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Thread: AC problems, Please help

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    James_03_RC is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 04 Escalade
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    May 2014

    AC problems, Please help

    I've searched the old post, couldn't find anything to point me toward the next step.

    I have an 04 Escalade and I'm having problems with my AC system.
    Back story, last summer it worked okay, when it was overly hot weather or during wet weather the AC snow flake would just flash and the AC would not come on. For the past week or so it has been working okay, but not cold. Today I had the system recharged.
    This afternoon I took the truck, running with the AC on and cold, through a touch less car wash. Halfway through the wash the AC turned off and the snowflake now only flashes.

    When I jump the AC relay the compressor clutch engages.
    I have ground on both sides of the low pressure switch (the one by the fire wall).
    I have found what I believe is the high pressure switch in a Freon line just off the compressor. This switch has three wires going to it: a red, black and grey. I have ground at the black wire. With the connector plugged into the switch, I have 1 volt. I am not getting ground or power from the grey wire.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to the next step of troubleshooting?


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    the cadillac man's Avatar
    the cadillac man is offline Cadillac Owners 10000+ Posts
    Automobile(s): 03 cadillac escalade
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    Mar 2011
    speedwell tn,
    There is also a low side pressure sensor in the system also

    It would likely set a dtc in the hvac system that any local gm dealer can pull

    The ac compressor is something best left to the pros with the right equipment to check the low and high side pressure levels

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    6lbsofSound is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Aug 2012

    Re: AC problems, Please help

    Check the ambient air temp switch more likely the culprit especially if it got wet at the car wash. Doesn't sound like its low on freon or a pressure issue.

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    MoistCabbage's Avatar
    MoistCabbage is offline Cadillac Owners 10000+ Posts
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    Sep 2010
    East Boston MA.
    The ambient temp sensor can get wet. If it couldn't, it would be pretty useless as an exterior mounted sensor...

    Poor performance in hotter weather is a sign of low refrigerant, but we know you had low refrigerant since it needed to be recharged. There is a leak in the system that needs to be fixed.

    When the refrigerant level gets too low, a code is set, and the compressor is disabled to prevent damage (the oil that lubricates it is carried in the refrigerant). Some models display a low refrigerant message, your flashing snowflake is most likely the equivalent . Your owners manual would tell you this.

    You need to find the leak, repair it, evacuate and refill the system (using a real gauge set, not the junk gauge on the cans).
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    the cadillac man's Avatar
    the cadillac man is offline Cadillac Owners 10000+ Posts
    Automobile(s): 03 cadillac escalade
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    Mar 2011
    speedwell tn,
    I agree with mc on this as my car had a slow leak in the ac(it was the compressor shaft seal)

    The low pressure sensor disabled the compressor due to low freon level after I filled it properly it has worked great since with ice cold air(which is not bad for a older car)


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