: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. How many V1's we got in colorado???
  2. Vacuum readings
  3. Blown driver side CV boot :(
  4. Top engine clean?
  5. making the car quieter - "selectively"
  6. looking for a 04-07 cts exhaust
  7. Free S&H Offer -Cadillac Merchandise -Official M Licensed Products
  8. What's on your spring to-do list?
  9. "Reduced Engine Power" mode and multiple codes...Help?
  10. Water Drip
  11. Was confronted by temptation today, but passed the test
  12. Need help Swapping out Evap Canister
  13. stock supercharger? and your input on this that im looking to buy?
  14. Diff Bushing Removal Tool
  15. Thinking about getting a v...
  16. Happy new owner!
  17. power steering pump suggestions
  18. Harmonic balancer?
  19. anyone with mille miglia wheels here?
  20. Help with outer cv joint removal
  21. On the fence of selling the V or not??!!?? Cant decide!
  22. i Have decided that i want 18's now what?
  23. 100k Mile V Shoot
  24. question regarding the bose wire harness
  25. need some advice, friend drove my v and spun it !!!
  26. Wife wiped out the V into a curb...pics of damage
  27. First post. 05 Redline V. Replaced the Oil pressure Sensor in 4 mins. No more 129lbs
  28. Need some help determining the difference
  29. Serious Trouble Bleeding Clutch
  30. Electrical issue 2004 cts-v. Jumpers were put on backwards?
  31. TPMS sensors are covered by CPO !
  32. A/C compresser bearing squeek
  33. New V1 owner from texas here!
  34. How to remove this pin on the trunk liner?
  35. Wheel Lock Issue
  36. will someone plz help?
  37. Feb. 26 Cadillac Meet @ California Speedway
  38. CTS-V?! help?
  39. GMPP: does it cover blown shock or defective flywheel?
  40. WTK: I have heard that some of the CTS-V's need to have firmware work done in order
  41. Best "Gear Wrench" Set for Working on a V
  42. Bay Area V meet
  43. We gonna do a Indy V Meet this Spring ???
  44. Transmission Banging
  45. Does anyone have a "tick" w/ Pacesetters?
  46. St. Patrick's Day Festival & Road Rally
  47. Cadillac logo merchandise links
  48. My black battery cover/insulation box on my 04 V is falling apart. Is this a
  49. Has anyone used this clutch and slave set up before?
  50. Brake Dust Solution
  51. Is there a Glove Box Lamp?
  52. A how to clutch pedal switch code P0833 with pics
  53. Just bought my first V and having a couple issues.
  54. Whats the best AFTERMARKET Alarm available for the 04-07 V's?
  55. Relocate Stereo, has anyone done this?
  56. 2006 CTS-V jolt on start-up?
  57. Cadillac merchandise - quick product links
  58. Thoughts for better MPG
  59. KEY FOB (Alarm System) quite working the same time the TPMS quite working? HELP!
  60. Car Cover
  61. CTS-V wall art
  62. Has anyone used the JL Audio CL441 dsp CleanSweep for aftermarket amp and subs?
  63. 1st Month w/ new 07 V complete. "Another" Drivetrain vibration. Opinions?
  64. Just got a new-to-me V and have some issues.
  65. Black V2 and Silver V1 off Int 64 in O Fallon / Shiloh Illinois
  66. Custom cadillac floor mats & cadillac logo car covers
  67. CTS-V Shootout in South Florida (Feb 24th)
  68. Turn signal problem
  69. Is my shock toast???
  70. Cadillac Challenge
  71. 2012 UConn Car Show
  72. need a transmission!!!!!!
