: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. No mini van for this mom!
  2. New Jersey/NY: Captree Photos
  3. Passenger mirror motor/auto down
  4. Random service air bag light
  5. Open Exhaust
  6. **URGENT Photo Request - Driveshaft Mounting Flanges**
  7. Need to test a extra nav unit I have, will the old one lock after removal
  8. Can't Shift into First? Check Out This TSB!
  9. Rear diff bushing? How hard to change in yourself?
  10. My first track day in the V
  11. Driver Side Mirror Cracked
  12. Brake Pad Change....
  13. Lowered guys: need a drilled swaybar for your z06 endlinks in ATL/GA area?
  14. Scratches on Aluminum Door Trim
  15. H&R and tire size question
  16. What items/mods are a must for a 2005 CTS-V
  17. Barber Motorsports
  18. Car Seat for The V (and 9 month old son)!
  19. 3/6 Dirty Jersey FTMFW
  20. Auxillary, new way of setting it up and keeping the XM
  21. V1 that delays the need for V2
  22. Opinions on this 07 V
  23. How much?
  24. Headlight washer not connected to headlight.
  25. front bumper tsb?
  26. What a fun car this has been!
  27. Shifter bottom bolt 5m hex key stripped
  28. Spring cleaning
  29. Competetive driving mode/ transmission
  30. V may have to Go
  31. So, what's this going to cost me...
  32. front bumper tsb?
  33. 2nd gen diff vs 3rd gen diff
  34. What NGK Plugs
  35. Tire and Wheel Question
  36. Interesting clutch issue
  37. V1 to V2 upgrade
  38. GMPP? *Stupid Question*
  39. Cars and Coffee Houston
  40. Theoretically speaking...
  41. new caddybroad here
  42. sux.. made 2 write-ups, then find they over size to post
  43. Crazy New Michelin Tires
  44. Kudos to my local dealership - Crest Cadillac
  45. EEEWWW! Gold Emblems!
  46. Taking Friday off to look at a V... things to look for?
  47. Drive train noise after pinion seal is replaced
  48. Just got a new rear end, questions...
  49. Wagner Brake Rotors
  50. fuel pressure
  51. Optima Red Top Battery
  52. some questions about used V i am looking at - help?
  53. V owners in Southern California
  54. Used Bumper Worth Anything
  55. Local install shop states I cant put aftermarket speakers/amps in my CTS-V - true?
  56. A reminder regarding the rules and selling products/services here
  57. Third party warranties... need one :/
  58. to tune or not to tune...
  59. Error Codes....Need Opinions
  60. V on the Hutch?
  61. If you could see the V in any other color, which would it be?
  62. One Bad TPMS Sensor - Fix or Replace?
  63. Navigation
  64. Best heel to toe pedals?
  65. HELP! Clutch "install" is FUBAR.
  66. driving technique
  67. Possible Miami Florida V meet... Any takers?
  68. Headlight bulb change is ridiculous...
  69. New V series
  70. '06 PCM pin id
  71. Now that stock springs are back in...getting a noise
  72. Caddy repairs again!
  73. Leaky Rear Trans Seal? Look Inside!
  74. Miss My V!!!
  75. Navigation (Bose System) question
  76. Anybody want to sell a diff???
  77. San Antonio Dyno Day April 3rd
  78. Rear Output Shaft Seal = 99.04 Retail?
  79. Stock Baseline Dyno Done
  80. AHHH...My Clutch
  81. Catalytic Converter Options
  82. CoSTAR BlueSTAR 2010 - Bluetooth Solution
  83. Alternator Wire v. Header = FAIL
  84. Charity Autocross - Saturday March 27th - Grissom AFB - Peru, IN
  85. flywheel question
  86. Disabling Headlight Squirters.
  87. Have a few Carfax VIN checks left.... need one?
  88. TPMS Reset
  89. Programing a replacement key
  90. Need torque values for differential 21mm mount bolts and the 8mm hex drive shaft bolt
  91. Help with setting greeting name for each driver
  92. Can anyone identify this Katech Black wrecked (front end) cts-v
  93. Aftermarket sub - where did you connect for audio signal???
  94. Anyone from the 805 area code?
  95. Thank You Michigan.
  96. Pink cadillac
  97. Battery Relocation Options?
  98. headlight
  99. tie rod and rack/pinion replacement (out of warranty)
  100. Custom Short Shifter Ordering Process.
  101. Power Steering Problems
  102. Survey - how many V owners have a 2nd vehicle for bad weather?
  103. 05 cts v cranks over but wont start
  104. Posted Some Nitrous Parts in the Classifieds
  105. Review: PISNUOFF's Custom Short Shifter
  106. Way to go Weatherman ... F'ed me over!
  107. Way to go Kook's... F'ed me over !
  108. Differences in the CPO versus GMPP warrantys?
  109. How do I stop this damn wheel hop!!!!!
  110. Houston Vs - meet on Thursday 25th Feb?
  111. Motive power bleeder clutch adapter
  112. for those with exhaust or headers or both - exhaust bolts - what did you use
  113. Steel wool on chrome rims?
  114. cts-v rear end problems???
  115. V in orangee whaa!?
  116. HELP!!! Tried to bleed my clutch and now I am leaking!
  117. Reduced power mode with new TB
  118. Help me make a decision on this 2005 CTS-V
  119. Shocks...
  120. New St. Louis Area V Owner ... Finally!
  121. Removed radio now airbag light is on
  122. Damn Headers!!!!!
  123. carcovers custom fit outdoor
  124. About to buy this car, can someone help me interpret the warranty info?
  125. Sent deposit for trailing arm kit? Check in!
  126. My HID Ballast Solution
  127. Quad City V's
  128. $$$how much for LS-7 SLAVE&remote bleeder
  129. Exhaust leak maybe?
  130. will C5 mcloed twin disc work on V
  131. Damper Bolt
  132. whos got the winning clutch remote bleeder design?
