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  2. Drove some new BMWs today
  3. The 2013 Cadillac Lineup
  4. Lost while driving
  5. Want!
  6. Random car show thread 2011
  7. Bad news for Shell MasterCard holders...
  8. "Cadillac" BLS
  9. Awesome Key Chain, I Think. =]
  10. Hello all
  11. What's going on with "Duckyy?'
  12. Interesting N* build
  13. WTF, airplane yolk in your truck . . .
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  15. Woman Take Her Lexus To A Classic Car Show!!
  16. Anyone interested in the Cadillac ATS?
  17. You Want American Muscle? YOU GOT IT!!!
  18. Thought some of you would get a kick out of this...
  19. "Are men who flaunt flashy cars not the marrying kind?"
  20. Man's best friend
  21. The Fiat 500 has arrived in Richmond, VA!
  22. Last Chance For Lincoln
  23. Foreign Music Videos
  24. what's going on in Cadillac Land?
  25. Thanks, Guys!
  26. Bob Lutz talks about the boneheaded management at Old GM.
  27. Drifting my Ford Explorer (Video)
  28. Honda vs Toyota Vs Mitsubishi
  29. I hope everyone has a good Fathers day
  30. Back To The Fifties 2011
  31. 390hp, Dual-Exhaust, Monochromatic paint and more... for 21k Brand new? Oh yes.
  32. Tomorrow is Father's Day!
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  34. Fresh Detail & Wax Today (5pix)
  35. Forza Freakin Four
  36. My Magic Green Hat
  37. Horsepower and manual transmissions
  38. Most underrated cars you have ever driven?
  39. What is everything ran on gas?
  40. Got another daily beater, 93 MB 300E
  41. Just purchased my first Cadillac
  42. New member, which car for winter weather.
  43. Sirius XM Radio Class Action Settlement at last
  44. Would you eat a burger made from human excrement?
  45. New Member!
  46. teh BRUINS!!!
  47. Which car looks more like "Understated Luxury"?
  48. Awesome Bridgestone TV ad
  49. Bob Lutz on Morning Joe...
  50. What kind of car is this?
  51. You never know when things will sneak up on you.
  52. Completely off topic
  53. Lincoln LS's....
  54. How about a brand new old Taurus?
  55. REVEALED - New BMW M5 sedan (F10), CTS-V competitor. 550+hp turbo
  56. Pole Dancing - SFW? You Decide...
  57. [That Muscular Posture] Check this beast out!!
  58. 10.5" wide on all corners // This is concave epitome right here!!
  59. 30 MPG is enough.
  60. Would you buy your first car again?
  61. new member introduction
  62. Is anybody else having trouble with "Spellcheck!"
  63. Well I did follow through with my plan. rode my jet ski to...
  64. 190 MPH Windshield Wipers
  65. Single fellas GET IN HERE
  66. New CTS-V owner in SC
  67. Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab - Monticello Motor Club July 2011
  68. Mainstreet in Motion
  69. do these people seek me out?
  70. Cooking thread
  71. Recommend a truck/SUV for the wife!
  72. WTF? Is this legal?
  73. Diabetic neuropathy is a *****
  74. Hot Rod Power Tour
  75. New guy in Georgia
  76. GM CEO says raise Federal gas tax by $1 per gallon
  77. How has the speed been around here lately?
  78. Is there a reason people aren't hosting their Cadillac images here?
  79. Is this true? FL to require drug testing for goverment assistance recipients
  80. Built in Japan?
  81. Corvette Pickup
  82. Toy Car Help
  83. we may have been infiltrated...
  84. Hello cady people. newbie here
  85. Best place for Chicago deep dish pizza?
  86. Welcome, Lisa!
  87. newbe from canada
  88. I never thought I would say this... but I want this Toyota Camry
  89. hello All
  90. New Around Here
  91. Rated R - Must be watched in full screen
  92. 2012 Lincoln MKS Spy Shot
  93. Cadillac: Not too shabby.
  94. question about electrical stuff
  95. Kicking off the 2011 car show season with the 29th annual All-GM car show/swap meet!
  96. What do you like that you didn't think you would?
  97. My Cadillac story
  98. Let me introduce myself
  99. Mazda to quit making cars in the U.S.
  100. What I hate about summer
  101. Want to ruin your neighbors life?
  102. Is there a help forum?
  103. Most beautiful Cadillacs of all time?
  104. Recommend me a scary/horror movie?
  105. It's like Christine - only real.
  106. Drove 2011 Lambo 560-4 today
  107. Who made that decision? Embassies usings BMWs!
  108. Saw something weird today...
  109. What's your favorite color for a car?
  110. New Member
  111. What do Sirius Satellite, Chrysler and nasty X rated porn have in common?
  112. Jesda, have you ever considered an Allanté?
  113. What kind of cadilac is this?
  114. Do you enjoy purchasing a new car?
  115. Don't miss HBO's new TV Series: "Game of Thrones"
  116. Holy hood scoop!
  117. Houston to Nashville via New Orleans in my new Fleetwood.
  118. get him to the greek
  119. 2011 American Road trip: 9000 miles, 32 days. Boy are my feet tired.
