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  1. Don't own a CTS-V yet!!!
  2. Getting a tune up couple questions
  3. Please Help Me... if you can (my V problems)
  4. CAI Came Loose, Emission Light On
  5. Anyone in the Midwest need some winter wheels and tires?
  6. Shipped V to Germany...Last Pics in the States!
  8. Question on 04 CTS-V price
  9. Pics with my buddy's M3
  10. LS2 pushrod torque??
  11. A Couple of Questions for the V Drivers
  12. Just bought a like new 2004 CTS-V
  13. Can't get my knob off ...
  14. Idle speed
  15. Alternator whine?
  16. Adios fellow V owners, but only for a season or two
  17. in case you DONT have diff whine, have a listen
  18. UPS man stopped by and...
  19. Differences Between 2005, 2006 and 2007 CTS-V Series
  20. Driveshaft needed!!!!
  21. How many have gotten an extended warranty?
  22. Some amateur V photo shots.
  23. Help from North Chicago / SE Wisconsin Guys
  24. Ouch!
  25. Thottle Body damaged in shipping
  26. New Member/Owner
  27. Are my motor mounts shot? *pics inside*
  28. Sad, but Life has brought me to this...
  29. Cadillac HPDE @ Monticello Motor Club
  30. Stereo questions
  31. This is how you drive a pocket rocket
  32. All XM channel preset displays read "Ch 0" at startup???
  33. Any good deals on tires right now?
  34. Really wierd shifting issue
  35. What's wrong with this picture.. besides the CEL
  36. I was forced to put on front plate (ugly pic)
  37. DVD Nav Upgrade
  38. Weird Headlight/Foglight/DRL Issue - NEED HELP TROUBLESHOOTING!!*Pix to follow**
  39. New Member
  40. 255-45-18
  41. My car is worth what!!
  42. 2004-2007 CTS-V vs tuned 335i??????
  43. A v night at atco raceway in nj
  44. Tire Size
  45. Looking at a V but 125k miles?
  46. GM still does not get it!!!!
  47. What is the aluminum foil patch in my trunk?
  48. Prospective new V owner. Any tips?
  49. Side View Mirrors
  50. CEL..My V is throwing tons of codes.
  51. tire wear at V-day?
  52. Another positive experience with trans fluid change - amsoil
  53. V's, oh how ignorance must be blissful
  54. Looking to Donate
  55. Still have P0449 code!!!
  56. Price for one new wheel - just have to share
  57. Just a lil video nothing special
  58. How Much Gear Oil
  59. Cadillac Challenge in Bridgewater NJ
  60. Rotors. Already?
  61. Hesitating/Missing really bad
  62. Stupid exhaust
  63. Alignment Specs
  64. What's up with this paint job?
  65. just got a '04 cts-v and have some questions
  66. weekend run to Glen Cove with some buddies of mine
  67. Service AC system on NAV!
  68. Not bad for an iPhone pic
  69. Just tried and failed to replace my clutch position sensor - help please
  70. New guy introduction
  71. A sad day... posted in the Classifieds
  72. sub install question.....PLEASE HELP!!
  73. 10-10-2010: Sunday: Crevier Classic Cars: Huntington Beach, Ca.
  74. Good buy?
  75. Here's a weird one: brake lights
  76. Dr. Colorchip - really seems to work
  77. PSA - Check your clutch fluid!
  78. Hey Yo
  79. Car care day
  80. Got tired of the stock subwoofer
  81. Good plate
  82. 2004 V power steering pump question
  83. cts-v on autotrader
  84. XM Radio help!
  85. shudder on downshifts and take-off
  86. Last warranty work, want opinions
  87. 2004 cts-v [wheel-hop ?]
