: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. New V owner. I have a question.
  2. Got my First CTS-V today!!
  3. Couple off pics autoxin the V
  4. Well guys, I sold my V.
  5. Cadillac Corral hits the UTAH GRAND PRIX
  6. replaced yaw and tpm sensors: car still trying to kill me
  7. Rendezvous at Baker's Restaurant May 6th (Milford, MI)
  8. Caddy Ruckus - Featuring JR Hildebrand
  9. Easy Clutch Bleed / Flush "Homemade tool"
  10. Suede Shift Knob ?
  11. Underbody Coating ??
  12. My ride for the week - 2012 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
  13. New member and Soon to Be New V Owner
  14. shock options for better ride around town
  15. bing lazy.......what size kdw's work well on our car......all 4 corner same size
  16. Trouble Code P0420 ?
  17. Tpms help
  18. LBGP Cadillac Corral
  19. What's your favorite comment/compliment you've gotten on your V??
  20. What to do about front licence plate...
  21. Unsafe at any Speed clean out inbox.
  22. whine under hood
  23. Are these motor mounts bad ? *Pictures attached; Sway Bar ? Also.
  24. Check your front brake hoses....
  25. Weird 1st gear shifting issue
  26. DVD player issues!! Please Help!!
  27. Met a 2nd Generation CTS-4 (V6)...
  28. Time to Order more Stuff for the V
  29. WTF So my dealer is flipping out !!
  30. New V owner
  31. V sighting in palm beach gardens!
  32. Sunroof automatically goes to vent position when closed.
  33. UCONN car show 4-15-2012
  34. pcmforless tune, now car won't start
  35. Able to drive the car without the Radio installed?
  36. My water pump went out!
  37. Help with radio
  38. Emissions failure due to key change?
  39. SoCal MEET *Feeler Thread*
  40. Platic bezel around thermostat controls "around 300$"!?!
  41. Could this noise be a lifter??
  42. Ash Tray removal ??
  43. Stock clutch setup or LS7 ?
  44. usa spec ?
  45. UPDATED - Extreme Composites Hood - Group Buy Opportunity
  46. 2004 cts v vs 2003 e46 m3
  47. Rear Diff vent instructions with pictures?
  48. Clutch pedal issues???
  49. Free Plug Wires and Creative Steel Trans Mount in Chicago
  50. 03-07 stock exhaust system
  51. Aftermarket Harmonic balancer
  52. Alabama V in Ohio?!?
  53. Melted Engine Harness
  54. Phoenix/Tucson Area tuner?
  55. looking for EBCM (electronic brake control module) for 2004 V
  56. Clarification on Nav Disks
  57. Think I have an issue- Chimes after reving the engine (video link)
  58. In-Dash Radio Swap???
  59. Bad water pump 04 CTS-v??
  60. stock suspension Fe4
  61. Just Quoted $1900 to Replace Oil Pan
  62. NOLA Motor Sports Park NASA event on 3-4-12 (Videos inside)!
  63. Can Oil Press really be 129 PSI!!!
  64. Water Leak Question! Please Help!!
  65. navigation dvd iso.
  66. Looking for the Indiana V with the tinted windshield
  67. 2004 cts v trans niose
  68. Transmission noise question
  69. Aux input questions solved
  70. Warning Light 10 hours from home....!
  71. Anyone in the V1 forum in for this competition?
  72. Infinity Basslink Setup questions (RCA LOC or Speaker Level)
  73. Inner splash shields
  74. Anyone looking for lowering springs?
  75. Seafoam.. Good idea or bad?
  76. Remote clutch bleeders
  77. Interesting info from Bondurant School
  78. Free S&H Offer - Cadillac Merchandise, Apparel, Custom Floor Mats & Car Covers
  79. Hello from a new V1 owner!
  80. New Differential decision by Monday Morning - Help!
  81. How do you disbale the airbags for a track day?
  82. Group Buy Opportunity: Extreme Composites Hood
  83. Forgestar F14 Wheels Entering Production (6x115 - FINALLY!)
  84. New V owner! Cruise control issue.
  85. New mounting solution for Getrag differential...
  86. Chuckwalla Raceway / Cadillac Challenge Round #2 (This weekend)
  87. OFFICIAL NJMP April Meet and Greet. FUN DAY and FREE GIVE-A-WAYS
  88. WTK: Has anyone from North Carolina taken their V up to V.I.R. ? I am
  89. Cadillacs & Coffee / D3 Open House April 15th, 2012
  90. Clutch - Possible Issue ???
  91. SO CAL Dyno Day !!!! March 31 ,2012 Saturday come by watch or dyno your car
  92. Production numbers
  93. 6th Gear, Slowest Speed ??
