Hello folks.

I have a 2005 Escalade, the passenger version, not the truck. The other morning I scraped the passenger side of the vehicle damaging the rear door, smashing both the rear passenger window and the side window for the trunk.
I have managed to find an independent mechanic who quoted me a fair price to unbuckle the door and fit the windows, only, he doesn’t have the glass. Having already gone to Cadillac to see how much they were going to charge me, their quote was on a par of making babies to my bottom. Flattered, I refused.
If I have to buy the glass panels from Caddy, fair enough, but being GM, could I buy the same glass from Chevrolet or GMC?
The independent chap also said he could re-use the rubber fittings on the car, therefore saving me buying new fittings, would it be wise to buy new ones anyway?

Also, I have 3 hub caps missing, I think it is the biggest crime in the middle east, stealing hub caps! I have looked on ebay and obviously there are loads for sale, however they are quoting 07-13, mine being 2005, will they fit??

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kind regards,