: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. Anybody in Phoenix AZ that can check out a V for me?
  2. mbrace smartphone app
  3. MAPerformance Rotors
  4. Does anyone else have free XM right now?
  5. Anyone Wanna trade?? Stock Red Tail Lights and Trunk 3rd break light for TINTED ones?
  6. Advice on VIN check
  7. NY/NJ Caravan to V-Day 4???
  8. flat rate hours for FG2's
  9. Fuel Leak! Fuel Pump Melting & Smoking!!
  10. Need Some Help/Advice/Opinions (Lowering/Tires) Mightymouse feel freel to help!
  11. Intro Thread
  12. Traffic updates on factory navigation unit?
  13. trailblazer SS, need opinions
  14. Random help - seat belt cover
  15. Cts-v die cast model 1:43 2009 cadillac
  16. Car pulls left when accelerating
  17. Bought my 2004 a month ago, I feel so stupid for buying it.
  18. Battery smoking after long drive - what is going on
  19. Question for Ground Control kit owners - do the springs hang loose?
  20. Quick Exhaust question
  21. Took A Little Trip In The V
  22. Pioneer Introduces Pandora Radio Integration - iPhone App [VIDEO & PICS]
  23. TPMS and Radio Issue
  24. Fun little CO track/meet day!
  25. Tires for 2007 STS V
  26. Coilovers/Wheels in the Classifieds
  27. Performance mod. shops in Los Angeles
  28. Free shipping for cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  29. Odometer Hit 50k Miles Yesterday
  30. Service advice in LA California
  31. I know how some of you miss my pictures...
  32. Help Please!
  33. What is my V worth (Maggie, KW coilovers, Corsa...)
  34. Does anyone else have a creaky seat?
  35. Road America - GT Track Days - 6/28 & 29
  36. Any good seat belt cushions with V logo?
  37. Checking in '05 V
  38. 05/27/04
  39. Just another thumbs up for Creative Steel's motor mounts
  40. What have I done?!?
  41. Weird question. Anybody have a stock slave cylinder box?
  42. Thanks 04VMan!
  43. Free mufflers and axle!
  44. Set of OEM Wheels w/Bridgestone RE01R for Track/Spare in Classifieds
  45. Tried to order parts from dealer
  46. Stock motor mount
  47. Problem need some help
  48. How I Ended Up With a Different GTI Called a Thunderbunny
  49. Second Batch Of Trailing Arms Shipped!
  50. V is repaired
  51. FAQ infected by a Malware link
  52. HELP Warranty about to Expire
  53. where to buy replacement radio buttons?
  54. Used V Buyers Guide?
  55. Fml!!!
  56. EBCM question
  57. New Vendor Here- running some specials
  58. Anyone know where I can find a V flag banner?
  59. Question about using Eibach springs from GC kit - without the GC perches
  60. Rear pinion seal leaking - has anyone replaced this by themselves?
  61. Battery change then nav issues
  62. Please help very frustrated w cts_v
  63. Dual Mass Rattle
  64. anybody wish . . .
  65. I hope it wasn't a V in Vegas
  66. Weird TPMS problem...
  67. 2K10 Colorado V Meet : Anyone interested?
  68. Question about Daytime Running Lights - How to activate them
  69. It's arrived
  70. New user HELLO!
  71. XM Satellite Radio Disappeared?
  72. Intermittent Power
  73. Sts hud
  74. Help guys!! I need a power steering pulley!!
  75. Attn: NJ/NY/PA Owners.
  76. Help: DVD Nav Buttons peeling: Did anyone get them replaced under warranty?
  77. CTS-V With Mods
  78. CTS V meet at Greg's house in Ellicott City Md.
  79. Did Anyone consider buying a e39 M5?
  80. Anybody been on the FAQ lately?
  81. TPM fail. Where to go.
  82. Mallet cts-v in Southfield, MI
  83. 05 cts-v with TC button in glove box?
  84. CREATIVE STEEL: Front License Plate Bracket
  85. Hardwired Radar (Passport) w/pictures
  86. Vouge strut brace on ebay
  87. Hot Rod OC Maryland this weekend.
  88. Considering 2004 MALLET V Purchase: Opinions?
  89. Charity roadrally June 12
  90. 2007 V GPS Issues "No DETROIT"
  91. Let's Play "Name That Mod" !!!
  92. New to the forum from Dallas
  93. Wheel hop hop hop bang
  94. Noticed a few drops of oil in my driveway..
  95. What is the correct way to remove the the rocker molding?
  96. Open Apology to Forum and Moderators
  97. New Florida V owner saying Hello
  98. HID issues(Pls help!)
  99. New "problem" just noticed.
  100. Photo/Help Request: Cigarette Lighter Assembly
  101. Stash a cell phone in a V1
  102. And it finally happened to me RIP V?
  103. post pics
  104. Help - speeding ticket + advise in VA Needed
  105. Saving Private Remi
  106. Boston-area Cadillac Day Sun 5/23. Anyone interested in a V-meet?
  107. Had some metal rods come flying at me on highway today...
  108. Line on some used wheels
  109. So my Wife drove the V today for the first time.
  110. Penske Coilovers
  111. Moon Roof Relay
  112. any cts-v's near Mooresville NC?
  113. Spec Guys, Chime In!
  114. Thank you Creative steel!!!
  115. Tire ?
  116. Help With A Paint Code
  117. Shopping for a 2006 CTS-V, what should I look out for?
  118. What do you guys think of my new plate?? (Pics)
  119. Cts-v with the CTS grille! haha pics!
  120. Theres gotta be an easier way.
  121. DAMMIT JON...Now i want a V
  122. For those of you waiting
  123. Shifting and the clutch
  124. Stock Brakes
  125. Quick Tire Question
  126. Anybody have a spare left rear caliper???
  127. Sad Night... It was slipperyyyy
  128. navigation cd
  129. Buying a V in Florida - how to get it to where I am ?
  130. "Stability System Engaged" repeatedly????
