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  1. Classic road and gas station signs for auction
  2. See the USA in a Chevrolet - Using patriotism to sell cars.
  3. New '05 CTS-V Redline owner in CT
  4. New 91 DeVille owner
  5. Squirrels gnawing car wiring, any suggestions?
  6. Long time viewer, first time posting
  7. 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8
  8. U.S. Government: No electronic flaws in Toyotas
  9. Hello from Stainless Works
  10. Is there a way to view a mobile friendly version of this site?
  11. Newb here with an 01 Seville STS.
  12. 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Raffle Will Benefit Amputees in Need
  13. Battery Chargers & Boosters
  14. What if....?
  15. So now Hyundai has 2 DOHC V8s. They don't seem to worried about CAFE...
  16. Hello from Oregon.
  17. 2012 Camaro ZL1
  18. Crazyass snow!
  19. Most awesome truck commerical evar!!!!
  20. Engine trivia, Test your knowledge.
  21. Going to the mall, throw on a sweat shirt and a pair of baggy but clean shorts?
  22. Anybody interested in the Fiat 500?
  23. The Impala won't be replaced until 2014.
  24. Every thing going wrong with the Cadi
  25. N's where did they get there name from
  26. Pictures of our Pet's
  27. Have you Traveled in your life and where to if not where would you like to visit
  28. What is your Style Do you dress the part that everyone expts of you or have ur own
  29. Every car-related 2011 superbowl ad
  30. Clever aerodynamic feature on eAssist Lacrosse
  31. How's the traffic where you live?
  32. Credit Cards Do you pay extra intrest to go for the rewards cards or just basic extr
  33. Re-reviewing a 1992 Honda Civic hatchback. 50 mpg!
  34. so how much have you spent total
  35. Anyone had dealings with this guy? Mark Citarella dubbinmk3@optonline.net
  36. Any buyers out there need a carfax? Expiring this afternoon
  37. Ferd F-Teenthousand
  38. single most expensive repair you have ever done
  39. Id like to apologize to anyone i may have afended during my Back and fourth's
  40. Video of aircraft speed control
  41. 1959 Cadillac Engine ID number
  42. Your future rental car.
  43. anyone else blast cadillac pimpin everytime they drive their v?
  44. Overated rides, any thoughts?
  45. New Member from good old Germany
  46. New guy from Utah.
  47. My MIM Precision is great
  48. Introduction and desperate for some help
  49. been driving dads Continental Covertible today this thing is fine
  50. 4 cylinder domination
  51. Why are houses so cheap in Indianapolis?
  52. Cadillac, Chrysler, Saab are giving their cars away.
  53. Let's talk about the 4.3L V6.
  54. Tinting a 2011 CTS
  55. So, you guys freezing?
  56. My Rock/Surf/Dance Band Needs Votes!
  57. Cadillac is focusing on BMW and Audi...
  58. Possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOR!
  59. Tattoo "Mini" on your body, and get a free Cooper, wow, sounds easy enough right?
  60. Looking for help finding "That New Car Smell" original pump spray product
  61. Bad news for Dagmar fans (Ralph)
  62. Is suburban retail in your town boarded up?
  63. Is there a point to Lincoln?
  64. 1904 Cadillac anyone..?
  65. One of my hearses
  66. Automotive trends of the past you wish would return....
  67. Things like this is what earned Cadillac the title "The Standard of the World".
  68. New Cadillac - What Is It?
  69. Pickup truck advice (New Daily Driver)
  70. person arrested for recording his conversation with a officer?
  71. Joy of Music Band Instrument Drive -- Memorial to our friend JD Dirt_Cheap_Fleetwood
  72. Spyker Spyder + Corvette ZR1. Put your deposit down now.
  73. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2011
  74. Photoshop Request, Stock Grill to Black Grill
  75. CEO Dan Akerson -- A threat to GM's recovery?
  76. Rental Car Upgrade: 2011 Cadillac STS 3.6DI
  77. My Annual Snowbird Weekend in Arizona
  78. To sell, or not to sell?
  79. hey.....im new
  80. Is it just me?
  81. Investors: Is there a bubble in the commodities markets????
  82. 1987 Regal Grand National v. 2011 Regal CXL Turbo.