  94. The time has come to part ways......
  95. Torque Specs please
  96. New Jersey Road Racing
  97. A/C compressor seized up
  98. Seat mounted seat belts uncomfortable. Is there a solution?
  99. Cleaning my garage Factory CTS-V stuff
  100. Problems with EBC red stuff pads... anyone else?
  101. Does the '04 CTS V have Active Head Restraint (AHR)?
  102. Free Shipping Offer - Cadillac Merchandise
  103. Tire Rack "closeout" Conti Extreme Contact DW 275/45-18 for your summer rear tires
  104. Power steering pressure line fitting
  105. Kansas City Autocross March 31
  106. keyless entry module not responding to the tech2
  107. Need a stock rim ASAP
  108. 07 CTS V Gas Filler Neck Question
  109. Car Will Not Shift PLEASE HELP
  110. Passenger side water leak, near firewall/ mostly transmission side.
  111. how come my v doesn't chirp with unlock/lock
  112. Gas Gauge - Range Issue
  113. I was bored on a Sunday so I decided to customize my trunk storage
  114. Getting ready to pull the trigger... need some opinions on a few local cars
  115. Passenger Side Front Turn Signal Part # and Replacement Procedure
  116. E-Cut out Question
  117. Cs diff tool
  118. Free Shipping Offer - Cadillac Merchandise
  119. Sunroof will not close
  120. Flashing CEL
  121. anyone ever have trouble with tsp
  122. help! harmonic balancer mounting!
  123. DFW, TX. Want to trade GM Accessory Wheels for 7 spoke Stockers
  124. Thinking about trading for a C5 Z06
  125. LS6 V Harmonic Balancer questions
  126. Broke the stud..
  127. Wreath & Skull Apparel
  128. Opinions please. My car is running fine but I have an extra bottle of Lucas
  129. exhaust clip, clear fogs, and plastidipped headlight trim
  130. quick tpms question
  131. whats this v worth?
  132. Potential leak in clutch line
  133. Are CTS and CTS-V trunk lids the same?
  134. Dash/in car camera recommendations
  135. UUc Diff bushing or CS bushing?? Whicl one and why?
  136. STL area V owners : Gateway Motorsports Park Kickoff Open House March 10th
  137. Lending out Diff bushing removal tool
  138. Indy V Meet Saturday MAY 12 @ Ricks Boatyard Cafe Attendee List
  139. Rocking/Swaying at Normal Highway Speeds?
  140. How many V1's we got in colorado???
  141. Vacuum readings
  142. Blown driver side CV boot :(
  143. Top engine clean?
  144. making the car quieter - "selectively"
  145. looking for a 04-07 cts exhaust
  146. Free S&H Offer -Cadillac Merchandise -Official M Licensed Products
  147. What's on your spring to-do list?
  148. "Reduced Engine Power" mode and multiple codes...Help?
  149. Water Drip
  150. Was confronted by temptation today, but passed the test
  151. Need help Swapping out Evap Canister
  152. stock supercharger? and your input on this that im looking to buy?
  153. Diff Bushing Removal Tool
  154. Thinking about getting a v...
  155. Happy new owner!
  156. power steering pump suggestions
  157. Harmonic balancer?
  158. anyone with mille miglia wheels here?
  159. Help with outer cv joint removal
  160. On the fence of selling the V or not??!!?? Cant decide!
  161. i Have decided that i want 18's now what?
  162. 100k Mile V Shoot
  163. question regarding the bose wire harness
  164. need some advice, friend drove my v and spun it !!!
