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  3. For those that dont know me
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  23. Maintenance and lubricant recommendations
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  31. I'm doin' it... I pick up my 2006 CTS-V on February 11th, weather permitting :)
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  39. Vera Cadillac Pembroke Pines, FL and Jamie, top notch
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  42. New Motor Mounts & cags eliminator - feels like a new car
  43. Winter in Chicago
  44. Sad day for me. Watched the V drive away with its new owner. :(
  45. Took delivery six years ago today. How many original owners on here?
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  47. F Quick Group
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  59. just ordered a monster stage 2
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  62. Broke down 4 hours from home
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  65. Anyone know this Texas V?
  66. Whats the formula for resivin the tire size and not losin cruise control
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  73. Bike Rack
  74. Lloyd Velourtex Trunk Mat
  75. Any V's in San Antonio, TX?
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  77. 6th gear vibration
  78. Hankook V12 review
  79. I got a new HD camcorder!
  80. New Owner
  81. What would you do? I think this is a big issue.....
  82. New here!!
  83. High Pressure hose power steering
  84. Springs on LS7 clutch disk
  85. 2004 V Thermostat - does it require the integrated housing?
  86. The new V coupe race car 80% stock LOL!!!
  87. Tire size for 10" rims?
  88. New to the forums
  89. Need to decide:05 w/Maggie or 07 with low miles
  90. Repost?? New here with a question about my wrecked V
  91. HELP !!!! cant open pg2- moderator anyone
  92. Need recommendations: Wheel balancing and PDR near Baltimore
  93. Pic: 5000 miles, tranny shot, tires bald
  94. Diff Bushing Question
  95. Can I see your TIPS please?
  96. Indy "V" Meet: Saturday, April 16
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  98. Exhaust rattle.... any ideas?
  99. Cadillac floor mats - gm licensed - custom made
  100. Anyone want to use my track day this sat?
  101. New owner of 2004 V
  102. Rough Transmission Shifts
  103. Made a road video with Go Pro HD camera
  104. Radio lights don't turn on at night. Why?
  105. Starter failing?
  106. Sub Question
  107. Sold the V!
  108. Bad Rotors?
  109. "LUXURY CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED LIMITED WARRANTY" - transferable? same as gmpp?
  110. KaTech LS9x Clutch
  111. Silver V in Fishers, IN - Firefighter Plate, exhaust...are you on here?
  112. Houston We Have A Problem
  113. Solution for pathetic Bose system?
  114. Looking at a 2006 CTS-V need help with opinion car fax info
  115. Any Hampton Roads V's on here?
  116. First 2011 SoCal Pizza Cruise: Sunday, 01-09-2011:
  117. Replacement lower rubber front deflector for the V?
  118. adjusting the HID lamps
  119. Looking for a V
  120. 07 wiring diagram (alarm)
  121. License Plate
  122. low cat efficiency with kooks catted connection pipes
  123. fuel mileage??
  124. Help identifying a loop of hose under front sway bar?
  125. NEED HELP! Radio/Navigation
  126. Diff..... bad vibrations and knocking
  127. Double-Parked (2 Vs)
  128. 05 CTS-V - front struts. Poor design?
  129. Remote Starter on a Manual Transmission?
  130. 07 nav disk
  131. Snow Tire Sizes
  132. What's up with my radio?
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  134. i found the solution to the "friend zone"
  135. Rear Shocks
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  137. Looking to buy 05 CTS-V, need some advice
  138. Oil pressure max out when I turn the key once
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  141. Big Decisions Looming...
  142. Hyper Black Linea Corse Venetos $200 off @ wheeldude.com
  143. 05 or 07 CTS-V
  144. Water Pump Replacement?
  145. HELP; theres nothing more annoying
  146. Merry Christmas to all and to all a merry Christmas!!!
  147. Gotta love Craigslist
  148. anyone know how to remove the stock sub ???
  149. Did the XM to aux audio mod
  150. Gas Mileage for stock LS6
  151. Navigation Calibration?
  152. Fluid leaking around head both headlights????
  153. axle seal leaking?
  154. New CTS recall
  155. help ewill
  156. When it's really cold, my nav system shows my car about one street over
  157. cars runs fine then starts to shake(in neutral) and then wont shift....