  88. Anyone else with major sunroof rattle?
  89. Anyone in Florida have problems with tinted tail lights?
  90. Diff replaced under insurance! Need HELP!
  91. Running 1/8th mile track tomorrow in Dallas...
  92. New member...Just Saying Hi
  93. Body shop says wheels will rub - 20x8.5 with 255/35/20's - stock CTS-V suspension
  94. Back Up Lights Not Working. What to Look For?
  95. Anyone into Countermeasures? V1, CD Stealth Mount, V1 Remote mute, LI Quad gen 8.
  96. CTS-V friendly dealer in Northern NJ?
  97. NASA Time Trials Classification Form - Comments Wanted!!!
  98. My impressions with CS trans mount: not what I expected :-)
  99. Diff went BOOM!!!
  100. Reverse
  101. 2100 RPM Vibration and Replaced Spark Plugs
  102. I Hate Posers!
  103. Rodgers Cadiallac Gone Do not use Cadidy/Saturn of Knoxville
  104. Transmission Shifting Question - Trouble Down Shifting
  105. The brakes on my 04 cts-v keep locking up...
  106. Suggestions for LAST warranty service
  107. Winter rims for V?
  108. New V owner and member here!
  109. Help.. Need a new Passenger Side CTS-V Headlamp
  110. Where in the world can I find a 1/8" socket at?????
  111. Mount advice??
  112. HID ANGLING GONE WRONG.. .BEYOND FIXABLE????? i dont know
  113. FLA V (VCADY) in Worcester, MA...
  114. Can't get into Competitive mode, how to disable TPMS?
  115. Clutch positioning sensor?
  116. HUGE HID foglight problem.. any help you guys
  117. Big Bang after wheel hop.. what did I break?
  118. FML! Hit 40K and so many problems! :(
  119. front wheel bearing????
  120. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise & custom floor mats
  121. Rear Diff/Axle gotta love Cadillac!!
  122. LS Fest? roll call..
  123. Installing a system, best rear speakers?
  124. Video.... Talk About Rear Diff Movement
  125. Engine Shake and Studder
  126. Newb - What to watch out for in a used V?
  127. stab throttle and pulls to right
  128. Now I'm getting frustrated!
  129. New cts-v logo products - free shipping coupon code
  130. U1305 code and Tire Pressure Monitors Problems
  131. New member (about me) Hi!
  132. Non V but auto related in a way
  133. Garage Door Opener
  134. Need to remove V bumper
  135. Sadly, another V changes owners
  136. COLORADO! Photo day Saturday, Carshow Sunday!
  137. Forum Web Problems???
  138. CTS-V Coupe - In car video at Monticello Raceway: VSeries Performance Lab event
  139. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & custom cadillac floor mats
  140. My Last Hoorah With a Stock Bottom End.
  141. preferred wax
  142. B0092
  143. Looking for Rota Torque wheels...
  144. Broken shift knob boot tab? I found a fix.
  145. NorthEast meet and greet!!!!! hope u can join
  146. Fixed up my headlights :) DIY
  147. My life is complete!
  148. potential v owner please put in your input
  149. Ash Tray / Latch
  150. Search is down, clunk from rear
  151. 5 new cadillac logo products - coupon code for free shipping
  152. Small bubble in front tire
  153. joined the gold club
  154. Holley LS Fest
  155. My new V!
  156. Intermitten loss of reverse today - possible lockout solenoid overheat?
  157. changing transmission mount - process / torque question -
  158. outer tie rod end question
  159. Indy area dyno day and V-meet
  160. Telescopic Steering Column Retrofit
  161. Clutch fluid question
  162. H&R V1 lowering springs might be available this September
  163. You think my Exhaust is too loud - opinions
  164. The Varsity to Year One cruise/meet in Brasselton, GA.
  165. Vancouver BC, V-meet
  166. Need Tire help
  167. Light Bulbs numbers
  168. how to diagnos a bad cv?
  169. Battle of the Super Cars CTS V vs E63
  170. 2007 Transmission Same as 2004?
