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  25. CTS- V Vibrates at 69 MPH- 80 MPH on 6TH GEAR> HELP PLEASE
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  28. Autocross in South Western Ohio June 5th
  29. H&R Springs
  30. What sensor controls the oil life meter
  31. Display anti-glare: Advice?
  32. A V1 viewpoint on the 2011 base car (loaner) [LONG]
  33. Clear foglight and Headlight opening and painting ordering process
  34. Dead battery, Pulled over story and Emissions Test Success
  35. P0113 code on a Maggied V
  36. CS motor mounts install can I tackle it?
  37. Good place in Houston to get a clutch and mounts installed?
  38. Help me pinpoint a noise before I call the shop...
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  40. diagnosing A/C trouble
  41. Eibach Or H&r lowering
  42. 2005 CTS-V - Firestone Wide Oval Indy 500 - 275/40/18 in rear Will these fit?
  43. 3rd Gear Issue
  44. widest tires that will fit my stock wheels?
  45. Ground Control Issue
  46. Rear End wobble, travel, drift, during long turns like on-ramps
  47. V's in the D
  48. downgrade from factory HID's to Halogens? previous owner ruined factory HID's
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  51. Power Tour
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  53. Stock 2005 CTS-V - Tires - How Big rear and front with no problems?
  54. Sorry to say I'm leaving the forum...
  55. Water in my left turn signal / fog light, do I have to replace it?
  56. P1125 caused by water
  57. HELP Please! Radio/Steering Wheel Control Issue
  58. Idle Problem..
  59. Question on Service waring when under acceleration?
  60. WTB CCW SP500 or 505a with or without tires
  61. No more gray!! Opened the headlights and painted the inside!!!
  62. Clutch pedal and turning steering wheel
  63. Help with diagnosis: noise coming from left rear wheel well area...
  64. Wind Rattle Lower Windshield/Dash
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  66. How come my thread got locked?
  67. A Public Service Announcement
  68. Recall regarding the passenger airbag sensor
  69. Stereo upgrade
  70. Cadillac CTS/CTS-V meet in Ottawa, Ontario
  71. Photo Shoot...
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  76. Key Fob and Garage Door Opener Range
  77. My Baby is Gone
  78. Does my car have crazy camber on the rear wheels?
  79. Steering play question
  80. How to take that plastic plate off that covers the top of the radiator?
  81. New to V Market...how are these prices?
  82. where can i find the oil temp sensor?
  83. Nice curvy road....
  84. Cadillac merchandise - gm licensed products
  85. How do I change dash displays from english to metric?
  86. Would anyone be intreasted in going to a track day put on by LPE?
  87. First trip to the Nurburgring...
  88. Clutch Pedal Position switch CSI.
  89. First Major Road Trip in the V
  90. Radio - Nav buttons have lost enamel. How to fix?
  91. nav/radio issues
  92. Drag Race! 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon vs 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo vs 2011 BMW X6 M
  93. Another new guy with a new...to me 2005 cts-v infrared Rio Rancho NM (pics)
  94. OBD2 Codes
  95. Cadillac CTS-V question (s)
  96. UUC Flywheel & Clutch Pricing Question.
  97. New Tires for my 2005 CTS-V - recommendations please
  98. Maggie Boost & Other Gauges - Input Desired
  99. Thread missing, Moderator please!
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  101. Getting old and leaky
  102. CTS-V Dashboard Gremlins
  103. Driveline Vibration
  104. Drag strip Indy area
  105. Rev limiter?
  106. Sunroof no longer works..help!
  107. Where to buy safety equipment?
  108. Please dont turn ito a Garage Queen:annoyed::
  109. Power steering fluid
  110. Cigarette Lighter Outlet Dead, not fuse
  111. Indianapolis Cars and Coffee
  112. Anyone recognize this Caddy?
  113. Alternative center console armrest
  114. Suspension Experience
  115. ANOTHER problem...
  116. Spot the CTS-V?
  117. um...ok, this was a bit unexpected.
  118. Hey guys
  119. Window down causing sound to cut out?
  120. I LOVE MY CAR AGAIN!...8 hours later
  121. Camaro ZL1 Diff
  122. Car Wash Blues Fixed!!!!!!
  123. Thinking of doing a custom exhaust on my V.
  124. BFG R1's....anybody got em?
  125. Cadillac v-series merchandise & custom floor mats
  126. 275/35 /18 tires up front with 305/35/18 rear ...........(can it be done)
  127. AMSOIL Expands Signature Series - Now meets Dexos1
  128. SoCal: Looking for someone to inspect CTS-V
  129. I Miss toysnot...
  130. "Lamp Leveling" part
  131. Here's a cool Pic I took yesterday!
  132. Joined my local SCCA
  133. Anyone want to go to Monticello's HPDE on 5/23
  134. My V being repaired...
  135. Bought my dream car in a '06 CTS-V, but FML
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  137. Minneapolis MN C&C - First Sat. of the month 8am-11am
  138. Key Fobs not working and TPMS sensors showing ---
  139. Power Train Software Re-programmed
  140. exhaust questions
  141. price for used cats?