  73. New 04 V, Pics
  74. Canadian Shaw Super Bowl Commercial - Tinted V1 Awwww Yeah!
  75. WTK: When I hit the Navigation button I get a message that says
  76. Eibach Rear Swaybar - Rubbing E-brake
  77. Questions about muffler delete for 2007 CTS-V
  78. Nav Disk, 2005 V
  79. Cadillac Challange: The one and only race series exclusively for Cadillac automobiles
  80. Wanting to trade 03 TR ZO6 for 06 or 07 CTS-V
  81. No one try this mod! ;-) V sighting on Cdn Superbowl commercials
  82. Midwest IRS Shootout May 5th in Wichita KS
  83. Changing clutch in Garage??
  84. LS6 problems, mysterious behavior
  85. Opinions? I just bought my first Cadillac, a 2004 CTS-V, and did the
  86. April, NEW JERSEY meet up, Scenic Drive
  87. Engine Code
  88. Go-Pro hero 2 short video of my 05 V
  89. For those that need a carrier bearing or dont want to spend $900 on a new drive shaft
  90. Transmission/Undercarriage Whine!!!
  91. Leaks
  92. Stock Shifter
  93. Hitch Install on a 2004 V
  94. Feb. 26 Cadillac Meet @ California Speedway
  95. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & cadillac floor mats
  96. Ground Clearance on Stock '04 CTS-V
  97. V sighting
  98. Reverse solenoid
  99. UUC shifter installed, questions
  100. Exhaust Cutout popping started, why?
  101. Electric cutout question
  102. gm accessory wheels
  103. Shifting Resistance
  104. Transmission
  105. I am going to be on Peoples Court this Friday and so will my V
  106. Sad Day - Got T'boned & not in the good way
  107. gen2 fogs
  108. I just bought my first Cadillac, 2004 CTS-V, and have a couple of questions.
  109. ...
  110. Check Engine light...
  111. ever buy a replacement caliper?
  112. Traction Control wont turn off?
  113. 04 V vs 07 S4...
  114. 2006 w/ multiple issues popping up???
  115. D3 Sponsors The Cadillac Challenge
  116. Transmission is smoother when cold, use thicker fluid?
  117. Is there a way to over ride the DVD in my 2004 CTSV so the kids
  118. FNG In the brew city
  119. On Star
  120. Personalized PA registration Plate, ideas and or thoughts
  121. Stability system issue??? I promise I have searched.....
  122. new guy form ct !!!
  123. V1 FOB replacement with new style Cadillac FOB
  124. Hmmm . . . BMW guy looking at a V1
  125. A-Pillar Speakers Crackle
  126. Stock Headunit/NAV Integration
  127. trans upgrade
  128. Productive Day
  129. Can slave cylinder be bled while off transmission? (clutch pedal rock hard)
  130. Free Shipping Offer Cadillac Merchandise - Floor mats & Custom Cadillac Car Covers
  131. Brake Rotors 2007
  132. Headers or LS7 clutch & lightened FW?
  133. Loose clutch pedal bracket
  134. Interested in autocross in Indianapolis
  135. BMR Pinion Brace
  136. Engine Shake???
  137. newbie owner from TX
  138. Hendrix-Engineering
  139. Tinting guy cracked the piece of trim on my doorpanel...
  140. 2006 CTS-V buying tips
  141. squeaky suspension when cold
  142. Speed related clicking/rattling near console @ 25MPH
  143. PLEASE help diagnose... Major V problems
  144. driver side heated seat not working...
  145. JimmyH: Clean out your PM box
  146. service theft system.
  147. Interior Pictures?
  148. HEY just bought my first v any thing i should know?
  149. Good bye to my CTS-V. This is a bitter sweet day.
  150. Pulling the engine - a little help here, please
  151. A little article about my V.
  152. Special Coverage 10420 & Cam Shaft Walk
  153. Cadillac Floor Mats - You Design Them Online
  154. Another new owner
  155. Jan 20th - Orlando, FL - Car night
  156. Hi! I'm Newest NooB. 1st day with V OMG!
  157. New CTS V owner
  158. MLK Holiday Weekend Special: AMSOIL ~25% Off
  159. What do I have here 2007 oil filter on 2004 CTS-V???!!!??
  160. Display and Controls
  161. cleaning issues..