  165. Wife wiped out the V into a curb...pics of damage
  166. First post. 05 Redline V. Replaced the Oil pressure Sensor in 4 mins. No more 129lbs
  167. Need some help determining the difference
  168. Serious Trouble Bleeding Clutch
  169. Electrical issue 2004 cts-v. Jumpers were put on backwards?
  170. TPMS sensors are covered by CPO !
  171. A/C compresser bearing squeek
  172. New V1 owner from texas here!
  173. How to remove this pin on the trunk liner?
  174. Wheel Lock Issue
  175. will someone plz help?
  176. Feb. 26 Cadillac Meet @ California Speedway
  177. CTS-V?! help?
  178. GMPP: does it cover blown shock or defective flywheel?
  179. WTK: I have heard that some of the CTS-V's need to have firmware work done in order
  180. Best "Gear Wrench" Set for Working on a V
  181. Bay Area V meet
  182. We gonna do a Indy V Meet this Spring ???
  183. Transmission Banging
  184. Does anyone have a "tick" w/ Pacesetters?
  185. St. Patrick's Day Festival & Road Rally
  186. Cadillac logo merchandise links
  187. My black battery cover/insulation box on my 04 V is falling apart. Is this a
  188. Has anyone used this clutch and slave set up before?
  189. Brake Dust Solution
  190. Is there a Glove Box Lamp?
  191. A how to clutch pedal switch code P0833 with pics
  192. Just bought my first V and having a couple issues.
  193. Whats the best AFTERMARKET Alarm available for the 04-07 V's?
  194. Relocate Stereo, has anyone done this?
  195. 2006 CTS-V jolt on start-up?
  196. Cadillac merchandise - quick product links
  197. Thoughts for better MPG
  198. KEY FOB (Alarm System) quite working the same time the TPMS quite working? HELP!
  199. Car Cover
  200. CTS-V wall art
  201. Has anyone used the JL Audio CL441 dsp CleanSweep for aftermarket amp and subs?
  202. 1st Month w/ new 07 V complete. "Another" Drivetrain vibration. Opinions?
  203. Just got a new-to-me V and have some issues.
  204. Black V2 and Silver V1 off Int 64 in O Fallon / Shiloh Illinois
  205. Custom cadillac floor mats & cadillac logo car covers
  206. CTS-V Shootout in South Florida (Feb 24th)
  207. Turn signal problem
  208. Is my shock toast???
  209. Cadillac Challenge
  210. 2012 UConn Car Show
  211. need a transmission!!!!!!
  212. New 04 V, Pics
  213. Canadian Shaw Super Bowl Commercial - Tinted V1 Awwww Yeah!
  214. WTK: When I hit the Navigation button I get a message that says
  215. Eibach Rear Swaybar - Rubbing E-brake
  216. Questions about muffler delete for 2007 CTS-V
  217. Nav Disk, 2005 V
  218. Cadillac Challange: The one and only race series exclusively for Cadillac automobiles
  219. Wanting to trade 03 TR ZO6 for 06 or 07 CTS-V
  220. No one try this mod! ;-) V sighting on Cdn Superbowl commercials
  221. Midwest IRS Shootout May 5th in Wichita KS
  222. Changing clutch in Garage??
  223. LS6 problems, mysterious behavior
  224. Opinions? I just bought my first Cadillac, a 2004 CTS-V, and did the
  225. April, NEW JERSEY meet up, Scenic Drive
  226. Engine Code
  227. Go-Pro hero 2 short video of my 05 V
  228. For those that need a carrier bearing or dont want to spend $900 on a new drive shaft
  229. Transmission/Undercarriage Whine!!!
  230. Leaks
  231. Stock Shifter
  232. Hitch Install on a 2004 V
  233. Feb. 26 Cadillac Meet @ California Speedway
  234. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & cadillac floor mats
  235. Ground Clearance on Stock '04 CTS-V
  236. V sighting
  237. Reverse solenoid
  238. UUC shifter installed, questions
  239. Exhaust Cutout popping started, why?
  240. Electric cutout question
  241. gm accessory wheels
  242. Shifting Resistance
  243. Transmission
  244. I am going to be on Peoples Court this Friday and so will my V
  245. Sad Day - Got T'boned & not in the good way
  246. gen2 fogs
  247. I just bought my first Cadillac, 2004 CTS-V, and have a couple of questions.
  248. ...
  249. Check Engine light...
  250. ever buy a replacement caliper?