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  1. New Member with 3 Caddies!!
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Totally off topic, but what's your fav AMERICAN-made bubbly?
  3. Here is a Cadillac you don't see everyday.
  4. Long time driver, first time poster
  5. Older Cadillacs
  6. New Member from Windsor, ON
  7. M3 vs C63 AMG vs RS-4 Top Gear Test
  8. monopolizing
  9. 2k Seville man
  10. I just saw a funny Geico commercial
  11. New Member from East Texas
  12. The First Ever "Practical" Car
  13. Stargate
  14. And.... We're Back (Thank God) + New Years
  15. Where should I post this one
  16. The logic of luxury.
  17. New member from Iowa
  18. My 21st Birthday!
  19. Slab foundations on houses.....
  20. "The Driver" by Alex Roy
  21. On the 8th Day of Xmas...
  22. New Member
  23. Post your Desktop!
  24. New Member from NC
  25. new member here
  26. Happy Birthday Gary (88)!!!
  27. Anyone ever owned a Durango?
  28. 2008 Cadillac Owners Calendar Now Available
  29. New member from St. Charles, MO
  30. Restoring that 53 sedan
  31. Check out this beauty!
  32. New toys new toys new TOYS!!!
  33. Worst Christmas eve EVER!
  34. Anyone seen that new Mike Huckabee ad?
  35. CarFax Request
  36. Hello and Happy New Year...
  37. My kids Christmas
  38. Further Christmas humor
  39. Christmas Cookie recipe
  40. Proud New Owner of a `53 Eldorado
  41. Four Years of Dope.......
  42. Merry Christmas, Everyone!
  43. Tomorrow!
  44. Merry Christmas / post your presents thread
  45. Want to get off with a warning? Insult yourself.
  46. Quick Review: 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500 Sport
  47. So who's traveling and who's hosting relatives this holiday?
  48. What do you think of this car?
  49. Birthday Gift, NEW FIGURE!!!
  50. 100 Greatest songs of the '90s, according to VH1.
  51. not again!!!
  52. looking for a reliable fun used car? suggestions
  53. Nuance leather smells amazing.
  54. Cthulhu fhtagn R'lyeh!
  55. SOWEGA, North FLA 'n L.A. Gathering (opportunities)
  56. Hello from New Jersey
  57. Come to Candy mountain....
  58. Roofing billionare dies after...get this...falling through his garage roof.
  59. Holiday Party Memo
  60. Happy Holidays from D3
  61. 12sec Datsun
  62. Been sick..
  63. Roxio Media Creator
  64. Give thanks @ Christmas
  65. California Speedway
  66. Another New Member
  67. Love for the big Diesels, especially the two stroke Detroits...
  68. the most memorable quotes of 2007
  69. Sorry in advance if this makes you throw up on your keyboard
  70. New member Introduction
  71. Anyone own(ed) a bonneville,88, or lesabre?
  72. When is a CTS-VR1 coming out?
  73. Inbetween Jobs now........
  74. Ther perfect couple
  75. Corvette ZR-1 Unveiled
  76. Fixed my turntable.... lots of home audio pictures...
  77. Check out this 500hp Civic
  78. replacing soda with water
  79. Great Editing Skillzzz ( Full Metal Jacket)
  80. Adult entertainment Orlando
  81. Just Got 'Lade...
  82. Way too much time on ones hands - Coors light train
  83. Rant: South Florida drivers
  84. The one thing everyone has but is embarrassed to mention: MySpace!
  85. I carry my life in strips of bacon.
  86. Deal of the Week - My "New" PowerBook
  87. New Member from IN
  88. I LOVE my car, but.....
  89. 12 Days of Paramedic Christmas
  90. Why Carbon ,Aluminum Trim is Considered in Super Sports ?
  91. First Time Caddy Owner
  92. I need a big bow
  93. Crucial sucks.
  94. Posters Who Are Peerless!
  95. What are you getting your significant other?.
  96. New Corvette SS/Blue Devil info....
  97. Engine Start/Stop Button Trend
  98. Top 10 thoughts for 2007
  99. Yet another PBR thread.
  100. Where every HT4100 powered Cadillac will end up
  101. 1983 hurst olds.
