Ok, I know I am beating a dead horse, but I am really torn between the 2/3 and 3/5.. then once I decide on how low, I will be torn between Mcgahey (spelling is wrong but whatever) and Bellteck.. Leaning more towards McDonaldy's

Anyways, The Escalade is actually my wifes vehicle, and currently has 305/40/23's that already rub the fender liner enough that the P/O burned a hole through it. So my plan is to just do a little plastic welding to accommodate the wheels bla blah.

We live in Minnesota, so not that I really think it should be an issue, as I have driven numerous lowered cars in the winter just fine, but just wanted to get the "no, it has no effect on it" from you guys.. Sure the wheel wells will pack up a little easier, but yeah..

So that said. What do you think would be a good choice for my wife to haul the kids around in. 2/3 or 3/5? assume using spindles the ride should stay similar