  83. The EPA, cars, and E15
  84. Greetings from Australia
  85. Eagle Premier/Dodge Monaco, Good for a Commuter? Thoughts?
  86. New TO This forum
  87. 2011 is going to see a huge improvement in Cadillac customer service...
  88. Motor Trend compares full size luxury sedans
  89. Barely used Cadillacs are so affordable!
  90. An interesting CTS coupe review and story, with photos.
  91. I will always love you.
  92. Best thing you ever ate?
  93. Glad to hear Regal will be built in the U.S.!
  94. Several cuts later
  95. FREE USMLE/GMAT/MCAT/GRE test prep books from Amazon!
  96. The ultimate winter AND summer vehicle . . . .
  97. Happy Birthday Jake
  98. Boys.
  99. PICS: WINTER ESCAPE - Texas and Arkansas. Presidential museums and beaches.
  100. So today, I felt five again...
  101. On the topic of GAS...
  102. Very fast cars vs F1
  103. Anyone here get good discounts on tires ?
  104. First Equii arriving on Ebay... Some observations...
  105. iPhone officially revealed for Verizon!
  106. Ford continuing rapid advancements: F150's going on a diet
  107. Birds falling from the sky. Its Ford's fault.
  108. Car Shopping Time
  109. Yorkshire pudding.
  110. The Toronado that could have been.
  111. Yard Bird
  112. How many miles did you ever roll up on your Cadillac?
  113. Jake Stopped By
  114. Just announced...
  115. Chevy HHR is not that much bad.....
  116. Awesome Commercial
  117. Buying a 2003 Cadillac STS
  118. Mike and Austin's tire and wheel adventure...
  119. Anyone following CES 2011? Toyota debuts Ford SYNC competition: Entune
  120. Wth??????????
  121. Just Bought Another 307 Car! (pics)
  122. A smart investment by GM or another gimmicky option that won't take off?
  123. Radar detector
  124. What is going ON with BUICK?!
  125. Automotive lift in your home garage
  126. Top 48 Ads That Could Never See The Light of Day Today.
  127. iPhone autocorrect lawlz
  128. Introduction and idea tossing
  129. Is $80,000 realy too much to charge for a real luxury automobile?
  130. Good news for Cadillac
  131. Gas is $7.00 a gallon ... what would you drive?
  132. CTS chase now on FOX
  133. Here's your chance to suggest something directly to GM - don't waste it...
  134. Any CT lawyers out there?
  135. Will the Indians succeed with Jaguar?
  136. First Cadillac vs BMW, then Cadillac vs Lexus.. How's that going?
  137. Not impressed with the 2011 Cadillacs
  138. Hi! Sorry about finding this section so late.
  139. Check out my Craigslist ad. Will it work?
  140. Are there any teachers among the Forums membership?
  141. New Illinois Speeding Laws...
  142. Looking to get another car but keeping the Caddy.. what would you guys pick..
  143. Millionth visitor entitles me to a $1000 Walmart card!
  144. Happy new year!!!
  145. 2011 Predictions...
  146. Best wishes for the coming year for you and yours!
  147. How does an Insurance Company Decide what the Salavage price is ?
  148. GM gives away Free Seatbelt Extenders with no cost shipping
  149. New member saying hello.
  150. Accessories: Are there some that breakdown more than others?
  151. hello guys.
