It's interesting, that YouTube video I posted popped up randomly when I was on youtube looking up some other things for the truck. I guess it's an interesting tactic, and I haven't actually observed if my 07 has a steering lock but apparently even if it didn't your 2012 should have.

Truthfully though ANY car can be stolen with a tow truck- no matter where or how you park it if you get targeted that baby is gone. And in further research even the OnStar theft prevention doesn't do shit if you cut the GPS wire which is apparently accessible from the glove box!

Kinda freaked out by this now... I'm constantly paranoid about my Supra but never really thought of this truck as a target. Aside from the tow truck method which you absolutely can't prevent, I thought these had transponders in the key that should make them impossible to start without a key in range?

So the question is do you go with something like a hard immobilizer?
Kills your remote start functionality obviously and I wonder if I would be religious enough about pulling the plug. I was thinking the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics module would be an awesome GPS tracker, but then again if a pro thief knows to cut the GPS wire that does me no good.

Time to start looking for better aftermarket options...