts on buying/driving higher mileage V's?
  179. Camera recommendation
  180. Cross-country trip report - WA to DC, ~5500mi, 4 national parks, no tickets!
  181. First ticket in the V
  182. Pics of new dual gauges on the a pillar
  183. Inside the trunk, on the pass side, what goes in that indentation...
  184. Tires revisited, again.
  185. My Approach to a Short Shifter
  186. TireRack has P245/45ZR18 Goodyear Eagle F1s for $100 ea
  187. CTS brake recall: V included?
  188. What's the most fuel you've put in the tank?
  189. No sound from radio
  190. Vibration
  191. Kansas City Vs?
  192. Loose steering wheel
  193. Going to Bondurant!
  194. *Dallas V Meet April 3 at Cars and Coffee*
  195. Texas V-Meet?
  196. Gauge Pod on Steering Column Trim...DIY sorta
  197. Another coilover option? D2 RS Coilover?
  198. Houston Vs - Texas Mile this satuday?
  199. so my car is only on 3 wheels at the moment
  200. *PICS* My black lightly modded V *PICS*
  201. Cars and coffee houston
  202. Goodguys Car Show
  203. Dts-v!?!?
  204. Rocky Mountain SCCA down at Dicks Sporting Goods Park
  205. Brake recall, 2003-2007 CTS
  206. Does a $69 Performance chip work?
  207. Photoshoot in Detroit.
  208. Reverse lockout on V??
  209. Silver V in MN -Wisonsin plates
  210. Black V1 at Fellowship Church- anybody here?
  211. V sighting in CT
  212. No, these are not reflections!
  213. another satisfied Creative Steel Customer
  214. Oil temp
  215. Automated (Hiding) Front License Plate
  216. where to buy CTS-V programable Key..
  217. Just started today when crusing at 1500 to 1900rpms
  218. Spotted: Silver CTS-V in Cleveland/Great Northern Mall
  219. Nav Disc Err
  220. Installed a 3SIXTY.1 or 3SIXTY.2? - Please help me out
  221. Buying a Used V Checklist
  222. Removing the driver seat??
  223. AZ V's - Firebird Tonight
  224. Possible Jammed DVD
  225. Corsa Cat-back swap / sale
  226. Recurring Trouble codes
  227. Running Kooks with no cats, went to get emissions test and...
  228. Does anybody have any experience with Hagerty Auto Insurance?
  229. Monster clutch installed, now a red spot under the car.
  230. Installed My Hotchkis Sways and Z06 Endlinks Yesterday.
  231. I might have found my V what do you think?
  232. Suspension Chatter?
  233. New V Owner - Introduction
  234. Driver seat fuse keeps blowing!
  235. Decisions Decisions
  236. Rear bumper supposed to be loose?
  237. I lost 5th, 6th, and reverse
  238. How much to paint rear bumper?
  239. Tribute at summit point web site
  240. replacement tires
  241. 1/4 times raceway park nj
  242. CF strut tower brace, does it fit the 06-07 V?
  243. 20 inch tire question
  244. Anybody from Houston want to do a cruise to The Drive In Movies Friday the 19??
  245. Coolant leak
  246. Head Count for NY/NJ Vs going to V-Day 4
  247. [Newbie] Intro with Questions
  248. Anyone running Z06 endlinks on stock height suspension? Too much stress?
  249. Got a New Crest and Shield
  250. Clutch Install