: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. in the market for an 04/05 cts-v, read the sticky and possibly concerned with mileage
  2. Coffee & Rides San Antonio
  3. Service theft system
  4. Exhaust Vibration - anyone add additional hangars?
  5. PASSTIME taping at MILAN Sept 9-11th
  6. Fuel Pump & Fuel Gauge issues, one fixed need help on the other one.
  7. XM SQ vs. FM
  8. Blown rear diff I think, now what?
  9. Good recomendation on a WBo2 gauge that matches our cluter lights?
  10. In Detroit for the Dreamcruise, need an axle inner CV
  11. 2005 cts-v won't start up after driving but starts fine when "cold"
  12. tapping noise coming from gas tank???
  13. Please help with "leak" from heater/ac fan housing
  14. This morning didn't start out too well......
  15. my TPMS acts up a lot
  16. new rear end courtsey of gm
  17. Vs in Austin, TX?
  18. Odd Cruise control/blinker(turn signal, indicator what ever you call them) issue.
  19. ac blend door actuator
  20. Warranty And Mods
  21. aftermarket remote/key fob
  22. Gforce 9" Rear End Install Tutorial Writeup
  23. need help asap please
  24. 2011 northeast cadillac meet & greet
  25. those with powdercoated wheels beware.
  26. More Spectre Challenge Videos (starring Midnight Rider)
  27. Death Wobble?
  28. Copy of a TSB?
  29. Need steering rack R&R help!
  30. defective horn?
  31. Engine bay rattle, bad vibrations and motor mounts
  32. Ashtray spring broke
  33. Transmission output seal part number?
  34. How does this tire make you feel?
  35. New owner of a 2006 Black Raven
  36. taking a 99K V on a 4K road trip to the Tetons
  37. Clutch balancing?
  38. Darkman...need your help Boss
  39. Water inside passenger side door
  40. Hood paint fading
  41. Racing at AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY - AUGUST 13, 14
  42. Need help!!! 07 ctsv rear end, what is it???
  43. M******* V on Rte 2...
  44. P1516 Command vs Actual Throttle Position Performance (TAC Module)
  45. Weird Creaking noise when starting off.....HELP
  46. Battery or alternator?
  48. SCCA Autocross? FS class novice
  49. There Goes My Baby (Sold '05 V)
  50. World Challenge race streaming live this weekend
  51. I'm an idiot - Broke Airbox Clip!
  52. Picking up my new V on sunday!
  53. Cars and Coffee Dallasl August 6, 2011
  54. 3rd Brake light issue
  55. Houston V meet - this saturday
  56. Anyone in Tampa?
  57. Cars & Coffee - Houston August 6th
  58. I need Some advice guys
  59. New Redline owner says hi!
  60. Potential "new" CTS-V owner
  61. Eye candy photo shoot with my V and a purdy lady....you should enjoy these....
  62. NEW 05 V owner
  63. Cadillac parade in VT
  64. BOSE noise comp mic
  65. ARGH!!!! motor mounts gone bad....again!
  66. Driver HID turns on and off when cornering/braking hard
  67. Recommended shop in Massachusetts?
  68. SF Bay Area V owner Meet?
  69. Why have my PM's been disabled?
  70. Random Stability control engagement?
  71. traction control issue
  72. Want to buy cts-v "fog lights or fog light brackets"
  73. new here
  74. Talked to a guy with a Panamera S today
  75. New bushings installed review.
  76. Sold the V
  77. V's in Vegas?
  78. Coffee & Rides, San Antonio -- Saturday, July 30
  79. ctsv ac issues..
  80. Say Hi to the new guy!
  81. Rear Diff, Axles, Wheel Hop, What Should I do ?
  82. new group 78 battery in my V
  83. Goldilocks Has Been in my V, stealing my volts, and my embz
  84. New Vid w/ my Go Pro (my first attempt)
  85. Idle and Rev Video
  86. 1G CTS -V Car of the Month: August
  87. New rebuilt and powdercoated calipers pic!
  88. Broke a lower ball joint yesterday
  89. No cruise control in 5th gear?
  90. Texas V owners
  91. Of the 2004-2007's, which would you choose?
  92. P0430 on stock V, should I go with high flow cats?
  93. Miller Brothers Cadillac in Ellicot City, MD
  94. Low speed Clutch operation....stuck to floor
  95. Is my gear whine normal?
  96. I had to replace my battery today
  97. New "V" owner says Hello!
  98. time to do some maintenance i have a week off of work!
  99. How to install Zo6 Fuel Rail Covers?
  100. gas mileage poor
  101. What is this part and where can I get it??
  102. New vids from the dragstrip.
  103. What's up with "JDM" guys stretching skinny tires onto wide rims??
  104. Detroit Metro
  105. New Redline V owner
  106. Water Leak at Passenger Front A-Pillar
  107. Fuel pump???
  108. Coolant T fitting leaking
  109. Transmission temperatures?
  110. Another broken rear window regulator... tips on replacing?
  111. Sub Install FAIL (...HELP?)
  112. The FNG
  113. I think my car hates me, lug nut and MM problems
  114. GMPP warranty poll
  115. M1 oil coupon $10 off at AutoZone
  116. Cadillac CTS-V in a Music Video?
  117. Amp power wire on fuse block power?
  118. Line-Out Converter question
  119. Recomendations on 100K maint?
  120. Rear Air Bags Falling Down when Windows Open
  121. anyone heard this clutch sound?
  122. An assortment of videos from my track events
  123. Xm location
  124. Weather Strips
  125. Free Shipping Offer V-Series Logo Merchandise & Custom Floor Mats
  126. Test drove my first V!
  127. Reset DIC now no TC messages.
  128. Washed car/motor and throttle will not work know and throwing multiple code's?
  129. LS Series Showdown July 16th & 17th
  130. 2011 Spectre 3:41 Challenge - Full Write-up (LONG)/Pix/Videos !!!