  133. 2010 All GM Meet/Dyno Day at Race Proven Motorsports!
  134. My original steel diff may be getting patterned soon
  135. front suspension woes.... something loose
  136. Gauging Interest????
  137. Shifter Trim Question
  138. Smooth shifts!!!
  139. Looking at this warranty history is this car worth a second look
  140. Rattles - is this a problem with V1s?
  141. Cadillac V-Day in Japan = Fail
  142. Lowered, special alignment?
  143. changing turn signal bulb - searched to no avail
  144. Need Advice on Warranty Work (rear diff bushing)
  145. Miss at idle
  146. Snow, snow, snow, V lives in the garage for a while
  147. cts-v best second hand gem
  148. AMS Cadilac CTS-V
  149. Identify my diff... PICS
  150. SRX love!
  151. Just letting you know...
  152. Bye Bye Supercar F1s...hello "fix a flat"
  153. CTS-V Fog Light Question
  154. EBAY CTS-V search... ugh
  155. Rear End Question!! NEED HELP!
  156. Touchless car wash = stream of water into car at top of windshield! What the...??
  157. Parking brake doesn't hold facing downhill
  158. *Part 2* Pioneer unveils NEW products at 2010 CES [Video Coverage]
  159. Who's installed lowering springs and DID NOT touch rear shocks? H&R/FG2 pics inside*
  160. Alternator cable replacement
  161. cts-v hood?
  162. why can't i see others icons avitars and sig photos?
  163. Pls help - Battery Drains Overnight
  164. bellhousing blues
  165. ground control install question
  167. Sobering day at the Autocross. (long)
  168. Didn't see this one coming. Anyone ever had steering wheel/electronics apart?
  169. Steering linkage help needed ASAP!
  170. Spun my tires in 4th last night...
  171. profile photo albums..TONY????
  172. Crashed my V today
  173. HELP! no time for searching...Z06 ENDLINKS, HOW DID YOU FIT THEM ON THE V?
  174. Can someone run this VIN for me?
  175. Can we spam here now?
  176. Bluetooth Solution - Galaxy1000 Review
  177. Holy SES Codes!!!
  178. Clutch Problems
  179. 04 with 75k value?
  180. Oil Pressure Problems
  181. 07 cts-v short shifter
  182. Continental ExtremeContact DWS
  183. Got To Love The Dallas Morning News
  184. Warranties Rock! Well, sort of.
  185. Fender part # question
  186. V-shirts
  187. custom plate not working?
  188. maryland license plate avalibility???
  189. My Pilgramidge to Mecca
  190. KW V3's Backorder
  191. 15hrs in the garage yesterday w/ the V: balancer, springs, mounts..my notes
  192. The search yielded no answer
  193. Difference in Redline versus Infrared - red?
  194. Rear diff fluid change...
  195. B&B=badass
  196. Thanks members, finally got my V!
  197. Missing Winshield Washer Nozzles....:(
  198. Dallas Cars and Coffee **Feb 6**
  199. Clear Coat Issue on Ft Bumper
  200. Clunking sounds?
  201. custom plate ideas vote!!???
  202. Searching for an '07. Help maybe?
  203. A very gracious deed by a forum member has made my week!
  204. Side View Mirror Help
  205. New to the site
  206. Uploading pictures?
  207. What's it worth?
  208. Just purchased 06 CTS-V. Missing Nav DVD-Rom. Need help!
  209. Looking into getting 04-05 CTS-V, what is the cost of new diff and other questions
  210. Any dealerships that offer GM extended warranties???
  211. 2 New In-Car V Vids
  212. End of warranty - what should I inspect before it runs out?
  213. DIY Navigation button repair?
  214. squeaky clutch pedal
  215. CTS-V Trailing Arms, More rubber....YES!
  216. Mid-west Gathering?
  217. miss you guys!!
  218. The official vday4
  219. Anyone have an SRX also?
  220. Rear View Mirror Electric Woes
  221. Wheel Hop/Differential questions
  222. 2010 V Day
  223. Terrible Feeling - V Sold Out From Under Me
  224. Suspension/Steering Issues, Please help...(Long Post)
  225. i'm sure somebody was already thinking it (suspension thread)
  226. Found a nice little surprise today while doing suspension work on the V
  227. Good price for new diff?
  228. New V Owner
  229. Burn baby Burn!
  230. Tail Light problems???
  231. Billy Boat Products
  232. V Emblem
  233. Having really odd electrical issues any local V owners would be welcome to help on it
  234. Drive Shaft Coupler Pilot Bushing/Bearing?
  235. New soon to be V owner.
  236. when you don't change oil....
  237. Compustar Alarm Help ATTN (KASHAN)
  238. please double check rear cradle bolts torque --- in middle of
  239. who saids v's cant go in the snow
  240. So who has cut stock springs for slight lowering?
  241. Interested in Carbon Fiber Body Parts For The V? Front Clip, Doors, Trunk, etc.
  242. exhaust studs... why so exotic ans expensive?
  243. Any High Mileage V's?
  244. Brakes ?'s
  245. Hey all! Quick intro, college guy considering a V!
  246. Need submissions for Domestic Driver E-zine 2010!
  247. New Vendor! Performance LSX
  248. CARBON FIBER HOOD Group Buy is BACK
  249. What wheels are these.
  250. Fe 4's