Hey guys I have a 2004 escalade and a couple of weeks ago while getting fuel I dropped my gas cap that wasn't attached to the truck and it broke. I was around the corner from auto zone so I went and grabbed a replacement. I was headed out of town so that would have to do until I had time to get a GM replacement wasn't 50 miles down the road when I got the tighten msg I know it was tight .on my way home went to fill up and could not due to air in the tank.got home replaced cap with Delco cap cleared check engine light that came on (evap leak) was soon pumping gas fine no light or msg for about a week .now it is back did search in forum came up with replace vapor canister. It's a $100 part so before I go replacing $100 parts was wondering what you guys think would that part go bad that quick or should I look elsewhere for a problem