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Thread: Loaner Car

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    Re: Loaner Car

    Quote Originally Posted by integline View Post
    do some ass kissing to ur service rep. i did that and i got a new 4 dr cadi sedan when i took my cadi in for its last warranty issue. i had like 49,500 on, and got a brand new cadi. i was impressed. however the dealership did a half ass job.
    A**kissing?!?!? If buying vehicles from the dealer doesn't convince them to take good care of you so you'll keep coming back... I'd find a new dealer (or threaten to leave - they'll wake up if they're smart).

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    Re: Loaner Car

    We took the SRX in for maintenance and they gave my girlfriend a new CTS. They only thing that I didn't like was having to hear her complain about no nav or xm radio. Overall not a bad deal though.


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    Re: Loaner Car

    I always get a brand new loaner from my dealership no matter what cadi i give them to service.... usaully service is done in 20 min so i just wait... but for other shit its always either a new dts, srx or an 04 escalade

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    Re: Loaner Car

    Quote Originally Posted by STEALTHBOMBER View Post
    I always get a brand new loaner from my dealership no matter what cadi i give them to service.... usaully service is done in 20 min so i just wait... but for other shit its always either a new dts, srx or an 04 escalade
    Owning four new Cadillac's like you do, I would assume they would take care of you. Haha! Once again, sick EXT man!


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    Re: Loaner Car

    Since the nearest Cadillac dealer is about 30 miles away, I usually go to the local Chevrolet dealer (that I've bought 2 Avalanches from and that service my other 2 cars). But I decided to take my EXT to the Cadillac dealer for a nav system warranty replacement -- and got in return -- a bright red Chevrolet Aveo from the Hertz Local place down the road...

    Worst car I think I've EVER driven!

    You would floor it and all it would do is just get louder. Drove it home, left it in the driveway for a couple of days, and drove it back. You don't realize how many huge SUVs and P/Us there are until you're driving around in a pencil box...
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    Re: Loaner Car

    Still, one thing that GM DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY needs to get a policy in place for is in regards to Cadillac service. It's normal for a typical Acura, Lexus, etc. buyer to always get a clean loaner car comparable to their own right from the dealer demo stock, and even in a lot of cases, have that loaner delivered right to their driveway, their vehicle picked up and serviced, and then a return swap--all without doing a thing. That's the service you expect with a high end vehicle, yet Cadillac has nothing, as a corporate policy.

    Some dealers are good about giving you a Cadillac demo loaner and being as courteous as possible, but just as many don't because they don't have to. It needs to be a policy, in place, and ordered to follow immediately, especially given the current caliber of Cadillac vehicles and all the new owners--especially those coming from other brands who make the customer #1 in every regard.

    Still, I have no clue WHY, with a luxury brand, this basic thing is just left to chance...and if a dealer feels like it. Fine if you buy a Pontiac, but otherwise, terrible, and enough for some people to settle on never coming back to the brand again--I've seen it happen.

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    Re: Loaner Car

    Everytime I've taken mine in for service they have Enterprise onsite. Have never received a Cadillac rental. When I had my old Navigator Lincoln always provided a Lincoln product as a loaner. For now if I need service and hte vehicle has to stay overnight I request a shuttle ride home. I rather use my 2nd vehicle then be bothered with the Enterprise ordeal.

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    Re: Loaner Car

    I'm not sure what the official policy is now, but when I got my first Seville in 1996 the Cadillac "Gold Key" warranty stipulated that if your Cadillac had to stay in the hospital overnight for warranty work - they provided a "comparable" vehicle - meaning another Cadillac.
    When I was doing business with Ronald Moran Cadillac in Torrance, CA (before their customer service got flushed down the sewer by Penske), they exclusively used Enterprise which had a small office onsite & kept several Devilles on hand.
    You have to watch Enterprise though. Once, after turning in a Deville, I got a nasty letter in the mail demanding several thousand dollars to totally repaint the vehicle due to a scratch on the front bumper that I had allegedly caused (sounds ridiculous but it's true). I took the letter to the service manager who just happened to be dealing with another extortion letter sent to another of his long time customers. Apparently an overzealous agent was writing up everything she could find on every vehicle being turned in - in an effort to make herslf look good I guess. One phone call took care of my letter & the other customer's. Enterprise has a very (!) large contract with dealers of all makes of GM products. If they start alieniating dealer's customers and the dealers themselves, they have a lot to lose.
    My current dealer in Schaumburg, IL has apparently had so many complaints about Enterprise (filthy, junk cars, etc.) that they have started giving loaners from their own fleet (STS's & CTS's) & using their on site Enterprise only after all their cars are gone.

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    Re: Loaner Car

    Without fail, I always get an Enterprise DTS , SRX, or CTS loaner when I bring my vehicles in.

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