  131. B]CTS Brake Recall[/B]
  132. Best Buy iPod direct connect
  133. Reset CEL????
  134. Finally some Pictures of the car
  135. Scratchy LCD - FIX
  136. 05 V with security light, no gauges and nav screen wont run off
  137. New 06 owner in MA has questions
  138. Joined the Club... My New/Used 07 V
  139. Diff whine from 30-50mph, cause? Solutions?
  140. 25873498 Diff into a '05
  141. Speaker in Overhead Unit
  142. Wheel Issues
  143. High Speed North Chicago Raven V
  144. wheel spacers
  145. How long does an average HID bulb last?
  146. StealthV where R U? Anyone know how to get ahold of StealthV??????????
  147. New V owner in Detroit area
  148. Quick radiator question
  149. Reached a milestone
  150. update on LS2 gas mileage
  151. Donuts/Drifting
  152. Are there any aftermarket button/knob replacements?
  153. Dealer rebuilt diff?
  154. New guy here, from Sacramento, CA!!
  155. Stopped in my tracks
  156. control arm help
  157. Help me find a new Mass AF connector
  158. My custom radio install
  159. Anyone have scraping with Venetos?
  160. Left speakers sound terrible only on XM
  161. The Twin in Columbia, MD
  162. OBD2/CAN + iPhone
  163. Standing Mile Setup
  164. gauging interest in a group buy for iphone OBD cable
  165. New noise this morning
  166. Im A Dad Now!
  167. Drag competition coming up, risk that diff?
  168. Oh Yeah! It's Goin' Down!
  169. My new caliper color
  170. TTP Dyno Day May 15th, 2010. NY/NJ/PA/CT/DE
  171. No brake lights? Radio cuts out?
  172. Got my brakes changes and a few days later...
  173. Spare Wheel / Jack Kit needed
  174. On My Way to Trade Her In.....
  175. Is this "thud" noise between shifts normal or do I need new motor mounts?
  176. Japanese V Promo Video
  177. Independent Woman...(hmm...)
  178. Battery leaking 'lectric in '04 CTS-V
  179. Passenger airbag questions
  180. 2005 CTS DVD Won't recognize disc Where to get a replacement Dvd Drive
  181. 60k miles, what should I service?
  182. Axle Seals
  183. Pinion Seal ????
  184. One Lap of America CTS-V carnage @ Road America
  185. Went to Bakers Car Show today
  186. College Park car meet
  187. Anybody know how to remove fuel filler neck?
  188. Blind V owner in Mechanicsburg, PA...
  189. Put the V into a wall.
  190. So I have to pull the bumper off...
  191. How does the DIC determine oil life?
  192. WTB: Left fog light
  193. Brace for Rear Diff?
  194. differential drone
  195. Crusin grand
  196. WTB: CTS-V (black on black)
  197. Got car washed, they stalled it/ popped the clutch 4 times... now it engages later...
  198. Another Blown-Up Diff
  199. GM is buying me (half of) a new transmission
  200. Idle and Electrical Power issues
  201. Stuckey still hasn't returned my tools!!!
  202. Rotated tires ...now front guage ireads back and Vice Versa
  203. K&N Drop In Filter...Remember to clean often
  204. Little Photoshoot of my V with 19 inch Venetos
  205. A/C smells....
  206. Just took delivery on my '04 CTS-V, need to replace rotors/pads.
  207. Sold the 2004 V......but bought a 2010
  208. Brake lights on constantly when engine running
  209. lean bank 1 lean bank 2 code 171 & 174
  210. Original Rear-2005 w/ 74,000
  211. Diff Whine- how loud is too loud?
  212. rear hub R & R difficult?
  213. No Lift Shift Drag Strip
  214. Need feedback on Pending purchase
  215. 07 Cts-V Need Help!!
  216. GOOD News...and bad news
  217. What is wrong with my headlights!?
  218. Is the AC Clutch replaceable?
  219. Help!! Cant get my transmission back in
  220. Cars and Coffee Cleveland 2010 kickoff, 5/1/2010
  221. Got the serial number off my diff ... which version do I have?
  222. Northern New Jersey car show
  223. Coolant leak...?
  224. Best Long Life Hwy Tire
  225. Connecticut Cadillac service facility for warranty work
  226. 2005 or 2007 V "which one would you own"
  227. Leaking washer fluid near headlight
  228. Spare Tire Alternatives
  229. mm change time?
  230. HELP! Nav Unit Info
  231. Intermittent heavy clutch pedal
  232. Difficulty level of replacing horn????
  233. Car died during autocross
  234. oil catch can question
  235. Oil catch can with a maggie and LS2
  236. Where do you place your jackstands on your V?
  237. Navigation swapp v1 to v2 is it possible???
  238. Lowest Priced CTS-V
  239. bar
  240. ** New Wheels for my V Pics inside**
  241. Tire Pressure Warning stays on
  242. guys with Kooks and Cats - which way do your O2s face + dipstick
  243. Damn pinion shaft seal...
  244. Considering a personalized plate - 1BADCAD already taken... suggestions?
  245. How To Aim Headlight??
  246. Motor mounts install with kooks and maggie
  247. Los Angeles V shops + GMPP friendly
  248. Spring in my floorboard
  249. Automatic adjusting Drivers Seat Pissing me off.
  250. Newbie needs help please