: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. rear axle..
  2. e brake cable
  3. TPMS .... Repair or Remove?
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  7. Trans Temp Issue
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  10. Losing 6th gear
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  12. Brake rotors
  13. vibration problem /rattle clicking noise
  14. Sonoma Raceway
  15. Anybody had this one? Engine vibration diagnosis
  16. t56 help needed !
  17. Farewell V1 World
  18. Will it fit? Biggest tires for TD V1 and stock suspension
  19. Couple questions on aftermarket steering wheel controls and backup cameras
  20. anybody seen one of these???
  21. p1626 theft deterrent -- no start
  22. Extended warranty renewal?
  23. Headlights
  24. One more name that sound thread - Quiet clattering felt thru floorboards
  25. LS3 swap
  26. Problem connecting with OBD II Port
  27. I am about to order all the stereo gear for my 06 CTS-V
  28. Diff housing bolt fell out at 75 mph, Car shut down, rolled to stop, and no restart
  29. Sounds like an exhaust leaků but acts like a vacuum leak. Whatever could it be?
  30. Custom Cadillac Logo Floor Mats
  31. 30 Amp Fuse for fuel pump
  32. Need to buy a trans like now tired of waiting for mine
  33. 2014 - Woodward Dream Cruise - V's Welcome!
  34. Changed the Rear End Bushings and then...
  35. Stock six speed shift knob
  36. 07 vs 09?
  37. a/c cold air intermittent??
  38. Vibration in drive line while driving in the rain (06 CTS V)
  39. Fuel Pump Replacement - PLEASE HELP!!!
  40. Annoying Starter failure today 2005 at 120,000 miles
  41. Yet another name that sound thread... strange sound that only happens at 60mph +
  42. E brake adj.
  43. PSA - LED tail light group buy going soon...
  44. How To Remove Dash Trim?????? Anyone?
  45. Reasons to buy a low mileage $20k+ CTS-V versus a mid-mileage $17k CTS-V?
  46. Diff. Changes
  47. CAGS like plug on passenger side of transmission
  48. Hit some water, Wheel hop, then nothing!!! 2005
  49. p0174 after headers
  50. Rearend id
  51. Looking for an '05-'07 CTS-V - Any tips?
  52. my 2006 cts has the service air bag light on.
  53. groan from clutch pedal
  54. Need advice on which first gen V to buy..
  55. Free Shipping Offer: Cadillac Floor Mats & Car Covers
  56. New Owner with a question
  57. Hello from a new V owner
  58. detailed the V yesterday
  59. Steering feels loose/wanders on highway
  60. New member intro
  61. Hey Creative Steel And RevShift, Any Good 4th Of July Sales!!!...
  62. V1 resale values
  63. Ceramic coming out of tailpipe
  64. Need Help With Driver Seat Malfunction
  65. Cooling fan speeds (slight high temp)
  66. Harmonic balancer issue. Loose bolt from factory?
  67. Aluminum Driveshaft
  68. HID Fogs water inside
  69. Very important ignition recall!!!
  70. Does this motor mount look shot?
  71. P0451 fuel pressure sensor in the tank?
  72. problems with keys stuck in igniton
  73. Silly CTS-V radio/nav unit keeps changing the time to exactly 6:10 minutes off?
  74. Oil filter: PF-46 or PF-46E?
  75. Sick of buying NAV disks..... Anyone have an old one you updated from that I can buy?
  76. Hi from Savannah GA
  77. Ground Control questions
  78. Hight Mount Tail Lamp Repair Help?
  79. plug in & play AUX input
  80. Rough idle after battery unplugged?
  81. Shipped the V from Nor Cal to Kansas City - Road Trip w/the Escalade!
  82. AC CONDENSER INSTALL!? Who can walk me through it!?
  83. Factory exhaust muffler delete.
  84. Best aftermarket bluetooth integration into factory system
  85. Front valance
  86. Broke my CV Joint
  87. revshift trans insert before/after
  88. Amsoil fluid recommendation for T56
  89. Washed my motor, now codes P1125 & P2121 Reduced engine power
  90. 2005 CTS-V beeping coming from the dash?
  91. Trailing arm question
  92. engine covers
  93. Can't find thread- cured wheel hop
  94. Condensate / water on passenger side floor
  95. buying a used cts V. what to look for
  96. Track Day Pics
  97. Maintenance Overhaul Thread.....
  98. Need help with stereo
  99. Just bought my V last week...
  100. If anyone wants to know what happened to the diff and why
  101. Help Diagnose Problem
  102. cross post from V2 forum: Amateur night at Island Dragway near Hackettstown NJ
  103. It really bugs me when ...
  104. Power Tour
  105. Water pump finally died
  106. Strangeness with remote mirrors
  107. clunking
  108. High pitched whine when driving
  109. tick bleeder line placement?
  110. 07 ls2 cts v!
  111. How much clutch fluid
  112. 2002 TA WS6 to a 2005 CTS-V help!!!
  113. 04 ctsv transmission problem help
  114. Water Pump Bolts
  115. Nitto Motivos
  116. Flywheel differences
  117. Can you ID this broken part?
  118. 10 Years.