  102. steer by wire
  103. Considering a 00-01 Deville or 96-97 Mercedes E320
  104. How much personal space do you need with strangers?
  105. That's just sad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  106. Happy Holidays!!
  107. Rotary wing pilots and mechanics
  108. One of those moments.
  109. My wife lost her 15 year old niece last night
  110. Need short vacation ideas... January 20th-ish.
  111. Saw a Cadillac truck and said "what?"
  112. Alfa Romeo will be back in '09.
  113. New meneber from Ga.
  114. Sold a quarter for $300, Muwahahahaha...
  115. New Member
  116. Getting a car listed for movie/commercial work?
  117. Freakishly smart, How dumb is our generation?
  118. OnStar Analog Service
  119. Lego or Mega Blocks ?
  120. Computer Speaker Problem
  121. 2008 Cadillac Calendar Voting Is Over
  122. The 80's!!! Shindig at my bar tonight...
  123. First time Cadillac owner
  124. Favorite things about GM?
  125. Thinking about a Honda commuter...
  126. i want to post a vid here about breast exams
  127. The Best Engine Sounds
  128. Khaki pants
  129. Hooked on the Eldo
  130. This guy is nuts!
  131. people who do not work in a dealership (normal jobs), post pics of your job here
  132. new member
  133. Bose , Really The Best Car Audio ?
  134. Anyone good with Statistics!??!?!
  135. my dads employee may have wrote off the seville
  136. New Challenger commericial
  137. Rant. Lazy people.
  138. In Search Of Christmas Music That Doth Not Suck
  139. Knight Rider news...and it's not good...
  140. Be Careful!!!!
  141. Destroyers newest ride!!
  142. Old emblem in vectorgrafic
  143. R/C Toys
  144. Funny Music Band Names
  145. Newbie...
  146. Tattoos - dumb idea?
  147. Fords BACK!
  148. Niagara Falls
  149. Jaguar XF?
  150. Differences Between 1957 and 2007
  151. I'm new
  152. I am a child.
  153. A throwback to 1988 Cadillac style
  154. Sound Proofing material
  155. What's Your Fave Jam?
  156. Do you get the same response when asked what car you drive?
  157. New Member/Whats Up Fellow Caddy Owners
  158. New Member
  159. 1961 caddy coupe
  160. No idea what I am doing
  161. 2008 Challenger SRT-8 now on sale
  162. Review: 2003 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate
  163. Why Women don't date guys who posts numerous threads about why women don't want them.
  164. Gas v. Electric dryers. Advantages? Disadvantages?
  165. 7 Women not to Date
  166. cell phone
  167. Why Women Cheat?
  168. Staying in a hotel soon?
  169. Newbe from Chicago
  170. How to get out of debt
  171. funny, almost killed myself
  172. Here we go again....GO PATS!
  173. Cadillac Burn Out
  174. Dont taze me bro - The ringtone
  175. how hard is it to learn stick
  176. anyone ever seen any of these rims... pimpstar?
  177. Ug another Rambo....
  178. iDrive, One of the worst automotive concepts in recent history.
  179. What a Real Running Back Does.
  180. Bathroom polls!
  181. Nasty, nasty crash
  182. Gas 33 Cents a Gallon!
  183. Your tax dollars reward cops with modified cop cars for writing tickets
  184. Why is it...
  185. Got an idea!
  186. Link to the video of the DTS with the 572 engine
  187. Newbie here from D3
  188. ultimate mod: disappearing car doors
  189. Pontiac 3.8 throttle body
  190. Classic Hanna Barbera cartoons...modified, with a modern twist.
  191. For the men, again. What's the best type of bathroom reading material?
  192. Led Zeppelin
  193. Which Singer Is Hotter Than Others
  194. Apparently my opinion doesn't matter.
  195. Tell me about: Residential Property Management
  196. Finally found someone famous who shares my last name!
  197. slvrhosc
  198. Snickers - Cadillac Commercial
  199. Pictures from my trip to Nova Scotia
  200. OK, now it's rum's turn
  201. Howdy from an OG!!!
  202. The Fragile Art of Existence
  203. I've Had It With Firefox
  204. 2008 Cadillac Calendar Vote (Official)
  205. Do all the websites you went to show up on Iphone bill?
  206. There is no way to describe this...
  207. Urination - Question for the guys...
  208. Patron Tequila
  209. New version of an old idea?
  210. Those Crazy Germans
  211. Three Days Grace
  212. Something COOL being done by XEROX Corp
  213. CPD drifting with some ricers
  214. I am once again in love with my xbox (dashboard update)
  215. Rear wheel drive owners look here.
  216. Crazy, random question. What's New Jersey like?
  217. If You Know Me, Please Read This, As I've Kept A Secret, 'til Now.
  218. Can't Find my Kitten Dammit......
  219. Happy Chanukah
  220. 2008 Cadillac Calendar (Voting and LAST CHANCE Submissions)
  221. Purchasing "Trade In" Vehicles on eBay
  222. 10K baby!
  223. Greetings from a Newbie
  224. Little F*****g Drummer Boy
  225. Teenage Driving monitor?
  226. Range Rover vs Audi Q7
  227. Thinking About Retiring the SLS for 94-96 Impala
  228. OMG!! I hate that Ford Escape Hybrid commercial!!
  229. Best Wedding Dance
  230. Deer Meat!
  231. Who got the big bucks ?
  232. Hello Caddy owners
  233. Memories of my Grandfather as recalled by my Uncle.
  234. Yet another Amtrak collision... Excessive speed involved this time...
  235. Our first grandchild and lovin it!!!!!!!!
  236. I hate these new Toyota commericals.
  237. new to site & new to owning a caddy
  238. Datsun trucks and ChooChoo Trains
  239. Volvo
  240. Brand new cadillac member
  241. Everything on TV is fake. Faker than fake.
  242. Land Rovers and Jaguars will smell like curry instead of Connolly.
  243. Saltines and water...
  244. Chad Vader
  245. Another Wonderful Chrysler Idea...
  246. OK Computer
  247. Leaving town
  248. New guy to the site and the car
  249. So the wife wants to get rid of her Liberty...
  250. Skitur is a new member..Hi!