: 2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion

  1. nav disc hook up
  2. Supercharger tuner
  3. Which Car Cover to use for all weather conditions in NY?
  4. San Diego
  5. qestion about car keys...
  6. Trunk Release = FAIL
  7. Moisture in head lights and tail lights? Any quick remedies?
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  9. Diff Whine Before & After - Video
  10. Help please trunk wont close
  11. 3 dealers later... no one can find part number... PLEASE HELP!
  12. QA1 rear shocks, lower mount- any supplemental hardware needed?
  13. Just Got a V!!
  14. Lug Nut Key
  15. Motor mounts failure modes.
  16. Need stock fender height measurements
  17. Diecast V
  18. CTS-V Full Headlight Replacement
  19. CEL: knock sensors 1&2 low voltage input
  20. "Battery Not Charging."
  21. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer ends midnight 11/30/2011
  22. Headlights, Brights & Fog Lights?
  23. looking at a 07 v
  24. water pump
  25. New guy checking in.
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  27. Cadillac OWner for 7
  28. Cooled Seats
  29. Fixed driver's side heated seat
  30. Cracking on Linea Corse Veneto wheels
  31. Keyless Entry and Push Start
  32. Iphone CTS-V optons
  33. Vibration of suspension on small bumps normal?
  34. Installed CS trans mount, still issues (some new)
  35. A few quick questions
  36. Post Your Best On Track Pic!
  37. Anyone tried Dr. ColorChip?
  38. Steering wheel removal?
  39. V2 lingenfelter 700+ package
  40. Went to the drag strip today...
  41. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  42. Attn: Stealthv
  43. Wheel Hop Question ? - video attached.
  44. 07 V please help w/ possible decision.
  45. 04' V keeps blowing dome light fuse?!
  46. Jumper Cables to replace battery?
  47. Cincinnati V1 at Camargo Cadillac
  48. Last minute NJ thread, sorry
  49. Cadillac merchandise - free shipping offer
  50. Darkman got one for you!! throttle body is oscillating
  51. CD Player Burned Out?
  52. CAGS (LS6 vs LS2)
  53. What should I ask for my V?
  54. Reasonable Price for this V
  55. Tire chains
  56. Power Steering leak, issue?
  57. Prob w Windshield washer
  58. New Owner - 2004
  59. Sometimes reverse lockout doesn't work (??)
  60. [CT] 04-07 CTSV Wanted...CASH IN HAND
  61. Add this to the list of reasons why a remote bleeder is a great idea.
  62. Ash deposits on1 plug
  63. Valve Train Spring Question *PIC* What is this?
  64. dmh low profile cutouts and short shifter installed....
  65. 132,xxx mile vet finally gets a break.
  66. Open Track day @ NJMP Thunderbolt 11/22
  67. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise ends midnight 11/13/2011
  68. Need an axle in Connecticut. Please help.
  69. *sigh* is this the wrong slave?
  70. Thought id share a monster
  71. Ended up with second place in Time Trial this year for my region
  72. Time for some holiday spirit
  73. Some help if this has happened to you - Fix on my no start problem
  74. XM module dead- Point me in the right direction.
  75. Dtc
  76. Arlington, VA Self Service Car Wash
  77. Parking Brake Cable broke
  78. Newer Cts key fob for an 05 cts-v, will it work?
  79. need to find corsa sport exhaust for my 05
  80. New to the V world
  81. Final V-Series of the Month (October Winners)
  82. Free shipping - cadillac merchandise
  83. New here introduction , just bought a V! NJ
  84. New Member: first post
  85. Navigation Disc
  86. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & cadillac floor mats
  87. All the Florida V's
  88. Want AUX or XM, but XM receiver isn't working?
  89. Proud new owner of an 07 CTS-V . . . have a question
  90. MTV "My Ride Rules"
  91. What is my '05 Worth now?
  92. power steering problem
  93. Good Shop in Cincinnati area
  94. Newb to V Family!
  95. Vibes at 2300-2600
  96. Open Track day @ NJMP Thunderbolt 11/7
  97. ECM Question
  98. ramble: clutch fun.. hindsight, foresight, and Kenny Rogers
  99. lastss knob removal?
  100. New TPMS(tire pressure monitor sensor) installed but no luck getting it to work.
  101. New 2004 Cadillac CTS-V to the Family!
  102. is this guy smoking crack? $40k for a 07 V, CMON!
  103. Help! Possible clutch/flywheel problem!
  104. Source for Nav disc?
  105. fall pics
  106. K & N Drop In
  107. V-series logo accessories, merchandise and custom automotive mats
  108. Picked up an 05.. W/ Pics.. :)
  109. TPMS Part Number
  110. V exhaust
  111. WIN A CTS V and Monticello School
  112. Best Detailer in DC/NoVa
  113. dss 1000hp anti wheel hop axles?