  158. MauiV! Clear your message inbox!
  159. LAPD Remote Clutch Bleeder with Stock Slave
  160. Winter performance
  161. Leaking coolant into block, please help
  162. Anyone want to rent a set of wheels/tires in the Phoenix area?
  163. Home Boy
  164. Vibrations/Shaking under slight braking
  165. It just breaks my heart....
  166. How does one get a sticky created?
  167. Supercharger options
  168. New CTS-V Owner
  169. f235/45 r245/45 Will it cause issues
  170. Cruise Control Issues
  171. Looking for a Houston area dealer that knows what he's doing.
  172. OT Does anyone live near Taylor Michigan?
  173. You drive a lowered Platinum V in MA. You have a lot of facial hair.
  174. Driveshaft reindexing?
  175. Power Steering Solenoid question - techs and gurus please respond!
  176. Squeaky headliner is driving me nuts
  177. HELP with my nav system
  178. Vibrations at 2000 - 2500 rpms
  179. Autoart 1/18 Replica model, AWSOME!! CTS-V , bout $45 bucks retailes 4 $96
  180. V + Snow = NO GOOD
  181. Funny front end noises? (videos)
  182. So my V surprised me yesterday with its Christmas list.
  183. V-Series Logo Merchandise - Free Shipping Offer Extended
  184. Shelf life of Motul 600 RBF
  185. Best after market grill?
  186. need CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on a used CTS-V...if you have a few min, please step in!
  187. Cadillac, chevrolet & corvette logo teddy bears
  188. Wannabe CTS V Owner Question
  189. TC/Stability OFF & Competitive Mode disabled @ certain temperatures?
  190. seeking knowledgeable dealer near chicago
  191. OK here's a weird one
  192. Saw some V's this weekend! Anyone on here? (Tempe, AZ)
  193. Really need some help please!
  194. How do I repair this? (starter pics inc.)
  195. "at the end of the day, it's fun to win races." The V's are back!!!
  196. Which locking lug nuts to use?
  197. Sketchy brakes in wet and snow
  198. Resetting the TPS's
  199. Brief "squeal" on COLD winter start-ups
  200. Metro Detroit Trans shop Recommendation
  201. Just put my V in storage, got a company car= winter beater for sale: 2004 S60R Volvo
  202. check out my SPECTRE $24 autozone air filter
  203. Bye Bye Baby
  204. Service Stability System, then almost no brakes - and usually when it's wet
  205. Motor Mount install problem
  206. URGENT help needed from Baltimore/Washington CTS-V Owners
  207. Considering a CTS-V Purchase, got some questions.
  208. PS Pump removal, need some help
  209. Sunroof Help
  210. Finally might have a V but need help...
  211. Vegas V owners????
  212. Posting pictures
  213. Magnuson Products bought out.
  214. Question about 100k + V's
  215. Cts-v logo products - free shipping offer
  216. HID Question
  217. Just saying hello (New owner of a 2007 Thunder V)
  218. reset ac system? with out a computer
  219. Last 2010 SoCal Pizza Cruise:
  220. How to Search Quickly and Efficiently.
  221. Dust Cover recommendations?
  222. What winter / rubber floor mats for the V?
  223. Lloyds Floor Mats - What Grade Would You Recommend?
  224. I Hope I'm Not Stepping On Toes, But Would Any Be Interested In My KARS Kits
  225. New and have a couple of questions about the car that dont seem right.
  226. Where to buy parts? maintenance, replacement, etc.
  227. 2004 05 cts -v interchange ????
  228. Help decide which vanity tag
  229. 2004-V Front Dash Vent cracked (from the cold???)
  230. Anyone have an old Radios andmore Ipod kit laying around?? Think mines taking a dump.
  231. Newbie looking to buy an 2007 with factory warranty
  232. Cadillac CTS-V Competition Build by D3 Cadillac
  233. Green vs. black TPMS sensors - anyone else run into this issue?
  234. Removing ground effects
  235. Need GM Part # For Shift Bezel And Boot for our 2005 CTS-V
  236. Ls6 fuel rail cover help
  237. New v-series shirt & our v-series merchandise
  239. Possible new owner
  240. Disappointed this morning
  241. Whining noise from front of engine(update)
  242. Wheel ticking (Help Darkman?)
  243. Removing Bezel Around Shift Boot - How To?
  244. Wtf is an engine filter?
  245. 2006-V Alarm Keeps Going Off
  246. Playing a DVD while driving
  247. Anyone in the DC area want some stock size Potenza RE-01Rs?
  248. Calling ALL V's (Ready for your closeup?)
  249. HELP! Need a clutch alignment tool ASAP!!!
  250. Finnicky reverse gate problem