  171. XM Aux in Ipod Connector Install for V's
  172. Alignment Updates?
  173. Will this code scanner work for 2004 CTS-V?
  174. Help with a rear suspension measurments for a 2004 CTS-V
  175. XM Satalite Radio Intermittent problems
  176. Transmission won't engage any gear!
  177. Service Stabilitrak soon , ABS and trac control lights
  178. LS2 using oil?
  179. [DFW] The Open Road Adventure Rally - don't miss this one!
  180. Warped rotors/pads replacement
  181. Center console ashtray surround is peeling *pic*
  182. Replaced clutch fluid..
  183. 05 Throttle Body Code / Engine Light
  184. Any tuners in Spokane or SLC?
  185. drivetrain slack: where does it end? Not a motor mount thread. ok, maybe it is
  186. Brake shoe adjustment? I'm stumped...
  187. CTS-V VS Duramax
  188. Why doesn't the DVD unlock code work!? HELP!!
  189. DFW V's
  190. Just picked up my '07 V!
  191. New CTS-V owner in ATX saying hello! And a few questions...
  192. Cadillac apparel, accessories, merchandise & custom floor mats
  193. Trip to the Nürburgring
  194. Will sound proofing under rear seat keep small diff whine out of cabin?
  195. Rusty Rotors Around Hub
  196. diff fluid volume.. about 1.5 qt? + need torques for reassembly of rear hub
  197. Goofy question...
  198. Daily driver?
  199. Degree of Difficulty on Wheel Stud replacement?
  200. Serious Issue with the "Reduced Engine Power Mode"
  201. Ugly nav screen
  202. CV Joint Gave Up The Ghost
  203. Oct 2nd MD Meet in Ellicott City.
  204. brake pedal feel on startup
  205. why does my V eat oil?
  206. 149mph limiter on RS-A cars?
  207. A happy ending on a warranty issue..... Wierd?
  208. need to benchmark my V- tn/ar/ms
  209. No more for sale threads, classifieds are back up and running
  210. V-day5 november 11th
  211. Monticello question?
  212. how loose or stiff should ball swivel movement be on hub side stub of axle?
  213. Extended Warranty Prices
  214. Inconsiderate
  215. The UPS man cometh...
  216. Need a front strut!
  217. Considering trading my STS-V for CTS-V
  218. BMR Anti Wheel Hop bar
  219. need some help were to buy suspension parts
  220. To UUC or to CS (again)... that is the question..
  221. Navigation DVD
  222. Anyone going to RA this weekend?
  223. Differential Install
  224. Auto headlights and delay
  225. Please help, need electrical help on 2004 CTS-V.
  226. Got my instrument panel replaced today under warranty *pics*
  227. Hello! (newbie - first post)
  228. Radio mute wire?
  229. Fluid changes
  230. Service Cost - change all fluids, filters, plugs
  231. How do i remove the wiper connector / wiper motor
  232. Need STS-V Lowering Spacers - Running out of time.
  233. 3 stitches and a Tetanus shot later.
  234. Bose stereo
  235. Cts-v8 swap to a cts 6 cyl.?????????
  236. Sound System Insall, Have Some Questions????
  237. For Sale - 4 Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, 2 SLP Loudmouth Mufflers
  238. Why teflon tape on the trans temp sensor / drain plug
  239. My 05 for sale
  240. Any V owners in Montana?
  241. V classifieds...
  242. Colorado n surrounding areas Pikes Peak drive the 17th!!
  243. Tires:Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec? Anyone know about these?
  244. '05 Stealth Gray V for sale
  245. Playing burned cd's in your cts v
  246. Anyone joining me at Monticello raceway on 8/21-22 to drive '11 CTS-V Coupe?
  247. Random compliment
  248. 2004 V silver for sale - Chicago
  249. is there a secret to removing the ball joint fron the rear hub ??!!?
  250. CS grey motor mounts getting burnt up!! (only about 1000 miles since install!)