  119. How to launch stock ls2 V
  120. Hyper-Fest @ Summit Point Motorsports Park, WV- June 6-8
  121. Oil pressure 0 help anyone
  122. Problem shifing into second.
  123. 04 cts-v cruise control stopped working
  124. The Cadillac Challenge presented by Toyo Tires (Sonoma Raceway)
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  126. Guess which part failed
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  128. Question on the radio antenna for an 06 CTS-V
  129. So... who deleted most all of the threads I started ? Not Surprised.
  130. clutch squeal
  131. New keyless entry fob programming? Possible or dealer only fun?
  132. My road rage incident today
  133. Radiator surge tank
  134. Galaxy Bluetooth failure modes?
  135. Johnny O's CTSV.R vs. a couple of D3 CTS-V's (On Track)
  136. I need PISSINUOFF!!!
  137. Help Finding StealthV
  138. Stock headlight replacement
  139. Clicking Sound
  140. 04 V High Oil Temp on track
  141. Tracking my 10 year old V; suggestions welcome.
  142. My new (to me) CTS-V is dead in my driveway. :(
  143. Stereo making noises
  144. No cruise control in 6th
  145. Introduction and question
  146. 2005 CTS V stumbles at idle.
  147. Stock Shift Knob (V2) on the Hurst Shifter
  148. Shift bezel/boot
  149. Just replaced engine mounts in a CTS-V, still vibrates a LOT
  150. Rod bearings replacement DIY.
  151. To V or not to V.... That is the question.
  153. MFEST 2014, The Invasion
  154. No A/C - One click, no codes, no service A/C, just hot air.
  155. front shock mounts
  156. Strange Headlight Issue: High beams and regular headlights reversed.
  157. What's the longest you've let your car sit without starting it?
  158. New owner of an 05' CTS-V. Few issues...
  159. Problems with PA15 VETTE iPod adapter
  160. CTSV drive shaft
  161. New to forum
  162. Troubles getting into reverse (after LS7 clutch install)
  163. Looking at '06 V - rear end clunk
  164. Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement Help Please
  165. To burn off my all seasons or not to?
  166. Got my CTS-V dyno tuned today.
  167. Changed rear diferental oil and trans oils today
  168. Will these fit?
  169. High RPMs eliminating engine chugging/clunking after startup for 2004 CTS V
  170. New to cadillac !! NEED HELP !! all warning lights turned on
  171. Brake Pad replacement
  172. Coolant smell
  173. Computer gremlins, need help
  174. Trunk water leak problem.......
  175. RPM Drop, Almost Dies!!!....
  176. North Texas RoadRallies
  177. 2005 CTS-V: slight fuel smell at stops
  178. Clutch Master Cylinder Clip Broken...Please Help
  179. Headlight Parts - Does anyone know where I can get this part????
  180. p0420 dtc
  181. New used throttle body re-learn?
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  184. May 4th Meet at Baker's Restaurant in Milford, MI
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  186. clutch pick up point
  187. No reverse!!!!!
  188. Anyone have specs. on fuel pressure?
  189. Manual Transmission Repair Near Plano, TX
  190. Sunroof leaks big time - Please Help
  191. A/C Problems
  192. 2007 CTS-V Value
  193. Strange XM problem
  194. P0444, P0051, P0155, P0134, P0135 OBD codes help
  195. Cadillacs & Coffee hosted at D3 Group Inc on 4/13/14
  196. 05 V Bose Audio Review?
  197. Water pump
  198. More Gen III CTS-V Sightings
  199. Drivetrain Ting Noise
  200. Tpms
  201. Key for locking lug nut on stock wheels?
  202. Clicking in dash?
  203. Ravelco Anti-Theft System
  204. My horn sucks.....
  205. Replacement radio buttons? Where to buy
  206. 05 V what to look for before buying?
  207. Sunroof operation
  208. new 06 V! (I mean new to me lol). Replacing body parts...
  209. Goodbye to Cadillac Forums and Community Call to Action
  210. Seat Heater question?
  211. Who plans to NEVER sell their V
  212. What the size for the front grill emblem on a 05 v
  213. Suggestions for removing rusted exhaust manifold nuts - 2004 CTSV
  214. Hawk pads for the street?
  215. Creative Steel
  216. Where can i find this part?
  217. Ok to post a classifieds ad on a service?
  218. Tire recommendation for a car NEVER driven in rain.
  219. Drive-shaft to Differential Bolts ?
  220. Asking for feedback for driveshaft carrier bearing replacement results
  221. What do you think of this - shifting ?
  222. Wrecked V
  223. Blown Engine - anyone have a line on a low-miles LS6 to bolt in or a good swap?
  224. INDY V MEET. May 31 2014
  225. New Rear Brake Pads - Backing Plate / Grease Question ?
  226. So why did this thread get closed ??? The title had me interested in reading...
  227. DiabloSport - U7193 - Will It Work On a LS2?
  228. Vegas 's Meet, 3.0
  229. Which bushings/mounts to inspect?
  230. Heads up for DriveShaft issues
  231. Stability control engaging all the time
  232. Wow, Threads turning up missing left and right around here lately.
  233. Revshift vs Creative Steel thread
  234. broken radiator, help..
  235. Anybody see this? I want one.
  236. satellite radio adapter for kenwood?
  237. Passenger windows not working
  238. Steering wheel volume controls swap?
  239. Garage door opener 05 CTS v
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  241. Top speed in reverse?
  242. CTS-V with LS6 single mass Clutch? Installation issue
  243. Fuel pump going out?
  244. Clutch issues
  245. Reminder: NASA SE @ Road Atlanta this weekend
  246. oil pan gasket $1300?
  247. Replacement PCM
  248. World Challenge at the LBGP April 13, 2014 & D3 Cruise to Corral
  249. NAV radio knobs available
  250. Driver Side Clunk??