brief history of my escalade hybrid. bought new in 2009 and in such short time has 140k miles as I use it primarily as my family SUV for travel. I have driven to NOLA, toronto, sacramento, san francisco, LA up to CT, LV, etc. basically all north america. it has been bulletproof all this time and I'm on my second set of replacement duelers H/L alenzas. Since I just got my tires installed and passed on the alignment by the tire shop, went to the dealer for brake pads replacement front and back only to tell me that there is still "meat in them=5mm?" That's pretty low in my book. So, I don't need service then.
Well, yes and no. Since I added alignment in the picture, the tech said there is play in the sealed ball joint and UCA joint. it is not a visual play or wear as I need to touch joint to feel the play. wth? is this suppose to be one of the inspection I missed before my warranty expired? And at 140k only this shouldn't be happening. The front strut gave out 1t 80k miles which GM major guard did not cover since it is a "shock absorber and not a coil over strut." That fix cost $1000 more or less.

As for drivability issues, symptoms that this happening-nothing. No clunking, no swaying etc. Drove just like the 2013 escalade premium luxury they gave me. Is this something out of the ordinary? Should I keep it or just trade it in? Is this something that GM should address. BTW, the front shocks that I had replaced at 80k miles is showing some leakage again.
Oh well, I guess I have to hold it for now until I come back from my vacation. Any inputs? Ideas? I'm picking up the estimate today. my guess close to $3000, front shocks included.


btw the LCA is aluminum. I asked if they can press the ball joint in it and they said yes. But I would need the UCA still.