  120. Yo! Your car sucks!
  121. Idaho Truck – A real ATV this is amazing.
  122. 0-60 in 22 seconds, only $28,000
  123. Your favorite car you cannot buy in the United States . . . .
  124. DVD, VHS & Betamax treasures?
  125. How's this for "driving excitement"?
  126. 3 Way
  127. Presidential Limo defeated by a bump in Ireland...
  128. New Wisconsin guy here :)
  129. My new Volvo
  130. What a tornado sounds like as it hits your house.
  131. If I had to buy a new 2011 car, what would it be?
  132. 300c vs cadillac reliabilty & repair cost
  133. New Fargo, ND member here!
  134. What happened to punctuation?
  135. My South Dakota pic thread
  136. What in the world you tune an Escalade like this...
  137. Tomorrow is the END OF THE WORLD, MAY 24 2011 What are your plans?
  138. Win a CTS-V (or One of 9 Other GM Cars)
  139. Randy "Macho Man" Savage Dead at 58
  140. I might have lost one of my best friends because of my drunk behavior
  141. New guy here...
  142. Best American car you can buy?
  143. Virginia is for lovers of lovely roads!
  144. Went all the way to Chicago for one sandwich.
  145. What happens if you get pulled over when...
  146. Thinking of straying
  147. Staying awake on I-70 through Ohio
  148. a newcomer from France
  149. How to waste WAY too much money on a 1989 Ford Ranger.
  150. I need some advice on how to get rid of my car
  151. Is it time to consider a used Jaguar?
  152. A quick hello to all...
  153. oil filter
  154. new mustang motor
  155. Is the Hyundai Equus REALLY ready for prime time?
  156. How's this...
  157. Am I weird for thinking this is kind of a cool car?
  158. Remembering your favorite car
  159. Saab's big comeback plan- sell cheap Chinese cars!
  160. Im back ...Again
  161. What happened to all the little sports cars?!
  162. Your input is wanted on the Cadillac ATS
  163. CNN - Rust cars that could be worth millions
  164. New web admin for C.C.C
  165. The V is gone
  166. Looking at a boat and know nothing about boats. Can anyone help?
  167. To New Jersey members looking for a used car
  168. Nitro Fill tires
  169. Would a Cadillac super car be bad for General Motors?
  170. What electronics do you browse on?
  171. Looking at this, I think the V-8 is FAR from being dead any time soon.
  172. So I bought a Buick, and I have some questions...
  173. My Caddy and 2 lincolns
  174. Have you Driving Habbits changed since you first started driving
  175. It's that time again, Cadillac Culinary Challenge
  176. CTS aftermarket V8
  177. [Pet Peeve] Eldorados, STS's, Devilles, CTS's etc, on 20in rims
  178. Maxim - hottest woman on earth???
  179. Is this car anybody's from here?
  180. I'm gonna buy a sea doo or a waverunner. Suggestions please?
  181. Who here is from Southern California (SoCal) ?
  182. New member
  183. I have an itch for an Audi. I want a TT Roadster.
  184. Bumper Badger vs Bumper Bully?
  185. Ya'll are gonna think I'm crazy!
  186. Expensive TV Stand???
  187. Osama Bin Ladin is dead!
  188. Most reliable BIG caddy
  189. Ecoboost F150 beating expectations in sales
  190. Car tire sizes
  191. A whole lot of rumors...
  192. Quess Wales thought now that his son was married .....
  193. How often do you post?
  194. hotmail
  195. When Moving to another state and transfering out auto title ?
  196. 0w-20 oil
  197. Another fix and resell opportunity?
  198. Toyota and Lincoln Working Together?
  199. I think the GMC Acadia is gone... But...
  200. NJ RESIDENTS: Petition to get rid of front License Plates!
  201. Lexus LS400 or Mazda Miata???
  202. Explain how this nonsense continues
  203. The car saga continues.
  204. Let's talk small pickups
  205. Twin Turbo 3.0 to be used in Cadillac V-Series Vehicles
  206. Any Doctor Who fans around here?
  207. Good luck to the southeasterners.....Tornado Alley is moving east!
  208. When was the last time you twiddled your thumbs, how long, and why ?
  209. Road Service Clubs AAA or what ever other companys there are are you a member ?
  210. What was the least you ever paid for a car? Free cars don't count!
  211. what was the least you can remember paying for gas
  212. Bawls
  213. How is Cadillac going to work this out with pricing in a few years?!
  214. Let's talk full sized vans!
  215. Cadillac's Future
  216. My 500 dollah Caddy
  217. Post Your Automotive Bafoonery
  218. What would you do if you got ripped off for over 500.00
  219. Newbie in Northwestern PA
  220. Ahh, The Old Disappearing Door Trick!
  221. Nutz's 60 Cadillac Coupe DeVille "aka Petunia"
  222. Happy easter everyone
  223. 15 Tricks To Girls On Facebook
  224. With the price of gas going up, do you still joy-ride?
  225. Just bought a 2006 Cadillac CTS!
  226. What To Do?
  227. America in Color From 1939-1943
  228. Input needed on minor front page update
  229. Happy birthday Austin!
  230. This would have made a nice Mercury Cougar
  231. 2012 Chrysler 300C Executive Series
  232. Big brother comes in the form of your IPod!
  233. Anyone else in favor of Inline six, rear wheel drive luxury cars?
  234. Vintage Cadillacs and Lincoln's for Chad.
  235. You Don't Need a Pink Cadillac to Ride in this Parade!
  236. Bigjimsho's NY Auto Show Pics
  237. Cop moves car out of fast lane
  238. Cadillac Gripe
  239. Do you use Ezze-pass or pay pass or what ever you state has
  240. Member pictures thread
  241. Passover / Pesach / Seder
  242. Who is your favorite music artist and/or song?
  243. chicks singing Metallica~!!
  244. Ducky visits Georgia!
  245. Anyone here on Medicair Red white and blue ? Original Medicar
  246. Hey Stingroo (or other wagon fans)
  247. Car friendliest state in the USA?
  248. Hey Jesda (or other Saab fans)
  249. What type of a car is missing from the marketplace today?
  250. What are your thoughts on the Royal Wedding?