  162. Dimmer Bulletin
  163. Twin Cities members
  164. Navigation/Radio unit nightmare
  165. One exhaust pipe sooty, one clean ??
  166. Power programmer
  167. Highest Mileage V?
  168. Anyone else have Nucleus and Costar Bluestar?
  169. New guy....
  170. Rally to the DC Auto Show.
  171. Hello Again
  172. Thx for the memories.
  173. HELP! Clutch gone?
  174. Cadillac merchandise, accessories, car covers & custom floor mats
  175. '05 driver side ballast
  176. thinkin bout getin into a V
  177. 05 Headlight ballast
  178. Need a radiator, which one is right for 05 V?
  179. trouble finding rear rotors?
  180. 6th gear vib let the fun start.
  181. '04 V - Is the Parking Brake Adjustable?
  182. Wtb grille
  183. Pitch and Threadcount for caliper bolts
  184. Procedure to replace/symptoms of failing clutch master cylinder
  185. Finally got a Plate that wasnt taken:)
  186. unexpected problems
  187. newb here, hello all! questions also...
  188. Whats the best solution for iPOD connection in the V?
  189. Love my V... however
  190. Knock when cold
  191. New to board.
  192. What the hell, can anyone explain all of this foam under the shifter? *pics*
  193. Reliable Tremec transmission techs in California
  194. are these premium stock wheels or after market?
  195. Happy F***in New Year!!!
  196. Nav disc question
  197. Anybody in NH/Mass need some snow tires on wheels?
  198. Bleeding Coolant System
  199. Camshaft Position Sensor Location
  200. Mojave Mile 2012 Event Dates
  201. Problem bleeding clutch
  202. Intro w/ pics of my Black V
  203. Harmonic Balancer / Belt / PS Pump
  204. Tool boxes
  205. Cool Site - Tech drawings of cars
  206. Strange squeel in accessory drive area
  207. Looking to get a Block Heater installed
  208. SE V's - Standing 1/2 Mile in Florida Panhandle (March 24th)
  209. Sumitomo HTR Z III in 265/40 all around
  210. leaking clutch fluid from the bell housing
  211. Rear wheel stud stripped - how much of a pain is this going to be?
  212. Reat seat pull came off in my hand, seat won't fold down help please :)
  213. 2011 V wagon
  214. Differential - passenger side leak
  215. Happy Holidays from D3 Cadillac
  216. V-Gone...
  217. Viper SmartStart Installation Help
  218. Prospective Buyer Help - changes to cts v over the years 04-07?
  219. 35 or 30 profile on a 20in rim????
  220. I just bought a 2004 CTS, I have a few questions...
  221. Catalytic Convertor replacement under Federal Emissions Warranty
  222. Removing the shift knob
  223. Driveshaft replacement - knocking at low speed acceleration
  224. Those of you with Pacesetter headers please chime in
  225. Anyone in the jersey area want to trade mufflers
  226. 2005 CTS-V deep tone rattle in the rear
  227. Lowering Parts Help!!
  228. Whining noise in 6th
  229. Alternator: You've got to be kidding me.
  230. Rear End Exploded
  231. GREAT DEAL on Contour ROAM Video Cameras
  232. Annoying (bird chirp) rattling coming from the driver's side front pillar. Wtf?
  233. Took her to the dyno today
  234. Willow Springs with EVELV
  235. Repair Costs
  236. 12/23/11 local socal christmas meet/cruise
  237. alignment specs - toe degree to inches conversion
  238. V with a built 427 for sale in Alabama...
  239. Bondurant V's for sale on eBay
  240. Looking at CTS-V's
  241. Best Shops close to Middle TN?
  242. 05 CTS-V had the diff replaced 08/2007 is this the "strong one" pic inside.
  243. Help! Winding noise while shifting into second!
  244. Truth about the rear diff?
  245. Cadilac Remote Starter for Christmas?
  246. Broken Coin Holder door... Fixes????
  247. Asking Price
  248. Muffler Delete Rocks
  249. HELP! EVAP vent solenoid location
  250. Santa's new sled in HD.... Merry Christmas!