Hello everyone,

I have 2 questions:

1. Does anyone know why the '04 Escalade has an EPA mileage rating of 1 mpg better on both city and hiway than the '03 Escalade? I would be looking for confirmed info - not assumptions. I have researched several websites, including cadillac.com, and talked to the local dealer and no one knows. Everyone tells me that the engine setups are the same.

2. Has anyone ( an Escalade owner) done a performance comparison, either 1/4 mi, 0-60, dyno test, or mileage test before and after installing an intake and air filter performance kit like K&N or any other brand? I would love to learn of those results.

My real goal is to improve the mileage on my Escalade. I really don't care about power increases-there's plenty of that already, but it seems every car I own is a gas guzzler and I prefer driving the Escalade over them all.