  152. Top Gear: Fiero, Cutlass, Roadmaster road test
  153. Enhancing Literary Themes
  154. More birthday cake !!!
  155. Revisiting some old Ford Fusion discussions
  156. My newest addition a '67 Fleetwood!
  157. The car was upside down when I got here...
  158. 2010 blizzard time lapse video
  159. nitrous oxide for racing *VID*
  160. Happy Birthday Gary88!
  161. I like it...
  162. Kristen Bell sat down next to us at Tex's bar and grill in San Antonio
  163. Finally did it. I updatd Big Poo.
  164. An idea
  165. Merry Christmas!!!
  166. Luxury 4x4's....
  167. Sit Supporter
  168. Hat tip to Randy for offering to buy us tickets for this worthy cause!
  169. Tint or no tint? (trouble thread)
  170. New member
  171. Hi, newbie here
  172. Top Gear is stupid.
  173. Can we get some more ads please?
  174. Tail Light Emblems
  175. Tail Light Emblems
  176. Car shows in the future?
  177. Just read the MT article on the 2011 Hyundai Elantra, I like it.
  178. To those who know something about Cutlass Supremes...
  179. Anyone catch Mythbusters? They destroyed some Imperials.
  180. 6 Cars that will save GM
  181. Apparently my STS looks like a Rover..?
  182. 800 hp M6 G-Power from GRIP
  183. My First Cadillac
  184. happy Birthday to PupFromCleveland
  185. What is it about RWD that everyone loves so much
  186. new guy with 85 sedan deville
  187. New Member Intro
  188. Town Car Import Adventure (long... with pics)
  189. CA man arrested for mailing medical marijuanna to TN.
  190. Anyone else check out Census results for their area?
  191. New member: CTS 2005 help
  192. Hello
  193. A funny story about a car accident and insurance company
  194. Are there any interesting new cars under $50,000.?
  195. Cadillac's getting back into Speed GT with new CTS Coupe
  196. 2010 Sierra. Rear diff is done at 46,000 km - 28,000 miles
  198. What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas?
  199. Miley Cyrus bong hit *vid*
  200. Only in LA
  201. On the wagon...
  202. A Face Cord of Hardwood Weighs...
  203. Happy Birthday submariner409
  204. greetings from the rust belt
  205. Bad Predictions.
  206. Ward's 10 best engines for this year
  207. Thought you would love this license plate...
  208. A car chase in Canada.
  209. In the future, I hope it can be said.
  210. Has Audi overcome its' reliability problems of yore?
  211. In here you will post pictures of FAIL . . . .
  212. What's with the killing off of Cadillac nameplates?
  213. What American City is most famous for cakes made of blue crabs?
  214. The Shape of the American Car Industry, is very bad. lOOk
  215. Holy BUSINESS! the modern DTS can PULL!
  216. Four door coupes>> CLS/CC/A7/Panamera/Rapide??
  217. Surely You Can't Be Serious! Leslie Neilsen, RIP.
  218. The world since 1810. FUNNY ACCENT AND COOL CHARTS.
  219. 1966 Fleetwood on ebay . . . .
  220. First Post and Hello from Sunny Florida - USA
  221. Australian Transport and Safety Bureaureleases Quantas A380 findings
  222. Something to think about in regards to GM's former brand engineering practices
  223. Interesting article about Saab and GM's mismanagement of global brands
  224. Cadillac stands proud in amongst a couple of Ferrari's and a Lola
  225. Cadillac sells only 197 DTS's in 2010
  226. Some used car options.
  227. Lincoln steals Caddy designer
  228. Are "features" on a Cadillac useful? Or just a gimmick?
  229. Christmas light display . . .
  230. Pontiac w/ the Heart of a Cadillac!
  231. Im new here
  232. Time for a new browser. Which one?
  233. Hello from MN!!!
  234. crown molding headaches
  235. Threads loading sssllllooooowwwwww?
  236. Post Your Christmas Tree!
  237. Post Your Toolbox!
  238. Woohoo! The "G8" isn't quite dead yet! Enthusiasts rejoice!
  239. Is Cadillac thrifting out rain-sensing wipers?
  240. GM's "Thanks" for the bailout...
  241. Supercar for basket weavers
  242. Landcruiser trip through the Congo(with pics)
  243. European Certificate of Conformance
  244. Hydrogen fuel economy pack upgrade
  245. Stuck in St Cloud Minnesota
  246. Happy Birthday CadillacGurl (2)
  247. I it true about Kate Middleton?
  248. Does Your Car Insurance And Registration Have To Be Under The Same Name?
  249. 8 Second Camaro? YES!!
  250. GM Revives High Performance Vehicle Operations