  131. Woodward Dream Cruise 2011 Specter Werkes open house
  132. Indy SCCA Autocross THIS WEEKEND!!!
  133. service stability system
  134. 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise - August 20th
  135. Tire rub
  136. Rebadging V - Where do I put the emblems?
  137. Squeaky back seat
  138. Newbie need some help... Looking to become part of the CTS-V family!
  139. clips broke and need one of these picture inside (shifter knob assembly)
  140. Eastwood fender roller on the V?
  141. Differential clutch grinding
  142. A couple of Vs for sale...
  143. Finished first trackday, couple of issues...
  144. P0303 Error Code - Cylinder 3 Misfire
  145. Awesome day today at Monticello Motor Club
  146. Anyone know what became of StealthV ?
  147. Getting a P0420 code
  148. Front Shock Install Assembly Tutorial FE4 FG2 Shocks
  149. Need aux/mp3 input
  150. Driveshaft Option.....Enhanced Customs???
  151. Still around
  152. VIR Track Day July 20th...
  153. Selling My 2005 V
  154. 14 New Cadillac Logo Products
  155. Clunk
  156. YAW Sensor?
  157. Dear Remote Line....I love you
  158. Weekend Maintence - 4th of July
  159. Target price for a 2005 CTS-V - what should I look for?
  160. Any way to get behind headlight washers??
  161. Sadly leaving the ranks of v1 owner
  162. Crazy rear tire wear??
  163. Time to part ways with the V
  164. Installing MAP trailing arms, questions
  165. The heavymetals' U-Turn Fuel Line Elimination Mod
  166. Bose Amp Load Max?
  167. Hissing/Whistling Sound?
  168. Service stability system notification . . .
  169. first exhaust, i think i threw everything out of whack.
  170. Dallas Cars and Coffee July 2nd
  171. Finally picked up my V
  172. Any good dealers in Chicago?
  173. Knock when trying to shift into higher gear while rpm's are high
  174. EBC Red Stuff Brake Pad noise
  175. V-Series event at Monticello - 2 invite codes up for grabs
  176. Headlight or Ballast
  177. Navigation/ main screen backlight broken
  178. Hot Knob
  179. Double din with 19" wheels?
  180. 04 cts-v beeping noise
  181. How many tickets do you have, and for what
  182. After 74 mph carputer says traction engaged and i get loss of power
  183. Anyone going to Dallas C&C this weekend?
  184. Removing the center air vent above the nav screen
  185. No A/C - Does anyone have a service manual?
  186. Rear Camber/Alignment questions (lowered, plus sized wheels & tires)
  187. price for ls7 clutch and flywheel all together parts and labor?
  188. NEW 2005 CTS-V with 3877 MILES
  189. Need a Battery!
  190. Blown suspension ???
  191. New v-series logo products
  192. Fuel Pump Not turning off?
  193. Anyone need/want stock sway bars ???
  194. Anyone have any nav disc to sell/give? I dont care if its from 2004.
  195. rear diff
  196. clutch and rpm issues!! please help
  197. Oil Temp Problem!!!
  198. 2100-2350RPM Vibration fix is eluding me
  199. Question on V center channel speaker...
  200. Houston Cars and Coffee
  201. Is this the power steering cooler?
  202. Did your recently purchased H&R springs drop you more than advertised? Please read.
  203. New Cadillac Logo merchandise Has Been added
  204. 2006 v key disabled won't start?
  205. HELP - is my dealer screwing with me
  206. removing driver's side seat 06 CTS-V
  207. Windsheild washers coming on randomly?
  208. Hello! New forum member / new CTS-V Owner.
  209. CHuckawalla Session 2
  210. Anyone Have Carfax?
  211. Hard going into reverse
  212. Real High Oil Temperatures on Maggied V
  213. clanking like dragging a steel pipe / metallic baseball cards in wheel spokes
  214. Harmonic balancer for LS2???
  215. Play mp3 disc in dvd slot on 2005 cts-v
  216. Best Ipod adapter for our car
  217. Installing a shifter in my 2007 CTS-V?
  218. Dyno Results on Maggied V - Smaller Pulley and Custom Tune
  219. new trans installed but hard to shift and drivetrain whine presists
  220. Driveshaft Carrier Bearing and CV joint
  221. After years of driving my V like I stole it... well it didnt work out so well last wk
  222. Please Help!!
  223. Reduced Engine Power?
  224. 05 v open and close header video
  225. Pros/Cons for getting rid of factory NAV
  226. Questions about my V's history -- differential and bushings!
  227. Newbie -- Just got 2004 CTS V in Hackettstown, NJ
  228. cheap wheels - is there such a thing?
  229. Black V from Chatham, NJ
  230. Shocks FE4 .....?
  231. aftermarket parts?
  232. K&N Intake popping off problem
  233. Another "what noise is this", intermittent metallic squeal ouside, whistle in cabin..
  234. Chuckawalla Warm up Lap
  235. Iphone mycadillac app
  236. Sloppy UUC Shifter?
  237. Top gear vibes???
  238. Water Stain on backseat panel?
  239. brake pad clearance - caliper going to hit rotor before pad sensor scrapes
  240. Any meets coming up?
  241. Houston CTS-V
  242. drivers side acting up
  243. Shifter install feedback needed ASAP please
  244. Lifter problem again? Please help!
  245. New V owner here
  246. H&R's too low in rear...
  247. Where do I get V emblems and what should I pay?
  248. ls7 clutch install ?'s (slave/remote bleeder)
  249. Pass side trailing arm rubbing on 10.5" LC Venetto's
  250. Parade lap around Road America!