  142. Warranty Opinions Based on Mileage
  143. Brake dust repellent, this stuff works
  144. Northern VA Wednesday Night Meetup
  145. Chicago SCCA meeting
  146. Anyone have an extra driveshaft available?
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  151. Long Beach Grand Prix
  152. Suggestions for Brakes 2005 CTS-V
  153. DRL out, but it's not
  154. Power window auto close problem
  155. Does my 06 V have a top-speed governor?
  156. Enable even radio frequencies?
  157. Finally got a V...
  158. Dipstick
  159. Baker's Restaurant (Milford, MI) on May 1st
  160. DFW Map Rally: May 21
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  162. oil change interval - 3k, 5k, or OLM?
  163. rear end noise
  164. Windows tinted, first pics of the car...
  165. where to get spark plugs
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  167. Need a CEL Scanned...San Francisco
  168. Stock CTS/CTS-V - 0-60 Times
  169. Coolant swap
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  171. Quick Brake Question...Bleed or not to Bleed?
  172. BFG KDW tires - opinions?
  173. Insane insurance premium
  174. Cars & Coffee: San Antonio - April 2011
  175. Front end shimmy
  176. cats wasted?
  177. *Why you need to wrap your headers...part deux*
  178. Brake squeal but pads are all fine...?
  179. World Challenge today on Versus
  180. Got married yesterday - check out my cake :)
  181. CAGS / Parts for 2007
  182. official new owner of a --V--
  183. Possible Aluminum radiator for the CTS-V. American made, all aluminum.
  184. Sub Install help
  185. Nav - how do you enter data while in motion?
  186. Ipod Connect for 2005 CTS-V what kit is the best?
  187. GMR Who's Going?
  188. Cadillac Merchandise - New Products - Special Offer
  189. The 501 V
  190. Help!! Is this a V or Not?
  191. Anyone going to the Indy V meet need KW suspension and OEM (black) wheels and tires?
  192. Cadillac Merchandise: Free S&H On Custom Cadillac Car Covers
  193. Navigation
  194. Brake Fluid Flush - How much Fluid Required?
  195. DIY post for changing rotors 2005 cts-v
  196. Drag event/ Car show
  197. CannonBall Run Europe - 2011
  198. Magnaflow 16636 or 16637
  199. Car jack slipped :(
  200. Car Audio help PLEASE
  201. Cold Start Problem ?
  202. Creative Steel Bushing Install ?
  203. Help: Car jerks to right (and tries to throw me off the road) at ~85mph
  204. Big thumbs up for Creative Steel...
  205. V1 Height?
  206. Need help. Don't want to get ripped off by the dealer. BCM failure?
  207. controlled drift
  208. New Maggie, New Vanity Plate
  209. Need a couple part numbers or luck finding parts
  210. FG2 Price?
  211. Anybody ever order from C6 performance?
  212. Dual-mass flywheel gone bad, caused vibration at 2200 (solved)
  213. Looks like I've got some computer issues
  214. Had my birthday this weekend...and GF surprised me with a CTS-V Cake!
  215. How much engine movement is too much? (Stock motor mounts)
  216. BlackBerry OBD II Bluetooth Scanner App?
  217. I'm shortening my shifter and fabricating a shift plate
  218. EWW throttle body at 80k, cleaned :-)
  219. Warped rotors AGAIN
  220. Transmission rebuild - how many hours?
  221. Differential ratio swap to a 3.42 or maybe 3.23 on 2004 CTS-V. Need input.
  222. Transmission/Diff Whine
  223. Who's sporting a banner? Here's mine, let me see yours.
  224. Back in black
  225. HELP! my CAGS stopped working! now it won't prevent 2nd at any RPM
  226. Found A Bunch Of CTS-V Racing Wallpaper, Both V1 & V2
  227. Radiator leak...
  228. Want to get a monster clutch, but...
  229. UConn Car Show - For CT and New England V's
  230. QQIK4U what should I sell for???
  231. First ever post! New Member
  232. Windshield cost?
  233. keyless not working
  234. left turns/bends+bumps, odd squeak.
  235. Indy SCCA joins Indy "V" Meet for April 16/17
  236. Anyone installed just an REQ5 or Cleansweep?
  237. Took the V on a road trip
  238. Question on Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110
  239. HELP!!! my V wont start. Not getting fuel but will start when pump jumped
  240. Tire Pressure Monitors : Some questions.
  241. CTS V P0305 Engine Misfire Code
  242. CTS V Race Car 2011 best sounding race car
  243. Nav replacement parts needed HELP PLEASE
  244. HELP! Need engine cradle/front subframe...
  245. Kooks Headers on Ebay
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  248. drive shaft replacemnet....
  249. MIAdragon, clear out your PM inbox!!!
  250. Triple A-Pillar Pod Complete