  114. Any tips on polishing scratches out of an accessory wheel?
  115. LAPD Remote Clutch Bleeder- C5/Z06 version right?
  116. Cd player stuck???
  117. Dang rattle in the door.
  118. handling issue
  119. PCM programming
  120. Center dash speaker?
  121. Is this normal after a ls7 install
  122. V-series merchandise & custom v-series floor mats
  123. Looking at an 05, take a look for me?
  124. Rear Sail Panel and Rear "Oh !@#$" Handles...
  125. Aux Power Connection?
  126. Amp and Subwoofer replacement
  127. Scammer warning! Avoid John Demere.
  128. Transmission issue - intermittant grinding when shifting into 1st gear
  129. Power Steering issue on a 2005 CTS-V
  130. Cadillac CTS-V of the Month - October - Submit your photos (first generation only)
  131. 2nd Annual NorthEast Cadillac Meet and Greet 10-23-11- OFFICIAL PICTURE THREAD
  132. Hail Damage and Runroof questions
  133. Couple "Diff" Questions.
  134. Speedometer variance
  135. Cadillac floor mats - you design them online
  136. problem with air ride
  137. 80K maintenance 05 CTS-V
  138. V-series logo apparel, accessories & custom floor mats
  139. 04 cts-v driver heated seat not working
  140. 2005 CTS V rear end pop noise
  141. Anyone in the Salt Lake City area?
  142. '06 -V Dimmer switch stopped working - (copied from Seville)
  143. Md/Dc/Va, Anything going on Sunday?
  144. Dying battery or other problem?
  145. nav/dvd in motion bluetooth and ipod
  146. Excellet idea....
  147. Clutch pedal sporadically not returning to top?
  148. Gas Guage, Fuel Tank... Need Help!
  149. What tools do you usually prepared in your car?
  150. clutch sticking on cold starts
  151. Do brake ducts on front bumper actually work?
  152. where is that steel diff ??
  153. Original NAV disc
  154. Is this noise normal and is the normal side to side play in the stock shifter bushing
  155. V-series logo merchandise
  156. Top 10 collectible
  157. New 06
  158. V-series logo accessories, merchandise and custom automotive mats
  159. What did I break?
  160. Classic Starter Dying Diagnosis?
  161. LS2 Oil Catch Can Question
  162. How to keep left over Diff Fluid
  163. Front end noise... please help
  164. Muffler delete guys... what tips did you use??
  165. compnine vin lookup site closed
  166. 4 pin or 12 pin?
  167. Navigation screen not working. Is this a common issue?
  168. Ok rebuilt alternator, volts are steady but still have "Battery not Charging" message
  169. Absolutely horrible experience with Enhanced Customs and their CTS-V Driveshaft
  170. Thinking about trading in the V
  171. September CTS-V of the Month: Pisnuoff!
  172. What year (04-07) CTS-V should I buy?
  173. Advice on Extended ONLINE warranties.
  174. looking for a CTS-V for sale in CT anything would help
  175. Headlight bulb replacement
  176. Weird electrical problem
  177. 05 passanger head light problem
  178. Oil dipstick question.
  179. 100K miles on 09 V
  180. Cadillac merchandise - gm licensed products
  181. Saw a Cadillac today, not sure what it was.
  182. Push Pins that hold on the underneth plastic engine guard??
  183. 2006 CTS-V, does it have a LOW OIL indicator??
  184. So I've been drag racing, auto x and now i've hit the full track wit some road racing
  185. Looking for some Amsoil
  186. First time to the track....1/4 mile track....
  187. Air Bag Recall... Spoke with Dealer... ??
  188. Mile Shootout racing is now on the West coast!
  189. Drive Shaft is on the way out...
  190. 2007 cts-v rear end
  191. Atlanta Motor Speedway Oct 8th!
  192. High mileage V's
  193. NEW to this site....OH and a Headlight Problem as well!
  194. Car Will Not Start - Does Not Crank
  195. Fall Cruise Oct 22 SE Mich
  196. I broke this, but do I need it?
  197. 04-05 Rear End Issues
  198. Hey guys need new Front B-Pads ? is what ones.. please help!!
  199. What tap / thread size are the O2 sensor bungs on factory cats?
  200. Just wanna say.... Thank You!
  201. Gauging Interest For Sale
  202. Continuing vibration problem
  203. What's Your Favorite Gear(s) in the V?
  204. AMSOIL Fall Special: Wholesale for Forum Members
  205. Kooks Long Tube Headers vs. Stock Manifolds
  206. Did CA Smog Standards Change?
  207. Amsoil Filter for LS6 -- Can't find it.
  208. I'm going nuts
  209. low oil now car wont start
  210. Possibly a stupid question
  211. WARNING: Valenti Cadillac in Hartford, CT.
  212. Need help with seat belt
  213. On a time crunch and last minute, Parting Out my 04...
  214. OEM wheels with Blizzaks
  215. My old '05 V with 40K miles is at a dealer in Chicago if anyone is looking
  216. different versions of lsd
  217. Brake [After] Install Question
  218. Minneapolis Cars and Coffee 10-1-11, anyone going?
  219. Greenville SC " V " meet. Sat Oct 1st
  220. Tires for Daily Driver
  221. Modifying Nivomat shocks for lowering springs, necessary?
  222. Rear Axle Front Bushing
  223. Yay, no more tire noise!
  224. Dallas Cars and Coffee October 1, 2011
  225. A Good Dealer!!
  226. CTS Super-V for sale on Cars.com?
  227. LS-2 Flywheel
  228. Exhaust leak/tick
  229. Brake problem
  230. Whining! Any advice?
  231. need help picking new tires from this list...
  232. Sold my V
  233. Service Engine Soon???
  234. new to the forum whats up
  235. MAP Trailing Arms? Available? Alternatives?
  236. Looking for Parts..............
  237. New to me 07 infrared
  238. Replacing rear differential axle seal?
  239. Electrical issue
  240. New v owner, thinking i need a new diff?
  241. GM Accessory Wheel
  242. Rear power outlet drainage
  243. Where can I get an inner CV?
  244. Gforce 9" Rear End Testing......
  245. Squeeking noise (front of engine)?
  246. Missing a lug nut - Problem for short term driving?
  247. Free shipping offer - cadillac merchandise & cadillac floor mats
  248. So what did I break?
  249. Sunroof Leaks???
  250. Fall V meet Northern IN ??