Did some maintenance a couple weeks ago. Replaced the oil for the first time. Did it with all the wheels on the ground, but will get some ramps for next time. Nothing too out of the ordinary, didn't find the filter until I was underneath pulling the plug on the oil pan. The spark plugs were a different issue. I had changed the driver side plugs a couple months ago from under the hood. The passenger side were inaccessible. Jacked the wheel up and pulled off the liner and there they were in easy reach, except for the furthest back plug. Not too bad with the right extensions. I did drop the rear plug while putting it in and it landed on the electrode. Didn't want to take a chance so I ran and bought another one. While I was at it, I sprayed out the manifold with seafoam manifold cleaner. It was pretty nasty in there. It's now running much better. I believe my mileage has gone back up to closer to 12mpg city instead of the 9ish I was getting before. As an aside, I noticed that the sway bar end link was completely missing on the passenger side! Turns out the dealership left it off when they replaced my shocks. Got that replaced this morning and got my airbag fixed.